Xros Wars AU 02 — CH 19

We open Chapter 19— Wait. 19?? Yes, that’s right. 19– with some DarkKnightmon evil-ry.

Revolomon hit a tree with enough force to send a vertical crack along it’s surface.

“Hmf.” DarkKnightmon scoffed. “And that is what traitors get.”


“Hm?” DarkKnightmon turned his attention towards the small voice that had dared speak up.


“You won’t get away with this!” he said as he forced himself up.

“Won’t I?” DarkKnightmon asked.

“Your general resists you.” Stingmon growled, staring at Duskmon and Nene. “Deckerdramon-sama won’t open his gateway for the likes of you!”

DarkKnightmon raised his lance. “We’ll see about that.”

With that, he brought it down.

It’s only fair that we open up a dramatic episode with some dramatic action!

*Cue Title Theme*

The Legendary Deckerdramon Moves! DarkKnightmon’s true plan begins?

And here we have one of the LONGEST Chapter titles ever.

The official listing is just “The Legendary Deckerdramon Moves!” But hehehe… I just soooooooo love playing around with the meta expectations of the readers. :33

Stingmon’s eyes snapped open. He was dead. He had to be. That was the only reason he could see nothing but golden light around him. “so I failed…” he whispered.

“Oi!” Suddenly, a dragon’s face hovered over his. “You aren’t dead just yet, bucko!”

“XVmon!” Stingmon blinked and sat up, immediately regretting it due to the sudden pain that flared through his body. “What? Where am I? How are you even here?”

“You were brought into Deckerdramon’s inner sanctum.” Saberdramon’s voice started from nearby.

Stingmon looked upward, and narrowed his eyes. No. It couldn’t be…!

It was.

The golden glow was that of the protection barrier that surrounded Deckerdramon almost constantly. And Stingmon was right underneath him. “Why? Why did you bring me here?” he turned to XVmon. “Why did you drop the barrier!”

“Why shouldn’t we have?” XVmon asked in return.

“Because that Knight was right ontop of me!” Stingmon explained. “If I made it in here, then so did he!”

To punctuate his point, a distant explosion sounded off. XVmon winced. “Okay, okay. I see your point…”

“If I can’t stop him…!” Stingmon started to stand.

“Oi! You’re not going anywhere until you get healed up.” XVmon stopped him. “Saberdramon and I will hold him off if he even gets that close.” he gave a thumbs up. “Don’t worry about it.”

‘But I have to.’ Stingmon grimaced. ‘That Knight… His intentions aren’t pure!’

We now see that Stingmon has survived! Though he wasn’t expecting it!

Stingmon and XVmon are apparently old friends- with good reason since both of them are defenders of some sort- and we get that extra bit of punctuation that DarkKnightmon is a really bad dude. But at the moment, the readers can’t quite be sure.

Green Light faded as Cutemon’s healing technique finished up. “There we go, all patched up, Kyu!”

“Thank you.” Lily the Lilamon smiled at the bunny. However, that smile faded as Cutemon hopped off to heal someone else. “Stingmon…” she sighed, eyes cast down to the ground, but her ears tuned into the conversation occurring right next to her.

“What I want to know,” Shoutmon started. “Is why DarkKnightmon wants with Deckerdramon, and why he’d capture his own General over everything else!”

“Whatever plans he had were thrown out the moment he heard that name.” Akari noted. “Deckerdramon is a game-changer, and whatever happens next isn’t anything we can guess based off of what we knew before.”

“Even with Nene pretending to be enraged from the Shademon in Heaven Zone, he was ignoring her.” Sally continued.

“We have to get in there.” Taiki said as he glanced up at the door way, where Zenjirou and Revolomon were trying to break through. “Somehow, we have to get in there.”

“That’s going to be hard.” Lopmon frowned as she walked over to them. “From what I’ve gathered from the locals, the barrier can only be opened by a display of love, and No-” she interrupted Shoutmon before he could say anything. “-It varies case to case and no-one has a set method for getting through besides the extremely vague ‘ancient ritual’ that nobody was willing to share the exact details of.”

“The ancient ritual?” Lilly giggled slightly, cutting into their conversaition.

“That’s exactly what everyone else did.” Lopmon’s frown grew. “Why?”

“It’s a dance.” The Lilamon explained. “A very embarrassing dance.”

“Wes Dance?” The Red Pickmon asked as he popped into the scene. “Is it the Wes Dance? ‘Cause I hear that’s very embarassing!”

This is a reference to an old Video game that I’ve never played- but have seen this particular thing referenced many times. How Meta!

“No no.” Lilly replied, shaking her hand in a “no way” manner. “It’s way more embarrassing than that!”

(“What the heck is a ‘Wes Dance’?” Shoutmon whispered to Taiki.

“No clue.” The boy General replied. “I think it’s something from a video game, though.”

“Ah.” Shoutmon nodded. “What’s a video game again?”)

“Besides.” Lopmon reminded the Pickmon. “It has to be an ‘act of lo-‘Oh.” she stopped. “You are kidding me.” she turned towards the Fairy and glared. “Please tell me you don’t mean that kind of Dance!”

“If you mean the ‘Love Love dance’, then yes.” Lilly replied, blushing slightly at the mere name.

Lopmon recoiled, as if being punched in the face. That Dance?”

“What the heck is the ‘Love Love Dance’?” Shoutmon asked, not getting it.

“Something like the tango, but more like a mix between the shuffle and…well… I think Disco?” the Lilamon mused on it. “You know, I’ve never really thought of what it was before!”

Lopmon sat up immediately, sighing in relief. “That wasn’t the Dance I was asking about then.”

“What were you asking about then?” Taiki asked the bunny.

“N-Never you mind!” Lopmon’s face was flushed red as she stammered her words out. “Just my ima-imagination getting away from m-m-me. That’s all!”

A subtle thing here- Lopmon jumps to the WAY wrong conclusion. Is she just that subtly perverted? Who can say.


Tactimon’s boots stomped across the floor, carrying him past A confused Blastmon and a happy Lilithmon.

“Back so soon?” Lilithmon asked as she worked on filing her nails down.

Tactimon said nothing as he continued towards a nearby hallway- The hallway that lead directly to Baguramon’s private chambers.

“What’s gotten into him?” she frowned.

“He’s a Dame Dame Sore Loose he is!” The certain little “pet” of Lilithmon’s jumped into the air. “He’s feelingDame Dame About being a Dame Dame looser! He’s a Dame Dame looser! Dame Dame Dame Da-!”

Suddenly, Blastmon ‘yoink’ed the creature out of the air. “Don’t say ‘No Good’ Eleven times!” he roared at it.

“…me…” it shrunk in size, cowering under Blastmon’s glare.

Blastmon yells at Damemon for saying “Dame” 11 times. This is straight from the Anime because it works.

Tactimon bowed as he placed his sword onto the table before him. Baguramon’s chambers were pure white, a blinding contrast from the dark interior of the rest of the building. In fact, the room was so bright, that it was seemingly endless. The only visible surface in the entire room was the wall and it’s door that Tactimon had entered through. “Lord Baguramon.” The Tactician started. “I am afraid that I must ask you to remove the seal on my Sword.”

“Ah?” The Emperor’s voice inquired from somewhere in the endless bright-shadow that made up the room, his words echoing off of unseen surfaces. “Has an opponent strong enough to require this finally surfaced?”

“The boy General, Kudo Taiki.” Tactimon explained. “Holder of the Orange Xros Loader.”

“Hmm…” Baguramon mused as he began the process of unsealing Tactimon’s Sword. “It seems that the warmest colors of these devices bring about the most spectacular luck.”

“Indeed.” Neither Tactimon nor his fellow generals had informed their boss about the team’s name being “Xros Heart”, nor the fact that Hinomoto Akari, holder of the Red Xros Loader, was with him. “We should be lucky that the only other known Xros Loaders are in the colder section of the spectrum.”

“I Shudder to imagine what would happen if another Red Xros Loader were to show up.” Baguramon said, the utter disgust in his voice prevalent.

“I agree.” Tactimon agreed. “A second Red Xros Loader, or even a Yellow Xros Loader, would be disastrous.” of course, his thoughts were continuing off of the fact that there Was a Red Xros Loader out there. Should a second one appear…?

“Thankfully,” Baguramon started, bringing Tactimon’s eyes to his now floating, shimmering, and un-sealing sword. “I have my top most researcher in the process of creating the perfect counter for these children’s toys.”

Tactimon’s eyes narrowed within his helmet. ‘What?’

And now- Suddenly- Tactimon becomes aware that SOMEONE is working for Baguramon to counter the Xros Loaders. Being a time traveler, he partially knows who this is- he just didn’t know how it all fit together until now. 😉


“And that’s that!” Lilly smiled as she finished showing the dance steps labeled on the board behind her, collapsible baton in hand.

Of course, those gathered from Xros Heart were staring at her in shock and awe, and all were blushing in some form or another. Hangyomon had grabbed Cutemon and Lopmon and dragged their attention elsewhere the moment she had revealed the costumes that were required (“Ain’t no way I’m letting you two see this through!” -Hangyo “It can’t be anything worse than what I imagined!” -Lop “What did you imagine?” -Cute “N-Nothing!” -Lop) ; Dorulumon was staring at the map board behind Lilly (the Lilamon) with complete and total mortification (“How Mortifying!”) ; Ballistamon had sprung leak withing some internal steam pipe (which Revolomon hastily began fixing) from the mid-way point of the dance; Zenjirou and Lila (the Lilymon) had their jaws on the ground (“We have to do THAT?!” they asked in unison) ; Atleast one PawnChessmon had gotten a nosebleed (“Hot Dog.” was all he said) ; and Akari and Sally were openly blushing at the mere concept of the dance (“What the heck was that?” -Akari “Something that would probably have been cut out of any anime, manga, or novel adaptation of our adventures.” -Sally “What?” -Akari “Nothing. Nevermind.” -Sally).

What about Taiki, you ask?

We get everyone’s reactions to the description of the Love Love Dance. Also some meta comments from Sally there- she indeed is right. If this story were a full out M-Rated Doujin, complete with all the intimate little details that tend to be left out by modern censoring traditions, the Love Love Dance would be just a TAD bit too risky for even THAT STORY.

It’s just that bad!

Trust me on this.


“Where are you going?” Zenjirou asked, mortified, as he and Lila (Lillymon) were dragged by Lilly (Lilamon) towards the rest of Xros Heart.

“Ah, I’m going to go check on Kiriha.” Taiki smiled at the boy as he walked off in the same direction Blue Flare (and company) had gone off in. “Good luck!” he waved.

“Isn’t this where your “can’t turn my back on you!” attitude kicks in?” Lila pleaded as he vanished into the foliage.


Yup. That’s exactly what happened.

Taiki easily side-steps the discussions on the LLD, instead going off to check on Kiriha.

“Kiriha!” Taiki called out as he walked through the forest. “Where are you?”

Of course, the boy was probably sulking that his would-be girlfriend’s lunatic partner went off and got her kidnapped. Kiriha really didn’t seem like the ‘save the Princess’ type.

Taiki sighed. Ten minutes of walking and nothing so far. “Maybe I should turn back.” he started. It was possible that Kiriha had left the Zone already, but…

It was at that moment that the Boy General of Xros Heart heard Gureimon’s one-of-a-kind voice, saying thus-ly: “…And My back still hurts from that table flip at the end! Who the hell does that guy think he is? A giant city-robot?”

“His name is ‘DarkKnightmon’-” Came MailBirdramon’s voice. “-he most likely thinks of himself as a rogue hand of justice.”

“Ehhh…” Gureimon said as Taiki entered the small clearing/swamp/pond/miniature-lake that the classic Trio of Blue Flare were residing in. “I still think he’s trying to be Death City.”

“You watch too many stray television signals.” MailBirdramon remarked, his attention swaying over towards Taiki. “Oh, and look, there’s Xros Heart’s other general.”

“Hey Taiki!” Gureimon waved at the boy.

This, of course, caught Kiriha’s attention, which had been preoccupied with the clouds over head. His head didn’t move, but his eyes shifted to the side. “What do you want?”

“Not much.” Taiki said. “Just wanted to make sure you’re okay.”

“Ch.” Kiriha’s eyes went back to the clouds as he scoffed. “I’m about as okay as a water Buffalo.”

(“What’s a Water Buffalo?” Gureimon asked.


MailBirdramon slapped him with his wing. “Quiet!”)

Gureimon and MailBirdramon provide the comedy relief for this scene- with Gureimon giving some Soul Eater shoutouts. Fun Fact: You can tell what I’d recently been watching on TV or online by what shoutouts I put into a story. You’ll be seeing Soul Eater shout outs pop up from this point on…with a few of them becoming major plot points! 😉

Also: Water Buffalo? I’m not entirely sure where that one came from. Power Rangers Operation Overdrive perhaps?

“Heh, I guess so.” Taiki laughed. And after a few moments of awkward silence, Kiriha spoke up again.

“So, why are you here?” he asked. “Really?”

“We’re going to try to open the barrier and go after Nene.” Taiki explained. “I thought you’d want to be there when we did it.”

“Why would I?” Kiriha asked, eyes narrowing at a certain ‘:3’ shaped cloud, tilted at such an angle that the ‘3’ shaped looked more like an ‘M’ and the dots like eyes.

“Well.” Taiki started. “We’ve already saved Nene once already.” Kiriha flinched slightly. “And besides, isn’t she your girlfriend? I don’t think it’s polite to rescue someone else’s girlfriend twice.”

Eight Beats pass.  Also: Don’t even ask what the “:3” is meant to reference. I think it’s just supposed to be Kiriha trying to focus on something else.

But I’m not sure.

“Oooooh!” Gureimon howled lowly. “That was one unhealthy incindiary right there!”

“Taiki.” Kiriha started, his voice emotionless.


“I’m going to give you a three second head start.” Kiriha said as he got up. “Then I’m going to kill you.”

“Eh?” Taiki blinked. “What?”

“I’m going to ground you into a fine powder and use it in place of powdered coffee for even saying such a thing!” Kiriha roared as he started running towards Taiki.

“Mandolin?” A Gaossmon, one of Kiriha’s rarely seen digimon, asked as it held up said musical instrument in it’s mouth.

“Eh?” Gureimon shrugged. “Why not.”

“Ole!” And with that, the Gaossmon strummed a few chords as the chase scene around the small pond/lake/swamp began.

The Mandolin is a joke ripped straight from Soul Eater.


Suddenly, a transmission cut onto the main screen: Kongoumon.

“Oh? The bug’s still alive?” Lilithmon asked, raising an amused eyebrow.

“Of course I’m alive! I’ve been left here along with the Remaining GrandKuwagamon forces!” The golden beetle shouted, annoyed. “Where’s general Tactimon? I need to speak to him immediately!”

“He’s off in Lord Baguramon’s chamber.” Lilithmon stated, crossing her arms. “They’ve asked not to be disturbed.”

“I see…” Kongoumon frowned as he considered his next move. “Xros Heart and Blue Flare have yet to move from their position outside of the temple- the other team has gone inside. Please tell Tactimon-sama that I am going ahead with the next rush attack this evening! They won’t know what hit them!”

“Fine.” Lilithmon was painting her nails now, not even paying attention. “Whatever you say.”

Kongoumon sweatdropped. ‘And she’s one of The Three Generals?’

Lilithmon is shown to be a bit more teenagery-slothy here. Particularly fitting with that one scene in CH58 where Airu is looking at her nails.


Later that night, after much rehearsing…

Xros Heart and the Jungle Zone natives were gathered around a stage that had been built in front of the entrance way, Lilly the Lilamon along with two robed figures stood on stage, with the flower Digimon holding a borrowed Microphone. “Hello everyone!” she waved. “Today we’re going to unseal the main temple door so we can go get Stingmon, and stop that big ol’ meanie DorkWhatsisface!” the nickname earned several amused snickers and guffaws. “So! If you’re all ready for tonight’s entertainment!” She started walking backwards off the stage. “I give you: THE LOVE LOVE DANCE!”

With that, Ballistamon (Xrossed with Starmon and several Pickmon into a giant spotlight) turned on the Spotlight at the two figures, who- reluctantly- threw off their robes to reveal themselves as Zenjirou and Lila the Lillymon, dressed in- well- costumes I’d rather not describe, as to spare your (and my) sanity.

“Let’s…” They gulped, their faces thoroughly flushed red. “Love Love Dance!”

Most everyone cheered them on as they began.

I say ‘most’ because Dorulumon, One PawnChessmon, Revolomon, Hangyomon (Keeping Lopmon and Cutemon from leaving their small group for fear of their sanity slipping) and Beelzebmon were standing at the edge of the clearing, trying their best not to watch.

The Pawn Chessmon here is Kroket.

Also, if this were that Doujin I mentioned before: we wouldn’t see their outfits. Just over the shoulder shots of the two standing on stage.

The outfits, by the way- are exactly the same as they are in the Anime, as is the dance.

I say ‘Trying their best’ because while Cutemon was respecting his Sensei’s orders and occupied himself with watching the stars overhead (instead of on stage), Lopmon kept insisting that it couldn’t possibly be any worse than what she had imagined and kept trying to rejoin the main group. Much to the other’s annoyances, they kept taking turns dragging her back into the relative safety of the trees, and ended up scarring their own eyes in the process.

“How mortifying.” Dorulumon remarked, especially as the Pucchiemon and Dondokomon upped the pace the music.

Now, Honestly, If I, the author, were inside this world that I’m writing this record of, I’d be standing right along side these guys. The dance is just that ridiculous. It’s just THAT silly and stupid. It is THAT mortifying.

Which is exactly why I’m not describing it. At all.

All you need to know is that the dance and all those participating in it released such a strong wave of emotion that inside the temple, Deckerdramon was snapped out of his musings. ‘What Strong Love!’ he thought, immediately spitting out a bridge of hard light out of his mouth towards the entrance of the temple.

If you couldn’t tell by now- the joke is that that rather…Odd dance from the Anime is being played up as something much, much worse.

Also- Lopmon’s imagination is actually ten times worse than what’s actually going on the stage.

Anyways- the door opens and everyone rushes in.


There was a thud as the Light bridge vanished entirely, leaving Taiki, Lila, Zenjirou, and Xros Four standing before Deckerdramon, Stingmon, XVmon and Saberdramon.

“Welcome! Warriors of Love!” Deckerdramon began. “I Welcome you to the temple of Love! And now I shall begin the process of-!” Taiki blinked, then jumped when he saw that Lila and Zenjirou were still there, effectively cutting the Golden God off.

“Wah! Why are you still wearing that!” he held an arm out to cover his eyes.

“We didn’t get time to change!” They said, annoyed.

“Zenjirou and Lila!” Stingmon started. “I’m glad you’re allright!”

“I…!” Deckerdramon tried to continue again.

“Don’t forget about me!” Dorulumon said, annoyed, from within the DigiXros.

“Eh? You know those guys?” XVmon asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Um…” Deckerdramon started.

“Just the two of them.” Stingmon started. “I only saw you for a moment before you went off with Beelzebmon.” he paused, then pointed at Xros Four. “Erm, you are that wolf guy’s evolved form, right?”

“Excuse…?” Deckerdramon tried again.

“Different form.” Dorulumon stated. “We Digi-Xrossed.”

“DigiXros!” the warrior’s eyes widened. “That’s amazing!”

“…Me?” Deckerdramon failed, again.

“Taiki!” Not a moment before anyone could say anything more, MailBirdramon showed up, with Kiriha on his back. “There you are!”

“Oi! Another one!” Deckerdramon remarked to himself.

Deckerdramon can’t get a word in edgewise. And that’s the joke.

“It looks like we got here before DarkKnightmon!” Taiki said not a moment before…


A MegaKabuterimon was thrown out of the foliage and onto the ground just as DarkKnightmon and Duskmon (holding the struggling Nene still) appeared.

“Just before, in fact.” MailBirdramon agreed.

“Let’s teach this guy some manners, shall we?” Shoutmon asked as he cracked his knuckles.

“Hey, you know that’s not good for you, you know!” Starmon pointed out.

“Eh? Who cares?” Shoutmon rolled his neck, settling his eyes on DarkKnightmon, and pointing a finger at Duskmon. “Oi! Who the hell do you think you are holding a girl hostage like that!”

“I am DarkKnightmon.” The ‘Mon replied. “I am the main DigiXros of Team Twilight. This girl is my General.”

“That still doesn’t give you the right to do that, you know!” Shoutmon retorted, clenching his fists. “She’s a living being just like you and me! Being a General doesn’t give you the right to hold her in such an embarrassing position like that!” She simply had her arms restrained behind her back, not as embarassing as if she were to have her hands over her head, tied to the ceiling.

“You’re fired up today, aren’t you?” Taiki asked.

“After a show like that, who wouldn’t be!” Starmon threw in. “Now let’s teach that guy some manners, brother!”

“I’m not here to fight you.” DarkKnightmon said. “I simply wish to talk to DeckerDramon.”

OBJECTION! All those MegaKabuterimon you slaughtered say otherwise, mister!” XVmon pointed a claw at him, Ace Atourney style.

“I rarely side with my zealous companion,” Saberdramon began, her blue wings flaring open wide, “but I do believe there’s a first time for everything!”

“You have no love in your heart at all!” Deckerdramon replied, finally finding a chance to enter the conversation. “I refuse to talk to such a callous creature!”

“You heard the Love God!” Stingmon stood up. “Leave this Zone at once!”

“And Leave my Nene alone!”

Suddenly, Sparrowmon rammed into Duskmon’s back, forcing him to the ground, and releasing the poor girl who hasn’t even had a line this entire episode.

“Sparrowmon!” She cried out in surprise. There. Fixed.

Meta. Heh…

“Just a second!” Sparrowmon switched to her human form to continue pounding on Duskmon, finally sending him into the realm of the unconscious. “Nene!” She leaped to hug her friend.

“Sparrowmon!” She smiled, returning the hug.

“Reload!” Kiriha held up his Xros Loader. “GUREIMON!”

The Dinosaur reloaded out of thin air, right behind DarkKnightmon, his left foot landing right on the unconscious Duskmon, enticing more pain from the Dark Warrior. “YO! LAGANN CLUSTER! HOW’S IT GOING?” he roared, grinning at his own private joke that nobody would figure out until a few months later when he finally got around to adding a newly started story to his FanFiction(Dot)Net account.

Yes, this is getting awfully meta awfully fast, isn’t it?

Over a year later- I haven’t published that story yet. If you want me to explain the joke, read the white text, otherwise, just skip it and keep on reading:

Lagann Cluster is a shout out to Gurren Lagann in about name only. What is going on here is that come “Cascade Side B” two possible options can happen. Quartzmon, who is indeed the final villain of this AU, Wins or Looses. For this story, he Loses– and that’s all you’ll need to know about the canonical status of this other story– for the other, it takes place where Quartzmon WINS. He literally destroys the Multi-verse and remakes it into a Shadow of what the Digital World is at this point of the story. Multiple worlds, all torn apart, refused, and remixed into this “Lagann Cluster.” The Cluster, fun fact, does exist alongside the normal Multi-verse! In fact, the Normal Multi-verse is observable from JUST inside the furthest edges of the Cluster itself! That’s just how time-lines WORK. When this plot point is ‘revealed’ in that story, it’s supposed to be a huge “Wait, what?” moment for everyone involved.

Anyways, everyone Digi-Xrosses!

Anyways, that long paragraph above was just a ruse to distract DarkKnightmon from spotting Nene and Sparrowmon moving over towards Taiki.

“MAILBIRDRAMON!” Kiriha continued. “DIGI-XROS!”

“XROS FOUR! SPARROWMON!” Taiki ordered, holding up his Xros Loader. “DIGI-XROS!”



DarkKnightmon blinked. “Well. This is going downhill, isn’t it?”

“Show him the true power of Blue Flare, MetalGureimon!” Kiriha ordered.

“Tear him to pieces, Xros Five!” Taiki and Nene ordered.

And we then cut to the outside- where Bagura has renewed their attack!

Back with the others…


Revolomon replaced Beelzebmon’s left arm, transforming into an identical version of his normal Canon.

Perfect Symmetry.

Symmetry which was ruined by the three white stripes that had randomly appeared on Beelzebmon’s mask and continued half way across his hair.

Oh well! Back to the battle: Twin green energy blasts launched out of the twin mouths of the twin blasters and spiraled their way through anything in their path- Which in this case happened to be the GrandKuwagamon in the skies surrounding him.


The PawnChessmon speared through their opponents via Knightmon and a Woodmon’s combined efforts to fling the little warriors into the sky.

“Let’s show them our fighting spirit!” Akari grinned. “Show ’em how we roll, XROS HEART!”

Beelzebmon is Death The Kid here- He is Him.

Shout outs to SE continue.

And now back to the others.

“You’re a fool if you thought I didn’t see this coming.” DarkKnightmon replied casually as he ducked, dodged, and auto-parried every attack thrown his way. “I did plan for this. I know all of your Digi-Xrossed forms and their attacks- so I memorized their attack patterns and how much power your individual forms have and I adjusted my armor and own reaction times to better suit them.”

“METEOR BUSTER ATTACK!”A Burning passionate fist was blocked with a black, gloved fist, and it’s body was sent flying into the forest near by.

“GIGA DESTROYA!”Blue Flaming missiles smashed into him, exploding resoundingly, but the mysterious black armor was unscathed.

“‘How?'” He quoted. “Your feeble minds may ask: ‘How can this be?'” He causally backhanded Xros Five’s Sword. “It’s simple, one word really.”

“Out with it then!” Kiriha growled.

“Shademon.” The Knight replied. “One word- A name.”

For everyone who hadn’t been in Heaven Zone, the name meant nothing.

“What the heck is a Shademon?” XVmon asked.

“Something evil by the sounds of it!” Deckerdramon replied.

For those who had, however. They shuddered.

“Shademon possess people, they mess with their minds.” Taiki explained. “Nene was dragged into a Dragon full of them.”

“It was terrifying.” The girl narrowed her eyes at DarkKnightmon. “I didn’t realize it until I got pulled out, but he put one inside me too!”

“Thankfully it’s gone now!” Sparrowmon sighed from within Xros Five. “Killed with the rest of it’s species!”

“They’re extinct now.” Dorulumon narrowed his eyes. “How do they relate to your immortality?”

“Is that what you think?” DarkKnightmon asked, head actually tilting slightly to a side. “That they’re all extinct?” He laughed. “Oh no, they’re far from it.”

He snapped his fingers, and, suddenly, Nene grew a second shadow. As did everyone else. But Nene’s was the most dramatic of them all.

“Shademon are the very shadows of the Digital World.” DarkKnightmon elaborated. “You cannot kill them all. For the brighter the light, the darker the shadow.” He smirked to himself. “Normally, Shademon are harmless, but the ones I special ordered have increased intelligence gained the ability possess others, among other powers. My very armor is made up to mimic one of their abilities, and that is the secret of my Immortality.”

DarkKnightmon explains why he’s a Magnificent Bastard.

“That doesn’t explain anything!” Shoutmon explained. “Not why my attacks keep bouncing off of you!”

“You see, I recorded the shadows of all of your forms while using the Monitamon to watch your battles.” DarkKnightmon laughed. “And therefore, I know the exact wavelengths at which they operate.” his eyes narrowed. “Meaning I can adjust my own wavelengths to match and therefore they cancel out.”

“You’re a dirty thief then!” Starmon narrowed his eyes to match their opponent.

“Add in the fact that I took Nene’s Xros Loader…” DarkKnightmon shrugged. “This is True.”

Taiki narrowed his eyes as well, but this time in thought. ‘he knows the attacks of things he’s seen before. So…’ his eyes drifted over to Stingmon and XVmon. ‘What about something he hasn’t seen before?’

Essentially: DarkKnightmon is a MIRROR to every Digi-Xros he’s seen.


He whipped out his Xros Loader, aiming it at the duo. “XVMON! STINGMON!”

“What?” DarkKnightmon’s eyes were dragged over towards the boy. “What are you doing! Stop it!”


Kiriha’s eyes widened slightly, catching on. “RELOAD: CYBERDRAMON!”




*cut to We are Xros heart!*

“CYBERDRAMON! METALGUREIMON!” Kiriha ordered. “Digi Xros!”



The Dragon-Man Pail Driving Monster was in the sky immediately, not even casting a shadow for DarkKnightmon to mimic.

“What the!”

It was at that moment his eyes drifted over to the Blue Flare Xros- A Massive cannon manned by MetalGureimon.

“Heh.” Gureimon smirked. “I’m going to dissect you now!”

“DESPERADO BLASTER!” Paildramon opened fire with the two massive cannons mounted to his waist, letting loose a spew of blue laser.

“Resonance at 100%.” MailBirdramon stated. “Noise level at 20%. Feedback in Five…Four…”

“THREETWOONE!” Gureimon finished at once. “FIREE! GO GO GO GO GOOOO!”

More SE with the Resonance thing.

A Massive energy blast nearly as thick around as DarkKnightmon was tall launched out of the massive CyberLauncher’s mouth.

The first attack pelted DarkKnightmon’s armor, creating miniature explosions that caused his armor to actually crack but otherwise did nothing.

The second, however…


DarkKnightmon hasn’t had time to absorb the attack wavelengths yet- and can’t yet with Paildramon because he isn’t casting a shadow at this point!

When the smoke cleared, DarkKnightmon was nowhere to be seen.

I mean, who wouldn’t be nowhere to be seen when there’s a giant impact crater right over where you were standing?

“YAHOOOOO!” Gureimon cheered. “We blasted that guy so hard his data got hard-erased! Haha! Not a speck in sight!”

“That was amazing!” Paildramon landed on the ground, talking in Stingmon’s voice. “I had no idea you could just Digi-Xros anyone!” with that, he split back into his component forms.

“So that’s A DigiXros, eh?” XVmon raised an eyebrow. “Not too shabby!”

“And now he’s gone for good.” Nene sighed in relief. “Now Sparrowmon and I can keep looking for my sister in peace.”

Deckerdramon went to say something when, out of the center of the crater, two small mounds burst open- Revealing two unique digimon.

Both of them were clad in black armor, but one while was bestial in form, the other was humanoid. Both shared traits that were immediately recognizable as belonging to DarkKnightmon.

“Well.” Speaking of, the Humanoid one started talking in the Immortal’s voice. “That went well.”

Everyone thinks DarkKnightmon’s dead– Then he reveals another of his ‘secrets.’

He’s a “Digi-Xros.” I say that lightly because it’s not a TRUE Digi-Xros.

“What the hell!” Shoutmon’s jaw fell towards the ‘ground’ inside the Digi-Xros. “How did he survive that!

“Ehhhh…” The beast rolled it’s head to the side, tongue sticking out of it’s mouth slightly. “How did we survive what?” It spoke in a voice neither feminine nor masculine.

“Hmmf.” The Skull chested warrior brushed some dirt off of his shoulders. “It seems you’ve managed to force us back into our component forms.” He motioned towards the beast. “This is my sibling, DeadlyAxmon.”

“Helluuuu.” the beast’s head rolled to the other side, tongue still sticking out lazily.

“I am SkullKnightmon.” The Mon said. “And as you may have guessed, we are the components of the being called DarkKnightmon.”

“You’ve got to be kidding me!” Kiriha face-palmed.

“To be fair, I did say I was a Digi-Xros.” He pointed out.

“DOH!” Gureimon winced within his Xrossed form.

“Such a pest.” MailBirdramon shook his head.

“And as I also mentioned before, I have Nene’s Xros Loader.” SkullKnightmon said, holding up the black device. “I have the ability to fix this inconvenience at will.” He activated the device, enveloping him and his sibling in a blinding flash of dark energy. “XROS OPEN!”

When the light faded, SkullKnightmon was holding DeadlyAxmon as a..giant… ax…

They are NOT siblings- this is…SKULLKnightmon’s way of being clever about hiding his parasite-like nature. DeadlyAxmon, by the way, is an intentional shout out to Crona- again from Soul Eater.

“I think not.” SkullKnightmon hefted the Ax and threw it through the air.

“Hey brooooo!” DeadlyAxmon cried out as he spun rapidly. “I’ve never done the spinning thing before!” Literally, it was crying, even as it smashed into Saberdramon’s chest and rebounded bluntly, having connected at the handle instead of the blade. “I Don’t know how do deal with this!” The ‘Mon continued as it’s ax form fell back towards the ground below.

With in Xros Five, everyone sweat-dropped. “What the heck?” Shoutmon blinked.

Yup. Crona’s catchphrase right there.

“I don’t get it.” Sparrowmon blinked as well. “I Just don’t get it.”

“This is wrong on so many levels.” Dorulumon didn’t even blink.

“N’gah.” Ballistamon threw in his two cents.

“What kind of brother is he, Oh Brother!” Starmon’s shades had slid down his face, revealing his blinking eyes.

SkullKnightmon caught the DeadlyAxmon again, and activated the Xros Loader. “XROS OPEN!”with a flash, they separated back into their component forms. “You see, we cannot be defeated. It is pointless to struggle.”

“There are stars and planets floating around my head.” DeadlyAxmon said, eyes swirling. “I don’t think I can handle astronomy right now…”

Astronomy– Another thing Crona said. As it is- even as a Shoutout- DeadlyAxmon has more characterization here than she does in canon.

“DarkKnightmon!” Nene called out. “You said you’d help me find my sister once, but seeing how you treat your own brother is sickening! I shouldn’t have accepted your help at all!”

“Wah! There’s yelling!” DeadlyAxmon’s eyes wrenched shut. “I don’t know how to deal with the yelling!”

“Ssh, my sibling.” SkullKnightmon ‘soosh’ed as he patted his hand against the beasts head, making soft ‘pap’ noises against the dazed ‘mon’s armor. “soon it shall all be over.” He held up the Xros Loader. “And you won’t have to deal with it anymore.”

“Good…I like the darkness…” The beast said as, in a blinding flash of light, DarkKnightmon reformed.

“You see, it’s ironic that you bring up your sister now.” DarkKnightmon said as he summoned his twin ended lance. “For, I think it’s time that I come clean with something important.”

“And what’s that?” Shoutmon’s eyes narrowed.

“Yes. What’s so important that you wait until NOW to say it!” Kiriha roared, demanding to know rather than asking.

“You see, Nene.” At that moment, XVmon was flung to the ground. “I’ve not been honest about why I promised you I would help.” SNAP! Stingmon was flung back into the half-statue-Deckerdramon. “And the fact that you have now met my sibling is reason enough for me to say what it is I’ve lied about exactly.”

As I mentioned at the end of the last chapter- the title is misleading. Turning BACK from a statue for Deckerdramon takes TIME. He’s not yet able to move.

BANG! MetalGureimon+CyberLauncher exploded back into his component forms, each lying on the ground, groaning in pain. The explosion, however, did something more. Kiriha was now trapped under one of MailBirdramon’s wings. “D..Damn you…!”

“Out with it!” Deckerdramon ordered. “You vile fiend!”


“Nene.” DarkKnightmon began. “The truth is…”

WHAM! Xros Five was sent flying into the nearby wall in pieces, all of them unconscious, or near about.

“I am the one who kidnapped your sister.” He concluded as the golden Ninja appeared at his side.

Good day.” He bowed his head, speaking in English. “How’s it going?”

Before anyone could react, Duskmon had his blades primed to slash open Taiki and Nene’s necks.

“What the-!” Taiki gasped in surprised. “Let us go you…!”

“No.” Nene whispered, eyes wide. “You can’t be…!”

“Oh but I am.” DarkKnightmon said with a laugh. “You see, the Xros Loader I stole from you is the one you stole from your sister, which I gave to her in the first place.” his eyes narrowed. “A year, infact, before I pulled her back, taking you along for the ride.”

“You…You…!” Sally (human form now) began pushing herself up.


With in a flash, the Ninja had his foot on her shoulders, pinning her back down roughly. “Stay put please, Or else I’ll have to hurt you. And I’m not that Kind of Man.”he said the last sentence in English.

“Gah!” She gasped. “Let me go!”

“I think not, little sister.” he said. “I’m afraid this is where you get off. Tickets Please?

Tsuwamon is taunting Sally here- and the reader as well- because we now cut to the outside, just a short time later.

“We’re going to have to retreat into the temple!” Akari started. “That’s the only way we’ll…!”

*cue BLAZING BLUE FLARE, Instrumental*

Suddenly, a barrage of missiles launched out of the top of said temple, obliterating a massive hole in the center of their group.

“What! The! Hell!” Kongomon’s eyes widened. “WAS THAT!”

Suddenly, there was a massive groan as the very top of the temple folded away into itself on very rusty hinges. There was a massive billowing of steam out of the now open roof of the temple; Hydraulics hissed, and motors whirled as a giant platform lifted itself up from the center of the temple.

“Is that…” Lopmon’s eyes widened.

“It can’t be…!” A Gekomon lisped in surprise. “It just can’t be!”

“It’s…!” a Keramon began. “Deckerdramon-Sama!”

Indeed, ontop of the platform that had now locked itself into place was Deckerdramon, only now nolonger golden and shiny and stuck in place as a statue. His red eyes were narrowed in determination, his shiny blue and green-grey armor glistening in the star light, his … back mounted Missile launchers unfolded and primed for the ready. There were other Digimon standing next to him, Shoutmon, Ballistamon, Dorulumon, Sparrowmon, one Monitamon, the Starmons, Gureimon, MailBirdramon, Several Golemon, a dozen Gaossmon, Stingmon, XVMon, Saberdramon… All of them ready to fight.

“Let’s go!” Shoutmon roared as he leaped down to the field below. “Akari!” he said once he landed, holding his hand out.

“Right!” She flung the Red Xros Loader over.

“EVERYONE!” Shoutmon roared. “For the Sake of Taiki and Nene and Kiriha! Let’s blow off some steam and DIGIXROS!”

“RIGHT!” The Xros Five components leaped forward, each of them Xrossing in a particular way with other digimon, never into a whole.

They Xros Up, and beat back Bagura,

The twin Cannons wielded by Beelzebmon, let loose green meteorite barrages as he took to the air above the incoming swarm. GREEN MILE IMPACT-THE SPIRAL!”

This is some unintentional foreshadowing, by the way.

And soon, Kongoumon found himself floating in the sky with nothing to support him but his own wings. He gulped as the massive, enraged Digimon of Blue Flare closed in on him. “Uhh, Can’t we be fri-?”

“TRIDENT CLAW!” MetalGureimon flung his armored fist forward and…


The bug shattered into data particles. “GUESS NOT!”

And now Kongoumon finally bites the dust. From here, we get Akari- and also the reader- caught up to speed.

“They did WHAT!” Akari yelled.

“DarkKnightmon kidnapped Taiki, Kiriha, and Nene, and took their Xros Loaders too.” Shoutmon repeated. “He took out everyone as soon as he reloaded them. We couldn’t do anything.”

“I heard you the first time.” She sighed. “Good grief.”

“That damn ninja!” Sally crushed a rather thick tree branch with her bare hands. “I’m going to Kill him!”

“Moni!” The lone Monitamon said. “Atleast We know where they are, thanks to my companions tagging along!”

Flash back

Two Monitamon quickly transformed themselves into little badges of their faces and hid themselves inside Taiki’s vest and Nene’s Jacket pockets. “moni!”

end Flash back.

“Dust Zone!” Dorulumon scoffed. “If only I hadn’t opened my big mouth earlier.”

“DarkKnightmon’s taking a risk.” Hangyomon started. “From what Sally and The Monitamon said, Dust Zone has always been their base of operations.”

“Yeah!” Revolomon twirled one of his pistols. “We know where they are and what their base’s layout is! We can break in at any time!”

“I don’t care even if he upgraded his security a dozen times since then.” Gureimon clenched his fists and teeth. “I’m going to smash right through that tower of his!”

“I’m coming too.” Deckerdramon said, his booming voice carrying the large distance from the top of the temple to down below. “It’s my fault for not undoing the protection field sooner. If I had, then maybe…”

“Don’t sweat it, old man.” XVmon jabbed a thumb at his chest. “I’m going to stay here and protect this place along with Stingmon.”

“In that case, I’ll be leaving as well.” Saberdramon said. “I barely fought at all in that last battle!”

“We’ve got the rest of the team assembled.” Lopmon said as she and Cutemon walked up. “Lots of the Natives are insisting that they come with us.”

“I made sure only to let in those who could take my punch!” Cutemon smashed his fist into his open hand.

“Right then.” Akari smirked as she adjusted her hat. “Looks like we’re off to the next Zone…”




Infact- the Code Crown is SO FAR OUT OF MIND that even DECKERDRAMON Forgets that he has it!

“Xros Wars two part special: Demonic Light! DarkKnightmon’s Moving Plot Explained! and Great Xros! Engine King G9’s Glorious Battle!

“Watch it or I’ll take your soul!”



And now another AU shift! It’s yet ANOTHER TWO PART SPECIAL!


No Karaoke Zone this episode.

So we go directly into the next part- which, in my little imaginary world, would have been a THEATER MOVIE airing!

Why? Because of EVERYTHING. The sheer scale of events happening needs a movie theater budget to get this done and look AMAZING at the same time!



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