Xros Wars AU 02 — CH 10 & CH 11

Chapter TEN is here, and Chapter ELEVEN is here!

I’m doing this as a single review, since the episodes were released right after eachother!


We Open with this opening, and yes, 5 days is about right for the time spent so far. There was an overnight stay in the Last Zone, during the Prison break.

MailBirdramon, a digimon with a rare trait among digimon, was able to fly across the space between zones, hence, at this moment, he was carrying Kiriha, and all of Xros Heart across the space on his back and metallic wings.

“You never mentioned that MailBirdramon could cross the space.” Akari noted.

“You never asked.” Kiriha replied with a frown. “But now that you mention it, I’ve been wondering how you all are still outside.”

“That would be thanks to Bagura.” Dorulumon replied as he glanced to Cutemon, currently holding a glowing red gem. “They give all their subordinate generals a Portal Key that allows them and their armies to travel the space unhindered.” With a wry smirk he added. “I kept mine when I left, but let Cutemon hold onto it when we began traveling Zones.”

Cutemon nodded. “That’s how I got to Green Zone after Dorulumon did!”

Taiki looked at the crystal. “MadLeomon had something like that on his chest.”

“Now that you mention it.” Kiriha looked over at the long, angled, red horn that sprouted off of MailBirdramon’s back. “That looks more crystalline than it does metallic.”

Jijimon took a glance at the gem, then at the horn, and concluded. “They are indeed the same material!”

We get some exposition on the Air space and the Bagura Empire’s movements. Primarily, there is a red crystal that allows Digimon to go through it unmolested. We are reminded about MadLeomon (who DOES have something on his chest, if you watch the third episode’s arrival scene in slow motion), and how he had a similar thing.

“Huh.” Akari blinked as she glanced over at ChibiKamemon. The child from Island Zone was staring in awe at the glowing green air-space around them. She quickly climbed over to him. “Hey.”

“Akari-Onee-chan!” ChibiKamemon smiled. “Is this what it’s always like?”

She nodded. “Pretty much.”

“Wow…” he smiled, and turned back towards the wavering space around them.

“Why’d you sneak into the Xros Loader?” Akari asked after a moment.

ChibiKamemon blinked. “Erm…I…”

“We’re almost here!” MailBirdramon called out suddenly.

“About time!” Zenjirou and Lila commented in unison, causing both to jump, then glare at eachother.

And, suddenly, a glowing pinpoint of light in the distance grew suddenly and rapidly, and then…

We get some sibling relationship building between ChibiKamemon (who is a bit of a nicknamer, as you’ll see with Knightmon later on), and Akari–


*cue Title theme*

Taiki! Become a Knight!

Woot! We enter Lake Zone with–



High up in the sky, a digital gate opened and Mail-Birdramon came out.

Upside down.

“Huh…” Zenjirou frowned. “Is it just me or is the sky looking awfully green?”

And then, Gravity took hold.


“You Just Had to Say it!” Lila cried out in horror.

MailBirdramon quickly jumped into Kiriha’s Xros Loader, then back out again, underneath them. It was this split second decision that caught all those falling from hitting the ground and “splat”ing. “You can stop screaming now.”

“Thanks, MailBirdramon.” Lopmon smiled.

“I hope we don’t make a habit of that…” Shoutmon grumbled as he placed his hand on the bump on his head from where he landed. “It’d be pretty annoying.”

So begins the running gag of Xros Heart entering a location somewhere in the middle of the sky, and then falling down towards the ground. MailBirdramon quickly saves them the fall, in this case.

“So, where is everyone?” Shoutmon commented as he looked around the forest they’d landed in. There wasn’t a native digimon in sight. “It’s really too quiet.” Indeed, not even the birds were chirping, much to RedPickmon’s delight.

(“No crazy birds to steal my pumpkins! Delightful!” He grinned.)

“Agreed.” Kiriha narrowed his eyes. “Of all the rumors I’ve heard of Lake Zone, it’s silence wasn’t one of them.”

From within the Blue Xros Loader, Gureimon rolled his eyes. “Gee, I wonder why. What with the constant invasions and what have you.”

RedPickmon’s rantings about the birds and pumpkins (Pumpkins = a Homestuck reference in this case) is actually a bit spot on in this case, as a few moments later…

Suddenly, the whole world seemed to shift around them, from a vast forest to a grassy plane.

“What in the…!” Dorulumon growled. “Not again!”

Indeed, it was the same sub-space ripple that had occurred back in Green Zone, the very same one that had dragged Dorulumon from the Digital World to the Real World.

And I mean it literally.

It was the same exact rift.

“Look!” Shoutmon pointed to the sky. “There!”

In the sky were two blurred, distorted beams of energy that were arching up into the air, set for a collision.

Akari and Lopmon Digi-Xrossing, only in the past.

Then, they were all in a city, somewhere in Japan.

There were ghost like Mamothmon all around them, and, once more, you could see a static-ized Dorulumon jump infront of a ghost like pair of Taiki and Zenjirou to block an attack from a Ghosty-MadLeomon.

There was a flash, and the world seemed to stabilize again.

“Just…What was that?” Kiriha frowned as a gust of air flowed through the forest.

This was Kiriha’s first Time Storm, by the story timeline. It won’t be his last.

This scene was to remind people that the static storms are IMPORTANT and, more importantly, ONGOING. They have consequences, and they reach across MORE than just two worlds. In another story of mine, the first few chapters of which are published on my FF.net account, a character encounters Skeletal creatures made UP of Static. These creatures are JUST as bad as these static storms. At the time I was writing either of these, I failed to realize I was using the same descriptions and powers.

This, again in hindsight, is another reason that the storms are so bad. They’re reaching across multiple UNIVERSES and Multiple points of TIME as well. In that previously mentioned story, the main character is a Time Traveler. Once I remembered this connection a few months ago, a few more future plot points began tying themselves up nicely for me in both stories.

But that is the future. This is the Present.

“That was like Dejavu, only worse.” Cutemon shivered.

“De ja vu.” Ballistamon confirmed.

Suddenly, something fell from the sky and hit Zenjirou on the head. “Ow! What the…!” He quickly reached down and picked up the object: A pink Cellphone. “Now how’d this get here?”

Or is it?

This cellphone is a kidnapped object from the past, and yet is VERY important. We don’t know when exactly, but this cellphone at one point belonged to Sally’s mother- a Time Storm pulled it out of her possession and onto Zenjirou’s head. But we’ll learn of this later. For the moment, we’ll ignore it for something else:

“Why do things keep falling for?” Lopmon groaned as Hangyomon quickly went to investigate.

“It’s a bird!” The diver reported, causing RedPickmon to freeze in terror.

“A BIRD! LE-GASP! Get it awayyyyy! Killl iiiitttt!”

“It’s already dead.” Hangyomon continued as he impaled a part of the bird on his spear to hold it up- The poor thing had been frozen solid in it’s perch, and the zone destabilization had knocked it loose, somehow. “And it’s not the only one…”

Just within the forest were towers of ice- with Digimon stuck inside. Pandamon and ToyAgumon. The poor things…

“Le-Gasp” in this case was a direct reference to a buddy of mine who said that very often, and not to the common usage of it on the internet. This is usually my way of saying “hi!” to my friends through my stories.

Taiki hears a Melody- Dorulumon hears it too. They run off.

The moment that the Zone had warped through space and time was like a warning flare to Taiki- That faint musical note that he had heard moments earlier was stronger than ever- The soul-song-Melody of a Digimon.

This time, Dorulumon had heard it too. And so, now they both were running off towards the source of the melody.

“It’s almost exactly like when we met!” Taiki started. “I didn’t realize it at first, but when we were talking, there was a melody!”

“Mine?” Dorulumon narrowed his eyes.

“Exactly!” Taiki nodded.

“Now that you mention it, I do remember hearing something similar, but I thought it was because of whatever sent me through to your world.” Dorulumon confirmed.

“I didn’t even figure out what it was until now!” Taiki continued. “There’s either a portal back home, or a Digimon that needs our help!”

They quickly reached their destination, one of the many lakes that made up Lake Zone, there were more frozen ToyAgumon and Pandamon, but there was a squad of Eight PawnChessmon, all of whom were crying at the edge of a frozen lake- of which had a portion of it smashed open.

The Eight PawnChessmon are named by the end of Seven Swords, here they are now for convenient reference. Most of them are subtle Homestuck References.

Kroket: A spin-off-name of Jane Crocker. Crocker > Croket > Kroket

Problem: Short for Problem Sleuth, he’s the odd one out of the group, and the first named.

Flute: She plays a flute. That’s about it.

Ruefieo: Rufioooooooooo!!!!!

Terezie: “Terezi Pyrope” minus “Pyrop”

Strider: To Dirk Strider, rather than Dave Strider.

Reena: Corrupted name of Meenah.

Cabarat: He’s Karkat Vantas as a Pawn Chessmon.

“Oi! What’s wrong!” Taiki called out.

A few of the PawnChessmon looked up suddenly. “K-Knightmon-Sama!” one immediately burst into tears.

“It’s Knightmon-sama!” Another continued. “Knightmon-Sama got thrown into the lake right before the sky changed!”

“We don’t know if he’s allright!” A third started sobbing.

Taiki pulled out his Xros Loader and aimed it at the lake. “Knightmon!” he called out. “Knightmon! Can you hear me?”

There was a faint burst of static via the speaker in the Xros Loader, and then Knightmon’s voice came out. “Eh…? Who are you…?”

“Kudo, Taiki!” he replied. “I’ve come to save you!”

“Y-You’re the General we’ve all be waiting for!” the voice was getting fainter by the second. “I’m only sorry I won’t be able to be of any assistance…” there was a bit of regret. “Please take care of the PawnChessmon for me…”

The group of Eight started crying again.

The first one to cry is probably Kroket.  Second is probably Strider. Third? I’d have to guess Flute.

“I won’t accept that!” Taiki called out again. “I won’t let you die!”

“Oi! Knightmon!” Dorulumon started. “He means it too! Wouldn’t let me die in peace at all!”

“…A true warrior…I suppose…” the recieved signal was breaking up.

“Knightmon! Hold on for just a few more seconds!” Taiki narrowed his eyes in determination before shrugging off his Jacket, pulling his goggles down over his eyes, and jumping into the freezing lake.

“Taiki!” Dorulumon groaned. “Oi… What is it with you…?”

“DORULUMON!” Cutemon called out as he- and the rest of Xros Heart- came running up. “Where’s Taiki!”

“In the water!”

“I’ll go get him then!” Zenjirou tried jumping in, but the water was already so cold that he jumped back nearly a foot away from the shore. “COLDDDD!”

Taiki goes into the water to get Knightmon. As he rescues the Knight, he nearly drowns, but sees a rift to Earth. An artifact of the Time Storm. ChibiKamemon saves Taiki from drowning.

And so, while Shoutmon quickly got a fire started to dry off their General, Zenjirou set off to investigate the cell-phone that had fallen from the sky.

From the outside cover alone it was easy enough to deduce that it was a girl’s phone- one of the latest models, actually, judging from the brand and shape of the phone. The inside cover didn’t hurt that fact at all- There was a girl on the background screen- looking a suspicious amount like Akari (excluding the fact the phone owner’s eyes were brown, and not yellow; her hair was black, not red; and she looked a bit older too. But the hair style and facial features were practically identical!), she was posed infront of a tower, with a blimp off to the corner.

“She looks happy.” Lila noted. “I can practically hear her saying ‘I got it!’ at the timing.”

“Yeah, me too…” Zenjirou frowned as he looked the main screen over. “NO SERVICE” was flashing brightly on the screen, just below the clock- incidentally set to two days earlier. There was a “Call History” that seemed to be password locked, same for the Address Book, but the “My Photos” Gallery was unlocked.

Entering that showed more of the girl, with her family, classmates, and her pet cat. Then came the abnormal.

It was a blue car- Stuck half way into a wall- Half way up a building’s surface- and still containing it’s shocked passengers. There was a clear green outline where the car met the building, and it suspiciously looked like the space between the Zones of the Digital World.

The next picture was no better: It was Tokyo Tower, bent and twisted and stretched high into the sky. Worst of all? There was a flaming bird, barely visible, blurring across the screen- And there was a DeathMeramon on the tower as well.

“And here I thought we’d seen the last of him.” Zenjirou frowned.

The next picture showed several red streaks in the sky- Meteors. The next was of a crater that appeared to have once been a bakery. The next was of a devilish, purple imp throwing a fire ball at a parking meter. And the next…

The Last was of Digital Space itself, barely showing the rapidly shrinking portal that had been the exit from Earth.

Here we’re shown  the cellphone. At the time I wrote this, it was a girl who was supposed to have fallen into the Digital World. There’s the Car-in-the-wall! And then, we get DeathMeramon Vs. Birdramon and MetalGreymon on Tokyo Tower! (Adventure shout out) An Impmon attacking something, a crushed bakery (By meteor?) and several red streaks in the sky. The text refers to them as Meteors, but they’re not.

When I wrote these pictures, some things changed drastically after this point, and I never went back to fix it. As I mentioned before, it’s NOW Sally’s mother’s old cellphone, but originally, it was something else. In fact, I suppose it might not even BE her Cellphone? But her from another universe? I can’t be certain now, but if I ever do a re-write, these pictures WILL be changed.

That the Bagura army was already moving onwards to the nearby Castle was painfully obvious, and Akari could not- would not- let the PawnChessmon’s home be destroyed.

“We’re going to stop them from reaching the castle!” She smashed her left fist into her right hand. “Bagura won’t be able handle one general, let alone three!”

Kiriha nodded. “We’ll make sure your castle remains in one piece!”

“Thank you, Chessu!” One PawnChessmon beamed in delight.

With that, MailBirdramon was reloaded from the Xros Loader, and- once Kiriha, Akari, Shoutmon, and Lopmon were on board- he launched off after the Bagura army.

“We’ll wait here for when Taiki wakes up!” Zenjirou called out.

“Okay!” Akari grinned.

The PawnChessmon here is Flute. Also, the Pawns drop the “Chessu” verbal tick after a while. I think I got tired of writing it.

The Attacking forces of IceDevimon and his Icemon brigade were fast approaching the Castle of Bastila, the crown Capital of Lake Zone. The Icemon- who were essentially Gotsumon but were made of ice instead of rock- froze any resistance they came across.

“Yesss…!” IceDevimon grinned in delight. “Lilithmon-Sama shall be pleased with our progress!”


*cue Blazing Blue Flare*



MailBirdramon was already descending upon them.

“What the!” IceDevimon’s eyes widened in shock as random pockets of his Icemon brigade exploded into data.

“ROCK DAMASHIII!” Suddenly, Shoutmon jumped off of MailBirdramon’s back, flinging twin spheres of musical fire.

Two of the Ice-Catapults that were to be used in the oncoming assault were set ablaze and deleted instantly.

Akari and Lopmon came off next, the former performing a back flip as she sung into her Mic stand, and the latter spinning like a top.



The fire attack rushed out, and merged with Lopmon’s air attack, creating a burning twister that wound its way across the battle field.


This scene is, undeniably, Blue Flare’s full on debut! We get the song’s lyrics playing along side the battle, and Akari and Shoutmon do their own Sentai Roll call- with Lopmon getting in on it too this time.

Then Kiriha’s Blue Flare team does it as well, only with their own flare:

“I Am Kiriha Aonuma!” Kiriha smirked as he Reloaded Gureimon and Golemon right ontop of a few catapults. “Lead General!”

“I am MailBirdramon!” The flying bird chimed in. “Flying Ace!”

doko ni kieta no darou

“Gureimon’s my name!” The Dinosaur grinned as he stomped on a few Icemon. “I need no other introduction!” he roared.

“We are BLUE FLARE!” Kiriha finished. “The Blazing fire that will restore the World!”

yasashiku amai kinou wa

The Blazing fire that will restore the world, huh?

IceDevimon gulped as his forces were decimated by Shoutmon’s Rowdy Rocker attack, and X2’s Burning fire blades, as well as being squashed by the Tail-Hammer and Gureimon’s massive feet. “Th…NO FAIR!”

“Fair? You wan’t fair?” Gureimon smirked.

misero tsuyosa no akashi wo

“Wait! No! I-!”

saikyou no DIGI-XROS!

“MEGA FLAME!” A Roaring purple blaze launched out and seeked to melt evem more Icemon, IceDevimon barely managed to avoid the 4000* Kelvin flames by jumping into the air.

4000* Kelvin: Portal shout out.

Creatures born in the digital realm: Digimon. Although made of data, they laugh, fight, and cry just like us! They’re our special friends! Let’s gather up as many teammates as we can! Come along with us on this marvelous adventure through the world!


*Cue Never Give Up! (Tv Size) By Sonar Pocket*

Opening credits.

Next, we’re introduced to Princess Bastemon the Elder.

Princess Bastemon was the eldest of two daughters, and, after the death of their parents, was the one to succeed as ruler of the Zone. She wasn’t taking it very well.

For one thing, she didn’t have time to put on those fancy and silly dresses that she liked to wear; instead setteling for simple military jeans and jacket. Bagura was invading too often these days to waste time with such things. Even her hair style had suffered, instead of being able to tie it up in a long, winding brade, she had cut it short to save on the time required on combing it.

Secondly, despite her self-defence training and all of the sword techniques she had learned to use in the fight against Bagura, her loyal subjects couldn’t stand the thought of her going out to fight and possibly dying- or worse, getting captured.

Princess Bastemon the Elder, for all intents and purposes, is forced into the roll of a general. She’d much rather play up the stereotypical role of “Rich princess,” but she knows she has to be in charge here.

We cut back to Knightmon, and the PawnChessmons.

“Xros Heart?” Knightmon and a few PawnChessmon exclaimed in shock. “Your team is Xros Heart!”

“Yeah.” Taiki nodded. “Why? Is there something wrong?”

Knightmon shook his head. “No! But we at Bastila thought that Hinomoto’s legacy had ended with his final conflict with Bagura! That he has a daughter…?”

So, Akari’s Dad got around the Digital World a lot. And he was probably the one who spread the rumors of “A legendary general” coming to help one day. That’s what you get with Time Travel. I guess.

I do some ‘clever’ lampshading on my lack of being able to come up with decent transitions, and now we have Xros Heart and Blue Flare meeting the princess.

“A short time ago, a commanding officer of Bagura took on the King and Queen at once.” Knightmon started as he lead them through the winding passage ways past the various ToyAgumon and Pandamon that were scurrying about. “They sealed him within a mountain at the farthest reaches of this Zone. Unfortunately spending their life forces in the process.”

A PawnChessmon decided to pick up where Knightmon left off. “The Princess took over in commanding the armies against Bagura’s invading forces, Chessu. She’s had a hard time keeping up pace however…”

{Zenjirou’s eyes widened slightly. “A Princess?” excitement began to flood his voice. “Is she-OOF!”

Lila cut off his sentence before he could finish it with an elbow to the gut. “Oi! Don’t say such things out loud!”}

Knighmon grimaced under his helm’. “Yes, The Princess has not been taking the stress very well, as the Code Crown has still not yet been found.”

“That’s why Bagura’s still invading.” Kiriha surmised. “The Code Crown has not even been taken by the owners of the Zone.”

Knightmon nodded. “Exactly. But now that you’ve arrived…!”

Another PawnChessmon let loose a cheer. “The Code Crown is sure to be taken by you and we won’t have to deal with Bagura’s mean ol’ ice brigades anymore!”

“It’s a good thing we came then.” Akari nodded, casting a glance at Taiki. ‘We really came here because of something a Bagura General said… Can that really be called luck?’

Unknown to the group, however, was a pair of glowing, feline eyes staring at them from the shadows. Or rather, one particular form in the group.

Oooh, foreshadowing! Indeed, Akari, it isn’t really “luck” at all. Tactimon wanted you to come here. And what’s this? Feline eyes? Surely not a spy!


“Oi! Tac-chan!”

Tactimon groaned as he entered the main chamber. “Yes? What is it, Blastmon?”

“You’re back early is all.” The hulking mass of shimmering stone noted. “What happened to Magma Zone? Did you kill that filthy traitor?”

“No.” Tactimon tossed his encased sword onto the lounge chair that Lilithmon usually sat on before colapsing next to it. “AncientVolcamon went insane from the heat.”

“Eh?” Blastmon blinked, confused. “What?”

“It was a ruse.” Tactimon stared at the still confused General. “A Trap.”

“Oooohhh! So he made up Dorulumon being there?”

“Yes. Exactly.” A thought struck him then. “Where’s Lilithmon?”

“Ah, something about Lake Zone, you know how she gets when she’s about to get a Code Crown.” Blastmon chuckled as he went to monitor one of his Zones. “Or rather, not get one.”

Tactimon’s reply was cut short as he caught the sight of a certain Assassin vanish into a teleportation spell. ‘Hmm, what did he want?’

We cut to Bagura HQ. On Rewrite, some small things need to be changed with Blastmon’s first lines, but otherwise it’s fine.


“Oi!” Icedevimon sneered as he marched into the frozen cave. “Where’s my special ice Slushie drink?”

“I’m drinking it.” A female voice briskly replied from his left.

IceDevimon’s head twirled so fast that ice chips snaped off of his frozen leather suit. “L-Lilithmon-sama!” his eyes widened.

“Yes? What is it you miserable excuse for a general?” The female asked as she let the emptied frozen glass smash against the ground. “Come to report another failure?”

“N-N-no! Not at all!” IceDevimon was floundering. And, of course, who wouldn’t. Lilithmon was not your average General. She had a keen eye for Fashion, and was always wearing just the right thing to suit a particular Zone. For example, instead of the standard Japanese Kimono she wore inside the main head-quarters, she was now wearing a black, somehow-heat-retaining, skin-tight leather jacket over a knee-length Purple dress; and instead of the sandals she wore in base were now a pair of knee-high leather boots with fancy golden straps.

To summarize, She dressed for the occasion, where as her fellow Generals had a one-outfit wardrobe.

And IceDevimon both loved and hated his commanding officer for that.

“Oi!” She snapped. “You were drooling again.”

IceDevimon blinked, then brushed the forming ice-sicle off of his chin. “S-Sorry, Lilithmon-Sama!”

“So, what was it you came to report?” She leaned forward, almost pressing her nose against his. “Something about failing to capture the Code Crown?”

“I-ItWasn’tMyFaultISware!PLEASEDON’TKILLMEEEEEE!” he started sobbing.

….I’m not sure whether to feel sorry for this IceDevimon or not. He’s rather pathetic. Also, Unintentional Foreshadowing, Lilithmon changes clothes to be PRACTICAL.

We cut back to the Princess.

“Knightmon!” She smiled as the Knight and his brigade of PawnChessmon entered the room, immediately followed by the two armies he had recruited. “I’m glad to see that you’re not hurt!”

“My Lady.” he bowed. “I apologize, but I fear I might have been dead had Taiki-Dono not arrived on time!”

{Taiki blinked. “Dono?”

Shoutmon grinned. “Hey, if he puts you in a good standing with the princess, don’t compla-OW!”

Akari growled as she lightly whacked her fellow General on the head. “Hmmf.”

Shoutmon glanced upwards at her. “What was that for?”}

“Which one is Taiki?” The Princess asked as she glanced over at the gathered crowd. “I want to give him my thanks.”

Zenjirou went to take a step forward, but instead was tripped up by Lila’s foot, sending him crashing into Taiki and pushing the boy forward a few steps. “Erm…”

“Yeah! That’s Taiki!” Shoutmon grinned. “Always helpin’ even if it Kills him!”

“Thank you very much for saving Knightmon.” She smiled at him.

“Ah, it was nothing, I’d have done it for anyone, really.” He smiled back, slightly nervous.

Poor choice of words by Shoutmon.

Concurrently, while the Generals and fighters began conversing about defence and attack strategies with the Royalty of the Zone, ChibiKamemon found himself trying to count the individual rocks in the floor.

Yes, something clearly much more important and time consuming than defending a Zone from Bagura.

He sighed. ‘Why did I even come along for? I can’t fight… And the most I’ve done is help Taiki out of a lake…’

Meanwhile, those feline eyes from the shadows narrowed upon their target: Feet were pressed against the wall, legs coiled back in preparation to jump.

ChibiKamemon looked up as one of the PawnChessmon started looking around nervously. “Erm, excuse me…”

“Eh? Yes? What is it?” The Chessmon was exceedingly nervous.

“What’s wrong?”

“You’ll see soon enough.” The PawnChessmon noted as he glanced around now. “Soon enough indeed. Always. Always Four Minutes and Thirteen Seconds after we get in. Always always always. Except for when it’s six minutes twelve seconds…”


ChibiKamemon carefully took a step back away from the PawnChessmon. There might possibly be something wrong with that one…

And then, with a happy-go-lucky grin, the owner of the pair of eyes jumped out of the shadows, already diving for her target. “CHESSUUUUU!”


Here we’re introduced to ProblemChessmon. He’s a bit stressed by the younger princess’s shenanigans. He gets…better?…with time.

The PawnChessmon braced himself for the impact that always struck him… Except for the fact that it HADN’T hit him…

Instead, the younger of the two Princesses, Chibi-Bastemon, had decided to glomp the unsuspecting Chibi-Kamemon.

The PawnChessmon blinked at the younger princess, currently dressed in a black T-shirt with the symbol for Leo on the front and a pair of slightly too wide pants. “Woah! She Didn’t hit me! She Didn’t hit me!’ he cheered and started laughing. “oh Finally she didn’t hit me!”

“Erm…” The poor Computer mouse blinked. “What just happened…?”

“Don’t worry.” The cat-princes that was now pinning him to the floor grinned. “He’s always like this!”

“Oh…” He blinked again. “And you are?”

“The purr-rincess silly!” she rolled the “r” for some odd reason, that strange grin never leaving her face.

Meanwhile, the only member of Xros Heart that was fully paying attention to the sudden ‘glomp’ was RedPickmon, who meerly whistled at the spectacle. “Well, atleast it was a cat and not a bird.”

“Oh oh oh oh oh! Tell me about it!” The PawnChessmon nodded. “They’re always swarming in my armor when I get it back from the cleaners! It’s like some sort of electro magnet to them!”

“Oooh! Right right!” RedPickmon nodded. “They’re always stealing my pumpkins too!”

“Pumpkin?” The Chessmon asked in return. “What Pumpkin?”

“EXACTLY!” RedPickmon grinned in return.

As the two conversations wore on, Zenjirou sighed. “I hope he doesn’t decide to join us, One crazy ‘mon is more than enough.”

Or…he would if he hadn’t joined up with Red Pickmon. Good grief.

Some time later, we join Taiki, Kiriha, and Akari as they discuss the storms.

“You saw our world?” Kiriha frowned.

“Yeah.” Taiki nodded. “It was strange.”

Through the rift was a city. A city somewhere on Earth.

“It was distorted though.” Taiki continued. “Like when the Cable signal gets corrupted.”

“Cable?” Akari blinked. “What’s that?”

“Television.” Kiriha rolled his eyes. “He means that it looked like a broken TV set.”

(Un-noticed by them, a Monitamon jumped slightly when that was said. Elsewhere in the Zone, another sneezed. And in another Zone entirely, an elder Monitamon just nodded wisely.)

Foreshadowing to Shinobi Zone.

“Oh… You mean those stray shows that float around?” Akari mused the thought over for a minute. “Yeah, those do get corrupted sometimes…”

“But what caused it in the first place?” Kiriha narrowed his eyes. “The only thing that could possibly affect the Digital World like that would be the…”

“The Code Crown.” Dorulumon interjected.

“Right.” Kiriha turned his head towards the wolf. “The Code Crown.”

BZZZT! Wrong~! WRONG WRONG WRONG! Wrong on SOOOOOOOO Many levels. This was mainly an excuse to count out the Code Crowns.

“We’ve got our work cut out for us then.” Akari commented. “If one of us takes out even just one General, then that’s twenty Code Crowns right there!”

“It won’t be that easy though.” Kiriha frowned. “Tactimon has an ulterior motive, I’ve never met Blastmon, and Lilithmon’s…”

The shock wave of a spontaneous explosion cut his sentence off.

“Bagura!” Zenjirou cried out as he ran up to them, followed by Knightmon and Ballistamon. “Bagura’s attacking!”

“Taiki-Dono!” Knightmon started. “Please lead us in this battle!”

“Of couse!” Taiki grinned as he pulled out his Xros Loader. “I can’t turn my back on you!”

Back to the griiiind!

Yes, Indeed, Bagura had returned, and they brought their catapults with them once more.

The Lead Icemon sneered in triumph as the first wave of Ice boulders smashed onto the island’s shore. “Forwards! Onwards! Press the advantage!” he ordered. “General Ice-Devimon and Lilithmon-Sama want that Code Crown!”

“Uh… Sir…” One of his companions pointed skywards.

“Yes? What is it…” The Lead Icemon glanced up to the sky, and gulped. “Oh… Dear…”

Charging right towards them with all of his might was noneother than MailBirdramon.



A Symphony of explosions riped through the front lines once more as MailBirdramon barrel-rolled through the sky. He Swooped down, snatched up several Icemon into his claws as Kiriha dismounted.


“Oi! Remember me?” He smirked as he held out the Blue Xros Loader. “Reload: GUREIMON!

moeru honoo ni

There was a flash of light as Gureimon squashed several more Icemon under his claws. “Hello Boys! I’mBA-AAAACK!


“MailBirdramon! Gureimon!” Kiriha ordered. “DIGI-XROS!”

sanretsu no yuushi

The two digimon in question transformed into beams of light that shot back towards behind Kiriha as they merged together.

tekijin koete todoroku tsume to kiba no SYMPHONY!

The dazzeling light show of blue light and electricity then vanished spontaneously.

daremo yatsu wo tometari dekinai


Blue Flare takes center stage again, this time unveiling their signature Xros.


That is, until the massive, Hulk of a brute called MetalGureimon landed once more in the middle of the battle field.

The lead icemon’s jaw dropped. “Oh frell.”

susme michi naru sekai wo

“It’s Lunch Time!” With that, MetalGureimon took to the air on the wings given by MailBirdramon, flying at such an angle that the visor on the helmet he wore reflected the sun violently back down upon the Icemon.

unmei no GENERAL

“GIGA DESTROYER!” he roared, and, upon opening all missile ports, rained Overkill down upon the poor Icemon.

tachi hadakaru mono subete kami kudake

Hah, Mom and Dad were watching Farscape on DVD/Reruns around the time I wrote this episode, so The Icemon gives out a “Frell” in response.



doko ni

Those Ice-boulders contained a nasty surprise- They were filled with Icemon!


“Have I mentioned how much I HATE Bagura right now!” Akari growled as she smashed her microphone stand over an Icemon’s head.

kieta no darou

“I agree!” Knightmon slashed through an Icemon. “Whole Heartedly!”

Yasashiku amai kinou wa

But something about this didn’t sit right with Taiki. “Where’s their general?”

takanary ryuu no ibuki ga yatsuu wo kaeru SIGNAL

“TRIDENT CLAAWW!” MetalGureimon smashed his cyber-enhanced left claw into a catapult, shredding it with MailBirdramon’s tail blades.

“You there!” Kiriha called out as he pressed his foot down on one of the Icemon’s chests. “Where’s your general?”

ao no gun ga daichi wo yurugasu…

Deep within the castle, inside the water treatment center, several of the “Iceboulders” that had landed in the moat had floated down within the castle, including among them, IceDevimon and several Icemon.

“Heh… We’re in…”

MetalGureimon is awesome here. But Taiki and Kiriha realize what’s up. Something’s wrong.

Princess Bastemon clenched her fists tight around the railing as she watched the Icemon attack her castle once again.

misero tsuyosa no akashi wo

“Knightmon… Please…” she frowned.

“Now now, princess, didn’t they ever teach you not to fall in love with your body guard?” A cold, chilling voice started behind her. “After all… They might just fail to protect you while protecting you.”

saikyou no DIGIXROS…

Bastemon turned around. “IceDevimon, I presume?”

“Yes…” He sneered. “We meet at last…”

yurusenai ima wo subete…

“Now then…” An Icemon stepped forward. “Give us the Code Crown Or Else!”

“Or else what?” The princess shot back.

“Or else…!” The Icemon held up his fist…

Kami Kudake!


…Only to spontaneously explode in a burst of flame and music.

“What the-!” IceDevimon glared at the free floating data. “Who Dares…?”

“Oi!” Shoutmon called out from a nearby ledge. “Didn’t you ever learn that it was rude to pick on defenseless princesses?”

Shoutmon interferes, essentially springing a suddenly laid trap for IceDevimon.

“What!” IceDevimon glared. “How did you know about our brilliant attack Stratagey!”

Shoutmon puffed mightily. “As if! I saw through it immediately!”

Suddenly, Lopmon, Cutemon, Starmon, and the Pickmonz surrounded the lot of them.

“Give up while you still can!” Lopmon ordered.

“We won’t let you hurt any more innocents, Kyu~!” Cutemon added was a fist punch.

“Prepare for a massive smack down, brother!” Starmon grinned.

“Hah!” Icedevimon laughed. “As if!” And with that, he slashed through his Icemon brigade and absorbed their data immediately.

There was a flash of light, and, suddenly, he grew in size, immediately ripping through the roof with his massive, club like hands. For some odd reason, he decided to yell “HOOOONK!” As he took to the air. “HONK HONK HONK!”

Shoutmon paled. “What… The… Heck…”

The RedPickmon jumped up. “He’s Gamzee! He’s Gamzee! Take him down! Take Him Down!”

“Who’s…?” Cutemon started.

“Nevermind who!” Lopmon grabbed his hand and raced off for the stairs. “We have to stop him!”

IceDevimon HONKS. This at the time, was just a casual reference to Gamzee of Homestuck. I don’t think we’d gotten to “Horrorstuck” yet, so the Honks were just there for flavor…

Or maybe we were, and that’s what the club-like-hands were for?

I don’t remember.

In any case, Xros Heart and Blue Flare team up and begin wailing away on IceDevimon, who freezes Ballistamon before Xros Four can be formed. So Taiki and Dorulumon Xros up, and the cannon blast him into what appears to be a death scene. But instead he teleported away?

In any case, the whole version of Blazing Blue Flare plays through this sequence. Unlike Canon, Ba’almon didn’t interfere, with him only showing up after the fight.

And then Taiki faints during the after-meeting. He still can’t handle the recoil from the Cannon blasts.


We open up with the map-screen, and then go straight to the title card:



We resume with Taiki collapsing, and Zenjirou explaining that Taiki used to do this a lot! Kiriha’s inexplicably by Taiki’s side to remark about him not having a fever, and conversations are quickly had about what to do, with Bastemon-Hime offering her room up.

We cut to the exterior of the castle to Nene and the Monitamon.

Nene frowned as she watched the general of Xros Heart collapse once again on a looped replay. “He won’t do at all.” She grimaced as the tape replayed once more. “Not if all he’ll do is collapse like that.” with that, she turned to walk deeper into the forest.

The Monitamon that was playing said tape cut the recording short as he started after her. “Nene-sama!”

“Yes?” She asked back.

“Maybe you’re being a bit harsh on them?” The Monitamon offered. “Taiki Kudo hasn’t had any sleep for days, after all.”

“True, but what’s two days compared to a month?” Nene commented. “If he can’t even stay awake for a few measly days, then he won’t be of any use to me.”

“Nene-sama…” the Monitamon sighed. ‘You really want to get him back, don’t you?’

“We’ll be going with Blue Flare as our Chosen General.” she continued on. “He’s the only one who’s ruthless enough to pull off what we desire.”

“And you like him!” the Monimon’s voice echoed from the Xros Loader in her jacket pocket. “You like him down to every last Pixel, moni!”

Nene stopped walking forward, and closed her eyes tightly. “Quit spreading lies.”

“But it’s true, isn’t it!” the Monimon continued as it reloaded on her head. “You like him you like him!”

“I Do not!”

The Monitamon could only watch with amusement as the tiny Emoticon and their lead General began to fight over who did or didn’t like someone.

Some more Ship-teasing occurs when Nene makes a decision about Kiriha.


Lilithmon smirked as she watched the massive de-frosting lamps were dragged into the chamber. “Perfect! Soon he’ll be free from this chamber!”

IceDevimon gulped. ‘The most feared Military sub-commander ever in the history of the Digital World, even when compared to the prestigious Lord Tactimon… And now…?’ “Lilithmon-s-sama…” He stuttered. “Is this such a good idea?”

“And why wouldn’t it be?” She didn’t sound mad, per-say, but, rather, unfocused on the defrosting of the new general.

“W-Well…” The IceDemon stuttered some more. “He’s… He’s…” He couldn’t come up with a good reason. “He really creeps us all out, all right?” He finally tried.

“Hm? Good for you.” was her nonchalant reply.

IceDevimon sneered. This was not going according to plan! This beast was to be his replacement! And Lilithmon didn’t seem to care! No! Dare say that not even his loyal subordinate Icemon cared! Why! He seemed to be the ONLY one who…



That Ba’almon fellow seemed to care, if only for his own personal reasons.

The assassin was currently blankly staring at the ice encrusted wall and the female general of the Bagura Army. IceDevimon scowled. ‘What’s his problem anyways? Did she step on his pet rock as a kid or something?’

Some more stuff about the Bagura Empire defrosting the monster that was sealed away in the ice. IceDevimon makes an astute observation about Ba’almon and Lilithmon’s ‘relationship’, if one could call it that.

IceDevimon stalked through the tunnels of the icy base, grumbling to himself. “Why don’t we just unfreeze this mammoth of a boss? She asks.” He growled. “Why don’t we just replace you for surviving a dual barrel cannon blast? She asks.” he stopped to smash his fist into the wall. “BAH! I don’t even know why I liked her in the first place!”

“Because.” Came a cold voice from behind him. “She cheats.”

IceDevimon turned his head slowly to face the speaker. “Ba’almon?”

Yes, indeed, the assassian was leaning against a wall, seemingly having been there the whole time.

“Lilithmon cheats, plain and simple.” He continued. “She uses her wiles and her dark magic to control those weaker minded, even if they’re strong enough to compose an entire army.”

“Eh?” IceDevimon narrowed his eyes. “What are you going on about?”

“Take my advice.” Ba’almon continued. “Get out of here while you still can.”

“Bah! So you can take her for yourself!” IceDevimon sneered. “You like her don’t you!”

“Something like that.” Ba’almon scoffed.

“And what’s that supposed to mean!” IceDevimon nearly shouted.

“If I had a choice in the matter.” Ba’almon commented as he vanished into his whirlwind of spell papers. “I wouldn’t even be working for the Army.”

IceDevimon blinked at the spot where the digimon had been for a few moments before he finally put his thoughts into words.

“What a strange guy…”

Ba’almon explains his motives just a little, even warning IceDevimon a bit!

And now: Flash Back Time!! Taiki begins reliving the day he got his goggles.


Lilithmon slumped to the floor of her personal chambers. There was absolutely NO ONE within the castle she could use to use her mirror magic on in order to get the Code Crown. They were all so gosh damn happy about themselves!

She sighed, and went through the list of those in the castle that she could use.

In Xros Heart: That traitor wolf would know better, having worked with the Empire before; the pink bunny was too chipper about everything; the fisherman from lake zone was too devoted to even leave his post; that blasted Drum was too eager to be the all clear signal; The boy general was out cold for some reason and lost within his own mind; the boy shoutmon was too proud to fall against any such tricks; the girl shoutmon was too devoted to keeping her mate in check; the brown rabbit was…



How had she missed that the first time? Some sort of perception filter? A glitch in a time field?

Well, In any case, Lilithmon had her next target in sight.

We’re shown Lilithmon trying to piece together a plan to get the Code Crown. She’s a bit…distant to this, given the time travel scenario I wrote in later… though its odd that I wrote “time field” in there. Heh… In any case, Lilithmon really is operating on outdated– or rather, future-dated– intel on them.

She Tries to get Lopmon with her spell.

Cutemon puts an end to it: D’aww.


Lilithmon growled. That one was too strong. She couldn’t even get her to follow the voice, let alone fall for the “mother’s request” illusion.

No, she’d have to try someone else entirely.

Who was next on the list…? She resumed monitoring the castle with her Magic…

No, that Chibi-Computer mouse wouldn’t do… He was too tied up with the younger princess…

Literally? Serriously? She didn’t even mean for that to be a pun!

Too Tied up, Heh…Unfortunate phrasing on my behalf.


“There you go, Ballistamon!” Zenjirou grinned as he closed the casing to Ballistamon’s chest. “See how that feels!”

Ballistamon took a few moments, then spun his left arm around at a very reasonable rate of five Miles per hour for at least five seconds. “Good as new.”

“Awesome!” Zenjirou threw the wrench in his hand onto the desk behind him, and reclined in his chair. “My mechanical skills finally have a use in this group!”

“Percussive maintenance?” Lila offered.

“Sure! But without the percussive part!” Zenjirou grinned as he looked back at the girl. “Wait, what’s percussive mean again?”

Lila sighed, then turned to leave. “You’re stupid.”

After a few moments, Zenjirou glanced to Ballistamon. “What’d I say?”

“N’gah.” The usual catchphrase was his only reply.

Lila’s the only one of them that can really be affected. The AU shift made them all a bit too happy! Her only desire is to go to Earth.

Lila wandered the halls. “Stupid Zenjirou.” She muttered under her breath. “Stupid Akari. Stupid Shoutmon.” She wrenched her eyes shut. “How come everyone around here has some special skill and I’m just here, doing nothing!” she kicked an empty box of Digi-Noir down the passage way. “Even Chibi-Kamemon saved Taiki’s life! He can do things! The most I’ve ever been used for is a replacement for Akari in a Digi-Xros!”

She scowled. “A Stupid replacement that couldn’t even win a proper battle without having another digimon added on!”

As the Lillymon stormed through the castle hallways, a faint glow from a nearby room caught her attention. “Hm..?” she glanced inside, and saw the source of the glow emitting from a mirror.

So, she stepped inside, and went over to the mirror, pushing the cloth over it to the ground.

She’s basically tagging along for the destination, rather than the journey.

Lila gasped as she saw a near identical version of herself before her. “I…Impossible…”

No, it wasn’t that she saw her own reflection in the mirror, she’s not an idiot, you silly reader.

No, Instead it was a different version of herself. No Wings. No Plant themed clothes. It was her, but only one hundred percent human.

“Are you…?” She asked.

“Are you…?” the mirror replied.

Lila’s reflection took a step forward, and she felt herself compelled to do the same.

A sort of… ripple effect later, and she found herself in a void, standing before the other version of herself.

Then she’s confronted by her own desires. Again, I unintentionally foreshadowed the Shape-shifting spell used later on.

They said nothing, only simply staring at each other.

They each reached out a hand, and, in a sort of testing way, placed their palms against each other.

Suddenly, Lila’s reflection smirked evily, and then there was a spark of dark purple energy and…


Lila’s eyes snapped open, her hands trembling horribly as she stared at the shattered mirror on the ground.

What was she thinking? Of course you can’t walk through mirrors! That would only just knock it to the ground and break it!

She shook her head out. That was just stupid. Stupid, Stupid, Dumb and Stupid!

Lila took a step away from the broken mirror and turned towards the door way. “I hope nobody heard that…”

A Broken mirror was Seven years bad luck…

…Maybe a Code Crown Could reverse it?

Lila gets enchanted, regardless.

Of course, when one entered the mirror realm, they did not physically do so, only their souls moved across the thresh-hold. It still felt real though.

Ugh, but the mirror on the other side had broken because that stupid fairy girl’s body had kept moving without her mind’s permission as was SUPPOSED to happen with the Mirror Possession spell.

But, oh well, a thought had been placed regardless. The Lillymon would now seek out the code crown, and bring it too her and her new general… If he would hurry up and-

“LILITHMON SAMAAAA!” IceDevimon cried out from the other side of the chamber. “LILITHMON SAMAAAAA!”

“Yes yes? What is it?” Lilithmon growled.

“DaiPenmon’s awake ma’am! And he’s mad! He’s…”

Suddenly, a rather loud Honk filled the air.

Soon followed by another, lower one.

And another loud one.

And Another lower one.

“Dear Azoolongmon… Leave me alone! Leave me alone!” IceDevimon’s screams of terror filled the entire Bagura Base. “AIEEEEEEEEEE!”

Azoolongmon reference should be replaced with a Denizen name. Echidna or Cetus, probably.

Back to Taiki: He watches his past self offer help to a boy- later revealed to be Yuu Amano, but at the time potentially written to be Kiriha- only to have it declined. Like canon, Past_Taiki turns his back, but comes back to find the boy gone, and his goggles lying on the ground. This is a change from Canon. Taiki keeps the goggles as a reminder of why he shouldn’t turn his back on anyone.

This is around the time that Nene and Kotone vanished from Earth, either just after or slightly before it. Yuu goes into a coma after the soccerball hits him, and Taiki, apparently a classmate of his, tells him about all the things that their class was doing to tell him that they wanted him back.

Meanwhile, in the present:

“Oh DaiPenmon!” Lilithmon groaned, exasperated. “Do you have to lick him too?”

The Giant penguin was currently licking one of the two Popsicles that he wielded as weapons- the white one that contained the now frozen Ice-Devimon. “HoNk.” he replied contently.

“I R-R-Really W-w-w-w-would l-l-l-like t-t-t-to remind you!” he stuttered from the freezing cold through the Popsicle. “T-t-t-t-that I objected r-r-r-repeatedly t-t-t-to t-t-t-this!”

“Yes, yes, it’s been noted.” She sighed, and placed a hand to her forehead.

“HoNk HoNk HoNk.” DaiPenmon commented as he continued to lick the Popsicle.

“Ugh… THE most annoying sound in existence.” Lilithmon groaned.

Ba’almon was actually having trouble containing his glee at her distress.

AlTeRnAtInG CaPs bRo. That’s how Gamzee rolls.

And simultaneously:

A Statue, made in honor of the previous King and Queen of Lake Zone, was proudly displaying the defeat of a fearsome penguin like creature.

It was made of a transparent like stone, and glowed with a brilliant yellow.

Lila raised her hands, placed them together, and formed her primary weapon in a zombie like fashion. Monotonely, she intoned. “Flower Cannon.”

A Brainwashed Lila steals the Code Crown.

Not the best plan in existence, but she’s under someone else’s control at the moment.

*cue Kinpaku*

The First explosion was coincidentally timed with the beginning of yet another assault from Bagura.


A moment Later, Xros Four entered the battle, throwing out a Four Victorize beam out across the moat towards the approaching Icemon army.

“It’s not going to be enough!” Xros Four started. “There are just too many of them!”



Kiriha’s Blue Flare army entered the fray as well, using over kill like it was going out of style.

Still, though, no matter how many Icemon fell to the devastating attacks, a thousand more would seem to replace them.

And they were making progress on freezing the moat solid.

“Deffend the Castle at all costs!” Knightmon ordered as a group of ToyAgumon and Pandamon rushed to meet an oncoming hord of Icemon that had managed to make a small bridge.

It was soon a worthless cause.

For the demonic sound of “HONK” Filled the air, sending shivvers down the spines of all present.

“No! Impossible…!” Princess Bastemon clenched her fists around the railing. “Not the beast that killed my parrents…!”

Indeed, DaiPenmon had entered the field of battle, with Lilithmon riding on his head.

“Destroy them all!” She ordered. “DaiPenmon!”

And then Bagura comes for Round 4.


It had been six months before the boy had emerged from his coma, and returned to school, just in time for graduation.

“Taiki.” He started quietly as he approached the younger boy. “I heard that you’d returned these back then…” he held out the goggles. “So I…I want you to have them back.”

“But why…?” Younger Taiki asked. “They’re yours, aren’t they?”

“I can’t play sports any more.” the boy explained. “The doctor says I might have a relapse and… my Mom wants me to quit everything. Having these… Just makes her sad.”

Taiki nodded his head at that. “Okay. I’ll take them.”

The boy continued “You don’t have to wear them, if you don’t want to…”

“No.” Taiki took the googles and put them on. “I’ll wear them so that I’ll always be reminded of what I should always do!”

“And what’s that?” the other boy blinked.

“That I can’t ever turn my back on anyone!”

Yuu and Taiki have this conversation, with Yuu’s mother also wanting him to quit everything so she can drag him around the world looking for Nene and Kotone.

Half way through this part, we have the opening titles.

Taiki wakes up.

Taiki Yawned as he sat up in bed. “Ugh… I feel like I got hit by a brick wall.”

There was a muffled reply from ChibiKamemon, buried under a sleeping kitty-kat princess and tied up with rope.

“Huh…” Taiki blinked. How had that happened?

Oh well…

Taiki basically just found ChibiKamemon tied up by ChibiBastemon, who is sleeping on top of him. She’s a rather…odd cat, isn’t she?

He wandered down the hallways, and came across a window overlooking the zone. What he saw was a major wake up call.

Almost everyone and everything in sight was frozen in place.

MetalGureimon had been brutally beaten to the ground, and looked like he had been sent through a trash compactor to boot.

Xros Four had been split back into his component forms, and each frozen apart from each other.

And then he spoted someone moving down below.

Lila was walking across the frozen moat, carrying a Code Crown tightly in her hands, right towards Lilithmon.

The two then vanished in a swirl of magic.

“Lila…?” He growled. What had happened?

With a grimace, he reached up and traced a small hairline crack along the side of his goggles. Something was wrong, and he had fallen asleep at the worst possible time!

Taiki’s playing catch up here. He has no clue what’s happened, but things are really, REALLY wrong.


He turned his head slightly, but kept on running. “Akari!” He grinned at the girl racing to catch up with him.

“You Idiot! What are you doing out here!” She growled at him. “You’ll catch a cold!”

“Lila vanished with a Bagura General!” Taiki explained. “She had the Code Crown!”

“WHAT!” Akari growled. “Of all the times…!”

“What?” Taiki blinked.

“Lilithmon has the power to hypnotize anyone with even the slightest amount of doubt about themselves into doing whatever she wants!” Akari elaborated. “If she’s got Lila and the Code Crown…!”


Neither General missed a step as Zenjrou slid down a small ice pillar and joined their group.

“Where have you been!” Akari growled.

“Fighting off Icemon!” The kendo student held up one of the PawnChessmon spears. “Knightmon protected me when everything froze solid.”

“So It’s just us then?” Taiki asked.

“Kiriha was trying to defrost MetalGureimon last I checked.” Akari dryly noted. “With a hair dryer.”

“Eh?” Zenjirou blinked. “Where’d he get one of those?”

“No clue.” She shrugged as best as she could while running.

Here, it’s these three rushing into action. Just like the anime, they’re going in pretty much unarmed. A PawnChessmon spear isn’t going to do much good against DaiPenmon.

“Well then!” Taiki grinned. “Let’s go get Lila and the Code Crown back from Bagura!”

“Lila!” Zenjirou exclaimed as he nearly tripped over a rock. “What do you mean ‘get her back’?”

“Lilithmon has her.” Akari started.

“And Lilithmon’s…?”

“One of the three Generals!” Taiki started. “Weren’t you paying attention when Akari explained all this back in Green Zone?”

“Eh… I didn’t think it was relevant at the time.” Zenjirou sighed.

“I hate to bring this up, but I don’t know what good we’ll be able to do even if we find their base- everyone’s frozen solid!” Akari noted. “And there’s only so much I can do like this… I don’t even know where Lopmon is!”

“We’ll just have to wing it then.” Taiki confirmed. “All I know is that I can’t turn my back on her!”

Zenjirou actually wants to get Lila back as soon as he heard she was captured. This says a lot about him and her, despite them only knowing each other for four days.

Lilithmon growled. This stupid flower girl got the code crown just fine, but wouldn’t let GO of it. “If that stupid mirror hadn’t broken, I would’ve been able to put in the full orders!” She tried pulling the stupid piece of jewelry out of Lila’s hand, but it just wouldn’t budge. “Well, then, I’ll just have to cut your hand off!”

IceDevimon, still within the icicle, shuddered at thought. “A heart as frozen solid as mine is not even that cruel!” he muttered before DaiPenmon licked him again. “OI! What is it with you and licking?”


“And stop honking, Honk!” IceDevimon continued.

Ignoring the honking madness behind her, Lilithmon pulled a long, thin katana from some infinite reaching pocket in her jacket. “One strike is all it takes…!” She raised the blade…

We see that Lilithmon isn’t having any ease of getting the Code Crown from Lila, and she’s completely unaware of IceDevimon’s plight.


Meanwhile, Kiriha sat atop the MetalGureimon-sicle while waving a hair dryer over the ice. Where he had gotten the hair dryer from even he himself did not know, but it didn’t seem to be working.

He sighed, exasperated, and stood up.

A bend this way, a stretch that way, and then…

“RAHHHH!” he threw the hair dryer down at the ice block in frustration.

The poor thing just bounced off the ice and fell down towards the ground.

“That was stupid.” He sighed. Now he’d lost the only tool that possibly could free MetalGurei-CRACK.






Kiriha looked down and blinked at the spider web crack now spreading throughout the entire ice block. “Oh…!”

His exclamation of pure shock and horror at the sudden explosion of ice was subdued by… well… the sound of a sudden explosion of Ice.

Percussive maintenance. Always works.


The whole Zone shook as a massive ice block exploded.

“Wooooaahhhh!” Lilithmon quickly lost her balance and fell to the ground.

“HONK honk HONK!” DaiPenmon laughed at her expense.

Lila, somehow, still managed to stay on her feet the whole time, even when DaiPenmon was forced to take a step to keep itself upright.

“What in Heaven zone was that?” Lilithmon groaned.

And it saves Lila from losing a hand! (another Heaven Zone foreshadowing.)


MetalGureimon roared in triumph as his icy-prison was broken. “YOOOWWWCH! That’s cold!”

“Um… MetalGureimon?” Kiriha asked his partner as he barely managed to cling onto the left-most horn.

“Yeah Kiriha?” MetalGureimon shifted his eyes over towards his partner.

“Maybe you could put me down?” the general asked. “Preferably on something solid and not frozen ice?”

“Uh… Sure…”

And Gureimon’s out.


Regardless, She needed that Code Crown! And quickly!

Lilithmon found the Katana again, and prepared to slice of Lila’s arms. “You won’t need them where you’re going…!” She tried to justify before…


…A spear suddenly sailed THROUGH the Sword, yanked it out of her grip, and pinned it onto the IceDevimon-sicle.

“Oh Me Oh My!” IceDevimon gulped, for, you see, the spear had continued through the sword and into the Popsicle, barely missing harpooning the frozen Ice Demon by a good inch.

Poor IceDevimon.

“HoNk!” DaiPenmon glared at the person who had dared destroy his Popsicle- None other than Zenjirou.

“Haha! Nothing beats the Tsurugi-Toss!” He grinned. “It’s simply the best there is!”

{Taiki blinked and whispered to Akari. “What’s with all the references from everyone lately?”

She shrugged. “I don’t have a clue. Must be something popular, though.”}

And here I’m breaking the fourth wall slightly with references that are seemingly coming out of nowhere. In retrospect with later episodes, this becomes increasingly potent as the Multi-verse begins to collapse in on itself.

“Oi! Well, if it isn’t little old Xros Heart.” Lilithmon glared as she turned away from the Lillymon with the Code Crown. “All lined up and ready to give me your Code Crowns?”

“Not a chance!” Akari pulled out her Mic stand. “We’ll take you all on if it’s the last thing we do!”

“Give us back Lila!” Zenjirou ordered.

“You know…” Lilithmon aimed her Katana at them. “I’ve always found it odd that you lot have managed to keep Digi-Xrossing even though your lead General was out cold.” She started. “And then I hear from IceDevimon that there’s a RED Xros Loader along with the Orange one we already knew about!”

“Heh, what do you mean?” Taiki held up his orange one. “I only see one Xros Loader here, don’t you?”

“Yup!” Akari emptied out her pockets. “No Red Xros Loader in sight!”

“Don’t play games with me!” Lilithmon then pulled Lila up close, and put the blade to her neck. “I Know that you all have two Xros Loaders, so Stop lying and give me your Code Crowns, or I’ll kill this one where she stands!”

Lilithmon’s giving her demands. She knows this won’t work, but she’s gotta try. More “Games” references being stupidly hilarious in hindsight.

“You do that and the Code Crown will go flying off to someone else.” Came a rather… Cool voice all of a sudden.

And I mean cool as in the modern Pop sense as “Calm, cool and collected” rather than all the Ice puns that I’ve been pulling within these last few chapters.

Everyone turned their heads towards the source of the voice, to see none other than Dorulumon, with Cutemon and Lopmon riding on his back.

“Oh, well if it isn’t the traitor!” Lilithmon glared. “Didn’t DaiPenmon freeze you solid?”

“Oh, funny thing about that.” Came another… More Rowdy voice.

“Shouto!” Akari smiled.

“Ice isn’t the best thing to trap people in.” Shoutmon started as he walked out next to Dorulumon. “It tends to crack under the pressure.” he winked.

“N’gah!” Ballistamon jumped out next. “A Wall cannot block what can move at eighty eight miles per hour.”

“Grr…” Lilithmon growled.

“You’re out numbered!” Kiriha called out as he and MailBirdramon lowered into view. “Give the Code Crown back, or we’ll have to take it from you!”

The “Cool” definition is a slight reference to the 10th Doctor’s first Christmas episode, but there’s not much more to that. Also: Ballistamon makes a Back to the Future shout out.

“Don’t forget about Lila!” Zenjirou shouted. “She’s the one that has it right now!”

“Hey, what’s up with her anyways?” Shoutmon asked. “She looks like a zombie.”

“Shoutmon!” Akari scolded. “That’s not a nice thing to say!”

“What?” he blinked. “I’m just saying!”

“Oh… her?” Lilithmon started to grin. “Well, let’s just say that my mirror magic didn’t quite work out the way I wanted it to. Even if you somehow manage to defeat me and get the code crown, she’ll never snap out of it!”

Zenjirou has Lila’s best interests at heart. Shoutmon’s confused, and Lilithmon’s continuing on with her ‘posturing.’

“Your magic is nothing but hocus pocus!” Dorulumon began. “Parlor tricks! There’s nothing in it’s nature that can’t be undone!”

“It can if the mirror breaks before the spell is finished!” Lilithmon countered. “I never finished programming her, so that’s why I’ve had so much trouble getting my code crown!”

“It’s Not yours.” Lila said suddenly.

“What?” Everyone blinked.

“It’s not yours.” Lila repeated. “I need it so I won’t be useless.”

“Useless? What’s this nonsense?” Lilithmon growled.

“I can’t do anything.” She continued. “I’m nothing.”

“That’s not true at all!” Akari started. “You’re our friend!”

“Look you brat!” Lilithmon started to press her katana blade a bit closer to Lila’s neck. “Give me my Code Crown or I’ll kill you!”

“It’s not yours.” Lila repeated once more. “I need it so I won’t be useless.”

“If you’re saying that because I said something…!” Zenjirou started. “I’m Sorry! Just please come back to us!”

“It’s no use!” Lilithmon growled. “The spell wasn’t working properly in the first place!”

“Lila!” Lopmon called out. “I’m in the same boat you are! And I’m not useless! Neither are you!”

“I need it so I won’t be useless.” the Lillymon continued.

Dorulumon calls Lilithmon out on her magic being a fake thing (Unintentional Homestuck reference here), and Lila begins claiming that she’s useless.

“You’re not useless! Everyone has purpose!” Taiki called out. “We won’t turn our backs on you just because you aren’t able to do anything! You’re our friend!”

IceDevimon couldn’t help it anymore. He just couldn’t resist! He let loose a “Dawww…” and called out. “OI! Listen to them! Nobody that’s useless would ever have that many people who want them back so badly!”

Lilithmon turned to glare at the IceDemon. “BE QUIET! You’re not helping me get my Code Crown!”

“I said It’s not yours.”

“Be Quiet you broken little…!” Lilithmon was this close to exploding as she turned back towards the girl. THIS Close.

“I said!” Suddenly, Lila spun around, swinging the Code Crown like a short dagger, tears flowing from her eyes. “It’s! Not! YOURS!”


The whole room went silent as Lila hit the ground, and Lilithmon took a step backwards.

Everyone talks her out of it though, though IRONICALLY, it’s IceDevimon who talks the most sense into her.

Lila blinked at the sticky, red substance now coating one sharp edge of the Code Crown. “D…Did I just…?”

Lilithmon reached up and touched her now stingging cheek. “Is this…?”

“Blood?” Lilithmon gasped as she looked at her now blood covvered hand. “Actuall blood?”

“HoNk.” DaiPenmon didn’t like where this was going. Not. One. Bit.

“I’m…” Lilithmon started as dark energy started to flare around up her. “Going to…”

“N’gah!” Ballistamon quickly ran over, grabbed Lila, and jumped away from the Bagura General within the span of a second.

EXPLODEEEEEE!” Lilithmon cried out as the energy flared out, and started to possess DaiPenmon… And the hapless IceDevimon.

Lilithmon bleeds. And then she begins to force a Digi-Xros between DaiPenmon and IceDevimon. How? Well, she has a Xros Loader hidden on her somewhere. She’s probably using that.

“Zenjirouuu!” Lila climbed off of Ballistamon and hugged the boy. “I’m sorry! I’m sorry!”

“No! I’m the one who should be appologizing!” He started.

“I hate to break up this touching moment!” Kiriha called out suddenly. “But we’ve got trouble!”

“HOOOOOONNNNKKKKKK!” DaiPenmon let loose a horrifying scream as Lilithmon forced a fusion between him and IceDevimon.

“ICEDEVIMON!” She called out in glee as the fusion formed beneath her feet. “DAIPENMON! FUSED DEMON FORM!”

Gone were the Popsicles, and the icy color scheme.

Instead, DaiPenmon was now purple, with IceDevimon’s bat symbol on his chest. And, in place of the baseball cap was now one of those turn style slushy machine mixer handles (what Lilithmon was now standing on-top of).

“What. The…” Shoutmon paled. “What the heck is that?”

“I don’t know, Brother!” Starmon cried out as he suddenly appeared. “But that’s one ugly monster of a name!”

“I shall Dub Thee!” RedPickmon started as he jumped onto Ballistamon’s head. “Gamzee The Second!”

“Now then!” Lilithmon cried out as DaiPenmon began to twist the handle on his head. “BURRY THEM IN ICE!”

She even names it more like a Xrossed form. But Lila and Zenjirou reunite, and all’s good with them.

“HoNk. HoOoOoNk…” Around and around his arms went, spinning that fancy handle. “HoOoOoOoOoOoOoOnK!” And with that final HoNk, his eyes bulged out as he opened his mouth and spewed a massive flood of shaved Ice at our intrepid Heroes!



Suddenly, the Kinightmon and PawnChessmon jumped in front of the gathered army, all shields fused together to form a blinding barrier of golden light.

“Taiki-Dono! I don’t know how long we’ll be able to hold them off!” Knightmon started. “But please! Do hurry and defeat the monster that killed our King and Queen!”

Taiki nodded, and reached for his Xros Loader again.

“Wait.” Akari stoped him by grabbing his arm. “Are you sure you’re all right?”

“I’m fine.” He started.

Knightmon and the Pawnchessmon appear from somewhere, shielding them from the barfed snowvalanche. Ew.

*cue piano opening to We Are Xros Heart*

“No, you’re not.” She scowled. “You’re still recovering from a major Digi-Xros, I can do it!”

“As Long as I have everyone by my side, I know I can do this!” Taiki started.

“Oi! One second.” Shoutmon snapped his fingers. “Just let me call out the Xros and Taiki won’t have to!”

“But then we won’t be able to use Xros Four!” Dorulumon rationalized. “Shoutmon is the Center of that Xros!”

“Um… guys…” Lila cut in suddenly. “Isn’t Akari basically just a girl Shoutmon?”

There was a moment of silence (excluding DaiPenmon’s ongoing HONK) before Taiki snapped his fingers against his goggles. “I’ve got an idea!”

With that he held up his Xros Loader. “Everyone! We’re going to pour everything into this Xros!”

Shoutmon held up the Red one as well. “Let’s show these Bagura Goons that they can’t mess with our friends!”

“Let’s Burn at Full Force!” Taiki and Shoutmon pushed the tops of their Xros Loaders together, and spun the dials in unison, selecting several Digimon simultaneously.

With a sudden rush of energy, The Knightmon and PawnChessmon pushed forward as everyone jumped into Battle.

And here we have Lila giving the realization that Akari can be substituted for Shoutmon, and with it, the basis for all of their future Xrosses.


“AKARI!” Shoutmon cried out. “LOPMON!”

“DORULUMON!” Taiki continued. “BALLISTAMON!”

“STARMON! PICKMONS!” Shoutmon added.




With a flare of energy, Ballistamon’s body split open, allowing Akari to become the Center of the body, essentially wearing Ballistamon as upper torso armor. The Drills on Dorulumon transformed into the Spear heads of the PawnChessmon before his body split apart, transforming into the leg and lower torso armor; the V from Akari’s hat latched itself onto the chest of the body, transforming from Red to a brilliant glowing white.

Then, Knightmon’s shield attached itself to the Left hand, with the Crest of Hope on it changing into the Xros Heart Logo; Knightmon’s sword and the Star Blade (fused from Akari’s Mic stand and the Starmonz Brigade) merged together, transforming it into a brilliantly glowing blade with orange edges. Turuiemon X2’s swords materialized next and attached themselves onto the sides of the sword, adding a triple split blade at the hilt.

Finally, a Knight’s helmet (formed from the head of Akari’s Mic stand) formed over the fusion’s head, and a majestic cape flowed off of the back, retaining the Crest of Hope as it’s insignia; and simultaneously, Lopmon’s bandanna formed itself around the upper left arm and a long scarf, looking like Turuiemon X2’s ears, formed around the new Digimon’s neck.

*cut to WE ARE XROS HEART, Properly*

With a triumphant cry, the new Digimon let loose it’s name. “SHOUTMON! XROS FOUR KNIGHT!”

This time, Akari’s the center of the Xros instead of Shoutmon. And so WE ARE XROS HEART plays fully with Lyrics again- This time in ENGLISH!

Stand Up, My Friend!

“Xros Four…Knight…!” Zenjirou blinked. “Surely this must be the strongest Xros ever!”

It’s Unstoppable, this BURNING SOUL!

“You think a fancy new Xros Will stop this!” Lilithmon laughed. “MORE ICE, DAIPENMON!”

No Boundaries can stop us,

“I won’t let you get away with this!” X4 Knight roared as she plowed forward through the oncoming ice slush with ONLY her glowing shield.

You’re not alone!

“So Cool!” Lila’s face brightened considerable. “SO COOL!”

My Bond with my friends is My Trump Card!

“You’ve twisted the emotions of our friends, and done so many more horrible things to the people of this Zone!” X4 Knight continued. “I Can Not Forgive That!”

I’ll Burn up this life of mine and R-O-A-R!

“Eh?” Lilithmon blinked as X4 Knight got even closer and closer, despite being constantly pushed back by DaiPenmon’s Snow Ice. “What power!”

Now Let’s Fuse as one into a GREAT XROS!

“I Will not Forgive all the injustice imposed upon the World!” X4 Knight suddenly jumped into the air, great sword glowing brightly and fiecely. “BAGURA ARMY!”

Give Me Everyone’s Exploding Shouts!

“ENGRAVE THAT ON YOUR HEARTS!” A Mighty Swing sent a Burning wave of Energy into DaiPenmon, cutting off the sudden rush of snow, and melting all that was there.

Now Let’s be born with fangs of Tomorrow with a Great Heart!

“BURNING STAR CRUSHER!” Another Swing makes a Matching set, and a massive Burning, Spinning, whirling tornado made of of a solid V Smashes into DaiPenmon once more.

Take Flight!

“What Power!” Lilithmon gasped as DaiPenmon began sparking with furious pent up energy. “No wonder Xros Heart can never be beaten!” With a laugh, she spun rapidly and vanished into a portal, taking her back to the main Empire base.

And Fight!

With that said and done, X4 Knight spun around dramatically, leaving DaiPenmon to Explode violently and wonderfully behind her.


“YAHOOO!” Lila cheered.

“You got ‘im!” Zenjirou clapped as he let loose a war whoop.

Taiki and Shoutmon just grinned as they gave thumbs up to X4 Knight.

With a wink, She returned the thumbs up.

Lilithmon saw first hand here just WHY Xros Heart is such an awesome team, and that they were ALWAYS pushing the bounds of victory, even at the beginning. And from here, we begin the running emote of the post-victory thumbs up.

This, much like the last time we had WE ARE XROS HEART’s lyrics displayed, is a defining moment for this team. They are working Together, not as a team, but as a family, in order to defeat the Bagura Empire wherever it lies.

In a bit of foreshadowing, they nearly lost Lila here, but pulled her back at the last moment. Later on, they’ll lose someone, but pull together one of their strongest Xroses Ever in the wake of it. Because, there’s nothing like the power of a strong Family, right?

“No. I wouldn’t have ever thought to fuse together like that.” Kiriha shook his head. “Besides, They had enough of my help as it was.”

“Good point.”

“So then, Kiriha.” Gureimon started from the Xros Loader. “You’d rather be with your girlfriend than some stupid celebration where there’s food and drinks and DIGI-NOIRHm?”

Kiriha jumped slightly. “She’s Not my girlfriend.”

“Sure, Sure…”

Gureimon wants to go to the party, but Kiriha doesn’t want to. This is part of why he’s one of my favorite Blue Flare Characters. He wants to relish in the afterglow of victory.

After Taiki makes a show of claiming the Code Crown infront of the Zone natives, Bastemon-hime gives him an offer to take the Knight+Pawn team with him on their travels….And her Sister is tagging along too.

To be “Taught the ways of being a proper princess.”

And with this ominous line set:

“It’s setteled then!” The eldest princess turned to face the gathered crowd. “As a final decree, the youngest royal in our family shall go out into the Digital World as a Diplomat to our Zone!”

The crowd cheered still.

Dorulumon looked around at the group and gulped. “I’m suddenly very afraid for the future of the Digital World.”

We rejoin Kiriha and Nene.

“Oi, so what’d you want to talk about?” Kiriha asked as he dismounted MailBirdramon.

“Oh, nothing much.” Nene Amano smiled to herself as she kept her back to the general. “I just have a deal to offer.”

“Oh? And what’s that?” Kiriha narrowed his eyes.

“We team up.” She stated. “Simple as that.”

“You know I only team up with Generals. Anyone else can just go do their own thing.” Kiriha frowned. “I make an exception with you because of the information your group provides about Bagura’s movements.”

“Well, then.”

“Yeah.” He turned to leave. “See ya.”

Nene pulled out a Xros Loader from her jacket pocket, and smirked. “Reload: SPARROWMON.”

Kiriha stopped in his tracks as he heard the tell tale signs of a Reloaded Digimon, and the sudden rush of Jet engines. He turned his head back towards Nene, to spot the Xros Loader in her hand, just barely over her shoulder.

It was Pure Black.

“Do You want me to Destroy him, Nene?” Sparrowmon asked, sounding slightly concerned for the Boy’s safety.

“No. We’re partnering up.” Nene’s smirk widened. “Aren’t we, Kiriha?”

Kiriha Aouma had no immediate reply to that.

This encounter is pretty much the same as in Canon, with only the tone of Sparrowmon’s voice changing at all. She goes from: “You want me to destroy him? ^U^?” to “you want me to “destroy” him? 0_0″

The tone is what changes this entire encounter. Sparrowmon is subtly pleading Kiriha to go with Nene so she doesn’t have to do anything she’ll later regret.

End of the episode.



“Dust Zone? Treasure? Adventure?”

“Revolomon’s my name, Adventurin’ is my game!”

“Blastmon-Sama! We have intruders in the cave systems!”

“Scorpiomon-chan… Could you get off my head please?”


“Next Time! Digimon Xros Wars: Dust Zone: Adventure in the Ruins!


WAIT. Dust Zone? It should be SAND Zone. What the hell?

Oh, but wait, there’s MORE.

We begin the first of the KARAOKE SING OFFS!

Taiki and Zenjirou are coming from Sweets Zone, at the end of episode 28, through the Air-space. Zenjirou is looking through the cellphone when he comes across a few karaoke version songs on it. Many of which were pulled off of my MP3 player:

“Oooh! It’s got an MP3 player function!” Zenjirou exclaimed suddenly. “Let’s see what music this mysterious girl likes!”

Taiki cast an incredulous glance back again. “Wasn’t digging through her picture gallery enough?”

“Let’s see…” Zenjirou continued uninterrupted. “Hare Hare Yukai… Shamrock… Never Give Up… Target… Butter-fly…” he groaned. “Oh come on! Karaoke versions only? Really?”

Many of those are Digimon theme songs. The first two, however, are not. I’ve linked to the second one here because that one’s a bit ambiguous.


As the light of teleportation faded, Taiki and Zenjirou found themselves standing in an empty parking lot, in the dead of night, next to an abandoned highway, in the middle of an expansive desert.

“Are we back on earth?” Taiki blinked.

“Doesn’t look like it.” Shoutmon commented as he and several others exited the Xros Loaders. “Just look!” he pointed.

Taiki and Zenjirou turned their heads towards where the singer was pointing.

“You’ve got to be kidding me.” Zenjirou groaned.

“Irony at it’s best.” Taiki blinked again.

Shoutmon was pointing towards the blinking neon sign attached to the side of the building that was connected to the empty parking lot.

“South-West Digital Karaoke!” the sign read.

“Best Karaoke Bar this side of the Incipisphere!” the window below it read.

“Well…” Akari started after a moment. “Shall we go inside?”

There was no protest from the Xros Heart army.

Incipisphere is a Homestuck Reference again, but it’s also a place in the Zone they’re in.

INSIDE_ _ _|

“Wow…” Lopmon whistled. “It’s just like those old bars you see on old 70’s TV shows!”

The whole bar was one large room filled with: several dozen tables, a pool table, a moderately sized stage, several booths along the walls, and two actual bars- one for drinks and Digi-noir and one with a cash register on it.

So, yes, Lopmon, exactly like those old 70’s bars that you see on old TV shows.

“I like it! Nice and roomy!” Akari grinned as she looked around.

The room was populated by a few familiar faces, (for example, Nene was sitting in a corner booth, and Kiriha was eating Digi-noir at the food bar) and several Digimon (A Kazemon was at the cash register bar- working on the money earned books-, a Togemogumon was just climbing off the stage to talk to her Terriermon, Poyomon, and Palmon companions, and an Astamon was manning the food bar- and looking very friendly while doing it too).

“Let’s spread out.” Taiki started as he turned to the members of Xros Heart. “Find out as much about this Zone as you possibly can, and meet back at…” he glanced around the room before settling on a table in a corner. “Over there.” he pointed. “Okay?”

It’s due to the nature of the way that I wrote these endings that the story doesn’t QUITE line up right. Because in Sweets Zone’s ending, Nene left with Xros Heart and Kiriha is nowhere to be seen.

Taiki knocked gently on the counter top to get the Kazemon’s attention. “Um, excuse me…”

“Oh!” She looked up from the math-work before her. “‘Scuse me there, Darlin’, how can I help ya?” She started in a thick, Texan accent.

“Me and my friends came in from out of town, and we can’t identify what Zone this is.” Taiki started. “Where are we exactly?”

“Oh.” She put a toothpick into her mouth and frowned. “You’re one of those General types, aren’tcha?”

“Yes, I’m with Xros Heart.” He held out his orange Xros Loader. “We’re traveling Zone to Zone, stopping Bagura every chance we can.”

“Well, I appreciate your help with that.” She smiled slightly. “Been doin’ wonders with bringin’ in new customers, not havin’ to worry about Bagura goons commin’ in and wreckin’ the place an’ all.” That smile turned to a frown. “But you’re not gonna find our Zone’s Code Crown any bit easily.”

“Hey hey!” Taiki took a step back invoulintairly. “I just want to know what Zone we’re in is all!”

“Oh.” Kazemon blinked beneath her visor, and a grin started to break out. “Well, not to brag, but yer’ all in Karaoke Zone’s finest bar in the entire Digital World South of the Incipisphere!”

“That’s like with the whole Sburb game, right, right!” A PawnChessmon jumped up suddenly. “Please tell me you mean Sburb!”

“Eh? What’s that?” Kazemon turned to glare at the PawnChessmon. “I meant Incipisphere as in the massive dome covered city to the north of us. Don’t you know your zone history?”

This is some of the Zone history here- and I spell it out that in this case the Incipisphere is a dome covered city. Nobody knows what “Sburb” is at this point, not wholely, anyways.

“You seem a bit stressed.” Taiki observed. “Can we do anything to help?”

Kazemon looked at him for a moment, the pulled off her visor. “Not to be a downer or anythin’, but I doubt you can help. It’s not Bagura that’s givin’ us any trouble, but this local gang.” She sighed. “Keeps offerin’ ‘protection’ or whatever it is, and threatenin’ to shut us down if we don’t give them the Code Crown.”

“So the Code Crown is…?” Taiki started.

“It’ll only show itself to the person who puts their little heart out the most and the best durrin’ our open mic’ night.” Kazemon elaborated. “They have to sing the most songs, and sing them the best in order to get it. An’ we don’t have anyone around who’s willin’ to even try getting it!” She pointed towards Kiriha. “That looser over there keeps hoggin’ all the Digi-Noir and refuses to sing at all.” She shifted her gaze over towards Nene. “And the little lass ov’r there won’t talk to anybody unless they’ve got some sort of news about some sort of ‘Dusk’ business or whatever it is she’s lookin’ for.” she turned her face back towards Taiki. “I’m jus’ a bit annoyed with them General types right now ’cause of ’em takin’ up space and not being able to help out at all.”

“Well then.” Taiki grinned. “Xros Heart can’t turn our backs on you!”

“Darlin’.” Kazemon grinned back. “Tell you what, If your group can get the Code Crown, Y’all can have as much Digi-noir as you could ever possibly want on the house!”

I’ll say it here, but they have it wrong about how to get the Code Crown. I had a brief idea of them handing out *fake* Code Crowns for a while, but ditched that.

“AHHOYYYY!” The Togemogumon grinned a cat like grin at Lopmon and Cutemon as they walked by. “You guys look like you’re with some sort of army!”

The Terriermon there facepalmed. “Oi, Konata… Could you not be so direct with strangers?”

“Kagamiiiiin…” Togemogumon turned her grin at her friend. “Stop being so stiff!” With a snap, she turned back towards Lopmon. “So, are ya? Are you guys part of an army?”

Lopmon blinked. “Erm… Well…”

“Tell ya what! Me an’ Kagami here were going to go up on stage and sing this next song with Miyuki here!” A gesture towards the Palmon of the group. “But then she broke a tooth or somethin’ on the pretzels and now we can’t do the next song!”

(“So forward!” The Terriermon was shocked at her friends abruptness.

The Palmon could only mumble something about cavities while the Poyomon looked on in confusion.)

“So!” Togemogumon continued to grin at Lopmon. “You can tell me if you guys are part of an army or not if you’ll take Miyuki’s place in the next song and come up on stage with me and Kagami!”

The Karaoke endings were inspired by Lucky Star, and so it only makes sense to have Digimon versions of Konata, Kagami, Tsukasa, and Miyuki show up!

Akari blinked as, all of a sudden, the lights dimmed and a spotlight was turned on, towards the stage. “What the…?”

“YAHOOO!” Togemogumon cried out into a stage mic’ as a fast paced string of music started to play over the loud speakers. “KARAOKE ZONE!LET’S GET THIS PARTY STARTEEEED!”

“Eh! Lopmon!” Lila gasped in shock, causing Akari to double take at the stage.

Sure enough, Lopmon, along with a Terriermon, were onstage next to Togemogumon, each of them wearing silly costumes.

Zenjirou paled. “Oh no… they’re not doing what I think they’re doing…”

“Let’s Go!” Togemogumon then shoved one of the Mics towards Terriermon.

With a sigh, she took the Mic and started singing. “It fell from the sky, With all the wishes still on it, Maybe they were just a bit too heavy for a single star?”

Togemogumon started next. “As I thought, something’s wrong! The you in my heart has vanished.” A grin. “Can I even say that I really remember?”

With that, the song kicked into high gear, even going to far as to state the name of it.

“TOMARE!” She continued. “The Past is ones own! I wouldn’t want to trade mine to anyone!”

With that, Lopmon started. “That’s Because…”

And then they all started singing.

“It was a birthday to us! The time our meeting was born was when we had our first dream!” Togemogumon seemed to be having the most fun, meanwhile Terriermon was only slightly annoyed and Lopmon slightly nervous. “‘What Should we do?’ and worrying about it!”

Zenjirou’s jaw was on the floor, while Akari and Lila just stared in shock.

“Now we can laugh, thinking back on it, I’ve already forgotten it!”

With some fancy, unpracticed posing, they continued. “I’ll Search for you!”

This Song is the second ending theme for Haruhi Suzumiya….or was it the Second opening theme? I forget.

Oh well. This is how the chapter ends!



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