Xros Wars AU 02 — CH15

We begin chapter 15 after the upload of Chapter 58. Go check the latter out if You haven’t read it yet- or keep reading through Chapter 15 if you still haven’t caught up to present yet. Spoilers continue to abound!!

We see the other side of the storm in this episode.

Suddenly, the entire Sky seemed to burst into static.

“What the?” Dorulumon growled. “Not this again!”

“Damn it! I thought we’d seen the last of this!” Shoutmon growled as the entirity of Sand Zone vanished from beneath their feet, and yet, they were still standing.

Taiki’s attention, however, wasn’t focused upon the strange storm around them itself, but instead on what was inside the storm.

They had just ‘flipped’ through the previous zones they had experienced the flash of energy in, even going so far as to spot a static-ized IceDevimon knocking a similarly Static-ized Knightmon into a frozen pond.

Now, Taiki was sure this rift spanned time and space all at once, and he was going to use that fact to his advantage.

If only things would go that smoothly, eh?

Taiki’s realizing that the storms are going across multiple points of time- Potentially even their future! He’s going to try to observe the future to get knowledge on what’s going to happen next.

*cue Subtitle*

Dondokomon VS. The Impossible Trap!

EHHH? We cut back to No Quotes?


Tactimon looked up as he heard a light “Sploosh” from behind him. “What the…?”

Behold, Lilithmon in all her water soaked glory, drenched head to toe from Leviamon’s Attack.


She held up a finger. “Not.”




“Word.” She turned on her heels and stormed off towards her personal quarters, leaving a stunned Tactimon standing there.

For a few moments, he just stood there, starring at the trail of water left on the floor.

Finally, the silence was broken by an alarm firing off from one of the Zone Monitor consoles.

Tactimon glanced over, The zone was within Lilithmon’s area of attempted conquest, and it was flaring up in alarm due to…something or other.

‘Not my problem.’ he smirked to himself, not even bothering to check WHICH zone was under durress or why..

Lilithmon and Tactimon…. They can be quite humorous despite supposedly being the villains at this point.

This is probably what made shifting them into time-travelers so easy.


As the light faded away, Xros Heart found themselves within a small park, which appeared to be placed in the side of a major metropolitan ci- Hmm. Perhaps Metropolitan is the wrong word?

Okay, help me out here? What’s the name of a Capitol City that’s made up of flowing, stone buildings reminiscent of Roman Archetecture, in which Digimon and Humans floated and walked along in nothing more than simple angelic robes?

…? You don’t know either, huh?

Well, thanks, I guess.

I still don’t know, but I’d like to touch on the robes thing.

In Sand Zone: the robes served a practical purpose: It was simply too hot to wear anything other than that. Heaven Zone has a different feel to it- it’s more of a Greek or Roman city, with moderate temperatures. The choice of robes is a bit of a subtle hint that there’s something off about this place.

Regardless, Xros Heart found themselves within this small park, somewhere within a city landscape.

“Wh..Where are we…?” Akari blinked.

“I don’t recognize this Zone.” Dorulumon growled.

“Eh…” Revolomon scratched the back of his head. “Something’s familair, but I can’t quite put my tongue on it…”

“Agreed.” Ballistamon nodded.

“Well, I suppose we should look around some.” Taiki started as he headed towards a small grove of trees. “Maybe we’ll find somethi-”

And then.

He fell.

“TAIKI!” several voices cried out in horror.

A moment later, there was a woosh, and then a yellow blur soared up from the edge of the floating Zone. The yellow blur was none other than the girl from Lake Zone, and Taiki, who seemed to have luckily fallen on the board they both were riding on.

“Oi! Didn’t I warn you not to come here?” the green haired aviator huffed as she kicked Taiki off of her hover board and back onto the grounds of Heaven Zone. “I sware, you people just don’t know how to listen to warnings! I mean! Honestly! Didn’t you see the sign that said ‘caution: keep out of the trees’ over there?”

Akair and Shoutmon blinked twice. “And you are…?”

Sally blinked at them in return, then at Taiki. “You didn’t tell them?”

“I wasn’t even sure I was awake!” Taiki shot back.

Ah, and now Xros Heart meets Sally! As I previously mentioned, Sparrow-san got caught up in a storm just before Xros Heart did, only off-screen. I hadn’t intended to write it like that originally, but it’s the only thing that makes sense in hindsight. She probably appeared right beneath Taiki for that moment’s save! Probably. I’m not sure exactly. It doesn’t really matter though.

“Heaven Zone.” The girl began as everyone sat down a safe distance away from the edge of the world. “Is a dangerous place, despite it’s appearances.” She huffed as she pinched a strand of her green hair to show. “I wouldn’t be the way I am if it weren’t for this place.”

“I knew this place was familiar!” Revolomon snapped his fingers. “There was all sorts of black market stuff going on a few years back! Smuggling of living hostages for scientific research or something like that.”

“Exactly.” Sally scowled. “I was one of those ‘experiments’.”

“So someone dyed your hair green?” Shoutmon frowned. “I don’t see what’s so wrong about that! Lila has green hair…”

“And she was born here.” Sally countered. “I wasn’t.”

“You’re from the human world?” Zenjirou asked.

“America, to be precise.” the girl replied.

“America?” He asked back. “But you don’t have an accent.”

“Same for you.” She pointed out.

“Ah, good point…” he agreed.

“Regardless.” Sally continued. “What happened to me was a cake walk compared to what happened to my captors once the Heaven Zone guard found out.”

Here’s the “shocking” reveal! Sally is a Human born on Earth! Her hair color isn’t natural OR dyed! She’s a “Lab rat,” as it were.

“Back then, the death penalty was a rare thing, but…” She paused briefly. “But now, even the slightest crime earns it.” She looked up at them, pleading. “That’s why you need to get out of here as soon as possible!”

“But if we don’t break any laws, then we’re fine to stay, right?” Hangyomon asked after a moment of silence.

“What I’m curious to know,” Dorulumon added his two digi-dollars. “Is why I haven’t heard anything about this Zone even when I was part of the Bagura Army.”

“Bagura can’t touch this place.” the girl smirked. “That’s one good thing to come out of this tyrany. Bagura is repelled every time they try to attack.”

“I suppose that’s good and all.” Shoutmon considered. “But shouldn’t we do something?”

“Like what?” Akari asked.

“I dunno…” Shoutmon crossed his arms behind his head. “Maybe we could tell the ruller of this Zone to lighten up or something?”

“That won’t work.” Sally shook her head. “Ever since that time all those years ago, the President, SlashAngemon, has been insanely devoted to ‘justice’ and ‘peace.’ Something this Zone hasn’t seen in years. Not even his chief of police can change his mind…”

“President?” Taiki asked. “Then doesn’t that mean this Zone ellects its leaders?”

“Yeah.” Sally nodded. “But there haven’t been any elections since then…” she scoffed. “Nobody’s challenged his leadership and nominated anyone else for President.” The look in her eyes changed suddenly. “Not until now… That is…”

We’re flat out told Bagura can’t touch this place, but at the same time we’re give hints that there is something VERY wrong with the President of the Zone, SlashAngemon. He claims to be for “Justice and Peace!” but his actual actions are flat-out otherwise! Next: We hear that there’s someone who’s challenging the president for leadership!!

Heaven Zone was holding the first Presidential elections in years, thanks to the courageous lad Lucemon finally deciding that enough was enough. However, more ‘crimes’ had increased since then, and even more residents of the Zone were put to the death penalty- All of them vocal supporters of Lucemon. The secondary goal was to find Lucemon, and help him gain the support and protection necessary to become President.

(Our green haired avaitor wasn’t so fond of the plan in general, despite giving the information necessary for it to occur, and stormed off, claiming. “Fine, get yourselves killed. See if I care!”

Taiki, in his typical “I Can’t turn my back on you!” nature, went off after her to see if she could be convinced to help out anyways.)

This left the Co-Generals of Xros Heart to come up with the means of pulling off their plan on their own.

How were they to do this?

Simply put- they needed to get arrested.

Now, this idea didn’t pass over so well with most of the Digimon there. But- Akari reasoned- they weren’t going to intentionally break laws.

“If Heaven Zone’s police force is as tough as she said, then any little thing done will get us arrested.” Akari smirked. “If anyone finds themselves arrested suddenly, don’t resist- we want to get arrested so we can make contact with the chief of police, and see if we can have his help in getting Lucemon to be president.”

And so, the plan was set.

This is somewhat of a commentary on ‘modern’ politics, in a sense, but it’s no less my idea than it was the Anime’s.

As the light cleared from the Dimensional Storm, Dondokomon, the Starmon Brigade, ChibiKamemon, and a few PawnChessmon found themselves separated from the others.

“This… Isn’t good…” Starmon gulped.

“Where’s Akari-onee-chan?” ChibiKamemon glanced about hurriedly. “We didn’t land where they did!”

“I’m sure they’re here somewhere.” A PawnChessmon smiled under her helmet. “I’m sure they just landed somewhere else in the zone.”

“But Didn’t Ballistamon and Revolomon end up in different zones before?” ChibiKamemon asked. “What if we got sent to the wrong Zone!”

Dondokomon sighed. “Oi, this isn’t the time for fighting!”

“He’s right, Brother!” Starmon nodded. “We have the wristers! We can settle this once and for all!” With that, he summoned his own Wrister from… Hammer Space? I guess?… And coughed lightly before opening a comm line. “Hello? Anyone there?”

And here’s where the plot comes into focus! Xros Heart’s other members who are LOST because of the Storm! This is an important thing to remember! The storms don’t care about keeping people TOGETHER. It’s foreshadowing for the End-Of-Act One.

“Starmon?” Came Dorulumon’s confused voice. “Why are you using the Wristers?”

“Ah you see…” Starmon paled. “We landed seperate from you guys…!”

“Oh.” Dorulumon replied after a moment. “What does your current location look like?”

“Ah…” Starmon glanced about. “Roman-Greek-ish.”

“Okay, we’re in the same Zone then.” Dorulumon confirmed. “We’ll meet up at some point, I sup-IDIOT!”

Starmon blinked. “Eh? Come again?”

No reply.

Taiki just fell off of the side of Heaven Zone. Whoops!

And so, the band of merry explorers wandered, not knowing of the dangers this Zone possessed.

“Ahhh!” ChibiKamemon beamed At a painting a Culumon was painting. “Look at that!”

“You understand this?” A Silver Pickmon asked.

ChibiKamemon stared at the painting a few more moments, then replied. “Not a clue!”

The Culumon turned and smiled a wide smile. “It’s a CreamPuff!”

The First PawnChessmon (from before) mused upon the painting for a moment, then sighed in defeat. “That’s the wierdest looking cream puff I’ve ever seen…”

The Culumon sighed as well. “That’s what everyone’s said so far…”

Dondokomon smiled. “Cheer up! I’m sure you’ll get better at it!”

The Culumon nodded, then returned to her painting.

Tamers shout out. Culumon and her Cream Puffs!

“Oh wow!” A third PawnChessmon gasped as they passed a bakery. “That smells delecious!”

The Burgermon running the small bakery smiled at them. “I’m glad you like it.” he replied before passing out a few free cream puffs (so that was where the Culumon got her inspiration). “Here, on the house!”

“Thank you so very much!” the group of explorers bowed to the baker.

“Cream Puffs are absolutely the best!” Starmon delcared. “Let’s Eat!”

Frontier Shout out. Burgermon making Cream Puffs! How Quaint!

This time, it was Dondokomon’s music tuned ears that brought them to their next destination. “Ah! Listen!”

A group of Pucchiemon were practicing their musical instruments in the shade of a small stage, one on Violin, one of flute, one on portalble keyboard, and one who seemed to be the director; there was an empty seat next to some drums.

At the moment, they were playing some simple melody that the Director (let’s call her… Haruhi) was enjoying…well.. conducting, while the others seemed… bored. Despite that, it was a beautiful melody.

Beautiful but slow.

As they finished, the Violin player, Let’s say her name’s Rose, stood up and rolled her neck. “Can we do something different now?”

“Yeah.” Flute Pucchiemon nodded, let’s call him Kyon. “I’m getting tired of this melody. Can’t we try one of Jade’s songs now?”

Jade, as that was the Keyboard Pucchiemon’s name, blushed at this. “We don’t have to…really…” she said quietly.

“Her songs need Drums.” Haruhi growled at them crossly. “And Dave’s off doing whatever it is he does when his brother’s in town.” She crossed her arms. “And before any of you say it, no, you can’t try switching instruments.”

“Fine.” Rose huffed. “I guess you’re right. But it’d be great if we had another drummer around.”

“Ah, pardon.” Dondokomon coughed. “But I’m a drum!”

And here we’re introduced to the Pucchiemon- Rose, Jade (Homestuck shoutouts), Haruhi, and Kyon (Haruhi-Suzumiya series Shoutouts). There’s a mention of a Dave as well, but he’s off with his bro. (Homestuck again.) We never meet Dave, and never will.

He’s not important to the plot.

The Pucchiemon will make up the rest of what come to be called (by me anyways) as “The Music Team,” itself a half-way shoutout to Homestuck’s own Music Team, but also a direct interface for the Different songs that I end up using to actually show up in universe.

Dondokomon’s power is a Music Upgrade, so having a whole Music Team for Xros Heart is simply the next logical step for this Universe.

ChibiKamemon nodded. “Yeah! He writes all our music!”

Haruhi the Pucchiemon turned her head ever so slowly towards them. “What was that?”

“That’s a great idea.” Kyon, the Pucchiemon, smiled. “We could use a professional musical instrument to set us straight on some things!”

Haruhi’s head snapped towards him. “What was that!”

“Rose? Jade?” Kyon turned towards the others. “Mind if he sits in for a round?”

Rose shook her head. “I don’t have any qualms with him joining.”

Haruhi was nearly hyperventalating now. “But. What. I. Did. What. You. Huh. WHAT?”

Jade just nodded. “That’d be great.”

“Okay then, come on up!” Kyon grinned as he helped Dondokomon up onto their small stage, and handed him some sheet music.

Dondokomon read it over a few times, then thought of something. “These Look really good!”

“You’ll love how they sound then!” Rose smiled.

“Okay then, Jade.” Kyon asked. “Which one should we do first, Theme or Bond?”

Kyon is referring to the two songs on the Code Crown OST: “X4B’s Bond” and “X5’s Theme.”

Also: Flute is introduced with a TRUMPET.

The first PawnChessmon ‘squee’d upon seeing it. “I have a Trumpet too! Can I join in too?”

“Sure!” Kyon nodded, much to Haruhi’s displeasure.

The PawnChessmon jumped up on stage, summoning her trumpet from hammer space. “Ready to roll!”

“Fine, then.” Haruhi huffed, then raised her baton. “Ready? Set…”

So, I guess this makes her literally NAMED Flute, when she plays a Trumpet? *shrug*

Anyways, back to the Music part. X4B’s repeated melody is a slip up on my behalf. It was used briefly in the last episode/chapter, and it’s introduced properly in this sequence.

Both of these Songs are foreshadowing for X4B’s and X5’s Digi-Xrosses later on- namely, the fact that their theme songs are being played On The Spot.

“Would you mind too if I added lyrics to it some day?” Dondokomon asked. “Something that amazing just needs lyrics to it!”

Jade was taken back for just a moment, but then she nodded. “That’d be great!”

“Yeah, sure. Lyrics.” Haruhi hmmfed again.

“Let’s do the other one.” Kyon nodded. “You guys can just sit back and listen.” he switched back to his flute, and Jade brought up the volume on her Piano just slightly.

Dondokomon is especially bringing a focus to this by asking to ADD LYRICS to the songs. Of course, things can’t go so smoothly. Xros Heart’s plan affects its separated members!

Everyone sat there in astonishment for a few moments, silence filling the area.

Silence that was quickly broken by the shrill whistle of a Police officer- A Picolomon.

“That’s too loud! Too Loud Too Loud!” The tiny pink fur ball with wings growled. “Such racket can not be tollerated!”

“Racket!” Haruhi fumed. “That was Music!”

“Music Smushic!” The Picolomon rolled it’s eyes. “You’re still breaking about a dozen laws by parking yer junk here!”

“We have a permit!” Kyon stood up. “We’re allowed to practice here!”

“Your Permit has been redacted!” The Picolomon summoned his staff. “Now Come quietly and this will be all over soon enou-OOF!”

The “OOF” was thanks in part to Starmon, who had jumped up, and rammed himself into the Pixie, awesome shades first.

Starmon backflipped away, and landed in a Karate pose as the Picolomon hit the ground. “You don’t have the heart of Music, brother!”

The Picolomon growled, then, instead of saying anything more, simply blew his whistle.

And as if on command (Actually, the whistle blow was a signal), Several more Picolomon, a Gaggle of Unimon, a Squadron of Peasusmon, and a legion of Nefertimon had surrounded their little group.

“GET THEM!” The first Picolomon roared.

And then, the brawl began.

This scene is to show that Xros Heart is not in the wrong here. Unlike in canon where Dondokomon gets in trouble for PLAYING ALONG, it’s the Pucchiemon themselves who are now in trouble!

The Starmonz lept into their most varried attacks, The Pickmon swirling around any enemy digimon, and Starmon launching a barrage of stars at them.


And then the PawnChessmon entered the fray as well, several of them launching themselves spear and shields first.

But, thankfully, before this nonsense could go on any further, It was quickly brought to a halt by two simultaneous events- The first being A young human girl, with short dark hair and golden eyes, jumping into the middle of the battle yelling “STOP!”- The second was a shrill whistle comming from the small, silver whistle in the mouth of the Chief of Police of Heaven Zone, Gargoylemon.

“Chief!” The Policement gawked.

“Oi! What have I said about randomly accusing people?” The Dragon digimon asked as he landed on the ground- light glistening off his shades, and his hard-boiled-looking coat flaring with the wind. This was deffinately a ‘Mon you didn’t want to mess with.

“They started-” The first Picolomon started.

“No. Don’t.” Gargoylemon held up a hand. “I don’t want to hear it!” he sighed. “I sware, I don’t even know what’s gotten into half of you this last few months…”

They’re then saved by my OC Petsula-san, and the Chief of Police Gargoylemon. Gargoylemon is NOT happy with the way his troops are randomly accusing people. This is a subtle hint as to the literal AND metaphorical Corruption that is infecting this Zone!

“Okay! Everyone back to base.” The Gargoylemon snapped his fingers as a police siren appeared ontop of his head, then he pointed at the Pucchiemon. “You guys go find somewhere else to practice.” He pointed to the Starmonz. “You, don’t even think about starting any more fights.” he pointed at the girl. “And you, make sure your boyfriend lives to the election. I want to see these things stop as much as anybody.” He added the second part under his breath as he took off. “Don’t let me see any of you until tomorrow at the earliest.”

There was a moment when the collective held in breath was exhaled.

“Damn.” Kyon remarked. “I thought we were dead for a moment there…”

The girl sighed as she turned around. “So did I…”

“Petsula-san!” Rose smiled. “It’s good to see you.”

The girl smiled slightly. “Rose, Good to see you too.”

“What did he mean by election?” ChibiKamemon asked.

“My mate, Lucemon, is running for president of this Zone.” “Petsula-san” replied with a smile, then a frown. “Most everyone knows that by now.”

“We’re not from around here.” Dondokomon started. “My friends and I are visiting from another Zone.”

The girl smiled again. “Well, that would explain why I haven’t seen your types around here before.” A thought struck her then. “Oh! You’ll just have to meet Lucemon! He always knows the best tour routes for visitors!”

Petsula is a kind girl- her name is, strangely, a variation of a flower name. Originally she was a shout out to Hitchiker’s Guide with that one rocket turning into a Bowl of Petunias. Then I changed her name around a bit to sound more Japanese, and it…just sort of turned into Petsula.

I don’t really know how it happened.

A short Walk later (In which the Pucchiemon accompanied them for no other reason than “We need the exercise”) found the Small branch of Xros Heart in a small clearing in which A young boy (Clearly a digimon due to the angelic wings on his back) was conversing with a few of his promotion officers.

“Luce!” Petsula called out. “Good Morniiiing!”

The boy turned, slightly embarassed by the nickname, but greeted them just the same as the Cupimon Promoters floated off to do their work. “Petsula-chan, good morning.” he smiled. “oh, You brought some friends?”

“I met these guys right when Gargoylemon stopped hsi guards from deleting them on sight.” She replied cheerfully as she introduced them. “This is Dondokomon, and The Starmonz Brigade, from Green Zone, ChibiKamemon from Island Zone, and the PawnChessmon from Lake Zone. You’ve met the Pucchiemon already, remember?”

(“Ten digi-noir cases says he doesn’t even remember.” Haruhi commented… “OW.” Until Kyon elbowed her in the arm.)

“So many different places.” Lucemon blinked. “What are you all doing here?”

“We got separated from our freinds.” The Flute PawnChessmon explained. “We’re traveling with the Xros Heart Army across the different Zones.”

“Xros Heart…?” Lucemon mused. “Can’t say I’ve heard of them.”

“Eh? Really!” ChibiKamemon gasped. “But Akari-Onee-chan and Shout-onii-san are really popular everywhere we go it seems!”

“I Suspect that’s due to SlashAngemon.” Petsula huffed. “He’s got the media wrapped around his fingers…If he had them, I mean…”

“Now now.” Lucemon put a hand on her shoulder and smiled. “I’m sure we can get proper communication lines back up and running once the elections are over.”

Lucemon, unlike canon, is ACTUALLY a Genuinely Good Guy! He’s wanting to do what’s BEST for his people. This is actually a sort of convoluted thing so let me explain a little: I’ve got a Frontier Re-write that I’ve partially posted on FF.net, but I doubted I’d be getting to the end of which any time soon, so since I liked the plot I had for the Lucemon there so well, that I decided to do something similar with the Lucemon here when this episode came up, if only to get that plot out into the open.

In the end, there are major differences for what I’ve got planned for that Frontier story, and what happens here in this arc, but the general theme is the same:

“Bad Guy uses Luce’s caring wife against him, forcing the heroes to try to pull off a rescue mission.”

“Wait!” Taiki called out for the fifth time that minute alone as he chased after the yellow clad girl.

With a sigh, Sally turned on her heels to face him. “What?” the annoyance wasn’t lost in her voice.

“Your hovver board, it’s exactly like that I’ve seen on a Digimon before.” Taiki started. “Where’d you get it from?”

“My dad built it, if you must know.” She huffed. “And it’s not my problem if some random Sparrowmon you met happens to have the same design or not.”

“I didn’t say it was a Sparrowmon.” Taiki countered.

“…” She blinked. “…So?”

“What’s your full name?” Taiki asked, before adding without missing a beat. “And I mean the full name. First and Last.”

Sally glared at him, then reluctantly replied. “Sparrow. Sally Sparrow.”

Taiki smirked. “I knew it.”

“Knew what?” She asked warily.

We get Sally’s full name here. As I might have said earlier, her name is a direct shoutout to the episode “Blink” from David Tennant’s era of Doctor Who.  Sally is *painfully* aware of this, in fact! Part of her wariness in that “Knew what?” is her hating that her name matches up to that particular episode’s main character!

“That you’re Nene’s Sparrowmon!” Taiki replied. “How else would you know how to find me in Island Zone?”

There was a look of pure rage on her face, suddenly replaced by confusion, then annoyance. She opened her mouth to say something, thought better of it, and closed her mouth shut, puffing out her cheeks as she glared at him.

“What’s with the face?” Taiki asked.

“RAHH!” The girl reached up to snap the elastic band on her goggles (with both hands, with both left and right sides of the goggles around her head). “You are THE most annoying General I’ve EVER had the displeasure of meeting!” she remarked as she glared at him.

“Thanks…?” Taiki blinked. “So…What happened to you? They didn’t just change your hair color.” he asked. “You can change between a human and a Digimon, right?”

That Taiki makes a completely different deduction than she’s HALF expecting confuses her. Of course she was also half RIGHT about him making the leap from “Sally Sparrow” to “Sparrowmon!” But the guess about her name is what’s really driving her in the transition from Rage > Confusion > Annoyance. Later on, when the plot of the episode “Blink” ACTUALLY begins to effect the Time Line around them, this comes up AGAIN, and ends up with her shooting the monitor AND the camera from both sides.


“Years ago I found myself falling into the Digital World when I was playing around with my Dad’s latest invention, that hover board of mine.”

There was a rift in Digital Space as a younger version of Sally Sparrow, holding on to the Yellow Hover board like a life line, rushed out of the Digital AirSpace, and into a small lake within Heaven Zone’s many parks.

“I didn’t have the luck of landing within good company either. The director of the ‘research lab’ we were all held in saw me entering the Zone, and immediately captured me.”

A Mummymon smirked to himself as he dragged the mostly unconscious girl and her strange hovverboard through a warehouse door.

“He locked me up along with a bunch of other kids he’d captured. Most weren’t any older than we are now, and even then that was only one girl.”

“I’d take what was about to happen back home over this.” The teen lamented as she twisted part of her teal hair into a braid. “My brother wouldn’t have to watch as we get turned into…whatever that jerk seems to think looks best.”

“Your Revolomon was right when he mentioned black market trading. We were being turned into weapons, and then having our data copied so he could clone us, making whole new species at once.”

A younger Sally watched in horror as Troopmon after Troopmon was cloned from the one boy who had been fused with several different items of war. “That’s…that’s what they’re going to do to us…?”

“No.” A boy with dirty blond hair remarked. “He’s going to do worse to us.”

Here we get the detail’s on Sally’s back story. The Girl with Teal hair later becomes MIRVAMON, and the boy with them is either Spadamon OR Duskmon. I don’t recall if I’d solidified that plot twist yet or not. He’s probably Duskmon though.

“Most of the ‘creations’ that got made were sold either as weapons, or as slaves. I was one of the ‘lucky’ ones- The director only wanted to see what would happen if he fused me to my board.”

“Well now.” The Mummymon smirked. “Let’s see what makes you tick.” With a laugh, he ignited a laser cutter.

“What he didn’t realize was that my mom always worked in a few guns into my dad’s designs, so when he fused me to the board through some warped version of a Digi-Xros, well…”


“We escaped, thanks to that.”

The recently formed Sparrowmon smirked as she shot open the lock on the door keeping them all locked inside. “Yosh! Let’s go everyone!”

“The President ordering the jerk’s execution was a mercy kill, even if it was the start of all of this Zone’s troubles.”

“And so the corrupt fall.” SlashAngemon smirked as the twisted Mummymon’s data flew into the air.

The Cell Escape part is different from what I later wrote from her direct escape, so it’s probably her helping on a different part of the escape here. I was pretty much consistent about this story arc of hers, so this little detail bugs me. :/ Anyways: Sally’s uses of a 9 Mil is thanks to her mother, who I always sort of imagined as the Body Guard to her father’s Smart Scientist.


“So…You mean you can turn into a digimon at will?” Taiki asked.

“Not at first, I couldn’t.” Sally replied. “Myself and the others were pretty much stuck in our changed forms, But…” a sigh escaped her. “I got lucky.”


Sparrowmon rushed into the sky, pushing the thrusters in her hovver board to their max limit. “I’m going home! I’m going home!”

Then, she reached the sky dome, preventing the Digital Airspace from deleting the Zone away into data. “I! Will! Go! HOME!” she cried out as she slowly pushed her way through the barrier.

There was a crack, and then…

She was free of Heaven Zone.


Sally then explains that she used the air-space unintentionally to break her down into human form again. Later saying that it took her a lot of training to master shifting forms. I’m not sure if by this point or not if the Manga had introduce the shape-shifting spell, but I’m pretty sure it hadn’t. Later, Sally does reveal that she took training under Wizardmon to master her shape-shifting and this is actually a PLOT POINT.

Then Beelzebmon shows up! Probably out of another static storm.

Meanwhile, back with our intrepid group of explorers…

“Wow!” ChibiKamemon gasped as he looked over the railing of the hot air balloon basket they were riding inside. “Look at how high up we are!”

“It’s quite the view allright.” Petsula smiled. “All of Heaven Zone was floating high above the Digital World long before the Zones split.”

“From up here, you used to be able to see the whole of a single continent.” Lucemon stated. “Or atleast, that’s what my parrents used to tell me.” he sighed slightly. “I hadn’t even been born when the Code Crown shattered.”

“I can only imagine” One of the PawnChessmon sighed. “It must have been beautiful…”

A few minutes later, their hot air baloon ride came to a stop at the entrance to a small, outdoors art gallery; and the group was off, looking through the displays, with Lucemon narating on occasion what a certain piece ment.

As they looked, Dondokomon frowned at a particular piece, reminding him of a certain Bagura General. “Who’s this one?”

“That’s an Ophanimon.” Petsula explained. “Or atleast a very…stylistic rendering of one. They usually wear more armor than that.”

“Huh.” Dondokomon frowned. He’d never seen an Ophanimon before, so he couldn’t be sure on the correctness of the armor porportions. But he knew enough to know that they wore helmets, and this statue was lacking one.

And there was the resemblence. Right there, in the face.

This was a plot point I had written originally before Hunter’s was announced. Lilithmon was going to have been an Ophanimon who later turned to the Bagura Empire! Lucemon was to have been her ONLY SON.

Dondokomon mused on that for a few moments. It was generally known that atleast one Lilithmon, the one who had become a member of the Seven Demon Lords, had been an Ophanimon before joining the group.

Was it possible that the only difference between them was a change of clothes and an additude problem?

He frowned even more at the thought. Why did this one statue of a seemingly random Ophanimon have the same face as Lilithmon? Could he even be sure that the original model for the statue had been an Ophanimon to begin with?

So wrapped up with his musings, Dondokomon failed to notice the group move on with out him.

So wrapped up with his musings, He failed to notice the agent on the other side of the statue, ready to push it down ontop of him.

However, One of the PawnChessmon did notice these things. And she leapt into action the moment she heard a sharp CRACK.

This PawnChessmon dove towards Dondokomon, pushing him out of the way of the falling statue, right as it’s destoryer flew into the sky, rushing off with a cry of “SHAKKOU!”

This plot point is however ignored from this point onwards with Shakkoumon’s attempted murder. Also, this PawnChessmon that saved Dondokomon? That’s Terezie, as is later pointed out.

“What happened?” Lucemon asked as they surveyed the would-be-murder scene.

“That giant teapot shoved the statue over!” The Heroic PawnChessmon replied.

“Teapot…?” Lucemon’s eyes narrowed in confusion. “What was Shakkoumon doing here?”

They had no time to deduce why that one certain Digimon would chose to topple a statue ontop of poor Dondokomon, as the Police force, minus one Gargoylemon, were already on the scene of the crime.

“Ahha! You trouble makers again!” A Piccolomon smirked.

“We didn’t do anything!” Starmon cried out. “Some rogue digimon attacked us!”

“Well, then…” Another Piccolomon dug through the rubble real quick like, and pulled out one of Dondokomon’s drum ends. “What is this dangerous weapon doing here?”

Dondokomon held up his arm, revealing the missing end. “I lost it when that statue fell ontop of me! You can’t count that as proof of innocence or guilt!”

“Sure we can!” a Unimon roared. “GET THEM!”

Suddenly, before anyone could Protest, A Pegasusmon and a Nefertimon summoned a binding beam of energy that wrapped around Dondokomon and the One PawnChessmon. “GOLDEN NOOSE!”

The Police show up. I’m not certain if Shakkoumon was working with them for this, or if he was acting alone.

These Coppers aren’t thinking: going with standard Ace Attorney Logic that their first culprit is always the guilty one- usually proven innocent during a trial! The Pegasusmon and Nefertimon are self-explanatory.


“We’re Innocent…” Dondokomon cried for the tenth time that hour. “We really are…”

“Don’t worry.” The PawnChessmon smiled slightly under her helmet. “We’ll get out of here, I’m preparing a full-proof case!”

“Huh?” Dondokomon blinked. “What?”

“I was studdying to be a lawyer before I got recruited into Knightmon-Sama’s personal staff!” The PawnChessmon smiled even more. “That’s always been a dream of mine,” she placed her right fist over her heart. “Punish the guilty, free the innocent!”

Dondokomon blinked, this time from confusion. How did he luck out with having a Lawyer on his side…?

“Well, that and playing the trumpet!” She smiled embarassingly. “I only ever managed to find time to practice that in my free time… Helped me relax after a battle, ya know?”

What? Oh, so Terezie is the Trumpet Player, and not Flute? Really Past me? Huh… Dang, I really need to get these guys all sorted out. Their timelines are a mess.

There was a click, and a clack, and then the door to the interrogation room swung open, revealing Gargoylemon. He sighed. “I thought I said to stay out of my sight for the rest of the day?”

Dondokomon blinked. “I thought you said that to someone else.”

Gargoylemon shrugged as he closed the door. “Nevermind, doesn’t matter now, does it?”

“Of course it matters!” The PawnChessmon slammed a rather large book onto the table in the center of the room.

…What that book was or where it came from, nobody knows.

“This is a case of life and death!”

Terezie literally just Threw the Book at him.

“You don’t know how right you are.” Gargoylemon remarked. “If I can’t sort this out by morning, you two’ll be on the chopping block first thing.” The two digimon gulped. “Allright then.” He turned on a small reccorder on the table. “For the reccord: First name, species type, and profession, please.”

“Terezie, PawnChessmon.” The Pawnchessmon, (whom we shall now refer to as Terezie from now on due to there being eight of them all together), replied. “Lawyer.”

“Sallus, Dondokomon!” Dondokomon (whom we shall still call Dondokomon because he’s the only one there). “Musical instrument!”

“Okay, report here says you toppled a statue of an Ophanimon in art gallery Theta.” Gargoylemon read off a clipboard. “Got anything to add to that?”

“We didn’t do it!” Terezie smashed her book onto the table again. “Some walking teapot with wings threw it at my client, and I pushed him out of the way!”

“Walking teapot?” Gargoylemon blinked under his shades (But only Ironicly, because he doesn’t even have eyes). “Could you clarrify? Any distinguishing marks?”

Terezie is LUCKILY the only Lawyer of the bunch and is ALSO the one who managed to get arrested along with Dondokomon! This is ALSO the part where we are introduced to Digimon having private-personal and public-personal names- the Digimon version of Japanese Honorfics!  (Fun fact: Shoutmon’s is Shouto, presently, but in a rewrite it would be Sylen. Rewrites!) Most Digimon prefer to go by their Private-Personal Names when in large groups of similar Digimon! This is because EVEN THEY GET CONFUSED by everyone having the same species name.

It’s why we know all of the Pawn-Chessmon names by the end, but we don’t know Knightmon’s or MailBirdramon’s or Revolomon’s or Ballistamon’s. It just never comes up! Coincidentally, we only know Gureimon’s Private-Personal name later on because Riska (the Dracomon) shouts it out! It’s a highlight towards the fact that when two digimon become friendly, even if they’re across different species, they probably share their names in case they ever do come up against a situation where they might need to use it as an identifier.

Other Digimon, Like the previously mentioned Riska, prefer to go by their private-personal names over their public-personal names! It’s a really bizarre system, but that’s because there really aren’t that many written rules about it.

“It had a blue code crown in it’s chest.” Terezie recalled. “And had a Yin Yang symbol on its skirt.”

“Shakkoumon?” Gargoylemon narrowed his eyes. “Why would he try to kill you?”

“Not a clue.” Terezie replied. “My client was just looking at a statue.”

“Hmm” Gargoylemon mused. “Thank you for the time.” he turned off the recorder on he table, and then pulled off his shades. “Okay, off the record, I believe you.”

“Hm?” Terezie raised an eyebrow.

“The past few years, Our current president, Slash Angemon, has been increasingly inconsistent with his laws.” Gargoylemon recounted. “Shakkoumon is the presidential supervisor, the only one able to transfer rule of the Zone from one person to the next.” he frowned. “I don’t have a clue why he would try to kill you other than to get you to me.”

“Why would he do that?” Dondokomon asked.

“Perhaps because despite working for SlashAngemon, I fully support Lucemon?” Gargoylemon shrugged, then put back on his shades. “I don’t have a clue what his plan is, but if it involves a couple of random strangers, then it must be big.”

He stood up and went towards the door. “Thanks for your time.”

Now, we find out that Shakkoumon MIGHT have been in on SlashAngemon’s plan, and that Gargoylemon is FIRMLY a supporter of Lucemon!

Ballistamon and Shoutmon then break them out!

The Alarms sounded the second the explosion had been felt. And now Xros Heart was running.

“It’s a good thing ChibiKamemon and the others came to get us after you got arrested.” Shoutmon was explaining as they ran from the search lights. “They brought Lucemon with them, and now we’ve got a plan ready to overthrow the President of this Zone.”

“That’s great!” Terezie smiled under her helmet. “So what’s the plan?”

“We Run!” Starmon cried out as he spotted the first waves of Unimon descending on their location.

“Normally I’m all for running away.” Dondokomon started. “But isn’t this the point where we begin fighting?”

“Right you are!” Shoutmon smirked as he threw another musical note at the Unimon following them. “ROCK DAMASHII!”

That musical note was then met by it’s twin, launched from their left as Akari, Lopmon, Dorulumon, and Cutemon joined up with them.


The two attacks exploded in the middle of the Unimon squad, pushing them back ever so slightly.

It didn’t matter, however, the Pegasusmon squadron were quickly catching up.


Star fields appeared inside their wings, and millions of Shooting stars came launching out towards Xros Heart.

“HEAVY SPEAKER!”Ballistamon twirled around and launched a sound wave that diflected most of the stars away from them.

I honestly have no clue what their plan is. Why not pull everyone into the Xros Loader?


Things fell appart as a giant shockwave smashed into the ground, creating a giant X shaped crater in which all of Xros Heart were stuck inside.

“So you thought you could escape from justice, hm?” A man in silver armor, with multiple razor blades for his wings, giant swords for his lower arms, and shovel shaped shoes descended from above.

Ladies and Gentlemen, The president of Heaven Zone:


This is very, VERY LIKELY, their updated plan to get arrested ON PURPOSE! Why though?




“And so we find ourselves here again.” SlashAngemon smirked as he surveyed over Xros Heart, trapped within cages surrounded by electrical nodes. “The stench of evil shall once more be purged from our Zone!”

The Audience around the arena watched in glum horror at their President’s speach.

“This one.” He pointed towards Dondokomon. “Broke a statue inside the art gardens, and continues to plead innocence even though he and his compatriot-” The blade arm moved to Terezie the PawnChessmon. “-Were caught escaping with the rest of these filthy dirtbags.”

“You’re the only dirtbag around here!” Lopmon growled.

Silently, Gargoylemon agreed with her as he floated next to SlashAngemon.

“Hah, you dare mock me with my own words?” the President glared at her. “You who are caged like an animal?” he laughed. “You amuse me, but that shall not save you from the death you brought upon yourself.”

Akari smirked. “You were going to kill Dondokomon and PawnChessmson even if we hadn’t broken them out.”

“So the Demons fall.” SlashAngemon retorted. “Stripped away of their data, piece by piece. Just as all who have been inside these cages have left this world.”

“These are electo-magnets then?” Dorulumon asked. “Interresting, I thought only Bagura was cruel enough to use these barbaric devices.”

“DO NOT!” SlashAngemon roared. “Compare me to THEM!” He spun around to face the audience. “Have I not kept you safe from those wretched demons who seek to destroy us?”

Infact, it becomes increasingly clear that Xros Heart has PLANNED this execution ceremony out so well that they know how far to push SlashAngemon- who we see is rather quite Unhinged!

Murmurs floated through the audience. None of them agreeing.

“Have I not kept any form of corruption in this Zone at bay?” SlashAngemon continued. “Have I not brought the Guilty to Justice?”

“This ain’t justice!” Terezie called out. “This is murder, plain and simple!”

“That’s right!” Lopmon added in. “We know all about your nonsensical laws!” she narrowed her eyes. “And we know how you’ve used your own power to remove your own Political enemies in previous elections!”

“You’re not going to get away with this, Kyu!” Cutemon finished.

SlashAngemon’s eyes, had they not been hidden by his mask, would have been glowing in anger at that. “I’m not getting away with anything.” He replied. “Nothing at all! Your minds are clouded with evil!” He turned dramatically towards the Piccolomon at the controlls for the ElectroMagnet. “Begin the execution!”

“Pi!” The Piccolomon nodded and threw the lever forward.

Slowly but surely, the spheres around the cage began spinning, building up an electromagnetic charge that would erase all of Xros Heart’s data in one swipe.

The energy began to build to the point where sparks were discharging into the air at random, and SlashAngemon smirked.


Right. On. Cue.

Suddenly, the machine started sparking heavily and stopped rotatting entirely as smoke began to pour out of the base.

“What?” SlashAngemon’s jaw dropped ever so slightly.

“What’s going on?” Gargoylemon glanced around frantically in confusion.

“I’m putting an end to this.” Came a new voice from the audience.

Everyone turned to look at the source, and many gasped when they saw a girl with green hair dressed entirely in yellow aiming an 9 mm. hand gun at the base of the Electromagnet.

SlashAngemon growled at her. “Who Dares interrupt this execution of the demonic!”

“You’re the only one who’s demonic, SlashAngemon!” Sally growled. “You’ve been ruling this Zone unjustly for as long as I can remember…” She narrowed her eyes and aimed her gun at his unprotected jaw. “And I’ve let it slide because I was too preoccupied with my own problems.”

“What?” SlashAngemon growled even more. “YOU? Have let it slide?”

“That’s why.” She suddenly threw her aim off to the control console. “I’m through running from my problems!”


The gun fired once, and the controlls shattered, sending the poor Piccolomon at the controlls flying into a wall from the force of internal components exploding.

“My name is Sally Sparrow!” Sally finished. “And I’m just getting started!”

It’s been implied, though I don’t know how accurately, that after she was freed from Mummymon’s black market experiments, that she’s intentionally AVOIDED this Zone! This line- this declaration- shows that she is Done Running.

Suddenly! Knightmon and the other PawnChessmons burst out of the Audience, weapons gleaming- Revolomon jumped into the arena, guns at the ready- The Starmons dropped down from the sky, diving into the cages where Xros Heart were kept inside, and untying their ropes- And finally, Kudo, Taiki, walked in through the doorway behind Sally, accompanied by Lucemon, Petsula, and the Pucchiemon band.

“SlashAngemon.” Taiki smirked. “It’s time for your impeachment hearing.”

Xros Heart has successfully turned an EXECUTION WITHOUT TRIAL into an IMPEACHMENT HEARING! In-front of the entire Zone’s population!

Xros Four and Xros Two jump into the fray, and begin fighting SlashAngemon to a stand-still!

Meanwhile, the Pucchiemon band went down to help Dondokomon out of the arena.

“We’re sorry we didn’t come to help sooner!” Jade appologized. “We were helping Petsula-san set up this trap!”

“Trap?” Dondokomon blinked. “You mean…?”

“All the time you were sitting in Jail, we were setting up a trap for SlashAngemon.” Kyon remarked. “An impossible trap to work his way out of.”

“I came up with the name!” Haruhi grinned.

Rose sighed. “Of course she did.”

We get flat out told here what I just told you was implied! Wow, past-by-five-minutes-me, you sure know how to highlight things. -_-;

Also: Title Drop.

“HOLY ESPADA!”SlashAngemon swung his arms out, launching another shock wave at our heroes.

Turuiemon X2 leaped out of the way, but still managed to get caught by it in her foot. “GAH!”

Shoutmon X4 was hit full on. “RAHHH!” He screamed as he was tossed into the wall.

“Now then.” SlashAngemon took to the skies. “It’s time to end this.” The blades on his back furled out and reshaped themselves as he curled into a ball. “HEAVEN’S RIPPER!”

With that mighty cry, SlashAngemon spun rapidly, descending towards Shoutmon X4.

The whirling mass of blades struck The Star Sword, barely managing to hold it back.

“I won’t…” Shoutmon growled. “Give up!”

Unfortunately, SlashAngemon could say the exact same thing. “HOLY ESPADA!”Suddenly breaking out of his dash and roll attack, he swung his blade arms and sent another shock wave at Shoutmon X4.

“As I said.” SlashAngemon grimly noted. “It’s time to end this foolishness.” He heard the audience cheer, and smirked. “I shall put you out of your misery and-”


Suddenly, a massive wave of fire errupted on his back. “WHAT?”

SlashAngemon whirled around to see Turuiemon standing triumphantly.

So, the audience had not been cheering for him.They’d been cheering for her.

“You dare…?”


He turned around again just in time to catch a “BURNING STAR CRUSHER!”right to the face.

SlashAngemon hit the ground, and growled.




Everyone in all of Heaven Zone felt his rage radiating into the air.

Now, though, there was nothing that could stop him.


His anger had reached the point that all self controll had melted away.

“You…You’ve brought this on yourselves!” He ranted. “You shall never again see the light of day!” He took to the air, soaring high above the Arena and the Zone itself, and crossed his arms. “YOU ALL WILL DIE!”

Nothing would be able to stop his next attack. Nothing at all.

SlashAngemon get’s mad. NOTHING CAN STOP HIM! NOTHING AT ALL! (#sarcasam)


AHHEM. I said…

“ESPA-“Suddenly! A Massive flash of green energy smashed into his back. “RAHHH!”

Turuiemon X2 looked up as a single black feather floated down from above. “Beelzebmon!”

Thaaat’s better.

“Yo.” The warrior saluted with his shotgun. “Glad you didn’t start the party with out me!”

Shoutmon X4 rolled his eyes. “Right, we’re just the warm up act.”

“Beelzebmon!” Taiki held up his Xros Loader. “Shoutmon Xros Four!”

Dondokomon blinked as, all of a sudden, the Pucchiemon pulled out their instruments, and Jade handed him a large bundle of paper. “Get ready to sing!”

“What?” Dondokomon blinked again.


The Xros Loader flared into action.

Also, The Pucchiemon have set one of their songs to LYRICS.

*cue: X4B The Guardian!*

All of a sudden, A swift Piano refrain cut into the air, emerging entirely from Jade’s keyboard. This was a modified version of the “Bond” theme they had played earlier, and it is awesome.

“Shoutmon Xros Four!”The Fusion leveled his sword at SlashAngemon.

“Beelzebmon!”Beelzebmon did the same with his cannon.

“DIGI-XROS!”they exclaimed at once.

Dorulumon’s legs detached themselves from Ballistamon, and reconfigured themselves. Beelzebmon’s “Death The Cannon” Detached from his right arm, and firmly locked into the same socket that Dorulumon’s legs had. Beelzebmon’s body quickly transformed into something more mechanical, and fused onto the bottom of the cannon, with Dorulumon’s legs reattaching themselves onto the end.

“SHOUTMON! XROS FOUR B!”The new fusion delcared itself as a chorus of bells rung out with the same melody as Shoutmon’s Guitar rift.

Dondokomon sings on the spot as X4B and SlashAngemon duke it out.

“Ashita e to tadashiki mono ni wa ai wo ashiki mono ni wa batsu wo chozetsu no…”


A Burst of firey red energy launched out of the cannon’s mouth, smashing SlashAngemon into the ground.

X4B pressed his advantage, racing forward, firing his guns again, and raising his sword up high. “STAR BLADE…” He brought it down in a mighty arc. “CELESTRIKE!”


Surely this attack would be the end of him! SlashAngemon’s armor was broken with the energy blasts, and his sharp blades broken in several places. So, as the Piano refrain picked up again, he closed his eyes and prepared for the end.

But the finishing blow never came.

Ever so carefully, he opened his eyes underneath his helmet.

A very milimeter away from SlashAngemon’s torso, the Glowing starblade (and the catchy music, he noted) had stopped.

SlashAngemon was confused. Why would they…?

Shoutmon X4B, however, knew exactly that they had him where they wanted him. “Well then.” He leveled the sword out to point at SlashAngemon’s chin. “You surrender?”

This is IMPORTANT. Taiki didn’t have to yell for them to stop. Lucemon didn’t have to yell for them to stop.

They stopped because it was a Part of the PLAN.

Lucemon was descending down from his place in the Audience. “SlashAngemon…”

The President (Well, Former now, he guessed) finally let his tense musscles relax, and he slumped into the dirt. “I surrender.”

X4B pulled his sword back and smirked. “Your rule has gone on for too long.”

“Shakkoumon knew something was up with you.” Gargoylemon started as he summoned a pair of handcuffs to arrest the former president. “But he couldn’t be sure. He set all of this up once Xros Heart arrived in this Zone, all to terminate your rampaging actions.”

“You…knew?” SlashAngemon’s eyes widened beneath his helmet.

“Not until this morning.” Gargoylemon smirked. “He’s been investigating the entire political structure, seeking to make sure that only the best were in place.” the smirk widened. “Turns out you weren’t.”

“Book ‘im, Danno!” Sally grinned as The chief of police escorted SlashAngemon past. The comment only gained a few odd looks from those near by, but otherwise went ignored.

Sally, being American, has to make the classic Hawaii 5-0 Shout out here. She’s pretty much the ONLY one who gets it. And she does. Not. Care.

Just like a shadow like form that had slipped out of SlashAngemon’s armor as he passed through the audience.

And just like how it was further ignored as that shadow slipped up the leg of one of the spectators, slithered up their back, and merged itself with the shadow created by their hair, causing their eyes to glow a sharp yellow as the Demon possessed it’s new host.


Ooooh. Slippery foreshadowing! Literally with an actual SHADOW!

By this point, The manga’s definitely revealed the Shademon plot, and I’ve taken a cue from Stargate SG1 with the glowing eyes and, later as you’ll see, the warpy voice!

This is the start of the reveal of DarkKnightmon’s sinister plots! What ever is he trying to accomplish?

You’ll just have to find out…



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