Xros Wars AU 02 — CH8

We pick up from this startling cliffhanger with Chapter EIGHT!!!!!!!!

“Taiki!” Dorulumon started. “Digi-Xros us to Xros Four!”

Taiki reached for the orange Xros Loader and pulled it out in preparation, but paused as the entire cavern shook with sisemic activity. “We can’t! If we keep fighting in here, the prisoner’s…!”

AncientVolcamon sneered at Xros Heart. “So what will it be, children? Kill me? or Kill the pesky prisoners?”

Akari growled. “That’s not a fair choice!”

“Silence!” AncientVolcamon roared at her, then turned towards Taiki. “Hand over your Red Xros Loader, boy!”

“Red?” Taiki blinked.

“Yes! The one you used to defeat DeathMeramon!” AncientVolcamon grinned. “The device in his back pocket!”

“As if we’d give you our Xros Loa-” Shoutmon blinked. “Wait, you said red? That’s orange!”

“Orange!” AncientVolcamon’s eyes narrowed. “Then that means…!”

“A Trick of the Lighting!” Taiki cut him off. “Everyone we’ve fought said it’s red, even though it’s orange!”

“Oh…” AncientVolcamon’s face looked bemused for a moment. “So, do you surrender or not!”

Taiki, Shoutmon, and Akari all shared a glance, then, as one, they said “We surrender!”

And we open it up with the classic BAIT AND SWITCH. This scene right here was part of the reason why I gave them TWO Loaders instead of one. Everyone’s seen the RED loader, but, wait, are you sure it’s not a trick of the lighting?

Taiki comes up with this on the spot, and rather than having Ballistamon make a fake, which they could obviously see as one, Taiki hands over a genuine Loader while Akari and Shoutmon keep theirs! You might wonder why Taiki would do this? What about the Digimon inside his loader?

The simple fact of the matter is that everyone who’s non-essential to the last battle is in AKARI’S Red Xros Loader.

*cue Title Theme*

General Tactimon Approaches!

And here’s the title of the episode. Rather easily copied from the canon series.


The Landscape was a complete and total mess. Burned to the ground, razed, and trampled upon by Troopmon boots.

And Tactimon was surveying it all with satisfaction. “Ahh, another successful run.” His eyes narrowed suddenly. “And what do you want, Shinigami?”

“Oh, Nothing.” Ba’almon offhandedly commented. “I was just checking in, how goes the destruction?”

“That is none of your concern.” Tactimon sent a glare at the ‘Mon out of the corner of his eye.

“Fine, Fine, I know when I’m not wanted.” Ba’almon quickly disappeared in a flurry of paper talismans. “I’ve got heads to slice anyways.”

A few moments passed before Tactimon sighed and shook his head. Just what was with that Assassin?

“Lord Tactimon!” Alas, peace was not on the horizon for the Tactician.

“Yes? What is it?” Tactimon turned to the Troopmon.

“News from Magma Zone, Sir!” The Troop reported. “General Volcamon reports that he has captured Xros Heart!”

“Captured?” Tactimon raised an eyebrow.

“Yes, Sir! He claims they surrendered to him!” The Troopmon quickly checked the paper in his hand, then continued. “He even says he has their Orange Xros Loader, and that Traitor Dorulumon in custody!”

Now THAT was interesting news. “I’ll be leaving at once, tell AncientVolcamon to hold the executions until I arrive.”

“Sir, Yes Sir!” The troop ran off to the radio terminal.

And right off of that, we’re seeing Tactimon learn of this on one of his rare excursions outside the HQ. Of course, Tactimon raising an eyebrow would go unseen because his helmet is over his face. I quickly realized this later on, but I did miss it early on.

Shoutmon groaned as the Meramon guard threw him into the cell, and locked the door. “Haha, Enjoy your last few hours on this World!”

Akari shook her head. “Geeze, and here I though Volcamon had a funny voice.”

Shoutmon glared at the retracting bridge and the two Meramon that were leaving. “Yeah… Those two were absolutely pathetic.”

Taiki shook his head, then looked around the cell, sighing at the sight of all the tortured prisoners. “Well, at least we’re in the right place.”

(Without any comment other than “I hate seeing people cry!” Cutemon immediately began healing the prisoners)

“Yeah? And why’s that?” Zenjirou and a Prairiemon asked simultaneously.

Akari simply smiled as she pulled out her Xros Loader. “Because Bagura doesn’t know we have Two Xros Loaders!”

There was a collective Gasp from the prisoners as they saw that ancient artifact.

“You’re a general!” A Bearmon cried out.

“Yup! And we’re here to break you guys out!” Shoutmon grinned.

“So that was their plan!” Starmon cried out.

“Genius!” The Red Pickmon cried out. “Genius!”

And here everyone acts like they forgot they had more than one Loader. How silly! -_-; Cue the opening theme, then DIGGING.

Then in the middle of that, we get this scene with Cutemon and a Bearmon:

The Bearmon he was treating smiled. “You remind me of this other Cutemon who was here for a while.”

“Other Cutemon?” Cutemon blinked, but otherwise focused on his healing technique.

“Yeah, a couple of ’em.” Bearmon continued. “Said they’d had a son they hoped was out of harms way.”

Cutemon looked up, but kept his hopes at a moderate level. “Did they say what village they were from, by any chance?”

Bearmon shook his head. “Sorry, I don’t remember if they did…”

“Hmm, That’s allright then.” Cutemon shook his head, but focused on healing the Bearmon’s leg.

“I bet my parrents would be worried about me.” Bearmon continued after a moment. “But then again, they didn’t really seem to care when I told them I was going to go fight Bagura.” he sighed. “I guess they were right… I mean, look where I ended up. Corner of No and Where, on the edge of a lava pit, waiting for the Legendary Xros Heart to break us out.”

“It’s not that bad, Kyu.” Cutemon smiled. “Maybe once we’ve pushed Bagura away, you’ll be able to keep them from re-starting any more prison camps here?”

The Bearmon stared at him for a moment. “So, what about your parrents?”

Cutemon looked over at Dorulumon, who was also helping on drilling a tunnel out of the prison cell, then sighed “Bagura.”

“Oh… Sorry…” Bearmon grimaced.

“What happened to those Cutemon you mentioned?”

Bearmon blinked. “Eh? Well, they got transferred a few days ago.” he frowned. “Apparently Bagura thought they would be better off in some other zone.”

“Huh.” Cutemon shook his head. “It’d be a wild coincidence, but I wonder if that was them?”

“Who knows, with the way the world’s spinnin’ right now.” Bearmon shrugged.

We learn that Cutemon’s missing his parents, and- dang it, more typos- that he’s traveling with Xros Heart now in hopes of finding them.

The Volcano Grinned. “Tactimon-Sama will beeeee here for a Sunrise Execution! I Love it!”

DeathMeramon grimaced as he shook his head out. “IS that why you woke me up from my slumber?” He had been unconscious for the entire day, but considering how many walls he had been knocked through, that wasn’t surprising. “To tell me this?”

“Whyyyy ofcourseeee!” AncientVolcamon grinned. “I thought you would be pleaseeeed to meet our Commanding Officer!”

“Hah… As if that Man would take the time to pay attention to us.” DeathMeramon growled as BlueMeramon entered the room. “What is it?”

“I just checked on the prisoners, Sirs…” he seemed uneasy. “Are you sure we placed them in Detention Cell One One Four Eight and Not One One Four Two?”

“We only have one cell!” AncientVolcamon’s eyes widened. “Could it be that they’ve…?”

We cut to the arguably (Wait, what am I saying?) insane AncientVolcamon, and we find out that, quite literally, they ONLY have one prison cell!

Indeed, Xros Heart and the prisoner’s had escaped, and, after making sure the prisoner’s were safely in a subset of ruins where Bagura wouldn’t look for them, Xros Heart was already racing across the surface of the Volcanic Zone BACK towards the Prison compound.

“Let’s get Taiki’s Xros Loader back and then we’ll blast AncientVolcamon back to the stone age!” Ballistamon X2 grinned… or would have if he had a mouth.

“Really, Taiki! I’ll admit that it was a great strategy to get to the prison cells, but you can’t just hand over your Xros Loader like that!” Akari narrowed her eyes. “Don’t do it again, okay?”

“Okay okay!” Taiki smiled at her. “I Get the idea!”

Back to XH, and we get some not so really subtle foreshadowing that Taiki’s going to lose his Xros Loader- A LOT. I mean, Come on Taiki, you’re just as bad as Anakin with his Lightsabers!


“Go Go! It’s a battle! A Battle!” Dondokomon cheered, then dove for cover as a stray fire ball nearly hit him. “You take care of the rest!”

We get treated to Dondokomon running off to hide, again, as the Redshirt squad is easily dispatched, leaving only DeathMeramon.

Then, Xros Two did something unexpected- He FLUNG the Ax off to the left, and dove away towards the right, powering up his main attack… “BUDDY BLASTER!”

And, for the second time within 24 hours, DeathMeramon was sent crashing through- not one- not two- not even TEN- but FIFTEEN walls…


…Before finially comming to a stop.

Ow. Not just the walls, but the typos. Seriously? Where the heek did these come from?? I’m flinching in recoil here, past me. I’m FLINCHING.

“Geeze! He just doesn’t go down!” Starmon shook his head in disbelief. “Smashing through almost twenty five walls in one day and he’s still alive!”

Of course, Starmon is here to lampshade how much punishment DeathMeramon’s gone through, right before we forget about him so as to fight AncientVolcamon.

With that familiar guitar rift… “SHOUTMON XROS FOUR!” Entered the fray once more.

*cut to We Are Xros Heart*

“Ooooh! So you stole back the Xros Loader then!” AncientVolcamon sneered…

Hangyomon blinked. “Erm… What’s he talking about…?”

Xros Four made a “Shh” Sound. “Oh, nothing. Just him lamenting about how he’s about to be crushed!”

“What was that you little brat!’ AncientVolcamon threw his fist forward, sending a shockwave of energy out of it at the Gattai. “SUPER NOVA!”

Xros Four easily blocked the attack- and cut through it- with his sword. “Heh, is that the best you’ve got?”

“BIG BANG FIRE!” With that, AncientVolcamon turned so that his Volcano was aimed at the fusion when it errupted a massive stream of magma at him.

“FOUR VICTORIZE!” Xros Four retaliated by holding out his sword, and launching that familiar V Shaped Laser through it.


The two attacks met, and exploded on contact, sending both participants flying backwards.

And AncientVolcamon is slow on the uptake. Not even noticing that the Xros Loader in front of him is RED, while the Orange one was just near him not…what? Ten? Five Minutes earlier?

“Akari!” Lopmon stared. “A Digimemory!”

“Right!” In order to buy time for Xros Four to free his sword, a Digi-Memory would have to be used… But which one…? “Ah!”

Just as Ancient Volcamon pulled his foot free, he found himself bombarded by fire attacks.

“SPIT FIRE BLAST!” A Savers Style Agumon roared.

“FIRE ROCKET!” Cried out a second Savers Style Agumon.

“PEPER BREATH!” The third, and Adventure styled Agumon roared.

“GYAH!” AncientVolcamon blanched as the Trio of Agumon worked their flame magic to distract him. “Stop it! That Tickles!”

Savers 1 grinned. “Yeah! And You look like a fried egg!”

Savers 2 Rolled his eyes and laughed at his fellow’s comment. “You’re just upset ’cause I ate all of ’em!”

“Be Quiet and Focus on your job, you two!” Adventure ordered. “This is no time to be fooling around!”

Both Savers let loose identical “Awww… But I…!” sounds at once.

And here we use the second of the Digi-Memories. This is both a blatant shoutout to the Agumon of DATS and of Adventure, but also to some of my own unpublished writing, where in a Bio-Hybrid Flamedramon is partnered up to a Savers style Agumon. That Agumon is the one yelling “Fire Rocket!” which, as you’re probably aware, is a Flamedramon attack.

“Yippie!” Savers 1 cried out as he rolled away. “Now we have a perfect reason to do THIS!” There was a flash, and- suddenly- the three Agumon Digi-Memories fused together into one digimon- A tall humanoid with golden armor, and rather sharp looking claws- WarGreymon.

“WH- WHAT?” The Volcano’s eyes widened as the golden memory jumped into the air and summoned a rather imposing sphere or red energy. “GAIA FORCE!” With a mighty roar, the sphere was thrown at- impacted- and exploded against AncientVolcamon.

“And now, we open the floor to complete and unconditional awesomeness!” WarGreymon smirked as he faded from sight along with the smoke generated from the fire attack.

AncientVolcamon was completely confused by this- dazed as he was from the explosive sphere- but it soon all made clear and perfect sense- Xros Four was soaring towards him, with that giant boulder STILL impaled on the sword. “BIG BANG-!”

“DRAIN STOPPER!” Xros Four roared as the boulder smashed into- and plugged- the massive volcano. With the most impressive timing, he pushed his feet against the boulder, and backflipped away, managing to wrench the sword free, and lodge the boulder in completely.

AncientVolcamon’s eyes widened in horror as his explosive Magma had nowhere to go- and so began to leak out through any available crack it could find. “NOOO!” he cried out as he started to inflate due to the pressure.

“FOUR VICTORIZE!” Xros Four once more let loose his finishing attack. The flaming V soared out, hit AncientVolcamon in the face, and sent him flying into a far off mountain where he proceeded to explode rather violently.

And then we’re completely caught off guard by the Agumon fusing into a WARGREYMON. Really, how’d that work out? Also, this was written before there was an ACTUAL WarGreymon Digi Memory… Which I turn into a BlackWarGreymon one when it’s supposed to show up. Well, AncientVolcamon is lost to the distance, and Tactimon arrives. CLIFFHANGER AGAIN!!!!!!!!

“Looking up data on our enemies…!” A Chibi-Monitamon recited to his chibi-audience. “Erm… Ah… CUTEMON!” A Picture of Cutemon appeared. “His techniques include… erm… I… Boku… Anata.. I… Er…” The picture cut to a frustrated Crayon-Monitamon snaping a pencil over his knee. “I Don’t have any information!”

A Chibi-Lopmon scratched her head. “Didn’t we do Cutemon already?”

No, actually, we didn’t do Cutemon already. Thank’s for asking, Past-Me-Through-Lopmon.

“Eh! Dorulumon used to work for Bagura?”

“Way to spoil the plot twist!”

“You should have known better than to go against me, Dorulumon.”

“I Would do it again a thousant times over if I had to!”

“Well… That’s a chance you won’t ever get!”



“Next time, Digimon Xros Wars! Dorulumon! Run Like The Wind!”

“You can’t miss it!”

So this trailer here sets up the Shoutmon+Dorulumon Xros. It’ll turn into what I came to call a “Base Episode Transition,” for the most part. There are a few differences, but you’ll see what they are when we get to them. 🙂


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