Xros Wars AU 02 — CH 6

Kicking right along, CHAPTER SIX is one of the shortest chapters after that rollercoaster ride of a previous episode.


Digimon Xros Wars!

“I’m Kudo, Taiki. Days ago, I was drawn into the digital world where I met creatures known as digimon, begining with Dorulumon, Shoutmon, Akari, Lopmon, and Ballistamon. After defeating several opponents, MadLeomon and his brother MachLeomon, our team, Xros Heart, headed out to the neighboring Zone, Island Zone, Where we began to fight Neptunemon’s Army.”

A Map appeared, showing a large Dark purple sector above three smaller sectors, a lavender one, a Red one, and a blue one. In the Dark Sector was a chibi Ebidramon splitting clean in half and vaporizing to data. In the Red Sector was a chibi Akari and a Chibi Shoutmon, the former holding the red Xros Loader to the sky. In the Lavender sector was a chibi Monitamon leaning out of a tree, and in the Blue sector was a chibi Kiriha atop a chibi Gureimon’s head, with a chibi Okuwamon stuck under Gureimon’s right foot.

“First, we removed his Mantaraymon armada, with the help of Hangyomon. Then, with speed and strength, Shoutmon Xros Four easily dispatched Ebidramon and the Flymon squadron, Claiming the Code Crown. Jijimon and ChibiKamemon then delivered the Digimemorys to Akari, a gift from her father, and with these artifacts on hand, we are now ready to defeat Neptunemon and Free Island Zone once and for all.”

This…again….was me trying to mimic the main series’ opening sequence. This time with the maps! Fuh.

Opening title:

*cue title Theme*

XROS FOUR! Break the Ice!

GREEN ZONE_ _ _| DAY TWO_ _ _|

The Last Apemon cried out in horror as his body was violently impaled on a gleaming red blade.

“About time.” Kiriha sighed. “That took longer then I thought it would.”

Gureimon, as the fusion between him and MailBirdramon broke back to their main forms, let loose an annoyed whine. “But Kirihaaa… It wasn’t long enough for me!”

MailBirdramon rolled his eyes. “You always say that.”

Kiriha shook his head. “Enough, we need to head to Island Zone and make sure Akari and Shoutmon didn’t do something stupid.”

“Like what? Get killed?” Gureimon grumbled as he and MailBirdramon entered the Blue Xros Loader.

We catch up with Kiriha, who’s finished up clearing the Stragglers in Green Zone, and is moving to join Akari’s group in Island Zone. Kiriha, much unlike his canon counterpart, is very…. friendly. In hindsight, I can easily compare him, and Gureimon too to some degree, to John Eggbert from Homestuck. However, at this point in writing, I’m still fairly sure I hadn’t started reading it yet. So this comparison would likely be a Hiliarious In Hindsight thing.

Another thing I need to touch on before I forget. Gureimon Vs Greymon. WHY the difference in spelling?

The simple matter is: when Xros Wars rumors were first floating out, there were some captcha things that were in machines you could buy. And one of the early translations of one of them was “GUREIMON.” I saw that, and was wondering which Digimon it could be…Then someone in that one forum thread pointed out: “It’s Greymon.” and then they changed the translation from “GUREIMON” to “GREYMON.”

It just stuck with me.

Gureimon. GU. REI. MON. It’s audibly the same as Greymon, but it’s the Spelling that’s Important! And gosh dang it, I LOVE Gureimon as a spelling!! To me, Xros-Greymon IS Gureimon! No ifs-ands-or-doubts!

GUREIMON GUREIMON GUREIMON. I Just love how it’s spelled!! ❤


“Lilithmon whistled as Tactimon cut the communications to Island Zone. “Teleportation isn’t locked out though… You just want to see that guy dead, don’t you?”

“He’s ruined more plans of mine than any other General under my command.” Tactimon noted offhandedly. “His death will be a pain removed from my back.”

“And what if he succeeds?”

“And what would that entail? Xros Heart’s luck falling out from under them?”


“Speaking of… How goes your plan to take that wretched paradise?”

“T- TH- THAT has Nothing to do with what we were talking about!”

“I see… Miserable as always?”


A loud slap resounded across the chamber.

More Lilithmon<>Tactimon shipping, before I even realized it was a thing that could be real. Lilithmon calls Tactimon out on his Lie to Neptunemon, and he changes the subject with Foreshadowing to HEAVEN ZONE.

Also, the classic Tsundere “SHUT UP X3 COMBO!” Unintentional foreshadowing again? Whoops. I’ll take what I can get though.


As the Seadramon got closer and closer to the island, Akari was well prepared, already about to use one of the Five Digi-Memories.

“As soon as they surface, they’re not going to know what hit’s ’em.” she grinned.

“Leviamon?” Shoutmon asked, his eyes going as wide and shiny as large diamonds. “Please tell me we’re using Leviamon!”

Akari turned towards one of the villagers, a Shakomon. “When I use this, you’ve got to be ready, okay? Get as many of your type as possible to make a bridge!”

“Gotcha, Shako!” The creature inside the large shell nodded.

“I’ve never seen a Digi-memory used before!” Lila let loose a “squee” as she tightly wrapped her arms around Zenjirou. “This’ll be awesome nomatter which one she uses!” You could practically hear the joy in her voice.

“Any second now…” Ballistamon started. “They’ve almost got us surrounded…”

“Taiki, when I say,” Akari turned towards the goggle wearing boy. “DigiXros Shoutmon and the others into Xros Four, but add in ChibiKamemon.”

The chibi computer mouse blinked. “Me?”

“Okay.” Taiki nodded as he prepared the Orange Xros Loader.

Akari nodded, then turned to Hangyomon. “And now for you…”

The set up is for Leviamon.

And then, the attack began. Neptunemon’s voice carried across the ocean to the island via a loudspeaker.“Island Zone! You have in your hands the Code Crown for this zone!”

Shoutmon smirked. “Is he trying to copy me?”

Dorulumon shook his head. “Yare yare.”

“If You wish to live to see another day, surrender the Code Crown IMMEDIATELY!” They couldn’t see it, but Neptunemon’s eyes were begining to turn red, and blood-shot with rage. “Or So help me… I Will Freeze That Island Solid!”

As if on command, the Seadramon around the island rose up out of the water.

And that was Akari’s cue.

“DIGI-MEMORY!” With a practiced ease, the girl twirled one of the Digi-Memories out of her pocket, and inserted it into the Xros Loader. “LOAD: MARINE ANGEMON’S OCEAN LOVE!”

The Payoff is MarineAngemon.

A Holographic disk appeared above the island, and, spontaneously, a pervibial flood of tiny, pink, aquatic Holy Digimon emerged through it, each of them chiming “Luvu? Luvu! Luvu!” in a cutsey voice.

Luvu! ❤ ❤

MarineAngemon. I just couldn’t resist the Pokemon speak.

X4 is formed, this time with ChibiKamemon thrown in for no good reason other than to give them a shield. It doesn’t take long for the subversion of the promise of Neptunemon biting it by his own spear to be, well, subverted, and then after that, they take care of the remaining Seadramon.


“And yet another victory goes to Xros Heart.” Tactimon noted with wry amusement. “I can’t say I’m not surprised.”

Lilithmon simply rolled her eyes and decided not to comment, however, another presence in the room decided to instead. “So the Great General Tactimon has resorted to rooting for the enemy?”

Both Tactimon and Lilithmon turned their heads sharply, towards the cloaked mage called…


“Yes?” The blond haired ‘mon tilted his head up towards the two generals, letting two of this three eyes (the top and left ones, as his right was hidden by his hair) stare at them. “What is it?”

“This chamber is for Generals only.” Tactimon started, his hands reaching down for the miniature chained sword on his belt. “If you don’t leave now, I’ll have to force you to…”

Ba’almon’s eyes narrowed as he cut the Tactician off. “I get the idea.”

“Do you?” Tactimon asked, his eyes narrowing as well.

“Oi oi,” Lilithmon took a step between them, her hands raised to say “Stop.” “What will Blastmon say if he finds out you ruined his perfectly fine decorating with blood stains?”

Tactimon’s eyes darted towards the demon seductress, but he knew as well as anyone- even their commander Baguramon- not to even threaten to disrupt Blastmon’s decorating in any way. “Fine.” he relaxed slightly, then turned his eyes back at Ba’almon. “Please leave.”

“Agreed.” The “Death God” asassian of the Bagura army turned around suddenly. “I’ve got heads to cut.” And with that, he vanished in a spiral of magic.

And here we’re introduced to Ba’almon, and the mention of Blastmon’s decorating skills. I think it speaks for itself with Lilithmon stopping Tactimon from killing Ba’almon. In hindsight, this scene needs no re-writing at all. It fits in with their ‘future knowledge’ of who becomes who, and what needs to be done to make sure their past/future happens.


And so, just as the last remaining Seadramon of the Bagura Amry were deported from the Zone, Kiriha arrived through a teleportaion rupture. “Oi… You had all the fun without me, didn’t you?”

Akari smiled as she held up the Code Crown fragment. “Already got the Crown too.”

Gureimon cried out from within the Blue Xros Loader. “Waaahhh! I missed another battle…! Whaaaahhahahahaaa!”

Kiriha sighed as the menacing dinosaur began to cry so much water as to have it forcibly ejected from the Xros Loader and into the ocean. ‘Why did I make him my partner again?’

Kiriha arrives late to the party this time, and Gureimon…is a crybaby.

I’m sorry, but I can’t keep a straight face saying that. Gureimon’s personality is just…. It’s rich. That’s all I can say about it. When I read that, in the Manga, Gureimon started crying when his nose got broken…I just… I lost it, and I had to carry that trait over into this story.

Gureimon is just…He’s the best Dino-buddy a guy could ever have! He’s like a giant Guilmon, only blue. *Snrk* Sorry. I did it again. Gureimon is the BEST. Forget having a Lopmon for a partner, I want a Gureimon like Kiriha’s!! X33


“So Bagura has lost another zone?”

Nene Amano narrowed her eyes. “It seems that way…” she started as she turned to face the armored bulk that had spoken. “Xros Heart has a truly formidable strength. Ruthless, and brutal when they wish to be.”

The Monimon on her strangly styled hair sighed. “I just wish Sparrow-chan could’ve seen this…”

“Yes, where is that pesky bird anyways?” The bulk asked as he twisted his head around. “I haven’t seen her since you returned from Green Zone.”

“She said she had something to do.” Nene started as she began to walk away. “She didn’t say what exactly, but it was probably something personal.”

“Personal?” The bulk laughed. “That trigger happy Monster has a personal life?”

Nene growled under her breath, but otherwise said nothing in reply to the Dark Digimon. Why was even she getting bad vibes from that creature’s words?

Sparrowmon is flat out explained here to be a free agent, despite the DorkKnight’s possessive tendencies, and in the next scene…

“…I suppose that brings me to now.” He finished as he stopped near the edge of some small grove of trees. “I’m on this Island that’s really a whale, surrounded by Digimon, and looking up at a sky that’s…” he paused as he looked up, seeing the shattered fragment of glass that represented Green Zone. “Well, it’s different.” With that, he hit “stop” and pocketed the Tape Recorder.

“Well, that was some naration you were doing there.” Suddenly, a female voice cut in. Young, but not innocent; and there was some sort of accent to it. “Got a lot on your mind?”

Taiki froze for a moment, then turned around. No-one was there. “Where…?”

“Look up why don’tcha?” there was a bit of slight annoyance in her voice now.

So, Taiki looked up at the nearest tree, and, sure enough, there was the owner of that voice. The first thing he saw was a pair of dark grey snow boots, then a pair of slightly greyed white pants, over which was a Long, yellow skirt, then a slightly darker shaded shirt, over which was a Yellow rain coat, wrapped around her neck was a grey scarf, then her face. A pair of dark blue eyes, framed by her dark green hair.

Those eyes…

“What… Cat got your tongue?” The girl winked.

We find out why. It’s PAINFULLY obvious by the end of this encounter that Sparrowmon is a Hybrid, so I’m not even going into trying to deny it. Sparrowmon’s clothing here is another ‘redesign’ of her human form, but I can’t actually say that because I drew Sparrowmon’s first arc clothing well before the human forms in the Manga were introduced. I was taking a HUGE risk here making her a human/digimon hybrid, a risk, as it turns out, that paid off.

Now, let me say something here. The Tape-recorder was my attempt for Taiki to record his adventures, and to bring in the opening map scenes into canon a bit. It was a way to make the episode 2 opening make any sense of having the adventure recorded out. It only ever shows up once more, during the Seven Swords arc, and even then, not to the utility I wanted it to be used with.

“…Who are you?” Taiki asked, eyes narrowing. Why were her eyes familiar? Where had he seen them before?

“Me?” she batted her eyes innocently. “Oh… Just call me ‘Sally’, okay?”

“Sally?” That was an English name if he had ever heard one. Not Japanese in origin at all. “I’m Kudo, Taiki.”

“I heard.” She smiled. “So, Kudo…”

“Taiki.” He corrected.

A Blank look appeared on “Sally’s” face for a moment before she figured it out. “Oh, Right.” she knocked her right fist against her forehead. “You’re Japanese, so you introduce your names backwards.”

This was getting confusing.

Sally is American. Half by blood, technically, but she was born and raised in America. She’s fluent in both languages, however.

“Um… Where…?”

“America.” she held up a hand. “Long story, don’t bother asking.” A somber look appeared in her eyes. “Look, before you go gallivanting across the Zones, you’re going to want to know one to avoid.”


“The worst Zone ever to exist these days isn’t one controlled by Bagura.” “Sally” started as she stood up, all the while perfectly balancing on a single tree limb. “It’s an independently run Zone, worst justice system I’ve ever seen, and they’ll try to kill you if you even so much as glance in the wrong direction.”

Taiki blinked, then nodded. “Okay.”

“So listen up and listen well.” She continued before pulling a small aviaitors cap out of her pocket. “If you ever find yourself in ‘Heaven Zone’…” She paused for a moment as she pulled out a pair of blue swimming goggles and placed them on her hat. “…Get out as soon as possible.” As if on cue, a Small, yellow, hovering object zipped down from the clouds above and came to a stop right next to her.

And the general shape and overall design of this “Hover Board” made Taiki’s eyes widen in recognition. “Wait… You’re…!”

With a smile that could only be described as “flirty”, Sally placed one foot onto the middle of the board. “Nice Goggles, By the way.” Then, she kicked off of the tree, stepping fully onto the board just as it rushed off into the distance with a gust of wind.

Here she warns Taiki about Heaven Zone, for reasons not really explained here, then leaves. Another thing I’d like to point out is her name. Sally was chosen as a stealth pun reference to Dr. Who’s “Blink” episode. “Sally Sparrow-mon.”

Clever readers were supposed to make the connection and say, “Oh that’s cute!”

And then like any good brick, the joke fell again.

Taiki stared off at the horizon for a moment, wondering what exactly had just happened. ‘That Board… Looked like Nene’s Sparrowmon… But without the living part…’ And then the pieces fit into place.‘…Somehow… Was that girl… The same one?’

Taiki makes the same conclusions the reader is supposed to make here. Like I said. Painfully obvious.  -_-;

Akari yawned as she and Shoutmon walked across the beach. “Man… What a Night…”

“Yeah…” Shoutmon nodded as he yawned as well.

“I wonder where Taiki got off to though…” Akari frowned. “He doesn’t seem to want to hang around large partys…”

“Maybe he’s just off to bed early?” Shoutmon shrugged.

“Well, in any case…” Akari turned to face the ocean, then sat down. “It’s a beautiful night, isn’t it?”

Shoutmon nodded, then sat down next to her. “Yeah.”

So, the two sat there in silence for a few moments, then, with a sudden surprise, Akari leaned over and Kissed Shoutmon on the cheek.

“Eh… Akari… Aren’t we a bit old for all that mushy stuff?” Shoutmon asked as he cast a glance her way.

She just smiled. “Not never.”

He shook his head, then looked over at the water again.

“Thanks for today…”

“No, really… It was nothing…”

“Whamon says you were crying.”

“Eh! Well… You’re…” He narrowed his eyes. “They were tears of concern!”

“He said you said you couldn’t live without me.”

“…So I did.”


“Stop being so for…!” He stopped as she suddenly hugged him. “A..Akari…?”

She sniffed slightly, but otherwise said nothing as she put her head on his shoulder.

‘Right, right…’ Shoutmon sighed, then slowly moved his right arm out to hug her back. “Hey, it’s allright…”

“Why’d he give them to me?” Akari started. “Why did he leave them here?”

Shoutmon shook his head. “Who knows…” She was referring to the Digi-Memories, of course.

“I just don’t get it…”

With Akari almost…16 (?) here, almost a full 9 years after her parents vanished, she’s still relying on Shoutmon for comfort. But it’s a comfortable place. They Like each other, but at the same time are so close you wouldn’t think they were dating. Which the aren’t, but they are.

Like before, when Akari was 7, he’s there for her, to help her pull back. At the same time, she doesn’t really want to lose his support if they should be actually dating. They’re close, but they’re both afraid to get closer, especially with a war going on. As the day’s event’s just showed them, anything could go wrong- either of them could die.

It’s not written down anywhere, but on this night they made each other a promise. When the war was over, and the Bagura Empire was defeated, they’d settle down, and actually move on with their lives.

Things never go that easy.

“Why?” Dorulumon growled as he walked away from the village. “I Just don’t get why you want to follow someone like me.”

“You’re fighting Bagura!” Hangyomon started as he followed. “You’re part of one of the most legendary army in history, and you’re WINNING!”

“Two zones doesn’t make a winning streak.” Dorulumon countered. “Things could still go awry.”

“But you don’t know that!” Hangyomon countered in return. “Your army could defeat Baguramon himself!”

“Stop claiming things that haven’t happened yet!”

“Why do you doubt yourself?”

“Because of what I am.” Dorulumon snapped. “Why would anyone want to learn from someone like me?”

“That Cutemon…”

“Is a special case.”

“Eh? And I’m not?”

“You saw what he did to MarineDevimon, and those other Hangyomon.”

Hangyomon frowned as he remembered that strange green sphere of energy that had sent his fellow Divers sprawling into the water.

“He’s got potential, potential that the Digital World hasn’t seen in generations.” Dorulumon growled, mostly to himself. “Potential that must be made real if we’re to defeat Bagura once and for all.”

“But why not teach me! Huh? Don’t I have any of this ‘potential’?” Hangyomon growled in return.

“Because If I don’t focus entirely on his training, we won’t have any room for error!” Dorulumon finished…

…Seconds before Hangyomon’s fist smashed into his face.

“You’re selfish! You know that, right!” Hangyomon glared.

Dorulumon shook his head out, then started to laugh.

“W…What’s so funny!”

“You pass.” Dorulumon smirked.

As flatly as he could manage, Hangyomon simply asked: “What?”

Dorulumon tests Hangyomon, and he takes him on as a ‘student.’ That’s all there is to this.

The Chapter then ends with this:


“Hot Springs!”

“Eh… Really?”

“Cutemon’s parrents?”


“Next time: Digimon Xros Wars! Magma Zone, Explosion!

“Let’s Go!”

And here we go folks. Into Dorulumon’s plot! W00T.



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