Xros Wars AU 02 — CH 5

We Begin Chapter Five with a TRIGGER WARNING.

There is, essentially, what equates as a Rape scene in this particular chapter!

0_0; How the heck did that “Does this remind you of anything?” get by me?


“DIGIMEMORY! LEVIAMON’S ROSTRUM, ACTIVATE!” A powerful, commanding voice ordered as the general inserted a small memory card shaped device into the Red Xros Loader in his left hand. Not a second later, and a Gigantic, red leviathan like creature appeared from a circle of data.

“Those who face my Rotsum never live to tell the tale.”The beast smirked at the Troopmon before him.“Do You feel Lucky? ROSTRUM!

There was a surge of water, spiraling outwards into a tornado from seemingly nowhere, and then the Troopmon were submerged in their watery graves.


“Eh? The Code Crown’s Underground?” Neptunemon blinked at the Flymon’s report.

“Yes, lord Neptunemon. We overheard the Villagers bragging of their plan to claim the code crown out from underneath our very noses!” The leader of the 42nd Squadron of Flymon started. “We Flymon will be sure to get the Code Crown for Island Zone before this ‘Xros Heart’ Does!”

“Excellent!” Neptunemon grinned. “You know what to do.”

“Yes! Lord Neptunemon!” The leader and his subordinates cried out in unison.

“Those fools… Idiots… Island Zone shall be mine!” Neptunemon smirked.

We open with a dream, and then a flash back. This dream, accompanied by many typos that my SPELL CHECK NEVER CAUGHT, essentially tells us about the Digi-Memories and WHAT they are. We open the Memories, as per canon, with LEVIAMON. Who, unlike the Canon memories, is a rather sociable person! Giving dialogue like any other character! SURELY THIS IS AN IMPORTANT DIFFERENCE SOMEHOW! But golly! I just can’t figure it out! /sarcastic.

In all honesty, I wanted the memories to be *MEMORABLE.*

*cue Main Theme*

Akari! Shining Memory!


Six-year-Old Akari Hinomoto watched in awe as her father summoned their army’s trump card- the Leviamon Digi-memory.

“Be gone, Foul Demon! Return from hence thou came!”The Opponent- A Gesomon fused with his subordinates- was then washed away by the favored attack- “ROSTRUM!”

A Flash of data, and the Gesomon was deleted, giving Akari a cause to cheer. “YAY! Daddy! You beat them!” she then ran into her father’s arm.

“Heh… Yeah… We beat them…” the man smiled as he glanced up the the glowing red Memory of a Digimon. “What do you think, Leviamon? Did we beat them?”

“Beat them? HA!”the beast flashed his toothy smile. “I Obliterated them, Hinomoto! None can stand up to my full fledge power!”

“YEAH!”Akari punched a fist into the air. “Daddy! You and Leviamon can’t be defeated!”

We return to Akari as a child, accompanying her father on his journeys across the Zones. Her Father had two key Signatures among his version of Xros Heart. One was Leviamon’s Digi-memory.

For Flymon Commander of the 42nd Squadron, this was a brilliant mission. Drop bombs mixed in with Digi-noir into the water, from which they would be dragged underground by the currents and then explode. “Prepare to release!”

“YES SIR!” the other flymon nodded as they reached the cliff face.

“In three…!” The leader cried out. “Two…”

“RELEASE!” the first wave cried in unison, then dropped the huge canisters of Digi-noir and the explosives into the water.

In slow motion, the leader watched as they fell down to the water, and then…


Here come the primary antagonists for the first half of this arc. The FLYMON. I’ll admit it right now, one of them is based off of Ryuuga from Beyblade.


Several combined attacks came from the foliage on the edge of the cliff face, smashing through the Digi-Noir canisters and the bombs alike, causing them to explode. “N-Nani!” Before he could halt the order, Waves two and three then let loose their product- and then two Microphone wielding maniacs came flying off the cliff face.

“ROCK DAMASHIII!” Akari smashed a few firey musical notes into the red marked explosives.

“ROWDY ROCKER!” Shoutmon swung his Mic-stand into another explosive canister.

Then, off on the cliff face, a glowing fusion emerged, Ballistamon with Dorulumon on his shoulders in the form of two cannons- Dorulumon and Ballistamon as one- Ballistamon Six-Launcher! (SR)


Six precisely aimed energy bolts launched out of the shoulder cannons, the wrist cannons, The Dorulumon head shaped blaster mounted on the chest, and even Ballistamon’s own head, and into several more Explosive canisters.

The Flymon Commander growled in anger as all of the explosives were destroyed before they even hit the water. But he had a back-up plan. If He couldn’t get the food eaten willingly, then he’d just have to do it by force! “PLAN E!”

This goes a LOT better than canon so far. Xros Heart has a mobile rocket launcher in the form of the Ballstamon+Dorulumon Xros.

Before Akari or Shoutmon could react beyond surfacing out of the water from their bomb-destroying dive, a bright red lobster with very large claws emerged before them- EBIDRAMON! The Lobster threw one of it’s giant claws at the two generals in the water and pushed them up against the cliff face. “Hehehaha… Now you die-eeee…”

“Gah!” Shoutmon growled as he struggled to free his arms. “He’s got me pinned!”

Akari let loose a scream of pain. “He’s going to crush us!”

Ballistamon SR looked at Taiki. “I can’t get a clear shot! They’re too far down!”

“Pickmons!” An idea was already forming. “Quick! Get down there and-!”


Plan E is for Ebidramon, however, and he’s a very angry lobster.

Too late, the entire island trembled, and began to rise up out of the water. Ebidramon was spontaneously knocked away from the two he was crushing by a spurt of water from underneath him, dropping Akari and Shoutmon into the churning water.

Zenjirou cried out in terror as he clung to a tree. “What is this!”

“King-Whamon!” ChibiKamemon quickly explained. “This island isn’t really an island!”

Indeed, the “island” now rising up in the water was infact the Giant Whale’s upper jaw- KingWhamon: A white whale Digimon whose entire back is an island! And this whale was sucking in the water that Akari and Shoutmon- and most of the surviving Digi-noir- had landed in. In short- the ‘island’ was eating!

Everyone could only watch in horror as a few flymon began to dive bomb for the closing mouth only for three total to make it- and the rest ‘splating’ against the cliff face.

The Commander Flymon growled as Ebidramon surfaced from the spontaneous water spout. “That… Could have gone better…”

Taiki tightened his grip on the Orange Xros Loader. ‘Akari… Shoutmon…!’

This revelation was completely surprising to no-one who has seen the canon show, let alone anyone who has BEEN to this Zone before.


A thrilling water ride later, and Akari and Shoutmon arrived in KingWhamon’s stomach, both coughing violently from their previous lack of oxygen and sudden submerging in water.

“Gak… Remind me never to do that again…” Shoutmon grimaced.

Akari rolled her eyes. “Right… I’l try…”

For a few moments, the two sat there as they caught their breath, both noting the conspicious lack of buzzing, but the increased sounds of water preasure against metal and leaky pipes.

“So… Ah… Think we lost them?” Shoutmon asked.

“Probably…” Akari nodded. “We went through so many turns…”



The founding General of Xros Heart smiled as he watched his daughter play tag with several of the children villagers. “You know… I was hoping it wouldn’t come to this.”

Jijimon, elder of Green Zone, nodded. “It’s saddening that this has to happen, but Bagura…”

The man sighed, then handed the elder a small, pentagonal shaped box. “Have this hidden deep underwater. If Akari ever has to follow in my footsteps…” he paused, not liking that train of thought. “If she has to, this will be the first place she’ll come.”

Jijimon nodded solomonly as he opened the box. “You’re sure about this…?”

The General laughed. “All of her favorites.”


Jijimon sighed as he watched the battle continue- Turuiemon X2LS Versus a Hord of Flymon and Ballistamon SR Versus an Ebidramon, at long range. ‘Is this really what you wanted, my friend?’

Then, a sudden thought struck him. “ChibiKamemon…” He turned to the small Computer Mouse. “Could you go retrieve something for me?”

“Eh?” The small child blinked.

More Flashback stuff. This time hinting about the Digi-Memories hidden under Island Zone. In hindsight, this conversation between Jijimon and Akari’s father is him hoping that she won’t have to go on the adventures that she does. When I post the next chapter of XWAU02 (58), you’ll probably understand what I mean. Maybe. I dunno, I’m kind of going into something here that hasn’t even properly been published yet.


Akari and Shoutmon find the Code Crown. The Flymon have been following them, and use their paralyses wings to stop either of them from moving. 

The Ryuuga Flymon then proceeds to poison Akari with his stinger- repeatedly. Shoutmon, in canon, was hit only once. It only occurred to me a long while after I wrote this chapter about what could be interpreted as going on here. The fact that he practically punctures a hole in our main hero’s chest is just…I can’t believe past me even WROTE this!

What the hell was I thinking?

Anyways, Shoutmon breaks free when the Flymon decided to let loose on their psychic hold…. He decimates them for this.

While Akari is near death from the poison- let alone bleeding out like she is from a gaping hole in her body- She dreams of the flashbacks seen in the story so far, and of the last time she sees her father: when she was seven. Meanwhile, Shoutmon pretty much breaks down, showing how much he actually cares for Akari infront of the Code Crown, whose forcefield is keeping him from reaching the Xros Loader.

KingWhamon then talks to him, giving Shoutmon the same Choice that Taiki (and Kiriha too) was given.

“You Are Shoutmon, of Xros Heart, Correct?” the deep, bellowing voice of KingWhamon began to float down the endless corridors. “And She is the Daughter of The Founder of the team, is she not?”

Shoutmon sniffed. “Yeah… Stupid flymon…”

“Her father is a man of great importance to this world. He has save countless zones, and numerous lives.” Whamon continued. “Tell me, what is it you seek?”

Shoutmon glared at the Code Crown, having no other focus point. “We wish to save the Digital World from the Bagura Army!”

“How do you wish to do so?”

“Re-unite the zones by getting every Code Crown!”

“Tell me, do you wish to save the Melody of this Zone?”

Shoutmon roared. “What does it matter if she dies!”

“You wish to save her Melody?”

“YES! A thousand times yes!” Shoutmon glared at the roof. “I Can’t live without her…!”

“Then Use the Xros Loader in conjunction with the Code Crown. As if by that, the shield around the Code Crown vanished, and the shiny object and the Xros Loader began to lift up into the air and float over towards Shoutmon. “Say ‘Download’ to begin the process.” As the crystalline structure around the Code Crown vanished in Shoutmon’s hand, KingWhamon continued. “Place this oil on the wound and I shall work to remove the poison while the Code Crown heals the physical injury.” When he finished, a thick glop of oil spontaneously formed on the floor.

“Th…Thank you… Whamon!”

This is part of the Canon “save shoutmon” thing Taiki did, and part of Ba’almon’s canon ‘revival’ from the poison. Essentially, this is Foreshadowing Ba’almon’s resurrection through a Code Crown, and also highlighting that it’s going to work faster HERE because Whamon is helping with it.


The young girl sighed as she stared into a small pond. “He’s not comming back…” The smaller version of Shoutmon next to her looked at her in concern.

“Don’t Worry, Akari… I’m sure he’ll be back!”

“Yeah… But he’s usually back by now…”

“Don’t worry! It’ll be all right!”

Akari sighed as she watched one of the best memories she had relive itself.

“T…Thanks Shoutmon…” the younger girl smiled, a blush forming on her face. “For everything…”

“Hey, Come on…” the dragon crossed his arms. “You’ve gotta stop being so formal when you’re upset! IT’s a dead giveaway!”

“Shouto…” both girls blinked. “Arigato…”

Then, without any warning, she leaned over and kissed him on the cheek, making his eyes widen in surprise.

“A…Akari?” he turned his head to face her.

“Yes?” she asked back.

It would take a falling, rather scorched Xros Loader, landing on a nearby tree branch, bouncing off, and hitting the back of Shoutmon’s head to cause him to return the kiss, fully on the lips- mostly due to the force of the falling object, however.

Neither blamed the device, despite what it signified.

And it’s during this, that we see when Akari got the Xros Loader, and how she and Shoutmon went from just friends to more than that. This scene, obnoxious typos that I *KNOW* I fixed aside, is Akari reliving the best moment in her life, just after the worst moment, also circumstantially simultaneously at the same time she’s nearly died, and is being brought back thanks, once again, to Shoutmon.


“Ebidramon has proved to be my saving grace!” Neptunemon smirked. “Soon… Island Zone’s Code Crown Will…!”

Beep Beep.

The sudden cry of an incoming message made the Merman blink. He quickly turned around towards the communication console and pressed the button to open communication with the main Bagura empire. “Tactimon-Sama!”

“We have been locked out of all teleportation protocols. The Code Crown has been taken.” Tactimon started.“Do you have it in your possession?”

Neptunemon smirked. “Not yet, sir! But My Flymon have gone underground to retrieve it! If you have been locked out as you say, and the Crown has been taken, then I am victorious!”

“Hmf. We’ll see.” Tactimon shook his head. “Somehow, I doubt it was that easy.”

As this was said, the Island shook violently again as it’s massive jaw began to open.

“Ah… Here they come…” Neptunemon smirked.

Tactimon is lying here. They have NOT been locked out of Teleporation protocols- In fact, I doubt such things even EXIST. Tactimon knows, in his heart, that Neptunemon is DOOMED.

The Flymon Commander and his remaining forces (only fifteen) stared at the opening mouth to see if their commrades were the ones to come out.

Ballistamon SR and Turuiemon X2LS also waited with baited breath, wondering if Shoutmon and Akari were okay.

Even Ebidramon was holding off his attacks to see if those comming out were ally of foe.

All recieved their answer when a burst of mutilated static cut across every available communications Device.


And Here comes the Big Damn Doctor Who Shout-out!

“He who takes the Code Crown, Takes the Zone!” Shoutmon started into the Red Xros Loader as he spontaneously jumped into view. “Well, Bad news everyone, Cause Guess Who!” With that he held up the glowing Memory Card shaped fragment. “Heh..”

The Flymon commander growled. “So… he takes the Crown…”

Neptunemon gasped in shock. “No.. The Flymon…!”

Tactimon said nothing, however, as he listened to Shoutmon’s little speech. “So could all of you buzzing about with your silly little wings be quiet up there? Because I. AM. TALKING!

The Flymon commander blinked. “Eh?”

Turuiemon X2LS paled. “Did he really just ask that?”

“Now!” Shoutmon continued. “The question of the hour is ‘Who Has the Code Crown?’ Answer: I DO. Now Who’s going to take it from me?”

Neptunemon’s jaw hung open in shock, the Flymon didn’t seem to think too lightly of this, and Ebidramon seemed to be trying to pick something out of his ear.

“COME ON! Look At me! No Plan! No shields! No weapons with good long distance!” Shoutmon spun around quickly for effect. “OH! And Something else I don’t have: ANYTHING. TO. LOOSE!”

Zenjirou blinked. “Hey… Wait… This sounds kinda familiar…”

The Red pickmon laughed as he Jumped onto Zenjirou’s head. “He’s paraphrasing a TV show that was floating around as random data!”

“SO If you plan on taking the Code Crown TONIGHT!” Shoutmon flipped the artifact like a coin for effect.“Just Remember who’s standing in your way, Neptunemon! Remember ever black Day Xros Heart has ever stopped your like! Remember every attack We’ve ever stopped! And then… AND THEN!” He paused to take a quick breath. “Do the smart thing.”

There was a collective held breath as a smirk spread on Shoutmon’s face.

“Just surrender when We’re around.”

Shoutmon is INTENTIONALLY paraphrasing the 11th Doctor here, and he’s also calling up on Xros Heart’s pre-existing rep. as a really devastating force against the Bagura Army- and it only Grows from here. Shoutmon is not only calling back to their old rep, but he is BOASTING their soon to come NEW rep that emerges from sequences like this:

As if on that command, a sudden wall of flame appeared inside the cave/whale’s mouth behind him, swirling and twisting before transforming into a roughly solid shape- a flaming horse with wings- before jumping out of the cave/mouth, spreading it’s wings, and soaring up through the remaining Flymon- burning them alive and deleting them instantly.

Then, another familiar voice entered the audio fray. “You Know, I really hate flies.”

Jijimon sighed in relief. “Her luck hasn’t run out after all…”

Now standing behind Shoutmon- with her microphone stand slung over he shoulder- was the last remaining General of Xros heart- Akari Hinomoto. Only, a little different from before- mostly in the clothing design. In place of her blue overalls were a pair of blue jeans; the slightly worn Pink Heart T-shirt looked brand new, with most of the pink being replaced by a bright red; over said shirt was a similarly shaded leather jacket; her sneakers had been replaced by grey hiking boots; she now had a pair of black, fingerless gloves on her hands; and, finally, she wore a V shaped hat on her head. The only physical changes to her were the golden yellow marks painted onto her face.

“Yeah, I’ll agree to that!” Shoutmon grinned as he cut the all-frequency broadcast to Local team only. “I’m glad you’re okay.”

“Thanks Shouto.” She smiled. “I don’t know what you did, but thanks…”

I changed her clothes after this. Another Redesign, on my behalf. Half of it was me wanting to change her clothing out of the clothes she was wearing in Xros Wars canon, but it’s also me getting her out of a shirt that had a giant hole in it. :/ In any case, this is, again, unintentionally foreshadowing something. Death and Rebirth. Well, there are only so many tropes to go around.

“Well then…” With that, Akari snatched the Red Xros Loader from Shoutmon. “Let’s make a dinner out of that Ebidramon.”

Speaking of Ebidramon, he was still trying to get whatever it was out of his ear.








“DIGI-XROS!” Akari cried out as she held the Xros Loader to the sky.

Ballistamon SR quickly split back into his component forms, then re-launched into the sky in their respective beams of energy to meet Shoutmon. “DIGI-XROS!”


tachiagare tomoyo tomaranai BURNING SOUL

doko made mo yuku sa kimi wa hitori ja nai

“SHOUTMON! XROS THREE!” the fusion appeared in a flash of light.

“STARMON! PICKMONZ!” Akari called next. “DIGI-XROS!”

nakama no kizuna ga kirifuda sa

The Star Sword was formed, but this time, with much more Pickmon in the fusion. Shoutmon Xros Three Caught the sword, then swung it in a wide arch. “SHOUTMON! XROS FOUR!”

inochi wo moyashite RO-A-RR!

“Eh? A sword makes it Xros Four?” Zenjirou blinked.

ima hitotsu ni GREAT XROS tokeau

Then, the fusion from that dream, seemingly so long ago, dove towards Ebidramon, the sword raised above his head. “BURNING STAR CRUSHERR!”

ore ni kure minna no hajiketa SHAUTO wo

A mighty swing brought the un-aware Ebidramon’s left arm to an un-expected end.

“GAAAH!” The Lobster wrenched back in shock

ima umareru GREAT HEART asu no kiba

“We’re XROS HEART!” Xros Four smirked under his helmet. “Engrave it on your heart!” He jumped back a short distance, then held his sword out infront of the V on his chest. “FOUR VICTORIZE!”


A burning V shaped laser launched out, and immediately sliced through Ebidramon’s head.


And with a resounding explosion, the Lobster was no more.


On his carrier, Neptunemon’s mouth gasped and floundered at the explosion

“Hmm, I have a feeling this is the last time we’ll ever speak to each other, Neptunemon.” Tactimon started solomonly. “Have a good life.” and with that, he cut the connection.

This is Xros Heart’s Debut. Song Lyrics and all. I’d like to make a thematic note here: From some point after this, I decided that Akari’s theme is “We Are Xros Heart.” There are many, MANY moments to come where her actions lead to this song playing. Even though the song has played before, this is REALLY where Xros Heart moves from “Beginners” to “We’re Kicking Ass!” Akari has just survived a near-death-experience, and what’s the first thing she does? She sics a brand new Digi-Xros onto the stupid Lobster that pretty much put her INTO that situation.

If this were the canon Xros Wars, in whatever strange universe my Xros Wars is the real one, this would be the first time that the lyrics would be louder than the action itself. Before, you would hear it in the background, playing subtly, but now… NOW the song is playing in the foreground- becoming just as much of the battle as the Digi-Xros itself is!

After this victory, ChibiKamemon returns with the five Digi-Memories, and they prepare to face off against Neptunemon.

To Be Continued.

As I mentioned in the end notes of this chapter, this is *really* where the AU kicks into gear. Everything, despite following a set schedule, changes after this.


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