Xros Wars AU 02 — CH7

More Map stuff to start CHAPTER SEVEN, And boy, is it getting hot in here or what?


Inside an endless green field rested multiple land masses- the Zones of the digital World- and- currently- three humans- Kudo Taiki, Tsurugi Zenjirou, and Hinomoto Akari- all of whom were floating away from the Island Zone area of space.

“The last trip went pretty quick.” Taiki started. “We barely managed to see anything.”

Akari nodded. “That’s why we have to have everyone inside the Xros Loader this time, if we didn’t…” As if to prove her point, her hat began to start losing data. “And I guess I’m not immune either.” She grimaced, then handed Zenjirou the Red Xros loader. “Hold onto that for a bit.”

Before Taiki could comment, the girl glowed a bright white light, then entered the orange Xros Loader.

Zenjirou stared. “She…She’s really a Digimon then…?”

Taiki nodded. “That’s probably why Xros Heart’s been restricted to Island and Green Zones.”

“Great! They’re using us as free rides!” Zenjirou huffed.

“Oi!” Shoutmon’s voice echoed out of the Orange Xros Loader. “We can hear you, you know!”

“yeah! Really!” Lila’s then came out of the Red Xros Loader. “Don’t act like we can’t hear you!”

Zenjirou tensed for a moment, then made a not-quite-so-accurate horse sound. “The Zenjirou Express is Happy to Serve, Ma’am!”

“That’s more like it!” You could practically hear the enjoyment in the Lillymon’s voice.

Taiki shook his head and commented (simultaneously with Dorulumon). “Yare yare.”

And here is where we find out why they need Taiki and Zenjirou.

NOBODY BESIDES THEM CAN TRAVEL THROUGH THE AIR SPACE. Green and Island Zones are close enough that the Air Space exposure is NON-EXISTENT.

Xros Heart- up until this moment- has been restricted to TWO Zones! Now they have, essentially, been given the keys to the car.

They’re out of home territory now.


There was a flash of green and white, and then all of Xros Heart was unceremoniously dumped down onto the ash covvered ground of this volcanic region.

“Oi…” the red pickmon grumbled as he covered his mouth/nose area. “What’s that smell!”

Lopmon wrenched her eyes shut as they began to water. “It’s sulfur…”

Zenjirou grimaced as he looked around. “We landed in a volcano ring…”

Dorulumon grimaced as well. “How annoying.”

“But you know what Sulfur means!” Jijimon cried out as he made yet another startling appearance (making everyone jump). “Right?”

“Jijimon!” Akari glared at the elder of Green Zone. “Didn’t you go with Kiriha back to Green zone!”

“HOTSPRINGSSS!” Jijimon continued on uninterrupted. “There are hotsprings near by!”

This caught Lila’s attention. “Hot springs?” her eyes widened. “I haven’t been to a hot spring in ages!”

Lopmon nodded. “That does sound nice actually…”

Taiki and Shoutmon slapped their hands on their foreheads in unison. “Doh!”

Dorulumon took the time to explain their reaction.”Didn’t we just spend the night on a tropical island?”

Akari nodded. “Right, and besides, it’s early in the morning. I doubt that traveling in the Xros Loader is that tiring.”

Lopmon and Lila turned towards her with pleading eyes. “Pleaseeee…”

“Akari-onee-chan…” ChibiKamemon cut in suddenly, making everyone jump (again). {This en-cited Hangyomon to comment “Not another one!”}

“Eh… ChibiKamemon…?” Akari looked down at the Computer mouse.

“Can we…?” He started.

“Erm… I… uh…” Akari blinked. Why was everyone asking her?

And the first thing anyone wants to do is go to the HOT SPRINGS. Good GRIEF. How moronic!

“Oi oi.” Zenjirou coughed before an argument started out. “It’d be a wise idea if we left someone around to guard those who would go swimming. We are in foreign territory after all.”

“Well Said, Zenjirou.” Shoutmon nodded.

“Personally, I think someone should go out and see if this is a hostile zone in the first place.” Dorulumon frowned. “Otherwise it’d be pointless to let our guard down, even partially.”

Taiki nodded. “Reasonable.”

Lila cheered and immediately linker her left arm with Zenjirou’s right. “Ooookay then! Let’s go to the Hot Springs!”

Even if Zenjirou provides the most sensible solution, but still. It’s MORONIC.


“BOOM BOOM! BANG BANG!” A loud, echoing cry… erm… echoed throughout the ruins. “Eeeentruders you say?” This odd sounding voice belonged to (none other than) the Bagura Commander: AncientVolcamon. A ghastly, round creature, having his limbs off to the sides, his head on front, and a massive smoldering mound of a volcano on his tippy top.

The shirtless, chained man enshrouded in fire before the General bowed. “Yes, My lord!”

“Down in myyyy Hot Springs?” AncientVolcamon put a hand on his chin. “Reserved only for us Bagura Elite?”

“Yes, My Lord!”

“BOOM BOOM BANG BANG!” The Living Volcano roared, magma begining to pour out of his massive top. “I WANT THEM GONE!”

One of many Men made of living flames, only this one Blue, quickly called out for the Snow Squadron- Consisting of SnowAgumon and Chibi-Fridgimon. “Quickly! Cool off our master before he kills us all!”

“YUKI!” The Chibi-Fridgimon let loose cooling air currents by punching the air.

“YUKI!” And the SnowAgumon froze over the magma mound with their icy breaths.

Within seconds, the boiling Magma monster sighed as his Back Volcano began to look loosely like Mount Fuji. “Right… Let’s go about this more calmly then…”

DeathMeramon, the man in burning chains, nodded in agreement. “Yes, My Lord!”


GO ON!!!!

Yeah, AncientVolcamon is pretty much a Go-Onger reference with that catchphrase of his.


Taiki frowned as he, Dorulumon, Cutemon, and Hangyomon found themselves overlooking a Mining field, run by the cruel Meramon, living men of flames. “Bagura occupies this zone…”

“Indeed.” Dorulumon narrowed his eyes. “And it’s one of the worst there ever is.”

Hangyomon grimmaced. “A Labor camp.”

“Atleast we know they haven’t found the Code Crown yet.” Dorulumon started. “That’s the only reason these Digimon are still digging.” Included in the laborers were Prairiemon, Gotsumon, Chuumon, Pumpkinmon, and Bearmon.

“It makes my blood boil.” Cutemon growled as he clenched his fists. “I Can’t stand to see people cry.”

Taiki happened to be looking at Dorulumon as Cutemon said that, and managed to catch the flash of pain in the wolf’s eyes. ‘Dorulumon…’

“Regardless, We should head back to the others…” Dorulumon quickly dispatched that pain with determination. “They need to know this is going on…”

The General and the other two Digimon nodded in confirmation.

Taiki’s group finds the Labor camps looking for the Code Crown. And Cutemon is established as being Hot Blooded.


While most of those who were with Xros Heart at the moment were in the hot, steaming water, a few were on the edge- one of those was Ballistamon- whom Lila and Zenjirou were trying to get to join them. (For those of you wondering, Thanks to a nifty little feature in the Xros Loader, anyone who had been wearing normal clothes earlier were now wearing swimsuits. “Reconstruction.”)

“Come on… It’s relaxing!” Lila smiled.

“I Can’t.” Ballistamon crossed his arms. “I’d rust.”

“Then you’d be Rustamon!” Zenjirou commented with a chuckle.

Akari was the other not in the water, although she was relaxing in her own way- laying out on the ground, letting the steam wash over her. “Water or not, this is relaxing…”

Shoutmon nodded. “Yup…”

Lopmon smiled as she perched herself on a small boulder. “It is really nice here…”

It was then that something caught Chibi-Kamemon’s eyes. A small flicker of blue on an otherwise orange cliff. “What’s that…?”

And despite not being in the water, Akari still lets her guard down a bit. Also, I decided to name the re-dressing function of the Xros Loaders. There’s no way Akari would go around naked during this part, fanservice aside. She’d be too much on-guard to do that. Besides, I felt like Xros Wars Canon was pushing it with this scene. So swimsuits all the way!


“It’s a Battle! A Battle!” Dondokomon quickly gave a quick drum beat before diving completely into the hot springs. “You’re on your own!”

Starmon blinked, but immediately leapt into action. “WISH UPON A STAAAAARR!” With a glittering flash of gold, several dozen glittering metallic stars shot out of the sky, and through more oncoming Meramon.

“ROWDY ROCKER!” Akari, not at all caring that she was still wearing her pink swimsuit, swung around her Mic-stand as wildly as always.

“SUGAR PLUM DANCE!” On Cue, the Metalic Pickmon brigade leaped into action, swirling around as many Meramon as they could, confusing the living flame men to no end.

“FIRE BALL!” A Meramon threw a Doom sphere of Doomy flames of doom at the group.

And that was met by an equally Doomy Doom sphere of Doom with an equally loud Kaboom of Doom. “ROCK DAMASHII!” Courtesy of Shoutmon.

“MAD DOG RUSH!” The Red Pickmon seemed to be yelling random syllables (in a seeming appearance of an attack name) now as he dove towards any nearby Meramon and began to gnaw at their toes, thereby causing them much discomfort.

Mad Dog Rush? Where the heek did that come from. Also: Lot’s of “Doom” going about here. What was I thinking?

There’s a Digi-Xros, and then…

While no-one was looking, one of the surviving Meramon had sneaked up on Lopmon and was reaching out to grab her, and crush her in his fist.


Too bad nobody told him that a certain little pink wrecking ball was in the Zone, and looking for plenty of opportunities to crush Meramon skulls under his feet. Before this Meramon could do more then hold onto Lopmon’s right ear for more then two seconds (barely enough time to cause some minor discomfort), he was deleted instantly.

“Don’t hurt my friends, Kyu!” Cutemon ordered the floating data.

“Cutemon!’ Lopmon’s eyes widened in shock, surprise, and thanks.

A Meramon burns Lopmon’s one ear a bit, and Cutemon saves her again. (This is the third time now, I think.) Yeah, he’s fallen for her, he just doesn’t realize it yet. The Fight ends, everyone relocates, and…

Akari growled as she spotted Lopmon’s singed ear. “When I get my hands on them…”

“No, it’s okay.” Lopmon shook her head, only wincing slightly. “It doesn’t hurt, really.”

“No, you’re not,” Cutemon spoke up suddenly.

“No, it’s fine…”

Cutemon pulls out his one canon ability:

Nobody made any further comment, well, until Cutemon’s hands started glowing green as he used that strange power of his to begin to heal Lopmon’s burnt ear. Taiki’s eyes widened. “He can heal too?”

“Cutemon are naturally healers.” Dorulumon explained. “But, once in a few generations, one will be born with a bit…” he seemed to struggle for the right word for a moment. “…More then healing powers.”

Dorulumon then reveals his and Cutemon’s history.


“Let me through, Kyu!” Cutemon frowned as three Goblimon blocked his path. “I’ve got to find my parents!”

“Hey, hey, do you think he’d make a good good luck charm?” One of the Goblimon asked his companions, completely ignoring Cutemon.

“Yeah! Let’s make him our gopher!” The third Goblimon nodded.

“Gopher! Gopher!” The second grinned.

“Oi! I’m not a Gopher!” Cutemon growled.

“Hehehe!” One of the Goblimon reached towards Cutemon when…


A certain Golden Drill tipped tail whaped him on the top of the head, pushing the poor Goblimon nose deep into the dirt- Much like the Gopher he wanted to turn Cutemon into.

“You woke me from my nap.” Dorulumon dryly noted.


Within seconds, the other two Goblimon were pushed into the ground like their companion.

“You’re amazing, Kyu!” Cutemon started as Dorulumon started walking off in some random direction. “I wish I could be as strong as you!”

“Yeah, good luck pulling that one off.” Dorulumon rolled his eyes. “Later, Kid. Try not to get into any more trouble.”

For a while, Dorulumon walked, only barely noticing the slightly slower pace of feet behind him. He stopped, and so did Cutemon. Dorulumon cast a glance back at the kid. “Oi, are you following me or something?”

“Nope.” was the reply. “Just walking the same way.”

“Heh… Right.” Dorulumon shook his head, then continued on. And Cutemon started following him again.

Almost half an hour, several U turns, and a deliberate dive into a river later, Cutemon was still following him.

“Oi, I thought you said you were only walking the same way?”

“Did I?”

“Look, kid, I don’t have time to baby sit you.” Dorulumon narrowed his eyes. “Go Home.”

And then Cutemon’s determined face broke into a frown. “I don’t have one.”


“Bagura… The Bagura Army destroyed my village.” Tears began to well up in his eyes.

‘Oh no.’ Dorulumon winced inwardly. Now he’d done it. Gone and made the kid cry.

“My parrents… they put me on a boat and I…” He sniffed and stared at the ground. “I’m the only one who made it out.”

Dorulumon sighed. “Yeah, well, that’s life, kid.”

“But that’s why…” Cutemon looked up at him, a sudden green fire burning behind his eyes. “That’s why I have to become strong like you!”

Dorulumon’s eyes widened. ‘That fire…!’

“I have to become stronger so I can go rescue everyone from my village!” Cutemon Clenched his hands into fists. “So I can make sure nobody will every cry again because of them, Kyu!”

“There’s nothing wrong with becoming stronger.” Dorulumon narrowed his eyes. “But if you can’t even defend yourself from three weak Goblimon? If you can’t even fight?” Cutemon’s eyes started to water again. “Then what good is that strength in the first place?” With that, he turned to leave.

A few seconds passed, and then, he heard those tiny feet running to catch up with him, so he began to walk faster. Cutemon picked up pace as well. Faster. Faster. And then…

“KYYUUU!” There was a small, fairly weak impact on his back right leg. Then there was another. And another. That was enough to make him stop, at-least.

“Eh?” Dorulumon turned his head back towards Cutemon, repeatedly punching Dorulumon’s leg with no seeming effect at all. But that look in his eyes, that green fire of determination… “Oi, stop that.”

No response.

“Come on, if you keep that up, you’re just going to hurt yourself.”

“I Won’t give up!”

“Oi, Stop it!” Dorulumon growled.


“Is that how you respect your teachers at school?” He didn’t think such a random question would work, but it did.

It got a reaction.

Cutemon stopped with his not-so-powerful punches, and turned his head to look at the wolf’s face, a slightly goofy grin on his face. “Am I your student then?”

Dorulumon’s eyes widened. ‘D…Did I just fall into his trap?’

I think this piece speaks for itself.

Ironically, Beyblade did something similar, with Kenta following Ryuuga (who’s become a much nicer character in recent months) through very many odd situations.

Anyways, after this, Xros Heart charges in head first to try to free the prisoners of the labor camp!








Before they had time to form the Star Sword, DeathMeramon was up out of the chamber, lightly dusting his shoulders off. “Such a cheap trick! Now it’s my Turn to attack!” With that, the chains around him unwraped themselves, straightened out, and launched towards Shoutmon Xros Three. “HEAVY METAL FLAME!”

“THREE VICTORIZE!” Xros Three countered that with a V shaped laser beam…

And the two were evenly matched.

“GRRR!” DeathMeramon growled. “Your laser is mighty indeed, but it is no match for my flames!” And he started to gain ground.

“Dorulumon!” Cutemon cried out. “You can do it!”

“SHOUTMON!” Akari shouted. “Don’t let him beat you!”

“Rusta-ER-BALLISTAMON!” Zenjirou corrected himself. “Take Him out!”

And, with a combined roar from all three involved in the fusion, three more attacks launched out. “DRILL BUSTER!/SOUL CRUSHER!/HEAVY SPEAKER!”

Emerging from the Dorulumon shoulder pad was a rush of drills, from the V on the chest emerged a burning wave of fire that merged with the Three Victorize attack, and from the Ballistamon Shoulder pad came recurring waves of sonic waves. (Redundant, I know.)

With the shock of FOUR attacks coming at once, DeathMeramon’s Flame attack looked weak and tiny in comparison. “N-!”

And then a once-used trick that I haven’t used since: X3 uses THREE of it’s component attacks at once.

And with an marvelous explosion, DeathMeramon was sent crashing through- not one, not two, not even FIVE, but TEN COUNT ‘EM TEN walls at once!

Yeah. Poor DeathMeramon. His Humiliation Conga begins here.

Unfortunately, their victory was short lived: For, moments after Xros Three split back to normal, the brute known as Ancient Volcamon came barging through one of the holes made by DeathMeramon’s dramatic exit.

“Bun…Bun…Bang Bang…” AncientVoclamon took in a ragged deep breath. “BAAAAAANG!” And let loose a massive explosion of Magma into the roof of the chamber.

And the Episode ENDS here!

“Looking up data on our enemies…” A Chibi Monitamon began to Recite to his chibi Audience. “GUREIMON!” An image of the Dinosaur appeared on his monitor. “His technique includes mowing down the enemy with his intense flame, Mega Flame!” Then, the image switched to some sort of cafe plate with assorted foods on it. “You can roast things over and over in it! First, some salted beef tongue for three!”

A ChibiShoumon jumped up on stage, his jaw dropping down low. “You’re using it to cook meat?

ChibiMonitamon continued on with his order regardless. “And some galbi too!”

AH, yes, another joke ripped straight from the Anime.

Then, I change pace with the Next Time Screens.


“Don’t you hate it when a trailer spoils not one, but two episodes in advance?”

“Yeah, completely un-reasonable! They just give the best plot twists away in advance!”

“And then there’s the Internet too! And all the magazine spoilers too!”

“Eh? What? We’re On?”

“Erm… Next time! Digimon Xros Wars! General Tactimon Approaches!”

“What? I’m in the next one?”

“Be glad you get any lines at all, Tactician.”

Lilithmon and Tactimon talking to each other off screen!

It’s very…Soul Eater-ish, If I recall my shout-out correctly. It’s either that or Lucky Star.


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