Xros Wars AU 02 — CH2

Continuing on with this Liveblog, We’re doing chapter TWO next!

Link HERE if you haven’t read it properly yet! Spoilers abound!

I’d like to begin this re-release of our popular Historical series by noting that the amendments to this volume (Chapters Forty-Three and onwards) are the overall generalized events that occurred, and are not the FULL Historical representation of the Battles fought, emotions felt, and lives lived during this time frame.

If you are interrested in the actual, if allbeit slightly embellished, history, I’ll be glad to dirrect you to the latest installments to the popular series that you, by now, are no doubt familiar with. With that in mind, I’d also like to point out that I’ve been asked by the publishers of this History to leave out certain events in this representation, chiefly the physical and romantic relationships of the involved parties, that I’ve left intact in the full, expanded versions due to looser restrictions by those publishers involved.

Now then, I’m sure that will probably be deleted out, or I’ll be asked to re-write this by my publishers, but, you can’t blame a girl for trying, right?


_Actual Introduction to: A History of the Worlds, Fifth Edition, by Kudo, M. (c) 2031.

Going off of what I wrote in the last review, this reference makes people REALLY confused now- or maybe not? As I said, originally, Yolei/Miyako was going to be Taiki’s mother, and she was going to be a HISTORICAL WRITER, as Davis was making enough money off of his Ramen noodle carts to let them live comfortably. Of course, their names would be changed slightly, as if “in hiding,” hence “Kudo” as their last name.

I made the change from “Reused character” to “Original character” sometime after I wrote this. So I locked myself into a name due to my own twisted logic. “MiyaKuru” said aloud, sounds like “Miracle”, and was a ‘clever’ pun on her changed name being Miyako Kudo. This cold opening is PROBABLY no-longer an issue given how I’ve designed the Hunters arc to end, but…. I’ll let you be the judge of that.

Today’s episode is:

Dorulumon! Return the Attack!

And I really wonder when I started adding the quotes to the titles? They aren’t there yet, oddly.

Continuing on with this bizzare double cold open:

Zenjirou Tsurugi watched in horror as the eight headed, snake hovered over them, an evil laugh in it’s throat. How, oh How Had it come to this? Reduced to become some demonic snake’s breakfast?

“Hehaha…” The Orochi bared it’s fangs. “Snack time…!”

“kyaaaa!” The girl screamed, and Zenjirou suddenly wished he had his Kendo stick, or, maybe one of those fancy “Cross Roader” things that Taiki had.

Speaking of Taiki, that was the exact reason he was here right now, (well, not the reason they were about to be eaten, but close enough!) Where was that guy anyways? But, that was second in order of importance. How had he ended up here, his and a (Very cute) girl’s back pinned to a wall, about to be eaten by a snake?

Then, the reason why this was happening came flying at Zenjirou like a ton of bricks as the snake launched one of it’s heads at them.

We focus on Zenjirou and his FUTURE LOVE INTEREST. No, Past-me’s not even being subtle about it. Bluh. Lila the Lillymon and Zenjirou the Swordsman. Quite a couple these two will make. Lila came about because of the Lillymon in the Manga: she follows Xros Heart where the Anime Lillymon doesn’t do such until Death Generals. I must have been psychic. Death Generals wasn’t even on our radar by this point.

The group, consisting of the Xros Heart army and their ‘tag alongs’, was marching back towards a village, the Village of Smiles to be exact.

“Sometime Before I was born, the Digital world was split into several different zones.” Akari Hinomoto, one of two Generals for Xros Heart, was explaining to two of the three “Tag alongs”, Tsurugi Zenjirou and Kudo Taiki. “For a short time, there was chaos as everyone tried to figure out what was going on.”

The lead Starmon cut in suddenly. “It was more ‘goolish hell’ then ‘chaos’, if you ask me.”

Akari continued on regardless. “Then, one group began to take precedent over the others.”

Shoutmon- this time- was the one to interrupt. “The Bagura Army.” The disgust in his voice was evident. “I really hate those guys!”

“Yeah.” Akari nodded solomonly. “The Bagura Empire was born from the ashes, bringing down destruction and oppression to countless zones.”

Exposition time! Akari begins telling them about how the Digital World broke up sometime before she was born- due to my later construction of the timeline, this would be about…Say….four to five years before she was born? I forget exactly at the moment. Did I make mention of how old she was in the last chapter? No? Well…Just take that age and subtract it from 20.

Also, Starmon’s comments here place him at being over 20. Hm, I think I just gave myself another plot idea- dang it.

Taiki, from Ballistamon’s (the third ‘tag along’) right shoulder, frowned. “Who is this ‘Bagura’ anyways?”

“Nobody knows for sure.” Dorulumon (from within the orange Xros Loader in Taiki’s hand) started. “All that is known is that he summoned three generals to lead his army, and take over the Digital World.”

Taiki’s eyes narrowed. “What about the Generals?”

Shoutmon shrugged. “We’ve never met one personally, but each of the three have sent some sort of sub-general lackey to take over the zone, each one said a different name.”

“Blastmon, Lilithmon, Tactimon.” Akari listed them off from memory. “Tactimon is the one who sent MadLeomon.”

Dorulumon growled from within the Digivice. “I sware, when I get my paws on him…” he was vague as to which ‘Mon the threat was directed towards.

This snipit refers to Dorulumon working for Tactimon! Yay! Foreshadowing! Also: given the future plot I wrote in, Akari’s knowledge of the three generals names is pretty ironic.

Zenjirou, on Ballistamon’s right shoulder, opened one of his eyes. “As nice as this history lesson is, when do we get to the part about returning to the Human world?”

That stopped all movement at all.

“What? Did I say something wrong?” The kendo student blinked.

Slowly, but surely, a slight chuckle began to rise up out of one of the two Generals.

“Eh? Is something funny?” The boy frowned.

Shoutmon turned toward Akari, tears brimming in his eyes. “Hahah! Did you hear that? He actually thinks there’s a way back!”

And there it is: the WHAM LINE of the chapter. “He actually thinks there’s a way back!” There isn’t a KNOWN way to get back to Earth from the Digital World at this point. Why? It’s explained a few lines later, just after a short bit of physical-violence-as-comedy!

Akari, however, didn’t find the humor in that. “Shouto.” She summoned her microphone stand from thin air, making Zenjirou and Taiki’s eyes widen. “Remember what I said the last time we met someone who fell from the sky?”

Shoutmon’s laughter stopped abruptly. “Oh…”


A rather startled yelp echoed across the green plains as the girl began to chase the dragon in circles.

Lopmon (resting on Ballistamon’s head) just sighed.

Zenjirou frowned. “What did she mean by that?”

A Red Pickmon jumped up next to Lopmon. “She means that there’s no way back to the Human World.”

Taiki blinked. “Really? Why’s that?”

“The event that shattered the Digital World…” Lopmon started. “It also destroyed the gateway that lead to the Human world.”

There’s another bit of key information here as well: someone else fell from the sky. Who would that be?

> Blue Flare: Kill like Overkill is going out of style

Kiriha and Blue Flare, that’s who! This dramatic cut is the answer to that unasked question, and serves only to show that Blue Flare is AWESOME and Twilight is “sneaky.”

We then cut back to Xros Heart, arriving at the Village of Smiles under attack by a straggler Pteramon, who has apparently very bad aiming skills? I didn’t give an explanation for that. Also, another 02 Reference: “Back to the Dark Zone with you!” Perhaps I should rename that to “Horror Zone”? Oh, and here’s a Coleamon spy! Or rather: a LAND SHARK!!! 

…Yeah, that’s completely not the same thing. What was I even thinking? The XKCD link is *CLEARLY* about an *AIR SHARK.*

Anyways, Taiki gives some reference to his mother being a novelist: and, even though Taiki doesn’t give the name of it, the title *WAS ALWAYS* going to be “DIGICA SCARAB.” I just gave it a slight re-spelling later on when I actually bring this plot point up again. Anyways, Cutemon unveils himself as a badass, taking out the Coleamon that Dorulumon canonically crushed with ease. …And then RedPickmon makes his random hate against brids known. Ironic, considering this was before Angry Birds came out, and the Red Pickmon sort of looks like an Angry Bird, eh?

We then cut to Bagura HQ: where they discuss XROS HEART’s interference.

MadLeomon was sobbing as he exited the ‘debriefing’ room, which took it’s name literally in more ways then one. (Which technically shouldn’t even be possible.) “It…It was horrible! The horror…! The Horror…!” and with that, A Devimon kicked the lion out of General’s meeting chamber.

Tactimon walked out of the room next, a grim smile hidden by his helmet. “I wasn’t expecting this.” he thought to himself.

Lilithmon sat up from her chair, and smiled at her fellow general. “How’d it go, tactician?”

“Yeah?” Blastmon grinned from his spot in the middle of the chamber. “What’d ya find out, Tac-chan?”

Tactimon looked over his fellow generals for a moment, then said the two words that drove fear and terror into what little hearts they had. “Xros Heart.”

Lilithmon gulped, eyes wide; and Blastmon lost his balance for a few moments, nearly rolling onto his back in shock.

“X…Xros Heart?” Lilithmon asked, hoping her ears had deceived her. “Y…You’re sure?”

“Tac-chan…” Blastmon’s usually powerfull voice was quivering. “Didn’t we destroy their Xros Loader?”

“It appears.” Tactimon started. “That what we destroyed was a decoy. A fake.” his eyes narrowed under his helmet. “The Red Xros Loader has been passed to Hinomoto’s daughter, and his un-canny luck has followed it to her.”

This was not news any of them wanted to hear; however, their un-seen visitor, Ba’almon, continued to watch them, un-fazed by the news.

At the time I wrote this, I intended them to actually believe that they destroyed Xros Heart’s red Xros Loader. In the over-all-scheme of the story and having “Characterization Marches On,” however, it is now an example of their very well practiced lying in front of others of the army. They know now that the end of the Empire is upon them.

We return to our Heroes, arriving in Green Zone, and Jijimon gives Taiki and Zenjirou the world’s backstory:


“There was an item, known as the Code Crown. It was a power-full artifact, and, in it’s original form, could be used for anything it’s owner desired.”

Groups of humans and Digimon bowed before a glowing artifact before them: The Code Crown.

“One of the very things the Code Crown could do was constantly maintain the gateway between the Digital World and the Human World. But, this was unknown at the time before it’s discovery.”

A humanoid shape breaks through a bricked up wall, revealing the artifact of power.

“When the Code Crown’s power was figured out, many sought to control it. One such person was Baguramon, head of the Bagura Empire.”

Shots of the “Gunmon”‘s weapons sounded out as the Empire made it’s way across the plains of an unknown field.

“Many who live today were not alive then to see the terrible bloodshed that occurred during those days, and those that are prefer to forget.”

A Gotsumon hit the ground, seconds before his data scattered, and a massive, black and red dragon smirked.

“The war was so destructive, that it was decided that if the Code Crown could not be held by the right hands, then it must be destroyed.”

A human and his Digimon companion both raised their hammers, and brought them down on the Code Crown.

“The results were seen immediately.”

The Code Crown Shattered into numerous glowing shards of data, which then flew off to different corners of the Digital world, not seconds before the entire world shook violently.

“There was a short period where nothing but earthquakes rocked the landscape, and then, all was quiet. Not a gun was fired, not a person died.”

A group of humas and Digimon stared up at the sky, drastically changed from what they once knew.

“Then it was discovered that the gateways were gone as well. All contact with the Human world was lost, and all those humans that remained in the Digital World were trapped, forever.”

A small group of explorers stood before what appeared to be the end of the world. And that it was. For their small chunk of the Digital World continued on no further.

“The world, as best as it could, began to rebuild. Villages were brought back up to their former glory, governments and empires were formed only to help with the re-building- Everything was in harmony.”


I described a Human and their companion as using hammers to destroy the Code Crown. (…”Humas”? DANG IT TYPOS. ugh…) Later on, I’d state that it was another device that did such destruction. Part of this is me changing the story as I wrote it, another part is Jijimon simply not knowing the whole story, and telling what he knows of it. And then he delivers Zenjirou a hope spot:

“You see, the way that you arrived may mean that the Code Crown has been restored to some degree.” Jijimon started. “And that ‘some degree’ may be a nearly completed Code Crown.”

He’s wrong in this, of course. The Time Storms have *NOTHING* to do with the Code Crown or it’s status. In actuality, it was merely circumstantially simultaneous that such events began to cascade onto each other like this.

We briefly transition to Bagura HQ where MadLeomon is off to lead his army to victory, then back to Green Zone where Kiriha and Nene chat. I opened this bit with a quick reference to a Yellow Blur, foreshadowing Sparrowmon, and then continued on with Nene telling Kiriha of their movements. Something she (I realize in hindsight) should not have known without DarkKnightmon telling her about it. In this segment, I also lay down the foreshadowing of Nene being POSSESSED. And this was before the Manga’s “Shademon” reveal, too! Again, I got to ask, am I psychic?

We return to the village, finding Zenjirou sneaking away from a party and running into Lila. Due to his luck, it’s a rock that he kicked in frustration drew her attention to him. Something about the way he apologizes makes her curious, and they hit it off.

Then we return to the present with the reveal that MadLeomon is behind this sudden attack! Then headline: BIG DAMN HEROES: XROS HEART SAVES THE DAY! Dorulumon, who up until this point in the story has mostly been a voice in the Loader, joins in the fight and MadLeomon recognizes him as they duel!

“Your tricks won’t work on me again, you damn dirty ape!” Dorulumon commented with a smirk.

“Like I’d listen to the likes of you, you filthy traitor!” MadLeomon scowled with a lot of anger.

Yeah, I wasn’t making it subtle that Dorulumon had a history with the empire. Anyways, Orochimon gets killed, and before MadLeomon can absorb his data…

MadLeomon looked left, then right, then…


There was an explosion as MailBirdramon’s covert bombing attack scattered his Data particles.

He should have looked up.

Anyways, we get Kiriha acting as awesome as he is, even KINDLY waving at Akari as he yawns.

“Looking up Data on our enemies…” A Chibi-Monitamon recites to the Chibi-Audience. “MAILBIRDRAMON! A Cyborg Digimon who’s attacks are Plasma Cannon, Nighthawk, and Trident Tail. He has no other wish except for there to be peace and quiet so he can read a good book!”

Chibi-Shoutmon once more jumped on stage, jaw dropped way down to the floor. “WHAT? HIM!” A Chibi-Kiriha stared blankly up at Monitamon.

The Chapter ends on an original joke. I couldn’t remember MailBirdramon’s intro-sequence joke, so I made something up about him reading books.

“Aonuma, Kiriha, at your service.”

“WA-A-A-A-AHH! Why does this keep happening to me!”

“The Code Crown for this Zone… it’s…!”

“Gureimon! Mega Flame!”

“Hehehe! No-One escapes my bamboo sand trap!”

“Next Time! Kiriha! The Blazing Blue Flare!

“Eh? Xros Three!”

Then there’s the Next time segment, with Kiriha of all people being the focus character! Of course, now you’re all wondering. MadLeomon’s dead! Who is the antagonist of the next chapter/episode?

Thank goodness for Manga induced spelling differences!



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