Xros Wars AU 02 — CH13

We begin CH 13 with Lilithmon.


Lilithmon’s head snapped up to attention (once more) from the book she was nearly finished reading. “What do you want?”

Ba’almon said nothing for the fifth time that hour.

“Look, if you’re just going to hang around being all creepy, stalker like…” She narrowed her eyes at the assassin. “…Then go be creepy stalker like over where-ever I’m not!”

Ba’almon tilted his head, like a lost dog. “And should you require my assistance?”

Lilithmon growled inwardly. She just wanted to read the latest Fiction novel in her favorite series, and this guy was being waaay too creepy. There had to be a way to… Wait… “Go see what Blastmon’s doing.” She ordered. “And if you run into that Xros Heart team, kill the general with the Orange Xros Loader. Not the red one, got it?”

“Yes, milady.” He nodded, then vanished into a teleportaion spell.

And with that, Lilithmon reopened her copy of “Maryam Times, Volume 8” to the 413th page (of 612) and began reading once more. “Now let’s see How little miss glow stick deals with that idiotic clown…”

She’s reading the Xros Wars Universe’s equivalent of Homestuck- With Kanaya as the main character.

*cue title theme*

CHOSEN: The Goddess’s Warrior!

Non indicative title.


With a crack, the side entrance to one of the many pyramids on the surface of the endless desert that was called “Sand Zone” flew open.

“Ahh!” Revolomon grinned. “Here we are! Top Floor!”

“More like ground floor.” Zenjirou rolled his eyes as he hopped to the sand below.

“Yeah well…” Revolomon was suddenly forced to the ground as the entire earth shook. “What in tar nation?”


Diamond crystals launched out in every direction as the two way battle between Kiriha and Nene versus Blastmon continued.



Blastmon once more shrugged off the attacks, then gasped as he noticed that his brilliantly shining armor was starting to dull. “I’d better finish this off before I loose my luster entirely!”

“Not a chance!” Sparrowmon roared. “WING EDGE!”

“I wonder what’s going on over there!” Starmon whistled. “Looks like a massive fight.”

“We’d best keep out of it.” Taiki noted. “It sounds like Kiriha’s taking on Blastmon.”

“And what if he needs help?” Akari frowned.

“Have you seen MetalGureimon yet?” Shoutmon asked.

“Nope.” She replied.

I’m pretty sure she’s just joking with him here.

“Meh.” Akari shrugged, then pulled out the four new Digimemories: Guilmon, Gatomon, Vmon, and Patamon. “Taiki.” She started. “I think you should have these ones.”

“Eh?” Taiki blinked. “But didn’t Pharaohmon…?”

“He only gave them to me ’cause I already had the ones from my dad.” She frowned slightly. “‘Sides, call it a hunch, but I think you’ll need them more than I do.”

“Fine, fine.” With that, Taiki took the four Digimemories.

Off screen, Pharaohmon gave Akari these four Digi-memories. She doesn’t want them, so gives them to Taiki.

And then.

Ba’almon fired his twin barreled shotgun.

FLASH_ _ _|


Good timing.

Clever writing.

A much Younger Ba’almon growled as the recoil of the shotgun sent him sprawling to the ground. “That’s No Good!”

“Again.” His Teacher ordered. “Only this time don’t land face first into the sand.”

Ba’almon sat up and sighed. “Yes, Sensei.”

Sand Zone was home to the Warriors of the Goddess. A fierce order of warriors who were sworn to protect the Digital World.

Of course, they could only do such a thing when they were fully prepared for such an event. And for now, the Warriors were waiting. And training. And preparing.

As he got to his feet, Ba’almon heard a slight giggle off to his left. A glance out of said eye revealed the culprit.

A young, female digimon, of his same age, with long flowing, golden hair. Her species name was Angewomon. But, among the warriors, she was known as Angie, Angemon-Sama’s daughter. She was a bit of a flirt, but that didn’t matter to him.

Like all natives of Sand Zone, the Warriors of the Goddess each wore loose, white robes due to the three sun’s intensive heat waves. Of course, that was pretty much all they wore when not in dirrect conflict. Armor was too heavy, too heat conductive.

These are fun-sized versions of the Ba’almon and Angewomon we’re familiar with- and decked out in different clothing.

And, although Ba’almon was currently training for the duties of a long range gunner, Angie over there was simply watching. Watching him to be precise.

Ba’almon smirked to himself as he re-aimed his shotgun at the target. ‘As soon as the Goddess accepts me as a true warrior, I’m going to marry her…’ he thought to himself. ‘I’ll keep her as safe as no-one else can!’

That was his motto.

That was his strength.

That was his resolve.

He fired.

FLASH_ _ _|



The after shocks of Blastmon’s battle had suddenly thrown his aim off, and now Xros Heart knew he was there.

“Assassin!” Dorulumon shouted. “Scatter!”

And run they did.

Ba’almon growled as he began to chase after them, firing off attacks as best as he could, hoping, praying, that his target would be hit.

Kudo Taiki.

That one boy that reminded him of himself when he had been that age. Before…

NO! No distractions!

Clever transition, odd reaction.

Ba’almon unsheathed his sword, and dove in for an attack.


That Girl.

The one with the Red Xros Loader.

Of course. Of course she would intervene. Blocking his sword with her own Microphone. “Oi! Just what do you think you’re doing!” She growled.

“I have no business with you!” He growled back, and smashed the side of his shotgun into her front, sending her flying backwards.

“AKARI!” Shoutmon roared as he dove in for revenge.

That digimon reminded himself of that time…

Of the love he could never have.

“I Said…!” He swatted Shoutmon away. “I Have no business with you!” He raised his sword and prepared to bring it down on Taiki.

Blastmon’s stray attacks intervene, and reveals a statue in a nearby wall:

A glowing statue, in fact!

FLASH_ _ _|

Ba’almon clenched his fist. “Why won’t it glow?”

Time and time again, he took the trials, becoming stronger, faster, better. And time and time again, he raised his hand to the statue of the Goddess, and yet still…

Time and time again, She would not accept him as her warrior.

Even during prayer, she would not glow for him.

Never and never.

Always never glowing.

“Why…?” He pounded his fist against the floor. “I”m as strong as Angemon-sama! And yet…!”

“You lack focus.” A voice said from behind suddenly.

Ba’almon turned his head, expecting Angemon-Sama, or perhaps a subordinate? But no, instead was a human.

And that should have been impossible.

He wasn’t wearing the clothes of a native, nor was he wearing anything that fated Expedition had on hand.

It was too bright, too angular, too… Flashy.

“You lack the focus you need to become a guardian of the Digital World.” The human repeated as he turned his head towards Ba’almon. “To be a true guardian, you need to have resolve.” His green eyes glistened in the setting sunlight.

“I have my resolve!” Ba’almon started. “I Know what I want to be! I have the power to protect!”

“You say you have power, huh?” The man sighed. “Power isn’t everything, you know.”

“But I…!”

“But nothing!” he snapped. “If you don’t have the proper resolve then you won’t be able to save the ones you most care about! You’ll lose everything!”

“Wh…Is that a threat?” Ba’almon asked, all three eyes narrowing.

“It’s a warning.” The man said as he turned to leave. “And if you don’t pay attention to it, things are going to get a whole lot worse.” With that, he held up a black device, with a zig-zaging orange line on it’s front. “Transfer Zero.”he quoted in an alien tongue, before vanishing in a blinding flash of green.

FLASH_ _ _|

I took a MAJOR risk writing this scene.

This is MARCUS DAMON Ba’almon is talking to here. MARCUS!

This was well before we had ANY idea Xros Wars was going to do the Xros-Over-y Thing. I was taking a REALLY, REALLY, Huge risk!

Ba’almon pulled back his sword, millimeters from impaling poor Taiki’s heart. “Get up.” he said after a moment.


“I said get up.” Ba’almon narrowed his eyes. “Consider this a favor from an old friend.” He turned, and began to walk ten paces. “Fuse your Digimon, and we’ll have a proper duel.”

Taiki cast a glance back to the others, Lila and Zenjirou were helping Akari to her feet, while Shoutmon and Lopmon were glaring daggers at Ba’almon, Dorulumon was snarling, Ballistamon was actually being restrained by Revolomon, and the Starmons were mere centimeters away from exploding with anger. “Fine then.” He pulled out his Xros Loader.

Ba’almon spares Taiki’s life with this memory, and as he duels with X4, he remembers more:

FLASH_ _ _|


Ba’almon hit the floor once more.

“You’re distracted.” Angemon-Sama, the leader of the Warriors noted dryly as the two strongest warriors in the Zone trained for battle. “Is something the matter?”

Ba’almon didn’t reply for a moment, then sighed. “A dream I had.”

“Oh?” Angemon asked. “Dreams are rather profound, and reveal a lot about ourselves in the process.”

“Yeah.” Ba’almon nodded as he got to his feet.

“So what was this dream about?” Angemon twirled his staff around in waiting.

“More like a nightmare.” Ba’almon twirled his own sword about, loosening the muscles in his wrist.

“Hm?” They began circling each other around the training mat.

“A stranger was inside the prayer chamber.” Ba’almon started. “He claimed I didn’t have the focus necessary to become a warrior.”

“What did this stranger look like?”

“Human, brown hair, green eyes, dressed in orange.” he snickered slightly. “A Lot of orange…” with that, he lunged.

The description fits Marcus to a T. Ba’almon thinks it was a dream, and it very well may be so. But it Happened.

FLASH_ _ _|


Blood Sword and Star Blade met.

“Go Xros Four!” Taiki encouraged as he held up the Orange Xros Loader.

Orange orange orange.

Why must that color torment him so?

Ba’almon leaped back, and fired his shotgun.

Xros Four raised his sword to block. “Hmmf! Is that the best you’ve got?” And then… “BURNING STAR CRUSHER!”

Ba’almon’s eyes widened slightly with shock, but he jumped and dodged with plenty of time to spare regardless. “Too slow!”

And during this dramatic battle—

We cut to DarkKnightmon, and are introduced to Duskmon!


Deep within the tower that was the Twilight Base, DarkKnightmon smirked to himself as he strolled through the frozen chamber of his ultimate plan. “Soon, Nene will choose a mate, and then We will be ready to begin our ultimate plan.” He commented to himself as he walked towards the pedestal with notches for three Xros Loaders, and one slot for a sphere, currently filled by said sphere of dark energy.. “Duskmon?” He called out.

A warrior in dark armor that was covered in massive eyes appeared from the shadows. “Yes, My Liege?”

“What is the current status of our next target?”

“All stages have been set, My Liege.” Duskmon replied. “All that is required now is the Presidential Elections.”

“Perfect.” DarkKnightmon nodded. Soon, soon he would have the required keys for the unlocking of this power…!”

You might think this is topical. But it’s infact hinting towards the next Zone: Heaven Zone.


Finally! She was finished! Lilithmon sighed in relief as she closed her book. “Ah, what a wonderful cliffhanger!”

“Lilithmon.” Tactimon called out suddenly. “Have you seen Blastmon?”

“Oi, Did I just ask you that a few hours ago?” She replied in return.

“Yes, but He should have returned from Sand Zone by now.” Tactimon replied as he walked over to the Zone monitors. “His lead general in Shinobi Zone has filed concern that Blastmon had not checked up upon him for further instructions.”

“Odd.” Lilithmon mused. “He’s usually so prompt about that!”

Tactimon clenched his fists.

“So what do you want me to do?” Lilithmon frowned. “Go check up on the big baby?”

“Sand Zone was practically annihilated by your pet the last time you were there.” Tactimon cast a wary glance over at here. “if some thing has held him up, you should at least check to see if it survived your test run.”

“Allright allright, you don’t need to twist my arm!” With that she got up. “Be glad you asked me after I finished my book, I’m in a good honking mood!” she started laughing at her own apparent joke.

More planting of Plots: Shinobi Zone is mentioned. Also, she’s honking for some absurd reason.

It occurs to me now that if LILITHMON is reading this “Maryam Monthly” thing, then perhaps Problem and RedPickmon are as well? If so, it’d explain a lot.


There was an explosion, and then Xros Four was smashed into a nearby cliff face, however, Ba’almon wasn’t the culprit. No, Ba’almon had been knocked up against the side of a pyramid.

So, then, who exactly was the surprise attack culprit?

Just another one of Blastmon’s miss aimed attacks.

“What’s going on over there?” Akari growled as the entire Zone seemed to shake under the pressure of the constant attacks.

“DIAMONDDDD MACHINE GUUUUUNNNN!” Blastmon roared as his crystalline shell launched out once more, sending explosions everywhere.

Sparrowmon winced as sand showered her. ‘He’ll destroy the zone at this rate!’

“Kirihaaaa!” Gureimon whined as a boulder bounced off his nose. “This isn’t fun anymore!”

The blue general face palmed.

Another wave of flying crystals rolled past overhead.

“TAKE COVER!” Revolomon ordered not a moment before the shock waves caught up.

And it was then that the tunnels beneath them finally had enough.

The entire battle field collapsed into itself, sending everyone and everything within a mile’s radius tumbling into the ruins below.


Taiki groaned as he sat up. “What happened…?”

He was somewhere that looked like it was formerly the entrance to a prayer hall.

Looking up, he could see that the entire roof had collapsed down right where the battle had been taking place. “Akari!” he called out. “Zenjirou! Shoutmon!”

Somehow, though, where he was wasn’t where the others were. Which shouldn’t have been possible, considering the size of the relativly intact, and empty chamber. He brought up the Wrister, and turned it on. “Is anyone there? Shoutmon? Akari?” there was no reply but static. “Odd…”

Elsewhere, Shoutmon, Ballistamon, Dorulumon, and the Starmon brigade were now wandering some more tunnels. “This place gives me the creeps.” Shoutmon grumbled.

“N’gah.” Ballistamon nodded.

“There’s a different feel to this place.” Dorulumon frowned. “It’s different from what we were in before. Like we’re tress-passing on a memorial…”

“Odd way to phrase it, don’t ya think?” Shoutmon grimaced.

“Aye, brother!” Starmon nodded. “It’s way creepy!”

“That’s just the feeling I get, is all…” Dorulumon grumbled.

They’re broken up into three groups. Taiki + Ba’almon, Shoutmon’s group, and Akari’s group.

Revolomon groaned as he pushed a boulder out of their path. “Damn! These tunnels are too unstable!”

Akari sighed as she tried getting a signal on her Wrister. “I hope Shoutmon’s okay…”

“Eh, he’ll be fine!” Lila waved the worry away. “He was Digixrosed after all!”

“Still, the Wrister’s not working is odd.” Lopmon frowned as she pulled apart the left speaker of her headphones. “The only way they shouldn’t be working like that is if there’s a Xros Loader blocking the signal…”

“But there aren’t any more Xros Loaders, right?” Zenjirou asked. “Only Taiki’s, Akari’s, and Kiriha’s.”

“We thought there weren’t any more after we met Kiriha.” Akari started. “Then you and Taiki fell from the sky.”

“So it’s possible…” Lila started. “That there’s another general around here?”

“Probably.” Lopmon sighed as she snapped her headphones back together. “But we can’t be sure until we find out what’s blocking the signal.”

“Bagura?” Cutemon offered.

“If they figured out what our Wrister signal is, sure.” Lopmon shrugged.

It’s changed to Wrister here. Why was it Lister before? Bluh.

Elsewhere, Ba’almon sighed as he found himself once more within the prayer hall, in front of that damn statue, that haunted his memories. “Damn. Why did I have to end up here again?”


Back again.

It’d been almost a year since then, and he was back here again.

It was almost impossible to not leave, considering that he couldn’t move between zones just yet. No, that spell still needed work.

Ba’almon sighed as he poked at his dwindling fire with a stick. “I’ve got to have the worst luck of all time…”

“Nah, I’d say it’s mediocre at best!”


Ba’almon growled as he shot at the KoDokugumon that had dared open it’s mouth. “Anybody else got a problem with me?”

The tiny spiders backed away from his campsite as slowly as they could.

“I thought so…” he ‘hmmf’ed.

A KoDokugumon slipped, however, and a small rock slide started to…


Suddenly, his thoughts were interrupted by the sound of falling rock.


Ba’almon stood up, and aimed his shotgun at the entrance, immediately spotting the boy he’d been hired to kill.

“You!” They both exclaimed at once.

Silence ensued.

And, after a moment of tense staring, Ba’almon lowered his gun ever so slightly. “It’s no use.” he muttered to himself.

Ba’almon’s in a bit of a crisis here. But he won’t admit it aloud.

“Eh…?” Taiki blinked. “What do you mean…?”

“None of your business.” Ba’almon growled as he turned his back to face the statue. ‘This place has seen enough bloodshed.’

Silence once more filled the chamber.

Taiki stood there for a moment, wondering if it was safe to leave or not, before he decided to examine the room.

It was a massive chamber, a fusion of Roman and Greek in design, that looked like it had seen better days. There was a single, marble statue in the far end of the room, one of it’s arms heavily damaged to the point of nearly falling off.

Taiki frowned as he looked at one of the support pillars that had been knocked down. The break in the stone was too clean for a natural break, but was too rough to have been from anything recent. “I wonder what caused this…?”

Ba’almon had no reply.

We cut to the surface:

With a final, thunderous “CRASH BOOM!”, Blastmon suddenly found himself crashing through layer upon layer of maze like tunnels until he finally was send spinning into the Digital Air Space. “Woah… all the blood rushed to my head…”

From above in Sand Zone, Sparrowmon just shook her head. “Idiot.”

“Well. That was fun.” Kiriha smirked as he dusted his jacket off. “But did you really have to send him into the air space?”

(Gureimon grinned silly as he stared down through the hole Blastmon had made upon his exit. “I can see into forever!” MailBirdramon lightly whaped the dino over the head with his tail. “OW!”)

Sparrowmon shrugged, while Nene replied. “I think he deserved it.”

“Eh, good enough.” Kiriha frowned. “So then, shall we continue hunting for the Code Crown?”

One of the Monitamon coughed, catching Nene’s attention. “Oh! Right! I forgot to mention it because it happened in the middle of the battle, but Xros Heart has claimed the Code Crown.”

“Akari was here?” Kiriha raised an eyebrow. “I wonder why I didn’t hear their Wrister chatter…” he held up his Xros Loader.

“Their what?” Nene blinked. She’d never heard of a Wrister before…

“Wrister.” Kiriha clarified. “It’s a wrist mounted radio for communication durring battles.” he tapped the screen of his Xros Loader. “Lopmon used a modified card to allow my Xros Loader to listen into the signal instead of blocking it.”

“Block?” Sparrowmon asked.

“Yeah, Unknown Xros Loaders emit a sort of…” He paused to find the right word. “Oh what was it…?”

“Static.” MailBirdramon stated.

“Right, they emit some kind of static that interferes with normal radio signals.” Kiriha frowned. “And you have a Xros Loader…”

“I had the same Problem.” Nene frowned as well. “But with the Monitamon’s TV signals…”

“Damn!” Kiriha kicked a small rock into the hole through the zone. “Lopmon’s the only one with the Wrister signal chip, and they could be a whole Zone away by now…!”

It’s Nene’s Xros Loader! That’s why the Wristers weren’t working before! She was unintentionally blocking Xros Heart’s communications!

Meanwhile, Lopmon sneezed.

“Bless you.” Akari smiled.

“Thanks…” Lopmon smiled.

“Kinda odd.” Revolomon sniffed. “I didn’t think there was anything allergy inducing down here…”

Classic Sneeze joke.

Elsewhere, Lilithmon whistled as she surveyed the endless expanse of desert and pyramids before her. “I wonder where Blastmon went to…”

EBEmon, next to her, merely chattered something incomprehensible.

She cast a glance over at her little ‘experiment:’ EBEmon was a squid like digimon, cybernetic in build, he…or it… was capable of turning enemies against each other, whole squads of Digimon suddenly turning upon their comrades!

Sadly, this was accomplished by firing a small, almost microscopic radio receiver upon the intended target, which then received the control signal emitted by EBEmon’s voice synthesizers, which could ONLY produce radio signals of that sort. In Laymon’s terms? EBEmon couldn’t talk at all.

Lilithmon sighed. Such a waste. She had no clue if he was bad-mouthing her, or praising her for his creation.

Maybe Mugee-Chan would be better company?

Lilithmon…. I’m not sure what to make of her here. She’s responsible for the death of much of an entire Zone- permanent death. The Code Crown can’t resurrect life from how she’s rigged things.

And here she is wondering if ONE Killing Machine was better over another??

Down in the tunnels, specifically the main chamber…

Taiki took a step towards the broken statue. It was of a female digimon, wearing a white robe and a strange mask with three eye holes on it. She carried a sword, and seemed to be clutching it in prayer. “Beautiful…” he reached out to touch it.

That got Ba’almon’s attention. “Don’t..!” He raised his shotgun, prepared to shoot the boy who even dared step within a foot of that ancient statue, when he stopped short.

There was a light, filling the chamber- No!- FLOODING the entire room! A light that emerged directly from the statue, and directly from Taiki’s outstretched hand.

“I…Impossible…!” Ba’almon gasped. “S..She’s chosen…Another…!”


As the light died down, Ba’almon frowned. Yet another fresh recruit was chosen, and yet still, it wasn’t HIM.

“Aw, what’s the matter, Shotgun?” Angie whispered in his ear as she leaned over. “Cat got your tongue?”

He didn’t fail to see the obvious pun she had made. It was a Gatomon who had just been inducted into their ranks, after all.

“You know it.” he grumbled, and turned to leave.

“Don’t be such a grouch.” she grinned as she followed. “It doesn’t suit you!” A pause. “Then again, neither does that robe!”

He glanced back at her as they exited the main chambers, and into the setting sunlight. Was she being serious?

The look in her eyes, the smirk on her face, the… He gulped… Loose shoulder on her robe, and the…

Yes, he decided, she was being serious.

Angie here is indeed hinting that she wants to… you know… with Ba’almon. This is a major part of his development as a character.

They were lovers! Childhood friends turned lovers!


And as the light died down, Ba’almon found himself groaning. Kudo Taiki, the very boy he had been hired to kill, had just been chosen by the Goddess that had repeatedly refused to choose him as a warrior.

Well, if that was Destiny’s cruel fate, then so be it.

He never liked working for the Bagura Army anyways. Especially that witch, Lilithmon.

Lilithmon sneezed as they located the site of what appeared to be a battle zone; A nearby Scorpiomon simply replied “Bless you.” To which she remarked. “Don’t you mean ‘damn you’?”

The Scorpiomon blinked for a few moments before he realized the joke she’d just made. “Oh… Yeah.”

EBEmon just sighed in his strange computer language.

“Kudo, Taiki.” Ba’almon said suddenly, causing the boy to turn around, mouth open in surprise. “The Godess has chosen you to become one of her warriors.” And with that, he bowed. “And the only higher power that I answer to is the Godess that this statue represents.” Taiki blinked. “My services are now yours to command.”

The poor general was confused.

Very, very confused.

And it is in her memory that he turns away from the path of killing that he had been stuck on.

Lila shrieked as a KoDokugumon landed on her head. “GET IT OOOOFFFF!”

“Heeey, I don’t bite! Except maybe a Little, miss T-” The KoDokugumon didn’t even finish it’s sentence before it was smashed into the wall by a Karate chop delivered by Zenjirou.

“Thanks.” Lila smiled.

Akari blinked. “Why do I feel like something strange just happened?”

Revolomon shrugged. “If you ask me, they’ve been really lovvy-dovvy ever since that door mishap.”

“WE HAVE NOT!” The lovvy-dovvy couple in question cried out in horror.

“Yup! Case in point!” Revolomon winked at them.

“I still don’t get why we didn’t get You and Shoutmon to kiss.” Lopmon questioned as she hoped onto Akari’s shoulder. “Seems like that would’ve worked better.”

“Well…” Akari shrugged. “Lila seemed so up for it that I just didn’t have the heart to suggest it…!” she grinned. “And I mean, really! Keeping it up for a full minute even after the door was opened…!”


Lila’s cries of shock and anger and… embarrassment? …echoed throughout the tunnels with very little difficulty.

Oh wait, I did decide who did the kissing.

Damn, I thought my memory wasn’t that faulty

“Years ago, Sand Zone was home to the Warriors of the Goddess.” Ba’almon explained as they worked their way through the collapsed tunnels. “I was a part of that sacred order, up until it’s brutal end.”

“These ruins?” Taiki started. “Are they the base of the Warriors?”

“Yes.” Ba’almon grimaced. “They sank into the sand upon the reformatting of the Zone via the Code Crown.”

“Eh?” Taiki blinked. “You mean someone else had the code crown?”

“The ruler of this Zone firmly held onto the Code Crown, and wouldn’t let it out of his sight.” Ba’almon elaborated. “When the Warriors fell, he summoned a sand storm that burried the entire complex, lost to the ages.”

“What happened to them?” Taiki asked. “The warriors, I mean.”

“They died.” Ba’almon paused briefly as they passed an abandoned training chamber, with a rusted sword plunged into the center of it.



“ANGEMON-SAMA!” Ba’almon cried out. “Snap out of it!”

The Angel wasn’t listening, and instead madly swung his staff. That demonic symbol flaring on his forehead.

All around him, life was falling appart.

It seemed that almost everyone had turned against each other, and, amongst the cries of battle, an eerie sound could be heard.


The scream drew Ba’almon’s attention for only a moment-

Another warrior had fallen, the Gatomon recruit from that evening…

Right next to his dear Angie…


“Something possessed several of the warriors.” Ba’almon continued. “Over half of the entire complex suddenly made them turn on their brothers, sisters…” he added quietly. “Lovers…”

“Why?” Taiki asked.

“I don’t know.” Ba’almon sighed. “My only clue is a mark that appeared on their foreheads, and a sound that haunts my memories.”

“Digimon…” Taiki grimaced as they walked past a patch of red stained ground. “Normally disappear when they die… So Why…?” he gulped. “Why are there…?”

“Whatever that sound was, it kept our data from dispersing.” Ba’almon remarked. “All around me, I saw warriors falling, but their data didn’t vanish. It remained.” he shuddered. “By the end of it all, I was one of the few warriors who had survived the skirmish, and even then…” He choked back the tears. “And even then, I was knee deep in blood.”

“Ba’almon…” Taiki started.

You see, the really tragic thing about Ba’almon is that he and his girl, Angie, ended up hooking up on the eve of their Zone’s death. That very night.

She basically offered herself to him, and she…and everyone else he knew…died soon after.

“I spent a full year here, trying to become strong enough to leave.” Ba’almon continued after a moment. “And then I joined Bagura, to hunt down the demon who killed my friends!” He punched a wall… A wall that blocked their path.

A collapsed tunnel.

A Dead end.

Dorulumon’s ears twitched. “Did you hear that?”

“Hear what?” Shoutmon asked.

“Radio chatter.” Dorulumon frowned. “We’ve got company…!”

Not a second later, EBEmon struck.

Shoutmon’s roar of rage/terror/anguish/pain echoed through out the tunnels just as loud as Lila’s previous one.

“Shouto!” Akari gasped.

“Clear the way!” Lopmon orderd. “We’ve got to get to them!”

Revolomon nodded and aimed his revolvers at the blockade before them. “JUSTICE BULLET!”


Ba’almon watched in awe as the Digimemory summoned the child-sized red dragon of the Digital Hazard, golden eyes gleaming with determination. “ROCK BREAKER!” The memory cried out as it dove towards the sealed wall before them, spinning into a drill of pure fire.

Taiki grinned slightly as he clutched the Digimemories. “Good thing Akari gave me these just before now!”

And history threatens to repeat itself.

They’d found their way to the surface, somehow.

Akari growled. “We’ve got to go back for them!”

“Right!” Cutemon nodded. “We can’t let Sensei and the others get hurt!”

Revolomon nodded. “Ballistamon’s my friend! And I’m not going to…”

Suddenly, he trailed off.


Lilithmon smirked. EBEmon had found Xros Heart’s mainDigi-Xros team! Dorulumon, the traitor, Shoutmon, the rocker, Ballistamon, the robot, and The Starmonz brigade. And the best thing of all was that they were obeying her every order!

“Now then, Shoutmon.” She started into the transmitter in the back of EBEmon’s head. “Destroy your friends.”

EBEmon relayed the orders, and … Shoutmon and Company surged forward.

“We’re getting nowhere!” Taiki growled as he tried the Wrister again. “Akari! Shoutmon!”

But instead of the static he’d heard before, a strange high pitched signal instead fed itself through.

They both stopped to cover their ears.

“Damn! What is this!” Taiki asked as he struggled to shut off the Wrister.

“It’s that same sound!” Ba’almon’s three eyes widened. “They’ve…They’ve returned!”

The Wristers work on the same frequency as the EBEmon possession thing.

Akari blocked Shoutmon’s mic-stand with her own. “SHOUTO! Snap Out of it!” She tried.

Alas, her best friend couldn’t hear her, as evidenced by the glowing purple symbol on his forehead. “RAAAHHH!”

Simultaneously, Cutemon was trying to avoid being hit by Dorulumon’s drill attacks. “Something’s possessing them!”

“I think we’ve got the gist of that already!” Lopmon back flipped away from a barrage of Pickmon.

“This is horrible!” Lila gasped.

“If I had the Star Blade…!” Zenjirou clenched his fists.

Revolomon let loose a quick barrage that just bounced right off of Ballistamon’s armor. “YIPES!” He jumped as the bullets started hitting the ground under his feet. “I wasn’t thinking there!”

Neither was Ballistamon as he swung his fist at the poor ‘Archeologist.’

Suddenly- “NEKO PUNCH!” -a white and purple stripped Kitty Kat hit Revolomon in the side, pushing him out of the way just in time.

The Gatomon Digi-Memory was now active, and Taiki and Ba’almon were out of the tunnels along with it.

‘Gatomon…?’ Ba’almon blinked slightly, then, yes, he remembered, it wasn’t the Same Gatomon from all those years ago. The Digi-Memories had existed since the Code Crown’s fracture.

Still though, he was slightly unnerved by the appearance of a fellow Warrior.

“Now! Gatomon!” Taiki ordered. “Cat’s Eye Hypnotism!”

The Feline replied by launching a bright pink wave of energy at the possessed Digimon, blinding them long enough for Xros Heart to escape the battles they were engaged in.

Poor Ba’almon. Haunted by so many, many things.

Soon after, in the shadow of an upside down pyramid…

“Damn…” Akari winced slightly at a small gash on her arm. “Shoutmon’s never that rough…”

“It’s the spell.” Ba’almon started, only now reminding Akari of his earlier actions. “Bagura’s-”

“You!” She cried out in anger, throwing a punch at the Warrior.


One that he didn’t see coming.

“Akari!” Taiki started as Revolomon reached out to stop her.

“I’ll kill you!” The poor girl roared, tears of anger pouring down her face, as she lunged at the former assassin. “You did this! You did this and you’re still alive!”

“Akari!” Taiki tried again, this time stepping inbetween them. “Stop!”

“Let me at him, Taiki!” She growled as Revolomon held her back. “I’ll kill him!”

“He’s not to blame here!” Taiki insisted. “Bagura is!”

“And he works for Bagura!” She started.

“Not any more!” Taiki continued.

“Akari!” Lopmon cut in. “If Ba’almon were here to kill us, then we wouldn’t be here!”

Even then, that tiny piece of logic wasn’t enough for her.

“It’s because of him that we even fell into those tunnels!”

Suddenly, Ba’almon started laughing.

“And what’s so funny!” Akari tried lunging again.

Akari is MAD. With good reason. She’s on the verge of losing Shoutmon to something she doesn’t understand. As far as she’s concerned, Ba’almon’s the only one responsible for this. She wants whoever is responsible for this DEAD. If she knew the circumstances of it though…If any of them REALLY knew…?

“I suppose I deserved that.” Ba’almon chuckled.

And confusion finally won out over anger. “What?”

“Akari.” Taiki started. “Ba’almon’s a native of this zone. Bagura attacked it with whatever’s possessing Shoutmon and the others right now.”

“Ba..gura…?” The rage formerly directed at Ba’almon shifted towards Bagura. “Those…Those…!”

“We’ll save them, Akari.” Taiki smiled.

“We’ll get them back, Kyu!” Cutemon nodded.

“I’m not sure how.” Ba’almon grimaced as he got up. “But I’m positive that that sound has something to do with it.”

“What sound?” Akari frowned.

“This sound.” Taiki pressed the comm button on his Wrister, allowing the ear-piercing radio signal to filder out once more.

Finally, though, Logic gets through to her and….”Filder”? FILTER. COME. ON!!!!

Suddenly, EBEmon let loose a howl of pain as his own signal was fed back through into itself.

“EH?” Lilithmon blinked. “What’s wrong?”

Just as suddenly, EBEmon’s control over Shoutmon and the others faltered for ever just slightly.

EBEmon growled as the feedback ended. That wasn’t normal.

Lila’s eyes widened as she saw this. “Guys! Look!”

“What is?” Akari asked as she and the others turned their attention to them.

“Feed back!” Zenjirou grinned. “The Wrister signal playing the same signal back at the same time everyone’s near by is messing with the control!”

“Then if we stop the signal…!” Taiki snapped his fingers against his goggle lenses. “That’s It!”

The Solution is Simple: feedback.

Suddenly, Shoutmon, Dorulumon, and the others collapsed to the ground as they tried to cover their ears.

“What’s going on?” Lilithmon growled.

The answer was that the feedback was back again, only twice as bad.

The cause?

Akari and Taiki were holding their active Wristers right next to each other, causing what is best described as the electronic version of nails on a chalkboard.


Anyone using that particular frequency of radio waves was caught up in what was soon to become a massive headache.

EBEmon ceased his own broadcast, but it was too late, the signal was caught up in a loop, as one Wrister had recorded the warped signal, and kept on recording as it built up to annoying and possibly ear-shattering heights.

And then…


EBEmon’s glass dome of a head exploded from a gunshot from above.

Lilithmon gasped. “What the..?”

“So It’s YOU!” Ba’almon sneered as he landed in front of her. “You’re the one who did this!”

“Ba’almon!” Lilithmon growled. “What are you doing here? Didn’t I send you to go kill that boy with the…”

“I Don’t Serve You Anymore.” Ba’almon spat on the ground. “The only one I serve is the Goddess of this realm. The very one whose warriors YOU slaughtered!”

Lilithmon narrowed her eyes. “So…You’re a survivor then…?”

Lilithmon realizes something here that she’d missed before. She had NO CLUE that Ba’almon was a survivor of her own massacre, even being a Time Traveler. All she does know is that her future self (In about a few minutes) will poison Ba’almon somehow.

Ba’almon aimed his shotgun at her head, his glare saying everything needed.

“Welp.” She gulped. “I’ll admit this could have gone better in the overall scheme of things…”

And then, the feeling of sharp, cold metal pressed into the back of her neck.

“We meet again, Lilithmon.” Akari coldly stated as she tightened her grip on her Mic-stand.


There was a “Kchak!” and Revolomon had his pistol pressed against the side of her head. “Howdy.” he greeted with a grin. “How’d you like it if your best buddy suddenly attacked you?” A pause. “Oh Wait. He already did!” A thumb jab in Ba’almon’s direction. “And you’re only his ex-boss.

Then, a slight burst of green from her other shoulder-Cutemon had a boot planted firmly on the base of her neck. “You hurt my Sensei.” He chimed. “Prepare to die!”

“This…” Lilithmon blinked. “This is awkward.”

And this is even MORE awkward in hind sight, especially when Xros Heart later learns that they’re sending one of their own back in time to BECOME Lilithmon.

This is so, Very, Very Awkward.

“Welp. I’m not sure what to do now.” Lilithmon offhandedly commented. “It seems like anything I can do will bring death from all sides!”

“Got that right!” Revolomon smirked.

“Well then.” she suddenly vanished into thin air, Dropping poor Cutemon to the ground, sending Akari stumbling forward, and Ba’almon to stagger backwards.


Why that last one? He was a good foot away from her!

“Nazar Nail.” Lilithmon smirked as her mechanical right hand plunged itself into his lower torso.

Oh…That was why.

“You-! You-!” Akari roared.

“Now now, did you really expect a girl like me.” Lilithmon pointed at her chest with the hand she had just used to stab Ba’almon. “To not have teleportation as a power?”

She knew she needed to get out of here, and she knew Ba’almon had to go for a stable time loop to occur.

With a flourish and a Kick, Revolomon was sent sprawling into the dissolving remains of EBEmon. And a lash with her blade like wings, Cutemon was flung into the poisoned Ba’almon.

Akari gripped her mic-stand. “I won’t forgive you!” she growled.

“Funny, I thought you were going to say that!” Lilithmon smirked.

And they dove towards each other.

Lilithmon threw her mechanical hand forward, and Akari her mic-stand.


Lilithmon’s eyes widened as the mic-stand ripped open a gash in her side, but as most of the force of the attack went into the kimono around her, there was only a slight scrape on her waist.

Akari faired similar, but only having a tear in her jacket, thankfully, but would have fared worse had she not rolled to the side like she had.

Oh there is so much I want to say about this fight… About the irony and all that… But it covers so much territory with spoilers. Dang it.

“You ruined my dress!” Lilithmon growled.

“You ruined my jacket!” Akari shot back.

“And You ruined my nap!” Dorulumon’s voice interrupted as- suddenly- Xros Four landed between them.

Lilithmon gulped. “Oh…You’re back again?”

“Akari!” Taiki called out as he, Lopmon, Lila, and Zenjrou ran up. “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine!” she frowned. “But Ba’almon…!”

They turned quickly, spotting Cutemon immediately trying to heal the wound up. But…

“I’ve never seen this kind of poison before!” He explained. “I Don’t know how to stop it!”

“That’s…Bad, right?” Zenjirou gulpped.

“Extremely.” Akari grimaced.


Welp. That was a bad cliffhanger. Gulpped? *Gulped.


Zenjirou sighed. Of course Nene would have fallen asleep at the table. ‘I just don’t have the heart to wake her.”with that, he turned to head back to where Lila and Akari were.

…Of course, the moment Togemogumon started the next round of Karaoke would be when Nene Amano woke up from her short nap, but, for now, she would sleep soundly, unaffected by the troubles of the Digital World.

Karaoke now.

“Who knows.” Zenjirou started toying around with the cell phone once more. “Maybe she’s going to check on Shoutmon?”

“Right here.” The Digimon replied, breaking the uncharacteristic silence he’d held since arriving at the table.

“Oh. Well…” He shrugged. “No clue then!”

Taiki just sighed. “I wonder why so many Code Crowns need challenges to choose the owners?”

“Huh?” Zenjirou blinked. “What d’ya mean?”

“Sand Zone, Magma Zone, Island Zone.” Taiki listed off a few from memory. “Jungle Zone too. All had challenges that one had to face inorder to claim the Code Crown.”

“Hm, now that you mention it…” Zenjirou shrugged. “Who knows.”

Shoutmon shrugged as well. “I’ve put it off as just one of those wacky things.”

Taiki gives some fore-shadowing/rear-shadowing here about the Code Crowns.

“I…Dorulumon doesn’t want me to sing.” Cutemon started.

“Aw come on!” Togemogumon poked him. “You’re going to let what some stuffy old ‘mon say ruin a good night of fun and wacky antics?”

“Well…” Cutemon blinked. “You haven’t heard me sing…”

“Oh I’m sure you’re great at it!” Togemogumon waved it off. “Unless you get so fired up by singing you end up firing off an attack or something!”

Lopmon’s eyes widened suddenly. “I Just realized it might be a very bad idea if Shoutmon got up on stage.”

“Eh?” Terriermon blinked. “Why’s that?”

“Well…” Lopmon blushed slightly. “Akari wouldn’t want me telling you this, but the first Time they learned about their ‘Soul Crusher’ attack, it was when Shoutmon was singing in our hut’s shower… and… Well…”

Cutemon blinked. “He gets that fired up when singing?”

“Sometimes…” Lopmon nodded slightly. “We had to go without running water for a whole month while they fixed it.”

Togemogumon went to reply, when, suddenly, the stage lights went on once more.

Some canon stuff. Card description has Shoutmon as getting out of control with his singing, and Cutemon in Sweets Zone is shown to be a really bad singer.

There was a slight bit of feedback as Akari plugged a cord into her Mic-stand. Oh. That got every-ones attention.

She quickly tapped the microphone to see if it was working properly (Buzzz, It was.) then smiled. “Hi everyone.”

Lila, from her seat in the audience, waved, slightly from shock. “Oh no…”

“Please tell me she didn’t get hooked by this too…” Zenjirou paled.

“Well, I’m not much of a singer.” Akari started. “But I’ve been told I’ve got a great voice, so…” She sighed. “Let’s just get this over with before I chicken out…”

With that, Astamon reached under the bar, and started the song.

_Woah Oooaaah… Woah Oooaaah…_ The Song started rather up beat, with the proper background lines in place, like any good karaoke Song. _Woah Oooaaah, Woah Oooahh…_

And then, Akari started. “Tell Me I don’t understand anything, but always, You’ll Say these kinds of words.”


On so many levels, it is so very, very, important! Akari’s mother sang this song to her! This very impossible song because it itself comes through TIME TRAVEL.

Taiki blinked. “Eh, I know this song.”

“Really?” Shoutmon blinked. “From where?”

“Where we only pass each other by, You’ll Find another way.” She continued. “And rush out into a world that’s ending, You know?” With that, the song kicked into the chorus. “Hello, Hello, It’s a New World!”

“An anime called Dot Hack Dusk.” Taiki started. “My mother always said it reminded her of simpler times.”

“Huh…” Shoutmon blinked. “Akari’s mom used to sing this to her at night.”

“Faster Than Light, with a Monochromic Speed!” Akari continued singing. “Hello, Hello, It’s a New World!” she smiled. “Further away than time, I’ll run through, ’cause You’re So Far Away!”

_Woah Oooaaah… Woah oooaaahh…_ The song continued as it lead into the next verse. _Woah Oooaaahh… Woah Oooaaahh…_

Baby! I already threw out the lemonade!” Akari continued to sing. If the Too Sweet Chocolate was sticking to my cheek.”

Dot Hack Dusk/Twilight only came out within the last ten years on this dimension’s Earth.

“With a Single fragment melting little by little.” The slong was slowing down just a bit, but you could tell it was gearing up for another fast part. “We’ll start to change, So Slow. Can’t you feel it everywhere?”

And there went the speed again.

“Hello, Hello, Mister Moonlight!” She sang on. “Repainting the mundane night into a rainbow! Hello Hello, Mister Moonlight! And Bathing in the moonlight, I’ll accelerate, Drivin’ Through The Night!”

The Irony is, I chose this song as one of Akari’s character songs WELL before I wrote this episode, which was uploaded just SHORTLY after the title of Death General’s Opening theme was revealed.

Both are “New World.”

Damn it, past me. Stop being Psychic.



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