Xros Wars AU 02 — CH4

WHOOOO! I’m just breezing right along through these.

Chapter four is up!  Island Zone Upheaval!

First off, this is the first episode to break the “PERSON! SUBJCET VERB DESCRIPTIONS!” format. Secondly, we pick up exactly where the last episode left off!

The Yellow Digimon known as Sparrowmon landed gracefully on the ground, allowing her rider, Amano, Nene, to climb off. “Hello Everyone.” She waved slightly.

Shoutmon tightened his grip on his mic. stand, something about this girl just set off a warning bell. “Yeah. Hi.” He replied flatly.

“Well, this is a surprise, two- no, Three Xros Loaders and yet the Code Crown is still up for grabs?” Nene put a finger on her chin for a moment, as if to imply that she were thinking. “You’re all so civil, not fighting over it like a pack of Koromon.”

“Hey, we’re all friends here.” Lopmon started. “We can settle things out just fine on our own.”

“Nene, why are you here?” Kiriha asked, a frown starting to form on his face. “You usually don’t watch battles directly.”

“Are you sure about that, Kiriha Anouma?” She asked in return, a mysterious grin forming on her face. “For, you see, I specialize in not being seen, unlike some people.” that last comment seemed to be directed at a Monitamon, who, upon being called out like that, rather unceremoniously fell off of a rooftop. “Regardless, I’m simply here for two things. One is to welcome Taiki-Kun here to the Digital World.”

“Eh? Me?” Taiki blinked.

“Yes, you.” The girl smiled lightly as her strangely styled hair moved in the wind. “It’s not every day that a human falls to the Digital World with a Xros Loader in hand.”

“I’m not that special, really…” Taiki blinked again, only this time out of nervousness. Sparrowmon was staring at him, her piercing blue eyes searching his grey ones for… something.

Well, what is there to say about this so far? Shoutmon’s warning bell thing is probably him subconsciously reacting to the Shademon inside of Nene. Oh, and the Monitamon are finally shown as- despite being comically un-serious a lot of the time- quite capable at hiding unless pointed out. Sparrowmon is looking at him oddly, no real reason why, other than she’s weighing her options.

“I wouldn’t be so sure…” Nene turned slightly away from the group. “You do have a strange knack for pulling off very successful strategies, do you not?” Akari narrowed her eyes. What exactly did this girl mean by that? “I mean, Basketball, Soccer, Baseball, Kendo- you ac-cell at everything.”

This comment really caught everyone off guard. She had contact with the human world?

“But, I’m getting off track.” She shook her head, then looked at Akari. “My second reason: Bagura has it’s eyes set not only on Green Zone, but also it’s twin.”

This made Shoutmon’s eyes widen. “No…You don’t mean…?”

“Neptunemon has already begun his attack on the zone. You might just be able to prevent any damage…” She turned fully away from them, but tilted her head back across her right shoulder. “If you hurry.”

Before anyone could make any further comment, a sudden burst of wind flew across the village, forcing everyone to shield their eyes. When they looked next, Nene Amano and Sparrowmon were gone.

Nene has contact with Earth, and also was putting an accent on the wrong syllable on accel there mostly because spell check underlines it for some reason. Also, Ironically, I predicted that one episode where Taiki played baseball. I was just adding a sport to the list there. -_-; Anyways, Nene’s got no real reason to be here other than to BE here, and guide everyone onto Island Zone.

*Cue Main Theme*


Ah, and here’s where I followed the series and put the title cards before the opening theme.

Things went in fast order from there, all those wishing to go to their twin Zone, Island Zone, were to gather in the center of the village, and from there, Xros Heart would head out. Shoutmon quickly collected the Code Crown and placed it inside the Xros Loader.

“Zone Migration!” he called out, and, before the gathered travelers, a shining green event horizon appeared.

Kiriha placed a hand on Akari’s shoulder. “There are a few Bagura stragglers around here still, like those Apemon. MailBirdramon and I will take care of them and then come join you.”

“Thanks.” Akari nodded. “I’m sure everyone’ll appreciate it.”

“Yo! IS everyone ready to go save our cousins in Island Zone?” Shoutmon called out to the travelers. There was a resound reply of “yes!” “Good, now then! Let’s go teach those Bagura goons not to mess with our family and friends!”

And with that said, those bound for the Twin Zone set out.

….HOLD IT. “Zone Migration”? REALLY? I did NOT write Migration. Where the heck did MIGRATION come from???? I remember firmly sticking to “Zone Transfer!” Damn it!

Fluh. ANYWAYS. Kiriha is going to clear out any Bagura stragglers that might be hiding around like the Pteramon from the second episode, yes, but he’s also going to Chase after Nene, if he can.


Tactimon summoned the monitor to contact the forces invading Island Zone. “General Neptunemon, Green Zone has fought off all resistance and claimed the Code Crown.”

“Hmm. How Unnerving.” the fishy merman commented.

“We have confirmation that the army that fought us off is coming to the aid of their twin Zone.” Tactimon continued.

“Well, as much as they may think they’ll be able to fight us off, MadLeomon’s forces are ground troops, mine are Sea Dwellers.” Neptunemon smirked. “They’ll drown beneath my waves.”

“Even…” Tactimon smirked under his helmet. “…Xros Heart?”


“X… XROS HEART?” Neptunemon would have spit out his soda drink, had he been drinking a soda. “Surely you’re kidding!”

Tactimon simply replayed the final line recorded from the battle, uttered by Shoutmon Xros Three. “WE ARE XROS HEART! Engrave it on your hearts!”

Neptunemon growled. “So… Hinomoto’s legacy continues on…”

“Precisely. And that man’s luck has continued to follow on even to his Daughter, and those around her.”Tactimon frowned. “How close are you to finding the Code Crown?”

“Hangyomon forces are searching the beaches, and my Gizamon are questioning the villagers.” Neptunemon noted with a bit of amusement. “We will have it by the day’s end!”

“Hmmf. Good luck keeping that promise.” Tactimon chuckled. “Contact me when…Xros Heart… arrives.” He said the name with even extra malice- almost as if it were a taunt- before cutting the communications line.

Neptunemon turned his head to the sky, then started laughing as he then turned his gaze to the island in the distance. “Hehe…Hahahaa… Xros Heart? Is that some kind of Joke?”

Tactimon is playing Xros Heart’s “Return” up for all the name is worth. Neptunemon, as per his contract, is playing the insanity card. He honestly doesn’t realize what kind of a threat he’ll soon be facing. Also, fun fact, after I began reading Homestuck, I was going to name Akari’s dad “Ampora Hinomoto,” and give him a flare of red hair dye to his hair, much like Eridan. Hunters…made me reconsider that flare of red dye- and the name entirely- but at this stage of writing, I hadn’t come up with any name for him yet. So he’s just “Hinomoto.”


A flash of green light diminished as Those traveling from Green Zone emerged from the portal, leaving them on a low cliff face.

“The ocean…!” Zenjirou blinked. “It’s the ocean!”

Shoutmon dusted himself off, then turned to survey those who came through. “Hey, did everyone make it through all right?”

There were no complaints, although the Red Pickmon did mutter something about getting sand in his ears.

“Hmm…” Akari glanced about for a few moments. “Those Hangyomon down on the beach are definitely not locals.”

Jijimon (Suddenly making his presence known, and having everyone jump) frowned as one of the Hangyomon happened to smash through a small rock with it’s spear. “But the villagers aren’t here… Some-thing’s wrong.”

Taiki nodded. “Hmm… What would you say to us splitting up?”

“One Xros Loader each?” Akari asked.

“Akari would go check on the village, and Taiki to the beach.” Jijimon theorized. “Perfectly reasonable!”

“Sounds like a plan.” Akari grinned.

Lila grinned as she wrapped an arm around Zenjirou. “What would you say to us going off for a little swim when this is all over?” she whispered in his ear.

The Kendo student froze solid, despite being on a tropical island.

Dorulumon shook his head and sighed. “Yare yare.”

Lila flirts with Zenjirou here. This early in their relationship? Yes. It seems that his big ol’ “throw the sword” move got him a lot of points towards her, even though it wasn’t his idea. Dorulumon agrees with me that this is stupid, and thus begins his catch phrase: “Good Grief”/”Yare Yare.”

Borrowed exactly from Kyon from the Haruhi-Series.


One of the Hangyomon sighed. “Why are we digging around a beach for when we don’t even know the Code Crown’s even here?”

Another whaped him on the head with the back end of his spear. “Oi, don’t complain. Neptunemon’ll have out heads if we don’t do what he orders.”

“Ruthless son of a Lilithmon, isn’t he?” A third joked.

“I wouldn’t say that around Lilithmon, though! She’s even more likely to rip you in half!” The first laughed.

“Oi… Is that a villager?” A fourth Hangyomon asked as he spotted a small form hurriedly running towards them.

“Looks like it…” The Second nodded. “I wonder what’s gotten him so spooked to be running towards us of all people?”

Then, they got a closer look at the form. A Bunny rabbit. A Pink one. With glowing green eyes.

“Uh…” The first gulped. “I Don’t think that’s a village-”

He didn’t get a chance to finish his sentence as, from above, Zenjirou came falling, Chibick/Rare Star Sword raised above his head. “CHORD CUTTER!”

Before the second Hangyomon could react to his comrade’s death, Cutemon’s supernaturally powered fist came smashing into his waist. “KYUUU!” Not a Second later, Lopmon landed on the Hangyomon’s head, spinning like a top. “TINY TWISTER!”

And Before The Third and Fourth Hangyomon could exclaim random expletives of shock, a glowing hybrid of Ballistamon and Dorulumon let loose six concentrated blasts of energy upon them and the other remaining Hangyomon.


As Kiriha would say, there’s no kill like over kill.

Hangyomon. Not Divermon. Not Scubamon. HANGYOMON. I am stubbornly sticking to the original name on these guys! Also: here we have one of the Manga Xrosses appearing.


The Archelomon elder could only watch with worry as the Gizamon continued to round up his villagers.

“Now tell us, Old man.” The leader of the Gizamon pack started. “Where is your Code Crown hidden?”

“Code…Cable?” Archelomon blinked. “What Code Cable?”

“Not ‘Code Cable’!” The Gizamon slapped his paw onto his forehead. “Code Crown! Where is it!”

“I don’t know…” Archelomon replied honestly.

“Stop playing dumb, Old Man!” The Gizamon growled. “Tell us where the Code Crown is, or else we’ll find it force-ably!”

“That’ll be a bit hard.” Archelomon started. “You don’t even know where it is!”

Gizamon was quickly loosing his patience. “Listen Up Old man! We’ll find that code crown even if we have to brush away every single grain of sand on this pitiful excuse for an island to find it!”

“Brush… Brush…” Archelomon’s eyes started to widen as he started to remember… “PAINT BRUSH!” He held up said item, a wooden handled, boar hair lined Paint Brush.

Gizamon stared at the Elder in confusion. “Where in the world did he just get that?”

… I have no clue where Archelomon got that paint brush. Yeah… Archelomon’s story substance basically equals: “Old man hard of hearing jokes.” That’s all I could bring into this story from him.

Meanwhile, One of the rounded up villagers, a Chibi-Kamemon, sighed. ‘Shouto-nii-san, Akari-onee-chan… Are you guys allright?’

As if in response to his internal question, twin bursting flares of fire came soaring from across the village floor, Smashing into several Gizamon as they went.

“SOUL CRUSHER!” Shoutmon’s roaring soul smashed the eardrums of a few air pressure sensitive Gizamon.

“ROCK DAMASHII!” Akari’s thrown Musical note exploded with a resound “thud” against it’s target.

“Eh? Who are you?” the Gizamon leader narrowed his eyes at the two Generals.

“You really don’t know?” Shoutmon asked with a raised eyebrow.

“It seems he doesn’t.” Akari sighed with fake disappointment.

“Then we’ll just have to tell him then!” Shoutmon grinned at her.

“Yes, let’s!” Akari grinned back.

“Is everyone on this island just plain nuts?” The Gizamon leader blinked.

“The ‘Mon who’ll one day become King!” Shoutmon held up his mic-stand in a fancy pose. “Shoutmon!”

“The Girl with fire in her heart!” Akari spun around in a circle, then winked. “Akari Hinomoto!”

Then, the two Generals jumped into the air, swinging their Mic-stands. “Engrave it onto your hearts!” The Gizamon leader paled as they came right towards him. “Oname wa… XROS HEART!”

Twin cries of that off-beat guitar rift later, and the Gazimon leader had two matching mountains forming on his head.


Yeah, this is basically Shoutmon and Akari having fun with Sentai themed roll calls. Do they even get TV in the digital world? The answer is yes. So this was probably them just goofing off and doing something ‘fun.’ Also, the beginning of the “Seems they don’t know!” joke!


Nene Amano smirked as she watched Xros Heart take on Neptunemon’s army on two separate fronts, little knowing of the events that would soon follow. “Red is impressive… They fight with a strong fire in their souls. Orange has a limitless imagination, and endless potential.” She turned from the two Monitamon surveying Island Zone to the Monitamon surveying Green Zone. “But Blue is ruthless, fighting for a common good, but as cold as ice while doing so.”

On screen was MailBirdramon smashing through a Bagura employed Okuwamon with his Plasma Cannon attack, the brutal hole carved into the grey bug’s chest- sending shivers down her back. “Brutal indeed.”

“Such power.” The dark armored bulk nodded. “You would do well to chose him. The other boy is too…” he struggled for the word. “Pure.” There was a moment’s pause and the dark bulk braced himself for a gun shot that never came.

Monimon, from her spot in Nene’s arms, looked around in surprise. “Ne, ne, Where’s Sparrow-chan?”

The bird was nowhere to be seen.

More Dark Knightmon being mysterious. Ooooh. Secretly, and he doesn’t know why, he’s an avid KiriNe shipper. Just another layer to the pile of “Everyone can see it,” I guess?


The Gizamon were retreating immediately. Not a moment after their Leader had been knocked unconscious by the double strike, there had been a cry of “Digi-Xros!” and suddenly the girl was holding a glowing red sword.


The subordinate leader suddenly had his back spikes cut clean off. “EEP!” His eyes widened in fright.

And so, they were retreating.

“Neptunemon’s not gonna like this!” Another Gizamon cried out in terror. “We totally didn’t expect this!”

“AIIEEEE!” A third cried out in horror as her fur suddenly gained a burned clear patch in the shape of the Xros Heart Logo.

“And Don’t Come Back!” Shoutmon smirked as the last of the Gizamon retreated into the ocean.

“Heh… That was fun.” Akari smiled as she twirled the Star Sword around at it’s hilt. “They didn’t even try to stay behind to fight!”

Gizamon get kicked out, some escaping. Not much to say on that.


There was only ONE Hangyomon left, such was the effectiveness of Taiki’s plan.

“Eh… erm… I surrender?” The Hangyomon offered, then paled as Zenjirou’s sword was pointed directly at his face. “You’re not buying that, are you?”

“Nope.” Zenjirou smirked, a small bit of pride showing on his face.

“Well, I guess it was worth a try…!” The Hangyomon braced for Zenjirou to deliver the finishing strike when…

“Now go tell your general a message.” Taiki started, making the Hangyomon’s eyes pop open in shock. “Leave Island Zone in peace, or we’ll be forced to do to you what we did to Mach and Mad Leomon.”

Dorulumon growled. “Now Go.”

The Hangyomon was gone before the “w” even left Dorulumon’s mouth.

Lila then wrapped her arms around Zenjirou, a smile on her face. “That went well! Now how about that swim?”

Zenjirou paled. “Er, ah…”

HANGYOMON! He survives! This fish, for whatever inexplicable reason, survives to live another day!! Why? To Deliver a message, of course!

Made of Data and born in the digital realm: Digimon. They laugh, fight, and cry just like us! They’re our special friends! Let’s gather up as many teammates as we can! Come along with us on this marvelous adventure through the world!


*Cue Never Give Up! (Tv Size) By Sonar Pocket*

Blah blah, here’s the opening credits with some slight updated text. I think I was slowly changing this as the story went on, and as it went on, I believe It hit the exact text as the normal opening once. *shrug*


Both the lone Hangyomon and the subordinate Gizamon were bowed before the merman Olympian that was the General Neptunemon.

“A boy with an orange Xros Loader and a girl with a red?” Neptunemon asked curiously, then laughed. “And they even dare to threaten us with idle pleasantries?”

The Hangyomon grimaced. Their General wasn’t taking this seriously? The Boy decimated his search party within sixty seconds! The Gizamon subordinate frowned as well. Their pack leader was captured, and Neptunemon was laughing? Where did this guy go for military training?

“Ah, regardless…” Neptunemon turned towards a communication’s monitor. “Lord Tactimon will want to hear about this.” he pressed a button to connect through to the Bagura Empire. “Lord Tactimon-sama!”

“Well, I’m glad to hear you think I’m ‘sama’ worthy, but I’m not the Tactician.” Lilithmon smirked as Neptunemon’s face contorted in shock. “What do you want exactly?”

“Er…Um…Lilthmon-sama…” Neptunemon looked away briefly, trying to compose his thoughts. “The.. ah… The “Xros Heart” team has arrived in Island Zone. I was just reporting in this important-”

“Ah, the Fire team, eh?” Lilithmon had flinched at the name, but was trying to keep her cool. “Be careful, fish boy, they defeated both MachLeomon and MadLeomon.”

“Ch… Those two weaklings?” Neptunemon scoffed. “I always said they relied on that absorption ability too much! It’s a last resort only!”

“Regardless. Do not take them Lightly.” Tactimon came into view. “Lilithmon, what have I said about taking my calls for me?”

“Aw, Tactician, you’re no fun!”

“This is a war, Lilithmon. There is no fun to be found.”

And, as the two commanding officers of the Bagura Army began to go back and forth in their argument, Neptunemon grimaced. ‘Fools. I’m surrounded by fools… They’ll see… Soon enough.’

And back to Bagura: Tactimon and Lilithmon have a…very interesting relationship here. Later on, I decided to make them Moirails, the <> relationship in Homestuck. It’s kind of funny in hindsight.


“The Code Crown…” the Gizamon leader started sleepily. “What’s a code crown again?”

Shoutmon sighed. “This is getting nowhere…”

Starmon rolled his eyes behind his sunglasses. “Well, Brother, I for one am finding this hilarious!”

A silver pickmon jumped in with a scroll of paper and began to recite it’s contents with a militarily like drill instructor toned voice. “Three Requests for ‘Pocky’, ten confirmations of ‘yeah, I’m a Pink elephant’, nine mentions of some girl named ‘Susane’, seven BlastCast Server account confirmations, twenty separate recounts of last year’s ‘evil empire Christmas party’- Need I go On?”

The Gizamon leader watched dizzily as the Pickmon vanished again. “Woah…Dude… Did you see that cone…?”

Shoutmon slapped his hand against his face. “Doh!”

Ah! The “old man hard of hearing” thing is contagious! Poor Gizamon caught it! Pocky, elephants, Susane and Blast-cast, Oh My! Also, an URU-Fandom reference: When You’re Phil, with the Cone and /doh Combo!


Dorulumon’s eyes narrowed as he spotted a white flag slicing through the water towards them. “What the…?”

A moment later, the Hangyomon from before surfaced from the water, holding the white flag in place of his harpoon.

“Did your general give a reply?” Taiki asked the panting scuba diver.

“Yeah, and personally, I don’t like it!” The Hangyomon replied with a twinge of annoyance. “Stupid merman…”

Zenjirou raised an eyebrow. “Eh…? Your general’s a merman?”

“Neptunemon.” Dorulumon surmised. “An Olympian. Rumored to be more powerful then MachLeomon.”

“That’s the guy…!” Hangyomon replied as he held up his white flag. “Look, I’m just going to say this right here and now… Neptunemon’s mad. Ever since he was kicked out by his fellow Olympians, he’s had this incurable thirst for power!”

“Bagura Generals tend to be that way.” Dorulumon noted, bringing the Hangyomon’s attention to him.

“AH! You’re Dorulumon!”

“Yeah? What about it?” The wolf narrowed his eyes. “I thought we established this al-”

“Please Sir!” The scuba diver bowed suddenly, cutting him off mid sentence. “Take me under your wing! Let me become your student!”

Lila blinked. “Is this some kind of joke?” She whispered to Zenjirou.

“He’s not finding it funny if it is…” the Kendo Student replied with a smirk as he watch Dorulumon struggle to find the words at Hangyomon’s sudden request. “But I know I am.”

Hangyomon knows not to be antagonistic to the guys who spared his life in what probably equated to a massacre. But in all seriousness- Hangyomon was planning on turning tail eventually. Now’s just as good of a chance as any. Akari and Shoutmon are- by this point- caught up helping with keeping the islander kids distracted. Essentially. Sort of. Eh…Not really voluntarily. Anyways! Neptunemon sends his army to attack.


Neptunemon’s orders were to attack the island once more- and destroy it to take the Code Crown. For Hangyomon, that had been the last straw. He was defecting to Xros Heart’s side- the winning team, as he’d called it.

Now, the carriers were making their approach to the island, and several fresh waves of Hangyomon and Gizamon were making their way towards the island. Little did they know, someone was also making their way to the boats. Taiki, Zenjirou, Lila, Lopmon, Cutemon, the Red pickmon, several white Pickmon, and Hangyomon were swimming their way across to the boats that were fast approaching, while Dorulumon and Ballistamon stood on the beach to repulse the invaders and… how to say?… provide a distraction.

Basically, that paragraph says about as much as it needs to.

Well, let’s just say that as the invasion began anew, the few Hangyomon staffed on Carrier #42 were in for a nasty surprise. A surprise in the form of warrior-in-training Cutemon. The pink bunny spontaneously floated out of the water, surrounded by a green sphere of energy.

“Uh… Is that guy an islander?” One of the Hangyomon on deck asked before the energy sphere expanded out like an exploding bubble, forcing all those not already in the water- well- into it.

As Cutemon landed on the deck again, Lopmon stared in curiosity. “You’re really going to have to explain how you can do that one of these days…”

Taiki just gave a thumbs up, however. “Nice attack.”

“Thank you, Kyu.” Cutemon bowed slightly.

Hangyomon just stared at his floundering (former) comrades. “I’m glad I’m not with them anymore.”

A repeat of the “Islander” question. And Cutemon has some unusual powers under his belt. I don’t think he ever uses that shield power again though. Hm, Maybe in the next chapter I write?

The Hangyomon Captain of Carrier #209 was surveying the attacks on the beach front with glee. While the Wolf and the Mecha were doing a fairly good job of holding the attack force off {Read: Completely obliterating them}, they would soon tire out, and be overwhelmed.

Well, that was until Carrier #42 turned it’s on board cannons upon carrier #209 and fired.

So yeah. This is the plan.

The Captain of Carrier #76 gasped as carrier #209 was deleted into nothing. “Carrier Fourty-Two! That was a direct breach of our terms of conduct!” He roared into the intercom. “Why did your primary cannons just go off on Carrier Two-Oh-Ni-”

And suddenly, with a giant FWHAM, Carrier #76 was no more- killed by a direct hit from Carrier #53.

Basically, they’re shooting at each other.


The sounds of cannon fire usually made Neptunemon smile in a twisted delight.

Not today.

For some odd reason, several carriers had gone rogue- spontaneously firing on their fellow Mantaraymon carriers.

And the cause?

Someone had deliberately given orders to half of the ships saying that he- Lord Neptunemon- had declared the other half to be traitors planning a surprise sneak attack.

Within five minutes, his entire Mantaraymon Carrier fleet- the proud work of several years of growth and construction- was destroyed entirely, excluding a few survivors here and there.

None were in any condition to fight.

It works rather well, don’t you agree? Neptunemon doesn’t agree, so he sends someone to take care of this.

Then, the sneering, absolutely horrifying, twisted face of Octomon rose above the new Skylight in the Mantaraymon’s cabin. “Heeeelllooooo…” he waved his sword around dramatically. “My tasty, tasty lunch!”

Octomon. Geeze. He wants to eat them all for lunch. Xros Heart fights back, and….

In a blinding flash of light, the Pickmon were merging into that oh-so-familiar Kendo sword. “Rare Star Sword!” Then, as the Xros finished, The Red Pickmon took on a demented smile. “IT’S SUSHIIIII TIME!”

Red Pickmon yells something random. This is actually a pretty clever threat when you think about it. They’re going to eat Octomon raw.

“LOPMON! LILLYMON! DIGI-XROS!” Taiki ordered another Xros- Fully expecting ONLY Turuiemon Xros Two with Lila’s wings.

Oh, if only Lila didn’t have different ideas.

“Hey Zenjirou!” She winked as she shot up into the air in a green beam of energy. “Watch this!”

“oh no…” Lopmon winced as her beam of energy then collided with Lila’s. “XROS SHINKAA!”

Emerging from the light show display was Turuiemon X2 wearing a light green skirt, a loosely worn Green T-shirt, and having Lila’s wings. She still had her swords strapped to her ears, but the blades were painted with growing vines and wave patterns. Essentially- A version of X2 that wouldn’t be weighed down by water should she end up landing in it. “TURIEMON: XROS TWO LILLY!” {Read more formally as: X2L. Also, her voice is almost completely Lopmon’s, with only slight amounts of Lila’s voice slipping through.}

Zenjirou stared in awe, while Taiki was more focused on the Xros Loader. “So their own wills can alter the Xros too?” he blinked. Why did it work like that?

Taiki learns a lesson on Digi-Xrosses here. Just because you EXPECT a Xros to come out one way, doesn’t mean the Xros will follow.

Akari + Lopmon = Turuiemon X2: A Turuiemon wearing ninja clothes. Lila + Lopmon = Turuiemon X2L: A Turuiemon wearing beach clothes, with the wings Taiki wanted.

The stronger a will, the more different a Xros will be, basically. And Lila, still flirting with Zenjirou, gives us, basically, A fanservice mode to TuruiemonX2.

This Xros manages to beat Octomon, and all seems well… Except for when Octomon kills the boat under them and absorbs its data, becoming MarineDevimon.

They all get knocked into the water, and in a Xros-Sequence we miss due to it occurring out of the Point of view of those on the beach, Hangyomon cements his heel face turn by Xrossing with X2L.

“TURUIEMON XROS TWO LILLY SCUBA!” the fusion called out once she had a bit of air to breathe. X2LS, that was the title of the fusion between X2L and Hangyomon.

As MarineDevimon rolled his head back into place, he growled in annoyance as he saw that his prisoners had been set free from that attack. And that boy- that infuriating boy with the orange Xros Loader- he was smirking. MarineDevimon growled. ‘I should’ve ripped his arms off while I had the chance!’

X2LS is Turuiemon with the Fairy wings, only instead of dressed in beach gear, now wears a scuba suit.

The perfect Digi-Xros: X2LS had wings for flight; a Scuba diver’s suit, rebreather, and air tank for water; and strong mussles and ninja like reactions for land.

“Let me think about it…” Lila’s voice seemed to be more dominant now as she pretended to think for a few seconds. “How about ‘No’?”

“RAH!” MarineDevimon went to throw another of his tentacle fists, but was cut off- literally- by X2LS’s amazing speed.

There was a splash, and a spray of Data, as MarineDevimon’s left most arm-tentacle-thing fell off of it’s limb and dissolved away. The Squid roared in pain.

“Had enough yet?” Turuiemon X2LS asked as innocently as she could manage with her head tilted to a side. “Or do I hav’ta get rough with ya?”

“NEVER!” MarineDevimon threw a punch with one of his remaining arms, but- sadly (for him)- it was cut off as well. He roared and screamed in pain.

Hmf, why the heek are some of these words coming up as ‘misspelled’ when I remember correcting them? Meh. Doesn’t matter.

This was all the opening one certain pink bunny rabbit and once certain Fariy-scuba-ninja Xros needed.

“KYUUU!” Cutemon threw a punch at MarineDevimon’s forehead while X2LS…


…Went for his neck.

And suddenly, the screams of pain were silenced by the wondrous sound of Data dissolving into the air.

Once MarineDevimon’s killed (OFF WITH HIS HEAD!), everyone watches with horror or awe. Tactimon, after this, reminds Neptunemon that he warned him about Xros Heart. Warning that if he’s not careful there WON’T be a next time to do better.

The episode ends with the introduction of Digi-Noir as a foodstuff and a commodity in the Digital World, and the explanation that the only way to get to the Code Crown is through the path the Digi-Noir takes on its way to a temple as part of a festival.

“Looking up Data on our enemies…” A Chibi-Monitamon recites to the Chibi-Audience. “STARMONZ!” he brought up a picture of Starmon, and several Pickmon. “Their techniques include making Pickmon soar through the air to hit the opponent with Meteor Squall and ‘Wish Upon A Star’! The More that hit you, the greater the chances that your wish will come true, Kame!”

Chibi-Shoutmon jumped on stage, finger pointed “OBJECTION!” style at Chibi-Monitamon. “Quit Acting Cute!”

This episode ends with an Ace Attorney’s “OBJECTION!”

“Eh! The Code Crown’s Underground, you say?”

“Shoutmon! Look out!”

“We Flymon will be sure to get the Code Crown for Island Zone!”

“Do you wish to save this Zone’s Melody?”

“Next Time: Digimon Xros Wars! Akari, Shining Memory!

“Neptunemon… You’re Next!”

And so this episode ends. woot.


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