Xros Wars AU 02 — CH3

Welcome back! Time for CHAPTER THREE!

Read it here first, please, if you’re coming into this fresh, please!

“So, what’s that thing in the sky?” Zenjirou asked as he looked up. “It looks like some sort of mirror.”

“It’s another zone.” Lila smiled. “The only one close enough for us to freely travel without harm.”

“Eh?” Zenjirou blinked. “What does that mean?”

“It’s…” she looked away suddenly. “Nothing you need to be concerned with.”

“Hmm…” He frowned. “Hey, um, didn’t you say something earlier about the human world?”

She looked back, a confused look on her face. “Huh?” Then, confusion switched to realization. “Oh! Did I? Right… Well…” She closed her eyes and thought for a moment. “My parents always said that they were native to that world… But, I was born here, and I’ve never seen it in person.”

“It’s nothing special, really.” Zenjirou started. “Just school and work and loads of political problems.”

Lila laughed. “Well, that’s the way I feel about this place!”

He stared at her for a moment, then laughed as well. “Yeah, I guess I can see that.”

Then, silence, excluding some chirping bird somewhere, and the distant beat of drums from the village.

“Hey, um…” he started. “If we- er- Yeah, if we ever find a way back to the human world, would you come with me?”

She stared at him in return, a blank look on her face. “Zenjirou…”

We open with Zenjirou and Lila bonding the night before. We get foreshadowing on Island Zone, and Zenjirou makes a promise to Lila he isn’t sure he can keep. Also, I was making some lame attempt at keeping the days straight here too. Let’s see if I can do the same?

For the record, we’re now on Day two.

The Three Generals, Tactimon, Lilithmon, and Blastmon, each took a step forwards towards the communication screen that connected them to their leader, Baguramon.

“Welcome, my generals.” Baguramon’s voice echoed through the bright monitor. “How goes the conquest of the Digital World?”

Lilithmon cast a glance at Tactimon, and Blastmon just lowly mumbled “Tac-chan’s gonna get it.”


Tactimon coughed. “My lord, Baguramon. I’m… Sorry to inform you, but the Green Zone has proved to be a substantial road block in our plans.”

Bagura laughed. “How much resistance can a small, measly village put up? Perhaps I should replace you all with someone more… competent?” although there was a joking tone to his voice, the three Generals knew not to tempt their master.

Tactimon narrowed his eyes, and decided to hold his trump card in reserve. “A boy with an Red Xros Loader arrived in the village not too long ago, and is the cause of all of our trouble.”

Lilithmon, had she been drinking anything, would have spit out her drink at that comment. “W..What!” Tactimon made a “Shh!” sound in reply.

“A Red Xros Loader, you say?” Bagura’s voice trailed off into thought. “As if we needed that wrench thrown into our plans.”

Tactimon nodded. “Agreed. This is most unfortunate, when we count the Blue Xros Loader already in existence.”

Blastmon went to say something, but Baguramon began to talk as well. “Well, then. I’m afraid I’ll have to cut this meeting short. We’ll re-convene tomorrow afternoon.” and with that, the monitor cut to static.

Tactimon sighed as the static filled the chamber for the few short moments that it took for his fellow generals to realize that the meeting had adjourned, then…

“Ah, Tac-chan?” Blastmon started. “Why’d you tell Bagura-sama that it was a boy who had the Red Xros Loader?”

“And since when did a human boy enter the mix?” Lilithmon growled. “I didn’t hear anything regarding that!”

“Yeah, where did you get the idea that a boy was there anyways?” Blastmon continued.

Tactimon held up his hand to silence his comrades before they began to argue. “I said what I said because according to MadLeomon, a boy did fall into the battle involving Xros Heart.” Even saying the name in causal conversation made the three shiver in fright. “I don’t want Baguramon to know that the Xros Loader, even if it is Red, is in the hands of Hinomoto’s daughter.” he paused for a moment, then added. “Not yet, at least.”

Lilithmon glared at the armored warrior for a moment, then turned towards a nearby polished pillar to adjust her hair slightly as she replied. “Well, I hope you know what you’re doing, Tactician.”

GLUUUUUUUUB. Time travel made such a mess of this. What once came off as a “Brilliant” strategy on the part of Tactimon begins to fall down into “Plot Induced Stupidity.” BLUH.  Although: Tactimon’s ploy here begins to fit into the time traveler ploy, somewhat. I don’t know. These early scenes with the Generals really need the most rewriting of anything.

Kiriha and Jijimon chat for a little bit, and Taiki gets introduced to the Wristers- Wait. “Lister”?

Taiki blinked as he was suddenly handed a small, red, wrist mounted device with the Xros Heart Logo on the top. “Eh? What’s this?”

“It’s a Lister.” Shoutmon explained easily. “There’s bound to be a battle coming soon, so we all need one just in case we get separated.”

Akari held up her left wrist, showing her own Lister device. “They’re really handy, actually. Sometimes the entire events of battles have hinged on our being able to relay information.”


Anyways, Lopmon introduces us to the “Card slot” on the Loaders by mentioning that they have a Code Crown shaped slot for those and similarly shaped items. Why this is like that, Ballistamon lampshades as convenient.

Taiki frowned as he looked at the device. “Who designed these?”

“I’d like to know that too.” Dorulumon added. “They’re quite advanced compared to most technology around here.”

Akari took point this time. “All I know is that ours fell from the sky, and I think Kiriha said something about his asking him to restore harmony or something.”

HILARIOUS-IN-HINDSIGHT: Hephaestus, who is inside Taiki’s brain at this point, made the Loaders.

Also, Akari is LYING. She knows where hers came from, beyond it “falling from the sky.”

WE now cut to Bagura again, where MACH LEOMON, MADLEOMON’S BROTHER, is raging against Tactimon.

“Don’t play coy with me, Tactician!” The Lion roared, pointing one of his long, sharp swords at him. “I know you sent my brother in with full expectations that he would be deleted! And I hope you know damn well that I’m not going to stand by and let his death go unpunished!”

Time Travel makes this particular line oh-so-delicious in the accuracy department. Also, unusual remark: “Deleted” over “Death.” There’s a subtle difference in this world.

Anyways, MachLeomon isn’t happy about his new assignment, but he follows along. Once in Green Zone:

MachLeomon begrudgingly exited the portal from the Empire’s zone with a snarl. “Fine, Tactimon, we’ll play along with your plan for now… But I won’t be defeated so easily.”

Drimojimon came out of the portal behind him. “Sir, I recommend plan Four B.”

“Ah, the Behemoth?” The lion smirked. “Yesss… Not even Tactimon has seen this plan in action…” A glint flashed in his eyes. “Perfect. Drimojimon, set to work.”

“Right sir.” he nodded, then began to tunnel into the ground.

MachLeomon’s smirk grew into a full out demonic smile. ‘Soon, my brother. Soon your death shall be avenged!’

You can tell that we were in Heaven Zone in canon by this point. I made a straight out reference to X4B’s formation here.

Through the screen of a Monitamon, Nene Amano smirked as she watched MachLeomon’s army of Apemon begin their approach of the Vilage of Smiles. “Oh you silly, silly kitten.”

A Dark, heavily armored form behind her shifted it’s weight. “Your plan to test Xros Heart and Blue Flare is an impressive one, My lady.”

“Eh, I still don’t get it.” one of the few Monitamon in the room commented dryly. “She goes to all this trouble to trick Bagura into sending one of it’s toughest generals into a fight with two of the leading opposing armies in the war, for what exactly?”

The Monitamon next to him elbowed the spy in the shoulder. “Shh! Don’t be so loud!”

Too late, the dark, armored form turned to face the two. “We go to this trouble to find her a groom, and to sire the strongest army the Digital world has ever seen.”

This comment made the girl blush slightly, but otherwise seemed to ignore the comment. However, the one last occupant of the room didn’t take it so lightly.


A sharp, 9 mm. bullet whooshed past the armored form’s helmet. “Hmm, I barely felt the breeze from that.” the bulk wryly dismissed the attack.

“I won’t miss the next time you joke around like that.” A lightly armored, yellow digimon carrying twin 9 mm. guns frowned at the knight, sever annoyance resounding in her high pitched voice.

The armored bulk growled, and The Monimon on the yellow digimon’s head paled. “Ne, ne, did you have to make him angry, Sparrow-san?”

The Aeroplane like digimon had no reply.


This is my FAVORITE of the early scenes. It sets up DarkKnightmon’s bastard plans so well, and signals that Sparrowmon is bound to lean onto the HERO’S side. The implication here is that Nene *told* MachLeomon about his brother’s death. DarkKnightmon’s plot to get Nene to “sire” an army is a literal one. He wants her to marry one of the two generals and have their KIDS. Or rather, that’s the immediate interpretation, and was the one I was going for when I wrote this. In reality, he just wants her to have sex with one of them so he can steal their *combined* genetic material and use it to fuel the Shademon project.

Keep in mind, this was his *long term* goal, over the course of a few years! Before Taiki arrived, The Digital World’s current equilibrium would have left him enough time to grow an army of Shademon enhanced Digimon, *AND* create the Darkness Loader.

Man, I just love making my bad guys so despicable, don’t you?

“Well, I can say this.” Kiriha started as he exited the elder’s hut. “Jijimon may be old, but he’s got good advice.”

Akari smiled at the general. “That girl you’ve been crushing on?”

Kiriha looked away abruptly. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Oh come on, Anouma.” Shoutmon smirked. “You know what we’re talking about for sure!”

Oh, and by the way, EVERYONE CAN SEE IT between Kiriha and Nene, even if they haven’t SEEN them together. 😛

Lila put a hand on his shoulder, making him jump slightly. “You okay?”

He wanted to say yes, but… “No.” He muttered before looking up at the Zone reflected in the sky. “This Kiriha guy just makes something inside me twich like that one Geometry teacher I had once.”

The Lilymon blinked. “Geometry? What’s that?”

“Ah… Nevermind.” Zenjirou sighed. “My point is, that teacher was bad news, he didn’t even have a licence to teach Algebra, let alone geometry!”

“Algebra?” the Lilymon blinked again. “What’s…?”

“AHH!” Zenjirou stamped his foot into the ground. “Didn’t I already say to forget about it!”

Then, there was a sharp crack through the air. And No- before any of you assume it was Lila slapping Zenjirou for his sudden outburst- it was, in fact, the ground splitting open from where Zenjirou had stamped his foot into the ground.

The crack quickly shot across the village floor for a good ten feet, widening in the middle, and thinning at the edges.

The red Pickmon whistled. “Wow, I didn’t think he had it in him.”

Everyone else just stared in shock and awe at the sudden fissure in the ground.

Taiki blinked. “Wh…What…?”

Before he could even formulate his thoughts, spontaneously, a Bamboo shoot shot out of the middle of the fissure- catching Zenjirou in his side- and way up into the sky- carrying the hapless Kendo student all the way to the top floor as he held on for dear life.

“Zenjirou!” Lila cried out in shock. “Are you allright?”

Geometry. And Algebra.


Past me.



Poor Zenjirou.

“A Twin brother, infact.” came the voice of said Digimon. “So you’re the ones who deleted my precious twin?”

Mach is Mad’s TWIN brother, by the way. Can’t you just SMELL the similarities between them??

Taiki took a step forward, before anyone could react. “I did!” To this, everyone blinked or gasped. What was Taiki thinking? He didn’t have any involvement in that battle other then Xrossing a few Pickmon into a rope! “I defeated MadLeomon!” to prove his point he withdrew his orange Xros Loader.

Shoutmon jumped forward next as well. “Hey! Don’t forget me! I helped blast that Orochimon to smithereens too!”

“Shouto!” Akari groaned. “Not you too!”

Taiki glanced at the Digimon next to him. “What are you doing?”

“I can’t let our new general get deleted by doing something stupid, now can I?” Shoutmon shrugged. “Otherwise, what else are we supposed to do…”

Wow. Shoutmon and Taiki stepping up there, huh? If you didn’t know any better, you’d think they were the stars of this show!

“Fool!” MachLeomon began to approach the boy and digimon. “My Apemon are specially modified, having absorbed enough powdered chrome digi-zoid to be immune to any sort of long range attack! My fur is ALSO modified in the same way!”

“Really?” Shoutmon’s shock then turned into a confident smile. “Thanks for the tip off!” With that, he jumped towards MachLeomon, a music note shaped fireball suddenly forming in his hand. “ROCK DAMASHIIII!” He threw the fire shaped music note into MachLeomon’s face at point blank range.


The Apemon and even Taiki winced as MachLeomon’s body went flying into one of the growing bamboo shoots- splitting it clean in two.

Shoutmon performed a backflip mid air, then landed on the ground next to Taiki with a smirk on his face. “Well, who’s next?”

None of the Apemon seemed to want to be “next.”

Hah. Shoutmon. Will you never stop being so persistent? He just jumps up and basically punches an un-damageable wall with fire, point blank, and sends it flying into another un-damageable wall.

Blastmon cheered. “Woah! Did ya see that Explosion, Tac-chan!”

“You do realize you’re rooting for the other team, don’t you?” Lilithmon glared at the crystalline bulk.

“Eh…Sorry, explosions make me all tingly inside!” Blastmon smiled apologetically.

Tactimon, however, ignored their conversation. “I’ll have to make note in my report then: those in field were mis-informed, it’s an orange Xros Loader, not a red one.”


“Good. Now look around.” Dorulumon’s voice cut in suddenly. “Do you see any patch of ground with a glowing spot on it?”

Zenjirou’s eyes widened. “You want me to do what!”

“Just Look to see if you can spot any sort of glowing patch of ground.” Dorulumon’s voice repeated.

It’s Dorulumon who tells Zenjirou to look for the Weakspot of “Plan 4B”, probably because he’s seen it used before.

“Gureimon! Use Mega Flame! Golemon! MailBirdramon!” Kiriha ordered. “DIGIXROS!”



There was another flash, and Several Apemon were set to a sudden fire dance while MailBirdramon, with a Golemon modified tail hammer swept in to smash them into data.

Ironically: Kiriha/Typheus later come to have a Hammer Tail.

Allthough the heavy fighters of the battle were doing a good job of holding off most of the Apemon, a few still managed to escape to cause havoc for the villagers.

“Bone Boomerang!” One cried as it raised it’s stick to squash a white pickmon.


But, before he could do so, several Silver Pickmon jumped in to save their friends.

“You don’t mess with our family, Brother!” One particularly brave Silver Pickmon cried before twirling like a top and plowing through an Apemon’s chest with intense speed.

“BLAZING ICE!” Lopmon cried out before shooting at another Apemon. The attack did little to provide damage to the Apemon, but it did bring it’s attention from a hapless Sunflowmon to the tiny Lopmon.

“You shouldn’t have done that.” the ape sneered.

“No, You shouldn’t have.” Before Lopmon or the Apemon realized that neither of them had said that, a blinding blur of Pink burst out of a nearby bush and smashed it’s tiny fist into the Apemon’s skull with a spontaneous flash of green. “KYU!”

The Apemon was deleted, and the pink blur continued to hop across the battle field, attacking Apemon as he came across it. “What… What was that?” Lopmon gasped in shock as the pink form, no taller than she was, weaved across the village in it’s pursuit of… justice?


A Dondokomon cried out in terror as one of the few remaining Apemon raised it’s club. “Time to say bye bye, mister drum drum!” The ape sneered.

Then, the pink blur rebounded off a bamboo stalk, off the wall over the Dondokomon, and into the Apemon’s chest, sending the monkey into the ground. Dondokomon stared in awe at his saviour, a Pink bunny like digimon, with a long flowing red scarf around his neck, and eyes and fists glowing a brilliant green. “KYUU!”

“W…Wh…?” The apemon managed to groan. “What are you..?”

“Oname wa…” The digimon then back-flipped off of the ape, scattering the digimon’s data. “CUTEMON!”

Dondokomon could only watch in amazement as- from the back flip- Cutemon landed slightly on a wall, then rebounded off towards another Apemon. “Wow… What a cool guy…!”

And here it is: Cutemon’s cementing his status as a Cute Bruiser. And Dondokomon gets introduced, pretty much. Then there’s some clever ping-ponging with Digi-xrosses…

And then Zenjirou gets his Chibick Sword, with the Red Pickmon shouting off a reference to Haruhi Suzumiya… And MachLeomon’s plan fails immediately.

Finally, Xros Three gets formed, and the Code Crown descends on Mach Leomon’s defeat.

Suddenly, the monitor on MachLeomon cut to a red screen. Tactimon frowned under his helmet. “And Another one is taken.”

Blastmon sighed. “Another tasty gem wasted on someone else.”

Lilithmon smirked slightly, “You knew they’d win, didn’t you, Tactician?”

“Call it a ‘trial’ run, if you will.” Tactimon offhandedly commented, otherwise not seeming displeased by this turn of events.

Ironic comments considering the future story line.

Anyways, Cutemon and Dorulumon reunite, and the Nene shows up, riding on Sparrowmon’s back.


Chibi-Shoutmon jumped up on stage, jaw dropping. “W…Weekend Carpenter?” Meanwhile, a Chibi-Akari blushed at the thought of Dorulumon in overalls… Don’t ask me why she was thinking this, because I honestly Do. Not. Know.

Stop asking!


Hilarious Unintentional Foreshadowing towards the shapeshifting spells.

“Green Zone is ours! Yahoo!”

“But Island Zone is…!”

“I can’t turn our backs on our neighbors!”

“EVERYONE! Let’s Keep Neptunemon’s army at bay!”

“Hand Over the Code Crown, old man, or we’ll brush away every single grain of sand until we find it!”

“Shouto-nii-san! Be carefull, kame!”

“Next time, Digimon Xros Wars! Island Zone, Uphevial!

“Don’t Miss It, Kyuu!”

And that’s the end of the first arc of Act 1.



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