Xros Wars AU 02 — CH9

We begin Chapter nine NOT in pick up of the Cliffhanger, but instead elsewhere.

Where? Read on to find out!


As the sun rose in the sky of this… desolate… zone, the sound of train whistles served as Nene Amano’s wake up call, or rather, it would have had her dreams not been plagued by nightmares of a dark beast of a monster.

She frowned as she looked out the window of her small room, down to the dry, dusty expanse below. “Something’s wrong…”

“DarkKnightmon.” Nene called out as she entered to the main observation room. “What’s the latest news on Xros Heart?”

The dark, heavily armored bulk of a Digimon turned his head towards the girl. “Hm? The Dual Xros Loader team?”

“Yes, them.” She frowned. “What’s their status?”

“Last I saw.” The armored form turned towards a snoozing Monitamon, whose monitor was showing Magma Zone, despite his being asleep. “Bagura’s Tactician had just confronted them.”

“Tactimon?” She frowned again. “Why is he there?”

“It appears that after you retired to bed for the evening, Xros Heart decided to pull off a Jail break.” The Dark Knight reviewed. “The Leader of Magma Zone dispatched the Tactician when he captured Xros Heart instead. The Orange Xros Loader is still in his personal chambers.”

Nene Amano stared at the Magma Zone monitor, wondering, and waiting. “And what of Blue Flare?”

“The Blue Xros Loader has moved to one of his Zones, as far as I know.” The armored bulk remarked. “Bagura has un-knowingly moved into his teritory.”

What DarkKnightmon didn’t know was that a certain yellow Sparrow was in Green Zone right now, alerting Kiriha to Xros Heart’s peril right this minute.

*cue theme*

“DORULUMON! Run like the Wind!”

That’s right! DUST ZONE! We’re only 9 episodes into the AU and the canon series has gotten into the early 20s. Also, by this point I’d started reading Homestuck. Also, why did Kiriha go back to Green Zone? Ferrying the natives back from Island Zone, then he lost track of XH.


“That’s…!” Akari gasped.

“Tactimon.” Dorulumon growled. “One of the three generals.”

“Dorulumon, you surprise me.” Tactimon smirked under his helmet. “After all this time, you now act as if we were never friends?”

“I don’t make friends with idiots like you!” Dorulumon roared.

Tactimon laughed. “You’re a strange wolf.”

“Dorulumon?” Taiki narrowed his eyes. “Do you know him?”

Dorulumon didn’t answer.

“Of course he knows me.” Tactimon replied jovially, as if they were acquaintances and not sworn enemies. “I used to be his commanding officer, after all!”

Zenjirou jumped. “Wha! That guy?”

Shoutmon tightened his grip on his mic-stand. “You…! You…! There’s no way!”

“There’s every kind of way.” Tactimon rolled his eyes. “Haven’t you found it curious how every General of Mine you’ve come across has called Dorulumon a traitor?”

Hangyomon growled. “He’s no traitor, you idiotic…!”

“And Hangyomon.” Tactimon continued. “Deserting your squad for the enemy, Just like your father as well.”

“You leave him out of this!” Hangyomon pointed his spear at the General.

“Why do I have the feeling I always get when I go to one of my family reunions?” Starmon gulped. “This won’t end well…!”

Tactimon calls Dorulumon out on being a “traitor,” but of course, this was meant HONESTLY to begin with! But due to later writing changes, what’s there to say he’s not putting on an act for the Empire? I can’t say for sure.

“Dorulumon’s my friend, Kyu!” Cutemon clenched his fists. “He’s my Sensei!”

“You?” Tactimon scoffed. “A Teacher, Dorulumon? I hardly expected it!”

Ouch. Due to Time Travel, Tactimon SHOULD have expected it. I think, in the over-all grand scheme of the story, this part’s definitely an act.

“Yes, That was his punishment for not being killed in the line of duty.” Tactimon smirked. “Guard Duty under one of the fiercest Labor Camp Colonels in all of Digital World History!” Then, he looked around. “Speaking of, where did that big ball of Magma get off to? I need to relieve him of his command…”

“Dead and gone, Tactician!” Shoutmon started. “We blasted him to kingdom come!”

“Lake Zone? I doubt they appreciated that!” Tactimon scoffed.

(Mentally, Taiki made a note of the name of the Zone. That would be their next stop after they got the Code Crown here.)

Originally? I have no clue why he made this comment about Lake Zone. In hind sight, however, Tactimon is giving them a hint here, not mis-understanding what Shoutmon said at all. Taiki picks up on it, too.

With that, Tactimon held out his hand and called out. “Come forth… Jatetsu-fuujin-maru!”

There was a crack of thunder, and, with a furious blast of dark purple energy, a gigantic sword, nearly as long as Shoutmon Xros Four was tall, appeared out of the lighting. There was a flash of yellow, and then it shrunk down to a more manageable size.

The sword, thankfully, was still in it’s sheath, and was chained into place that way. This was Tactimon’s fabled sword, Jatetsu-fuujin-maru. A blade so powerful and destructive that it could level an entire zone once removed from it’s case. Even Tactimon feared it’s powers, and had Baguramon seal the sword within the chains that now encased it.


With a practiced ease, Tactimon grabbed the chained sword, and stabbed it into the ground. Even with the case on, the sword was still ridiculously powerful as it made the ground exploded, sending all of Xros Heart flying backwards from the explosive force.

When, moments later, anyone managed to regain their senses, Taiki and Dorulumon found themselves on one side of a massive, magma filled gorge, and everyone else on the other side.

Ah, The Sword. Tactimon’s Jatetsu-fuujin-maru! A crack of thunder eh? Wow, Past me, nice set up there! Heheh… No, this won’t make sense for anyone but me until we get to the climax of Hunter’s.

“GO!” with that, he launched his infamous attack… “DORULU TORNADO!”

The orange cyclone whirled at Tactimon, but, with a simple Cross slash motion, the attack was canceled…


…And kept on going.

When the dust settled, Taiki and Dorulumon found themselves neck deep in sand.

“Hurry up and run!” Taiki called out once more. “Shoutmon!” he pleaded.

Shoutmon grimaced, but relented. “You heard him! We’ll withdraw for now!”

Taiki let loose a small smile as he watched his friends escape…

A smile that disappeared as Tactimon’s shadow fell over him.

“Where is the Orange Xros Loader, boy?” The general asked.

“Orange? What do you mean?” Taiki stated. “We only have a Red Xros Loader and-”

“Silence.” Tactimon cut him off. “Don’t dig yourself any deeper. I know you have two.”

Taiki blinked. “Eh…?”

“It’s the only way any of your strategies have worked.” Tactimon continued. “Regardless, for the moment, I am the only one in the Empire to realize this fact.”

“What game are you playing…?” Dorulumon muttered.

“No game.” Tactimon bent down to look his old friend in the eyes. “None that you should be concerned with, at least.”

Tactimon asking about the Orange Loader. Well, this is actually workable with the time travel plot. Tactimon is lying about their “Strategies” being the only way they could have worked. And then there’s the reference to a GAME. Oh GLUUUUUUUUB >U<  Hahaha! None that you should be concerned with! Hahaha! I love it when these things spontaneously mesh together!



With that command, MailBirdramon’s laser cannon fired, carving a massive, smoldering gash through the ground, and, simultaneously, cutting a massive hole in the middle of the invading Troopmon forces.

The soilders stared at the new glass slip ‘n’ slide made in the ground, and fled. “RETREAT!”

They didn’t get far.


For Gureimon’s finishing attack was ready for them.

“RUN AWAY!” The survivors from that attack continued to run.

“Yum! Lunch!” Gureimon smirked as he chased after them.

“Don’t go too far.” Kiriha ordered from his perch on a nearby cliff face. “We already own this zone, after all.” He smiled lightly as he watched the massive dinosaur play with his food via tossing a troopmon into the air and swallowing it whole. ‘Just like a puppy…’

“Nothing less from you.” a female voice cut off his thinking.

“Eavesdropping again?” Kiriha commented to himself mostly as he turned around, expecting Nene, or one of her Monitamon.

“Strangely, Yes and No.” Sally smiled apologetically as his face contorted into confusion. “In my case, I’m here to deliver a message.”

“What kind of message?” Kiriha’s eyes narrowed. Who was this girl? He’d most certainly never seen anyone like her before, dressed in yellow tones, and wearing a ridiculous pair of goggles on her head.

All she said was…

“MAGMA ZONE.”_ _ _|

“Unknown Zone” should be Green Zone, or the earlier “Green Zone” should be “Unknown Zone.” What the heek. Okay. I KNOW I corrected that. Why are you screwing with me, FF.Net? I swear, if that one line that reverted on upload is back to what it was NOW…?

Anyways. Tactimon has Taii and Dorulumon caged up, and they’re talking about Dorulumon’s past, when…

Suddenly, BlueMeramon cried out in shock. “it’s AncientVolcamon!”

Everyone, the Meramon, Taiki, Dorulumon, and even Tactimon turned towards where BlueMeramon was pointing.

Indeed, there was the volcano digimon… Only horribly disfigured. He was encased in large amounts of solidified rock; what was visible of his body was cracked, rough, and bubbling; and his face showed no signs of sanity.

“Oh Tacticiaaaaan…” The volcano chimed in with a sing-songy voice. “Hehe… I think the only one dieing today is yoooouuu…”

Tactimon reached for his sword. “AncientVolcamon! What are you saying?”

“Whyyy… I’m just getting revenge…” A dark, twisted glint flared up in the Monster’s eyes. “For your replacing me as head general.”

Dorulumon blinked. “Eh? What’s he going on about?”

“I quite frankly have no clue.” Tactimon remarked. “It seems that instead of dying, this stupid piece of Magma has decided to go insane.” He turned his head towards Taiki. “What exactly did you do to him?”

“Xros Four…” Taiki started. “Plugged up his volcano and threw him into a mountain.”

“Hmm…” Tactimon snapped his fingers. “Meramon! Destroy this insane Volcano!”

And here’s Tactimon’s true personality shining through a bit here. He’s got no clue what’s going on here, and as soon as the board changes so that they both have a common enemy, he’s FRIENDLY with Taiki and Dorulumon.

Indeed, the Meramon roared as they were knocked back by their former commander’s “SUPER NOVA” attack.

“Useless.” Tactimon narrowed his eyes.

“Yessss…” AncientVolcamon sneered. “Just like you’ll be…!”

“Tactimon!” Dorulumon started. “Let us out so we can fight!”

“And give you the chance to back stab me again?” Tactimon shot back.

“Your selfishness and stupidity is why I betrayed Bagura!” Dorulumon growled. “But even I’m not dumb enough to turn my back on you right now!”

“I won’t turn back either!” Taiki started. “I started this! I’ll finish it no matter what!”

Friendly, if a bit cautious. Due to time traveling to become one of the three generals, Tactimon’s had to do things that went against his own personal nature. But despite this, Taiki and Dorulumon echo eachother and say they’ll help fight AncientVolcamon.

The sound of roaring jet engines filled the air, causing everyone, even the insane AncientVolcamon, to look up.

“That’s…!” Dorulumon started.

*Cue: BLAZING BLUE FLARE, Instrumental*

“Kiriha!” Taiki’s eyes widened.

“PLASMA CANNON!” There was a massive burning orange fire ball falling from the sky, right on top of AncientVolcamon.

“Not again!” The volcano raised his arms to block.


Tactimon’s eyes widened. “Blue Flare!”

“Taiki!” The blond haired boy started as he climbed off of MailBirdramon’s back. “It’s a good thing your girlfriend came my way, otherwise this could’ve gotten messy!”

“Eh? Girlfriend?” Taiki blinked. “What?”

“Eh?” Kiriha blinked as well. “Your girl friend. Green hair, blue eyes. Ring any bells?”

“Sally?” Taiki blinked again. “What…?”

“Enough Talk!” Tactimon took advantage of Blue Flare’s sudden appearance to power up the cannons on his back.“TANEGASHIMA!”

AncientVolcamon, still dazed from the previous attack, was bombarded once more with Tactimon’s twin fire blasts. “AIEEEEE!”

Kiriha shows sup, and his theme, BLAZING BLUE FLARE, plays. Oh, and he gets some casual payback against his own teasing about Nene by mistaking Sally for Taiki’s girlfriend. Why he does this is of no real concern. But Tactimon, seeing Blue Flare here, finally gets into the fight.

Taiki and Dorulumon get released, and Xros Heart goes into battle while Taiki goes to get his Xros Loader.




The three attacks collided, and exploded.

“It seems that your insanity has raised your power level as well.” Tactimon noted.

“Nooo! It is my insanity that has lowered yours!” AncientVolcamon shot back.

Kiriha sighed. “That doesn’t even make any sense.” With that, he pulled out his Xros Loader to re-load Gureimon, but…


Turuiemon X2 came soaring in, her blades brimming with fire.

AncientVolcamon raised his arm to block the attack, and sneered as the blades only scratched the rock armor. “Your bladeeess are sharp, but not sharp enough!” He threw his arm to the side, and sent the Fused Ninja flying.

“Akari!” Kiriha called out as Turuiemon went soaring towards a cliff face. “RELOAD! GUREIMON!” he quickly aimed his Xros Loader for the spot where she would hit, and… A Flash of green later, she was safely in the Dinosaur’s hands.

“Gureimon!” she smiled.

“Eh? You came out too soon!” AncientVolcamon cried out in horror.

No-one knew what that meant until…


ANOTHER Gureimon (we shall call it “Greymon” to avoid confusion) burst out of the cliff face behind Gureimon, sending the other dinosaur flying across the rocky land scape with Turuiemon in hand.

Yup. AncientVolcamon has a Greymon of his own. This was earlier than I’d intended to use this Greymon, but this really was the only time I COULD use him, really.

“What the!” Kiriha and Tactimon exclaimed in confusion and shock.

Gureimon were NOT native to this region, not even the more common orange versions. Both facts ended up causing Kiriha’s confusion.

AncientVolcamon’s import list did NOT include Gureimon on the list, hence Tactimon’s confusion on the matter as well.

“You brought this one in illegally!” Tactimon concluded.

“WRONG!” AncientVolcamon grinned. “I found his egg in a dig, and didn’t report it!”

“You’ve been hiding it from us on purpose! Waiting for just this moment!” Tactimon growled as he griped his sword. “Now I have cause and effect for deleting you!”

Now Tactimon has even MORE Justification for siding with Xros Heart and Blue Flare. AncientVolcamon is absolutely INSANE.


We cut to Taiki’s group as BlueMeramon and Dorulumon explain about what happened that lead to Dorulumon becoming a “Traitor.”

“No good.” Tactimon growled as his own attacks bounced off as well. “His insanity has began to warp his own reality! Even my unsealed sword wouldn’t be able to defeat him!”

“HORN IMPULSE!” Gureimon smashed his horns into Greymon, and heaved upwards…


…And got a bloody nose for the effort. “Waaaahhhh! Kirihaaaa…!” Gureimon cried out as his voice suddenly went high-pitched.

The boy winced. “He would just happen to have the lower threshold for pain in this conflict…”

Back to the fight. Tactimon’s UNSEALED ZONE SHATTERING SWORD is potentially unable to Kill AncientVolcamon: giving us our first example of Willpower overwriting reality.

*Snrk* And there’s Crybaby Gureimon! :33


There, on a rock pedestal, was the Orange Xros Loader, almost Red in the lighting of the room.

“There!” Taiki grinned as he raced for the device.

“H…Heavy…” A gravely voice started. “HEAVY METAL FIRE!”

Dorulumon turned his head as the massive blue flame came soaring at him. No time to do-!

“GYAAAHHHH…!” BlueMeramon cried out as he dove infront of the attack, and got sent flying across the room for his effort.

“ROCK DAMASHIII!” Shoutmon, thankfully, had accompanied the group, and his fire based attack sent the severely weakened DeathMeramon flying through not one- not twenty- not even-



That attack alone was enough to delete him before he even hit the wall?


BlueMeramon groaned as he sat up, with Dorulumon and Zenjirou’s help. “Why am I not dead?”

“That fool didn’t realize how near death he was…” Dorulumon rolled his eyes. “Even a normally powerful attack will be as weak as anything if you don’t have the strength for it…”

“I’ll say though.” Shoutmon grinned. “That was some dive there.”

And…BlueMeramon survives!! DeathMeramon was *SO* weakened from his earlier conga-line humiliation that he barely had any power left!

So ends the life of DeathMeramon.


The sphere of musical fire exploded against Volcamon’s head. “Oww… who dareeesss…?” he turned from his opponents to see Shoutmon with the Star Sword, Taiki, Dorulumon, BlueMeramon, and Zenjirou with his Chibick Sword standing at the former entrance to his quarters.

“Hey, Dude.” Shoutmon grinned. “You wanna see something cool, right? I bet you wanna see something cool!” With that, He tossed a Digi-Memory to Taiki. “Do the Windy thing, Taiki! Do The windy Thing!”

“Erm, okay…!” Even with no clue to what Shoutmon was refrencing, Taiki slid the Digi-Memory into his Xros Loader, and held it to the sky. “DIGIMEMORY! LOAD: GARURUMON’S FOX FIRE!”

The FIRST Homestuck reference. DO THE WINDY THING!

Taiki has no clue what this means.

There was a flash of data, and, suddenly, another wolf had joined the pack: This one white furred with blue stripes. “GARUUUUUUUUUUURUUUUU!” Garurumon howled before jumping into the battle.

Tactimon’s and Kiriha’s eyes widened. “A Digi-Memory!”

AncientVolcamon was unprepared for Garurumon landing on him, and piercing his rock armor with it’s sharp claws. “FOX FIRE!” A-Volcamon was even MORE unprepared for a fire attack blasting, point blank range, into his face.

As that attack, plus Garurumon, faded away, another attack was already upon him. “DORULU TORNADOOO!”

“YAHOOO!” Shoutmon cheered before he too jumped into the battle. “STAR BLAAADE!”

“Wait!” Zenjirou cried out as he chased after him. “Wait for your Kendo-Master!”

Zenjirou….What is with that remark?

Dorulumon sighed, but turned to face Taiki. “If I become your friend, I might double cross you one day.” he warned. “Even with that, do you trust me?”

“You’re already my friend.” Taiki started. “And if you’re doing it to help us out, then feel free to double-cross me as many times as you like!”

“Eh?” Dorulumon blinked, then closed his eyes and chuckled. “Birds of a feather, eh Taiki?”

“Yeah.” Taiki nodded, then called out. “Shoutmon! Get back here! We need a Digi-Xros!”

Due to distance, or due to not hearing correctly, or even due to the battle being too loud, Shoutmon miss-heard it. “Oi? You need to DigiXros? OKAY!” With that, he aimed the Red Xros Loader at them.

“Wait! SHOUTMON!” Taiki started.

Alas, Too late.



Shoutmon, having the Red Xros Loader, Xrosses Taiki AND Dorulumon, rather than Taiki Digi-Xrossing Shoutmon and Dorulumon.

In hindsight, this is an IMPORTANT hint about what’s coming up in Dust Zone.

*Cut to We are Xros heart!*

DORULU-CANNON!” Taiki cried out on instinct, with the Dorulumon head shaped helmet flipped down over his head muffling his voice slightly.

“GOOO!” Shoutmon roared as he and Zenjirou dived out of the way of the target- AncientVolcamon.

“This is the combined power and me and Dorulumon!” Taiki grinned. “LOCK ON!” With that, he pulled the triggers, and sent two energy missiles shaped like Dorulumon’s face out at AncientVolcamon. The recoil, of course, shattered the fusion the moment the cannons fired, but that was all right.

Tactimon whistled in appreciation as he watched the attack fly out and smash into Ancient Volcamon, smashing through his heavy, rock hard armor, and sending him soaring towards the dueling Dino’s.

Luck would just so have it that Gureimon had just been knocked out of the way by Greymon’s Mega Flame, causing the “copy” to be flattened by his owner.

The Greymon wasn’t too happy about this, and, in a not-so shocking turn of events, turned on his master.


Taiki can’t handle the recoil, but that doesn’t matter, yet.


“DIGI-XROS!” They chimed in, and then… “SHOUTMON XROS FOUR!”

AncientVolcamon, still tangled with Greymon, was targeted all at once.






Even BlueMeramon threw in a fire punch for good measure. “BLUE MAGMA BOMB!”

“We Are Xros Heart!” Xros Four Cried out.

“We are Blue Flare!” Kiriha chimed in.

“ENGRAVE IT IN YOUR HEARTS!” Turuiemon X2 finished.


And with that, AncientVolcamon’s data shattered into the air, mingling with that of the Greymon’s data.

Everyone works together here. You’ll notice Tactimon doesn’t chime in with “Bagura Empire.”

Tactimon held his hand out to the gathered Generals in offer of a handshake. (Taiki was the only one to accept, however.) “I have a lot to report to Baguramon, but the fact that Dorulumon was among you will not be in it, nor the fact that there are two Xros Loaders in Xros Heart.”

“Why?” Akari narrowed her eyes. “What do you have to gain?”

“I have my own personal reasons, Hinomoto.” Tactimon replied, causing the girl to gasp. “Your father was a worthy opponent of mine, we dueled many times.” He smiled in remembrance, if only they could see it behind his helmet. “I hope to battle you the same one day, when you are worthy.”

“You’re a strange one, Tactician.” Dorulumon noted. “You seem different.”

“Let’s just say that you…” Tactimon twirled his hand around in a circle as he turned to leave. “Opened my eyes as it were.”

“Wait…!” Dorulumon started.

“Don’t press your luck, Dorulumon.” Tactimon started. “If we ever cross paths again, I will end you.” There was that cold tone again.

Dorulumon just shook his head and laughed. “Whatever you say, Tac-chan.”

Tactimon flinched at the remark, but otherwise did not react. “Sayonara, Generals.” With that, a rupture in space opened up, and he exited the Zone.

Tactimon, instead of doing anything BAD to Xros Heart, instead leaves on FRIENDLY terms! Tactimon appears to be reconsidering his stance in the Empire, but is actually simply remembering what he was here to do in the first place. Time Travel. Heheh. Taiki declairs the next Zone to be Lake Zone, and we find out that it’s INDEPENDENT. One of the few Zones to keep Bagura out daily!

“Hmm…” Akari nodded. “Sounds like a plan, they could use our help.” She turned to Kiriha. “Are you coming?”

Kiriha was about to reply when Gureimon replied for him. “Yes, Akari, yes! Oh most definitely yes!” One could look in his eyes and spot the excited look in them, almost like a child spotting a tree with millions of presents under it on Christmas morning. “Lake Zone! Yes yes yes!”

MailBirdramon rolled his eyes. “I’ll second that.”

Kiriha sighed, then nodded. “Okay, I’m in.”

Kiriha was going to accompany them anyways, but Gureimon, the big ol’ puppydog that he is, answers first. Xros Heart and Blue Flare are, what you might describe as, best friends when it comes to battling.

The Episode ends with them leaving Magma Zone, with BlueMeramon taking the diggers to Green Zone, and Red-Pickmon chewing on the code crown. Unsettling, that.

“Looking up Data on our enemies…” A ChibiMonitamon started to his Chibi-Audience. “Monitamon! Eh! THAT’S ME!” The image of chibi-monitamon appeared on Chibi-Monitamon’s monitor. That’s a lota monitors! “Techniques include Enemy Search, which I use to see through the enemy’s attacks and weaknesses by looking at their data. Don’t take us elusive Monitamon lightly! Spot one of us and you can expect thirty in the same area.”

A Chibi-Dorulumon jumped onto stage with Cutemon, and a Chibi-Hangyomon. “Time to Call pest Control!”

The Monitamon segment occurs, about the Monitamon, and then we move onto the “NEXT TIME” Segment!

“Kudo, Taiki-kun. I hereby dub thee, a Knight!”

“Next time, Digimon Xros Wars Two Part Special! Taiki Becomes a Knight! & Xros Heart Burn!

OOOH. A TWO PART SPECIAL! Just like the Anime Proper!! Except NOT! Where the anime proper only did ONE special, I decided to do SEVERAL.

But you gotta start somewhere! Right?



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