Xros Wars AU 02 — CH14

We open Chapter 14 with another ‘recap map’ attempt.

“W00t.” /flatvoice

*Cue Subtitle*

“Warrior of the Goddess, Beelzebmon!”

Ah, Evolving titles. Now they have the Quotes on them!


Suddenly, Nene’s Xros loader sputters a short burst of static, indicating an incomming communication from the main base.

“Yes, DarkKnightmon?” Nene asked into the device.

“I have urgent matters that require your attention.” The Knight ordered through the device. “More so than your current assignment.”

“Oh..” Nene blinked slightly.

“Please return to base immediately, present company excluded, of course.”there was a slight laugh as he cut the transmission.

“Well then.” Kiriha smirked slightly. “Father calls?”

“I suppose you could say that.” Nene smiled at him, then turned to Sparrowmon. “Shall we…?”

“No.” Sparrowmon started suddenly.

“Huh?” Nene blinked.

“I’ve got stuff to finish here.” Sparrowmon smiled at her partner. “But I’ll meet you back at base once I’m done, okay?”

Sparrowmon is, once again, showing her free-will of DarkKnightmon’s plans by breaking free and going off to do her own thing! Why? Because Xros Heart is in TROUBLE. She knows it somehow, and is drawn towards them for some inexplicable reason!

“Okay.” Nene nodded, and went to exit the Zone.

Kiriha glanced at Sparrowmon curriously for a few moments, then sighed. “Gureimon, MailBirdramon, come on. We’re going.”

“Awww…” Gureimon pouted.

As Kiriha collected his team, and raised the Xros Loader to leave.

“Kiriha.” Sparrowmon interrupted.

“Yes?” he glanced at her.

“I want you to promise me.” Sparrowmon hovvered closer to his face. “That if Nene trys anything… Funny? I think is the right word…” she smirked. “Well. I just want you to not play along with it. Okay?”


“Because today’s little mis-direction courtesy of DarkKnightmon…” She narrowed her eyes. “Let’s just say that I don’t want anything like that ever happening again.”


Gureimon laughed from the Xros Loader. “Hey Kiriha! I think you just tripped the ‘protective older sister’ flag!”

A whap.

“You must have played too many video games as a kid, I’ll bet.”MailBirdramon remarked.

Sparrowmon ignored this exchange with a huff, and flew off.

She makes Kiriha promise he won’t do anything risky with Nene, and in fact flat out tells him about DarkKnightmon’s plans to a degree.

MailBirdramon and Gureimon have a rather odd style of interacting by this point. Almost like siblings. I hesitate to call them Moirails too, however. That’d just be pushing it really too far.

But Gureimon perfectly calls it. Kiriha tripped the “Protective Older Sister” flag, commonly known to dating sim games.


“FOUR VICTORIZE!”Xros Four launched the V shaped energy beam at Lilithmon.

“Damn you!” she cursed as she dodged the attack, barely receiving a singed kimono as a result.

“Take her down, Xros Four!” Akari ordered. “Give her everything you’ve got!”

A swing of the Star Blade, and another not so lucky dodge.

Lilithmon’s hair had just become a few centemeters shorter. “You wouldn’t! You Did!”

“Use Star Crusher!” Akari ordered. “MAKE HER PAY!”

Meanwhile, Cutemon was about ready to give up. “I Can’t help him!”

“We have to do something!” Zenjirou started.

“Keep it up Cutemon!” Taiki encouraged. “You can do it!”

“But I can’t!” Cutemon countered. “My magic isn’t strong enough!”

“Wait!” Lopmon started. “The first time I Digi-Xrossed with Akari in Lake Zone, I could feel a slight bit of pain residing from a flymon attack she took!”

Cutemon’s eyes poped open slightly. “Flymon’s attacks are all poisonous! That’s it!”

“What happened?” Taiki asked the bunny. “She survived somehow…!”

“Shoutmon did something with the Xros Loader, that’s all I know!” Lopmon informed. “Akari was unconscious for most of the time.”

“Then…” Taiki turned towards the Wrister. “Shoutmon!”

Lopmon is the ONLY one who knows that something happened to Akari in Island Zone. Shoutmon and Akari kept it a secret, as demonstrated with this next exchange:

“Yeah?” Xros Four started into the mic. embedded into his helmet. “What is it?”

“How did you heal Akari back in Island Zone?”Taiki asked.

“Eh?” Xros Four blinked as he stepped back from one of Lilithmon’s enraged attacks. “How’d you know about that?”

“No Time!” Taiki ordered. “Just tell me how!”

“I used the Code Crown with the Xros Loader.” Xros Four explained. “I had to choose the healing program in the Xros Loader itself to get the poison out!”

“Thanks!” With that, Taiki held the orange Xros Loader up. “CODE CROWN: REVIVE!”

And the only reason Lopmon knows is because she felt some residual pain. Although Lopmon should have said “Magma Zone” over Lake Zone.

Elsewhere in the Zone, Pharaohmon’s eyes widened as the seal he’d placed on the structure of Sand Zone so long ago was broken.

Now, the entire Zone would return to the shape it was in before the Warriors of the Goddess had been so brutially murdered.

Suddenly, the entire Zone rumbled, and the Pyramids around Sparrowmon started to rise up into the air, floating off in one unanimous direction.

“So there you are, Taiki.” She smirked.

Suddenly, The ground beneath them erupted in a shower of sand, Sending all of Xros Heart tumbling inwards, and Lilithmon off to the side.

The side of what? you may ask.

Why, The side of the top of the massive pyramid that was forming over Sand Zone.

That’s what.

All the smaller pyramids were joining and fusing together under this one part, all the scattered tunnels and ruins buried under the sand were reforming into proper hallways and tunnels, and the sea of sand was dissolving away, revealing the now empty city that was hiding beneath it.

Lilithmon could only stare up at the pyramid that she now stood at the base of. “…Now that’s impressive.”

And so the entire Zone “re-formats.”

From the flat-top of said pyramid, Akari could only stare down at the massive height difference that had- quite literally- sprung up right out of nowhere.

Xros Four had split back into its component forms, and Ba’almon was now hovering, in suspended animation, over a table that rested beneath a statue of the Goddess herself.

“Well.” Shoutmon whistled. “Whamon sure didn’t put as much effort into Akari’s revival as this place.”

“Ba’almon mentioned that a previous owner had altered Sand Zone’s appearance.” Taiki mused as he aimed his Xros Loader at Ba’almon. “I think this undid those changes.”

“It looks like it did.” Dorulumon frowned. “So what’s this about Akari being hit by a Flymon?”

“Eh.. Back in Island Zone, a Flymon stabbed Akari, and Whamon gave me the Code Crown so I could get the posion out.” Shoutmon shrugged as he put his arms behind his head. “We figured it wasn’t too much of a big deal since we managed to accelerate the process with Whamon’s oil, so we never mentioned it.”

Lopmon lightly punched Shoutmon in the leg. “I only knew she’d gotten hit by a flymon ’cause of that Digi-Xros!” She pouted. “Don’t keep things back like that!”

“I’m still here, you know.” Akari frowned.

Suddenly, everyone from both Xros Loaders seemed to be forced out.

“Oooh!” Jijimon exclaimed. “I’ve never seen a revival process before!”

“What happened? Akari-onee-chan’s Xros Loader kick us out!” ChibiKamemon asked…


…Seconds before being glomped by the Princess.

“Those of us inside the Orange Xros Loader could not remain inside while it’s managing this revival.” Knightmon summarized. “As for the Red…?”

Akari glanced to the screen, noticing that it had a glowing symbol on the screen- “Protect.”

A quick glance around the Pyramid showed what that meant-

There was a green bubble surrounding them.

“I Guess that explains that then.” Revolomon shrugged.

Lila nodded. “Lilithmon’s still down there!”

“But why is it doing it on it’s own?” Shoutmon frowned.

“Perhaps the Two Xros Loaders in such a close proximity to each other are working to keep the process from being interrupted?” Jijimon offered.

“In any case.” Taiki narrowed his eyes in determination. “We now have the chance to revive Ba’almon, and the opportunity to take out one of the three generals.”

“We’ll have to recovver our strength then.” Shoutmon agreed. “My head still hurts from that Record scratch thing you guys did.”

“Feed Back loop.” Lopmon corrected.

Record Scratch– Honestly, I can’t recall if that was just meant to be a joke about loud sounds or if It was a homestuck reference.

The Xros Loaders gain a new “shield” function here, if only for the sake of the original episode’s plot.

We then cut to the full lyrics of the TV sized version of the theme song! The only time I do this in the entire story!

According to my notes, this is Night six of travel.


*cue X4B no Kizuna*

Akari sighed.

Six days since Taiki had arrived in the Digital World, and since then, they’d claimed five Zones from Bagura’s clutches.

Six days and it seemed like a life time already.

It could all end tonight.

Lilithmon had the pyramid surrounded by Scorpiomon, and it was only a matter of time before they broke through the shield being emitted by her Xros Loader, currently in Shoutmon’s hands.

“Akari-onee-chan?” ChibiKamemon asked as he walked up.

“Yeah?” She smiled at him.

“Are we going to be okay?” he asked.

“Sure.” She nodded. “We’re going to wait for Ba’almon to finish reviving, and then we’ll go smash Lilithmon to tiny pieces!”

“I heard that, brat!”Lilithmon shouted from outside the shield.

Akari stuck out her tongue in retaliation.

Lilithmon huffed and turned her back to the shield.

“See?” Akari grinned. “We’ll be just fine!”

The song playing is X4B’s theme melody. A bit of foreshadowing to X4B’s formation. But it’s HARD to do foreshadowing through music in a text story.

Meanwhile, Ba’almon was comming around. “Ng…wh…”

“Ba’almon!” Dorulumon called up. “Try not to move.”


“We’re removing the poison!” Taiki smiled. “You’ll be just fine!”

Ba’almon glanced up, seeing the statue of the Goddess above him. “Why…?” he asked. “Why are you helping me…?”

“You’re our friend!” Taiki started. “And I can’t turn my back on my friends!”


“Yeah!” Shoutmon nodded as he stood up. “We’ll protect our friends no matter what!”

“Taiki-Dono and Xros Heart overtook the forces in Lake Zone, and stopped the invasion of my home!” Knightmon declaired.

“Akari-Onee-chan and Shout-onii-chan save Island Zone!” ChibiKamemon chipped in.

“We’re Xros Heart!” Zenjirou threw in. “And we won’t let any harm come to anyone!”

Lila added. “We’ll use all of our power even if it’s for one person!”

As Ba’almon heard this, something clicked in his head. ‘All of their power…? Even for one person?’

Xros Heart tells Ba’almon that they’re not going to let him die. A sharp contrast from before where Akari was trying to kill him.

The thing is, besides that first skirmish, they don’t have any reason NOT to trust him! Hangyomon has more of a potential to Betray them than Ba’almon does at this point.

Lilithmon grinned as Tactimon’s face appeared on the monitor before her. “Tac-chan! There you are!”

“Lilithmon.” He nodded slightly. “I’ve sent your pet through as you asked…” a pause before he added. “At the expense of half of my assembly crew.”

“Oh Tac-chan.” She huffed. “Don’t be like that! Muggee-chan’s just hungry is all!”

“Mu…That Mugendramon is not worthy of the ‘chan’ suffix!” Tactimon growled and cut the transmission with a curt “I hope he eats you!”

Suddenly, the light of a Zone Transfer shone through the darkened night sky.

“What the-!” Shoutmon growled.

From the visible rupture in space above them, a massive, grey armored, mechanical beast began to float down from an unknown location.

This, my friends, is a Mugendramon. It is a nasty beast whose species is known as a member of the group known as the “Dark Masters.”

But that’s another show entirely.

Regardless, all of Xros Heart took in a sharp breath at the sight of the Digimon.

No, not for the fact that it was big, huge, scary, and had two massive cannons on it’s back.

No, they gasped for the fact that it had a bright, glaring, neon pink dog collar around it’s neck- The golden tag on it reading “Mugee-chan.”

This, my friends, is Lilithmon’s pet.

“Mugee-chaaaannn!” Lilithmon grinned like a fool as her pet landed on the ground with a thud.

The Scorpiomon around her cowered at the sight of the beast’s collar as well. What had Lilithmon done to this poor thing?

And here we are introduced to Lilithmon’s habit/fetish of putting pink collars on her ‘pets.’

Mugendramon was advancing on their shield, and preparing his jaws for a meal.

“Shoutmon, keep the shield running, and restart it if you can figure out how.” Akari spat out orders rapid fire.

“Got it!” Shoutmon nodded as he tightened his grip on the red Xros Loader.

“Chibi-Kamemon, I want you to protect the Princess.” she continued. “If any Scorpiomon get past us, be sure to keep her safe above all else!”

“What?” both in question shouted in shock, the former for wanting to spend as little time as possible with the girl, the latter for thinking she didn’t need a guardian.

“Taiki, keep reviving Ba’almon! Zenjirou, Lila, Keep any Scorpiomon away from them!”

“I shall do my best, General!” Zenjirou clenched his fists.

“I’ll give ’em allergies!” Lila added.

“Dondokomon, give us a Fray Motif!”

“Festival Time!” The drum let loose a quick, fast paced beat.

“Revolomon, Ballistamon, Hangyomon, you’ll be sniper-gunners! Shoot any Scorpiomon that get past us on the front lines!”

“N’gah!” Ballistamon nodded while Revolomon twirled one of his guns.

“It’ll be a pleasure!” Hangyomon hefted his spear launcher with a smirk on his face.

“Cutemon, Lopmon- You’ll be lace-tiers!” Akari ordered. “Run under the Scorpiomon and take as many of them out from below as possible!”

“Kyu!” Both chimed in with grins on thier faces.

“Dorulumon, Knightmon, The PawnChessmon, and Starmonz!” Akari finished. “You’ll be with me! Let’s make sure to kill as many of these damn bugs as we possibly can!”

“Roger!” Dorulumon nodded.

“Knighto!” The Lake Zone Knights held their weapons to the sky.

“YEAH!” Starmon and the Pickmons cheered.

“Now then, everyone!” Akari started as she turned to face Mugendramon’s towering form. “Let’s give ’em Hell!”

Akari’s pulling out all the stops with an all out plan here. Mugendramon will definitely break through the shield, that’s a given.

“but that’s another show.” <== Good Eats shout out there.

“Damn.” Shoutmon growled as the Shield icon on the red Xros Loader changed to “87%” from “92%.”

“Stop this.” Ba’almon struggled to sit up as the sounds of battle floated up from below. “I don’t deserve this.”

“No.” Taiki narrowed his eyes. “You helped us, you’ve earned it.”

“I’m not one of the warriors.” Ba’almon started.

“Huh?” Zenjirou turned his head slightly.

“I Never received the glow that you had.” Ba’almon continued. “So stop wasting time on me.”

“I Can’t turn my back on you!” Taiki growled. “I Can’t and I won’t turn my back on anyone who needs help!”

Any comment Ba’almon would have made was cut off as the shield around them cracked even more.

“Taiki!” Shoutmon growled as he spotted the percentage drop to 72%. “They’re going to break through any minute now…!”

Shoutmon might be giving them a bit too much credit. That shield isn’t going to last a full minute at that rate of dropping.

“Then we’ll go help!” Lila offered.

“Yeah!” Zenjirou nodded. “We’ll…!”

Another crack, down to 63%. But even that wasn’t going to matter in a moment.

Mugendramon had managed to pull the shield’s edge up to a manageable mouth level, and was about to chow down.

“Shoutmon.” Taiki ordered. “That shield won’t matter if Bagura gets inside. Go down there and Xros Akari and the others into Four Knight when it breaks.”

A Bite- 53%.

“Right.” Shoutmon nodded and started down the pyramid.

Another mouthful, 42%.

“Lila, Zenjirou.” Taiki continued. “Go help out as best as you can.”

Chomp- 32%.

“Got it!” They nodded, and set off.


And the shield was broken.

Told ya.

Mugendramon leered at Xros Heart as the Scorpiomon scrambled up the pyramid towards their prey.

“Damn it.” Akari gulped. “He’s bigger than I thought…!”


Suddenly, a fireball smashed into the side of Mugendramon’s head.

“Shoutmon!” Lopmon smiled.

“Oi!” The digimon smirked as he took a step into view. “Couldn’t have a party without me, now could you?”

Dorulumon shook his head. “Good grief.”

“Now then!” Shoutmon held up the Red Xros Loader. “How about we teach these Bagura goons who’s boss!”


“New powers as the plot demands,” HAH! I brought in the dial spin from the anime almost as soon as it showed up.


A clang of heavy metal and that funky guitar rift, and “Shoutmon: XROS FOUR KNIGHT!”had her Sword drawn, ready to fight the overly massive army. “Come and get us!”

Mugendramon roared, and the Scorpiomon charged at their new target.


A Burning wave of V shaped fire cut through the middle of the platoon, and the rest of the skeletal bugs suddenly had second thoughts.

“RETREAAAAAT!” One yelled, and off they went…

In the opposite direction.

Lilithmon clenched her fists. “OI! Where do you think you’re all going?”

“Away from the scary girl!” one Scorpiomon replied as they scattered.

Lilithmon growled. “You… You… DESERTERS!”


A Blazing “K” Shaped laser beam flashed out across the battlefield, slicing through more Scorpiomon as it wound it’s way towards Mugendramon.


…Said “K” shaped laser beam bounced harmlessly off of the mecha’s armor.

Shoutmon’s eyes widened slightly. “What armor? That armor.”

Xros Four Knight narrowed her eyes at the beast. ‘We’re going to have to be careful with this one. That armor is just too strong for ranged attacks!’

Xros Four Knight appears again! They’re really using this one for all its worth! We get a few new attack variations, and we see that Mugendramon is really, REALLY powerful!

“ROWDY ROCKER!”Shoutmon lunged towards Mugendramon’s head, swinging as hard and as fast as he could.


But poor-Shoutmon, he just bounced right off.


“SHOUTO!” Xros Four Knight gasped as she struggled to her feet.

“JUSTICE BULLET!”Revolomon launched a barrage of bullets up.

“STRIKE FISHING!”Hangyomon threw his spear.

Both bounced off.

Within the DigiXros, the components deliberated their next move.

“We’ve got to strike where there’s an opening!” Dorulumon rationed. “Right when he’s too focused on something else to block!”

“Aye, brother!” Starmon nodded. “But even physical attacks bounce right off that armor!”

“Then we aim for the organics!” Akari noted. “Anywhere there’s a visible spot to strike, his eyes, his mouth, anything!”

“His eyes and his mouth are the only things open.” Knightmon threw in. “But they will also be the most protected!”

“If we could fly, maybe we could get in a sneak attack.” Lopmon suggested. “But Lila wouldn’t be enough to boost our speed! We’d need something like MailBirdramon!”

“But Blue Flare isn’t here.” A pawnChessmon started. “And even then, would it be enough?”

“We don’t have time for rationalizing.” Akari growled. “We’ve got to keep on the offensive!”

With that, X4K started running towards Mugendramon. “Hey Ugly!” she jumped up, sword blazing. “Take a bite out ofTHIS!” A Massive swing, almost point blank range against Mugendramon’s face. “STAR CRUSHER!”

The ensuing explosion covered Mugendramon’s entire upper torso in smoke.

Internal Xros Discussions are introduced here. And they’re lamenting their lack of SPEED. They could really use some wings, eh?

But where is Sparrowmon?

Taiki looked over his shoulder for one second, grimacing at the explosion. When he turned back towards the Resurrection, Ba’almon had rushed forward, grabbed the Xros Loader and had paused the revival.

“Go help them.” Ba’almon started. “I’m fine.”

“No, you’re still hurt!” Taiki started.

“I’m not the one who’s about to be eaten alive!” Ba’almon countered.


A full turn to look down, and he understood.

The DigiXros had been broken, and all of those forming X4Knight were either gripped firmly within Mugendramon’s two claws, or lying unconscious on the ground. Meanwhile, others of Xros Heart were also ensnared by Mugendramon’s energy tail trap.

“Everyone…!” Taiki started.

Of course, Shoutmon happened to also be trapped in one of those two fists, and as such, couldn’t reXros the others.

“DAMN IT ALL!” The tiny digimon’s cries of anger rolled through the air.

“Leave me be.” Ba’almon ordered. “If not for my sake, but for theirs!” he finally got it now. “Because what’s the point of having power if you can’t protect others with it?”

Taiki nodded, and lowered the Xros Loader, canceling the resurection. “Gotcha.” And with that, he turned to rescue his friends. “Bastemon, ChibiKamemon!” he ordered as he ran down the stairs. “Make sure he doesn’t do anything stupid!”

“Gotcha!” They saluted, and Ba’almon paled slightly, whether from the remainder of the poison in his system or from shock.

Or perhaps, it wasn’t from either of those.

Perhaps, just maybe, it was from the glow that was subtly forming around both him and the statue of the Goddess.

Ba’almon makes a realization here. I’m not sure exactly what it was, exactly, but he realizes something. And it’s what lets the glow of the Goddess shine down upon him!

“Shoutmon.” Akari sighed as Mugendramon raised them ever closer to his mouth. “I’m sorry I dragged you into this…”

“Don’t be!” Shoutmon called back. “It’s my fault just as much as it is yours that we’re here!”

“No! Blame Lilithmon!” Lopmon smirked slightly. “That old witch doesn’t even have the courage to watch us get eaten alive!”


And with that, Mugendramon’s arms paused in their movement.

There was a flurish of purple energy on the top of the dragon’s head as Lilithmon teleported onto her pet.

And then she repeated. “What was that?”

“You heard me!” Lopmon cried out. “You’re nothing but a phony! As soon as you got reinforcements, you left them to do all your dirty work! What? Don’t you have a dress for ‘slaughtering innocent masses’ or something?”

“Lopmon!” Shotumon scolded. “Don’t anger her any more than she is already!”

“Yeah!” Akari nodded. “Let us have some fun calling her a witch too!”

“What was that Brats!” Lilithmon growled.

Suddenly, Before anyone could reply, all trapped or injured members of Xros Heart glowed green, and vanished.

“What the!” Lilithmon growled again as Mugendramon clenched his now empty fists together.


There was another flash of green, and, suddenly, everyone was back again, partially healed, and standing awake and alert on the steps of the pyramid.

“Taiki?” Shoutmon asked.

“Yup.” He smirked. “I couldn’t turn my backs on you guys, after all!”

Taiki pulls his team out of the jaws of defeat with the Xros Loader! Who saw that coming?

Not Lilithmon!

“Now then!” Taiki held up the orange Xros Loader. “Let’s teach Lilithmon a lesson she won’t forget! Everyone:DIGIXROS!

“Two can play at that game!” Lilithmon sneered, and flung a hand out towards the desert, where in the Scorpiomon army lay hiding. “FORCED FUSION!”

The blinding flashes of light occured once more, only twice in number and occurrence.

Xros Four Knight once more stood ready for action, and Mugendramon’s armor was now a blood shaded Red.

“Xros Heart!” Lilithmon started. “Meet HiMugendramon!”

“Hi, HiMugendramon.” X4K smirked under helmet. “Let me reintroduce you to my sword!”

“LET’S GO! XROS HEART!” Taiki ordered.

“ATTACK! HIMUGENDRAMON!” Lilithmon roared.

Xrosses get formed again- This time Mugendramon into HiMugendramon.

The clashes of battle were more fierce than before, and the stakes couldn’t have been higher.

Xros Four Knight had gained an extra burst of speed due to the re-Xros, and HiMugendramon was just as bulky as ever, if a bit more resiliant with his dial cannons now primed for action.

The beams of green death flew through the air, impacting the side of the pyramid as X4K dodged and wove between them, even slashing through them at points.


The V shaped energy weapon flew from X4K’s hand, and wove it’s way towards Mugendramon.

Of course, while the attack did little other than put a scratch on the armor, that was still something: The red armor was- for some reason or another- weaker than it’s silver counterpart.

“Damn!” Lilithmon frowned. “The Scorpiomon armor weakened Mugendramon’s defense stat!”

“We’re going to make sure you’ll pay for what you did to this Zone!” Akari cried out from within the Xros.

“We’ll put an end to you right here and now!” Dorulumon added.

“We can’t stand by and let this endless struggle go on any longer!” Lopmon agreed.

“Blah Blah, Blah, We we we, all the way home.” Lilithmon mocked. “You wouldn’t know the end of the road even if it bit you in the rear!”

“Then let’s get started!” A massive sword swing. “BURNING STAR CRUSHER!”

 Lilithmon made a mistake.

The Scorpiomon made Mugendramon weaker.

Ba’almon narrowed his three eyes as he sat down on the alter he had been partially healed on. “This Zone has seen enough war-shed.” he sighed. “I hope this is the last battle that ever breaks out here.”

“Akari-Onee-chan and Shout-onii-san’ll take care of ’em!” ChibiKamemon affirmed. “They can do anything!”

“Anything?” Ba’almon asked.

“Yeah!” Chibi-Kamemon nodded. “Did you ever see the Agumon DigiMemory?”


“And Akari-Onee-Chan still hasn’t used the Leviamon Digimemory!”


And so comes out the BIG FISH!

Speaking of.

“SHOUTO!” X4K threw something that WASN”Tan attack for once-

A DigiMemory.

The Leviamon Digimemory to be exact.

“OKAY!” The little red Digimon caught it with ease, and quickly brought up the red Xros Loader to match.“DIGIMEMORY!” Shoutmon cried out as he slammed the Memory into it’s proper slot. “LEVIAMON’S ROSTRUM ACTIVATE!”

Within a second, the massive Leviathan was floating above the pyramid, his red skin gleaming, the green fins along his back bristling, the twin tails slashing through the air- A sight to behold indeed.

Leviamon’s species, a curious fact, has been known for their destructive tendencies, and the notorious fact that one member had once joined an elite group known as the Seven Demon Lords.

This Leviamon, the one the Memory was patterned from, was neither that Leviamon, nor had ever heard of said group in his entire life.

This Leviamon was a hero.

“Ahha! A Battle!” the Digimon smirked. “Daughter of Hinomoto, You spoil me!”

X4K Growled slightly as she held back one of HiMugendramon’s claws with the sword. “Less Yappin’, More Blastin’!” A certain PawnChessmon cried out.

“Impatient, aren’t you?”The memory noted.

Meanwhile, Lilithmon was having a sort of a mental breakdown. “L..LEVIAMON! A Leviamon! How the Heck did they summon a Leviamon!”

“ROSTRUM!”Leviamon started spinning in place, floating of his own accord despite his mass holding him down. His tails lashed out, and what little water in the atmosphere was drawn together, and subsequently multiplied by nine thousand, for the massive attack.

Before all was said and done, Lilithmon and HiMugendramon were facing a massive, spinning, cylindar of water that was aimed right at them.

And then, Leviamon put yet another spin on things.

Another attack:


The Floating Tsunami suddenly lurched forward, now mingled with a shock wave blast or twenty emitted from the dragon’s mouth.

Lilithmon brought up her kimono’s sleeve to block, but when all was finally said and done with the DigiMemory’s first attack, She was drenched, and coughing up water.

HiMugendramon was faring a slightly worse fate- As a cyborg digimon, A general rule follows: Water and Electronics don’t mix.

The Internal mechanisms inside the massive, red plated legs were sparking and frying out, forever locking the beast in the same position from the hips down.

Leviamon is a BEAST of a Tank. He just made HiMugendramon’s body LOCK UP with two attacks!


With HiMugendramon’s already limited movement limited even more, X4K was taking every opportunity to deal damage to the beast.

Due to the slightly weaker armor, these attacks were actually DOING something for a change.

And Mugendramon was gritting his teeth in pain all the while.

Finally, he decided, enough was enough, and lashed out with his laser tail once the fusion was within range.

Like a lasso, X4K was caught, tied up, and dragged into the range of the cannons.

“Wah-HEY!” Akari growled. “That’s not fair!”

“We don’t play fair!” Lilithmon sneered at her. “Now then, HiMugendramon!”

The cannons began to power up, turbines inside spinning rapidly.

“JUSTICE BULLET!”Revolomon threw in an attack.

“FLOWER CANNON!”Even Lila was chipping in with her ranged attack.

While damage was dealt, HiMugendramon ignored it, and continued to power up his cannons.


Musical notes just exploded harmlessly against the armor anyways.

(Maybe if they were ten times bigger, they might do some damage?)

And the cannons continued to whir into life, energy gathering at the mouths of each.

OF course, Mugendramon can still launch ATTACKS.

Ba’almon stood suddenly, gasping, and not even caring as his head smashed into the statue’s head above him, dislodging the Raven shaped mask slightly. (Why wasn’t that even part of the statue in the first place?) “no…!”

“Oh no!” The princess clutched onto ChibiKamemon like a life line. “If they get hit by that…!”

“Akari-Onee-chan…!” ChibiKamemon paled.

Neither of them noticed Ba’almon’s sudden disappearance.

“Say goodbye, brats!” Lilithmon smirked. “High Energy Cannon.” She ordered. “FIRE!”


“AKARI!” Shoutmon cried out in horror as the cannons fired, Space seeming to warp around them as they did so.

And Explosion ensued, and, for a moment, it seemed like our brave heroes had been slain by the beast.

But, as the smoke cleared, it was painfully obvious that X4K had not been hit by the blast.


Instead, Ba’almon, arms outstretched, cape ripped to shreds, and stone mask over his grimacing face, had taken the full front of the blast.

Ba’almon makes a Heroic sacrifice.

“Ba’almon!” each member of the fusion gasped at once. “Ba’almon!”

“Heh…” The ‘mon smirked. “Atleast…this life hasn’t gone to waste…”

“Ba’almon…!” Taki’s eyes widened.

“IDIOT!” Shoutmon cried out.

“Ba’almon…” Akari asked. “Why…?”

“I finally figured it out.” Ba’almon replied. “The point of having power is to protect and save everyone, even at the cost of your own life…” he coughed. “’cause what’s the poing in having all of the power in the world if you can’t use it… for your friends?”

And with that, while his body didn’t immediately dissolve away into data, Ba’almon’s eyes closed beneath the mask, and his breathing slowed to a halt.

“Ba’almon! Ba’almon!” The cries from Xros Heart were unanimous, tyring to keep the Warrior of the Goddess alive by their cries and their pleadings, tears flowed openly from everyone, stunned by his sacrifice.

“Oh come on.” Lilithmon huffed. “The traitor pulls off a stupid stunt, and everyone forgets they’re in the middle of a battle.”

HiMugendramon agreed, and began to rev up his turbine cannons once more.


Suddenly, they choked in their tracks, and sputtered out massive amounts of smoke.

“What the…?”

Ba’almon’s apparently dead, but Mugendramon’s cannons…?


Lilithmon scoured the area, finally spotting the source of the attack- two small trails of smoke floating away from Ba’almon’s shotgun.


“Ba’almon!” X4K gasped as the Digimon in her arms began glowing, and starting to regain his strength as he forced himself out of her arms.

“I understand now, why I wasn’t a warrior before.” He started. “Why I couldn’t make the statue glow while I had as much power as Angemon-sama.”

Suddenly, the twin Fire shaded Xros Loaders began emitting a brilliant glow from their screens.

“What the…!” Shoutmon gasped as he held out the Red Xros Loader.

“This power…!” Taiki’s mouth was wide open as well. “What is it…?”

Suddenly, a flurry of feathers seemed to descend from the sky surrounding and protecting Ba’almon’s body as… something Miraculous happened.

And unlike in the Anime, he evolves with the proper cry of


Stand Up, My Friend! It’s unstoppable, this Burning Soul!

“BEELZEBMON!”There was an explosion as the feather scattered, revealing a blond haired warrior, with three eyes, wearing a black mask similar to the one the Goddess wore, his entire body was covered in silver armor and various other metallic bits- His entire right arm was replaced by a massive, black and silver cannon, and mounted from his back, two black feathered angel wings.

No Boundries can stop us, You’re not alone!

“S-SHINKA?” Lilithmon gasped. “You changed forms!” She was about to have a second metal break down if this were to continue.

In Hindsight, this is just delicious irony. Lilithmon was chasing after this power in her past- and it happens yet again, right in front of her!

“My Bond with my friends is my trump card!” Beelzebmon declared as he aimed his Arm Cannon at HiMugendramon.“DEATH THE CANNON!”

I’ll Burn up this life of mine and RO-A-R!

A the two black parts of the top and botom of the cannon pulled up and away from the central silver core, green energy arcing between the parts for a split second before a massive sphere of green energy launched out of the barrel.

Now let’s fuse as one into a GREAT XROS!

HiMugendramon’s mouth, as it so happened, was open from shock from the light show, and, as it was intended, that was the target of that green sphere-

Give me everyone’s exploding shouts!

HiMugendramon wasn’t going to go down that easily, however, and bit downon the energy sphere before it went down his throat, locking it between his jaws and firmly inside his mouth.

Lilithmon smirked. “One shot?”

Now let’s be born with fangs of tomorrow into a GREAT HEART!

“One shot’s all I need.” Beelzebmon smirked.

Take Flight and Fight! WE ARE XROS HEART!

“RAAHHH!” X4K suddenly rushed past, Star Blade glowing intensely. “KNIGHT BREAKER!”

Ba’almon, now Beelzebmon, teams up with Xros Heart properly and together they DEMOLISH HiMugendramon.

As the sun rose on Morning Seven in this campaign across the Digital World, All inhabitants of Sand Zone felt as it were the new dawn of a new world entirely.

Of course, it would be a long road until then, but even so, Xros Heart was here, and Bagura was on the ropes.

Akari smiled to herself as she, and the rest of those who had fought in the battle, sat in the shade of the massive pyramid.

“It’s too bad Ba’almon disappeared after the fight.” Shoutmon was complaining.

“I’m sure he’ll be back.” Taiki noted. “He just needs some time to himself.”

“If you say so.” Shoutmon put his hands behind his head. “What power though! Shinka! That’s only the second time I’ve seen an evolution!”

“That’s right.” Akari grinned. “Back when We were kids, right?”

“Yup! That’s one and the same!” Shoutmon nodded.

Lopmon blushed slightly. “I still have the scar from that Idiot Gotsumon.”

The implication here is that Evolution appears at KEY TIMES in a Digimon’s life. In this particular instance, Lopmon is implied to have evolved into her current form thanks to a Gotsumon.

This Noodle incident is never touched upon again.

Taiki frowned. What in the world was this Evolution? Why had he never heard of it before? Admittedly, whenever Akari and Lopmon DigiXrossed into Turuiemon, they had yelled “Xros Shinka!” And Didn’t Gureimon Xros with MailBirdramon with the cry “Xros Shinka” As well once? But those were completely different. They was temporary. Perhaps DigiXros was a way to reach a Different form? Was Normal “Evolution” Permanent?

Unfortunately. Revolomon had to ask something right as Taiki was about to voice his questions.

“Yo!” he grinned. “So, am I a part of Xros Heart now or what?”

Akari nodded. “Sure!”

“Awesome! Now I can get Ballistamon to open up more!”

Ballistamon, despite not moving a centimeter, sure looked like he was ready to explode with anger/rage/annoyance/whatever at his partner. “N’gah.” he simply said.

“Well then!” Shoutmon stood up. “Shall we head onto the next Zo-”


To any outside observers, All of Xros Heart and those remotely within the area of the pyramid, simply vanished into thin air.

To Those who vanished?

The swirly, multi-colored, space warping, Dimensional Storm that had occurred before on Earth, in Green Zone and in Lake Zone, was occurring once more, only, suddenly much, much worse.

And then we see what a storm looks like from the outside.



“Heaven Zone?”

“It’s you!”

“It’s me. Hehe.”

“I’m Lucemon.”

“You’re Under Arrest!”

“B-But I didn’t do anything!”

“This is what my bond with my friends brings!”

“Next time: Digimon Xros Wars: Dondokomon Vs. the Impossible Trap!

“I can’t turn my back on you!”

“One Two Three Four!”

We’re going into Heaven Zone next. And as for Sparrowmon? …Well, she got pulled into a storm just like Xros Heart just did, only a bit earlier, keeping her from helping.

In Karaoke Zone: Lopmon and Cutemon do the Underdog Rap, and we’re shown that the Digimon with Dorulumon two episodes ago is in fact Beelzebmon!

End of this week’s episode! Whewf!




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