Xros Wars AU 02 – CH1

So Here I am starting something new, that’s also something old Heh. Same old me.

First up, I’ll be starting with the Story: Digimon Xros Wars: Alternate Universe 02.

Mainly, the reason I’m starting this Liveblog, as mentioned in the last post, is so I can get my TV Tropes page for this story caught up. Oh, and if you haven’t caught up to current on the story, please go and catch up before you read this. Spoilers abound!!!!!!!!

Let’s begin, shall we?

First up, the Name. Wow, I was so clever, eh? “AU 02.” I really set high expectations for this story. It’s a bit of a meta throwback to Digimon Adventure 02, a mythology gag, as it were. In actuality, I need to confess something right at the start. This was an attempt at a Ship-fic. AkariXShoutmon. Where the heck did that come from? I don’t know, really.

Well, I don’t know why, but I’ve started yet another fanfiction when I’ve got so many others to finish.

So, here it is, DIGIMON XROS WARS, I believe the first Fanfiction for this series, not to mention probably the first A.U. story.

Going by my “Story Setup,” I obviously hadn’t checked the FF.Net site very well for other Xros Wars stories, so the first part is MAJORLY wrong, but the second part? I don’t think I’ve encountered another A.U. story like what XWAU02 has evolved into, so that claim probably is true. Published: 09-21-10, according to the website. This would be sometime after Xros Wars began airing canonically. So my hope probably was that I’d end up having a chapter out each week. Wow, talk about a schedule slip. -_-;


Oh, by the way, here’s my standard SCENE BREAK thing. Who knows when I developed the thing, but I remember it was a take off of the Tamer’s Digivices spelling out “EVOLUTION” With the flickering _ and | bars. If it were animated, it would be shown like a bar typing out a sentence.  You guys know what I mean, right?

So to begin with the story proper, this is my take on the dream sequence that opened Xros Wars normally. Since at the time we didn’t know what the soundtrack titles were, I left it blank. That’s right, no *Cue SONG* like I’ll continue to use later on.

Four new forms come up to join the boy’s side. A small, red dragon like creature with a large V shaped crest on his forehead to the boy’s right. A blue, mechanical beetle like creature to the boy’s left. A female ninja like warrior, with rabbit like features, (the most prominent being the long, brown fur covered ears that trailed down to her feet) to his right. And a wolf with orange fur and golden drills to his left.

Oh past me, what was with these nonsense descriptions? Right away, you’ll notice that I describe a slightly different team from what’s seen in Xros Wars Canon. Namely, I’ve thrown in what’s essentially described as a Turuiemon. The army of Digimon is basically a whole nostalgia fest of Digimon, most of which are Digi-Memory Digimon, some others are ones who actually show up elsewhere in the story.

The boy turns to the Ninja and they share a nod before holding up identical devices, rectangular with a control pad and a bright blue LED screen. The boy’s was orange, the girl’s was red.

In unison they cried out. “DIGI-XROS!”

And here’s the big change. Taiki has an Orange Xros Loader. ORANGE. Why make such a change? Well, honestly, this is all a part of the AU shift, all tying back to that initial idea that spawned this: “What if Akari was in the Digital World first?” So, also in part of me making an attempt at Shipping a HumanXDigimon pair, which is something that just was never done in any of the main series, I gave Akari the Red Xros Loader.

So blah blah, Xros Four is formed, with as in canon, the Starmonz appearing randomly in the Xros.

But, out of the crimson flames of victory came a massive, blueish grey dinosaur. It let loose a blast of purple fire from it’s mouth, which the fusion swiftly cut through with it’s sword. The dinosaur quickly bit down on the fuision’s left arm, and, as the ninja jumped up from behind the dinosaur to hit it’s blind spot, the fusion lifted it’s sword to-

And here’s the major difference. The Random Greymon. Hints of Blue Flare’s presence? NOPE. At the time I wrote this, I intended for another Greymon to appear on the Bagura Army’s side.

Kudo, Taiki’s eyes snapped open as his mother’s voice called from downstairs.

“You’re going to be late for practice if you don’t get up right now!”

The boy sighed, and picked up his green tinted goggles from the night stand. “Okay, Okaa-san!” He looked at his reflection in the goggles and wondered ever so briefly. “What a wierd dream.”

Amusingly, I stubbornly refused to show Taiki’s Mom in this early stage. You’d only hear her voice. Why? At the time it was because I had a plot bunny of XW taking place after Adventure. Taiki’s parents were going to be Davis and Yolie, at some point in planning.


Lopmon suddenly rolled out of her over head bed, falling directly onto her ‘brother’ and ‘sister’, a Shoutmon and a human girl, respectively.

“Whaaa!” The sudden intrusion woke all three from their very similar dream.

Shoutmon groaned. “And just when it was getting to the good part.”

Lopmon smiled apologetically. “Sorry, Shouto, I didn’t mean to wake you up.”

He turned his head ever so slowly. “Oh… Really?”

The girl sighed as the Small, red and white dragon with a V emblem on his for head jumped towards the smaller Lopmon with intents of tickling. ‘Does this mean what I think it means?’ she turned her head towards the Red Xros-Loader on the bed-stand next to her. ‘Are we getting a new general?’

And here’s the kicker. Taiki’s not the only one who’s dreaming of things to come. This, I left open for myself, not explaining where it came from until later. Much Later, once the Homestuck references began sneaking in, I tied this into a “Seer of Time” power of Akari’s. Also..Brother? Sister? I can only imagine I wrote it like that because that’s how Lopmon views Akari and Shoutmon. Given the backstory I give her later on, that’s fairly accurate, I suppose. In reality, at this point the quotes sufficiently displayed that they were more of adoptive siblings. Or perhaps it was my brain not putting the pieces together enough? If I do a rewrite, that line will be edited a lot.


Dorulumon’s eyes snapped open in supprise. “W…Was that…?” he blinked rapidly as he got to his feet. “Was that a DigiXros?” Next to him, the child known as Cutemon was still sleeping soundly. Dorulumon growled to himself. ‘What does this mean?’

And It Don’t Stop! Dorulumon had the dream too! This is all part of the plan I had, and also the reason why Taiki gets an Orange Xros Loader.

Monsters made of Data, Digimon. They laugh and cry, just like us. Let’s gather up as many teammates as we can for the marvelous adventure ahead of us! “DIGI-XROS!”

*Cue Never Give Up! (TV Size) By Sonar Pocket*

*cue Title theme*

Taiki! Enter the Digital World!

So this was me trying, in part, to emulate the show and quote the opening sequence. Also, it was me trying to justify my later “Giving Akari Shoutmon Attacks” thing. Also, it’s a bit of unintentional foreshadowing with the nature of the world, later on. Heh, I won’t spoil it for any new readers, BUT if you’ve gotten through the whole story, you’ll know what I’m talking about. Also: If you’re a new reader, what the heek are you doing? This is exactly like watching the directors commentary on a movie DVD before you watch the movie proper!!

So moving along, I open up like the Xros Wars Manga, with Taiki playing soccer. He still plays basketball, and it’s alluded to in this opening, with the line “Ah! I’m going to late for basketball!” …Also, I just noticed at typo. “Watched beeped?” What the Heek Autocorrect!?

Some time later…Hah, and we get the introduction to Gomanguro–

“Tsurugi Zenjirou!” The boy cried out in retaliation. “ZEN-JI-RO! Got it?”

Ah, Gomen. Here we’re introduced to Zenjirou who’s personality is pretty much unchanged from Xros Wars canon. Also, the first allusion to this being an AU setting- Akari is not here to keep Taiki on a leash.

He turned his head in an expected reply, only to find no-one there. Strange. Why had he expected a reply?

Also, another part of unintentional foreshadowing. I hadn’t even read Homestuck yet by this point, so the expected thought of a reply coming from nowhere is laughable, in hindsight. Ah, there’s another trope. “Hilarious in hindsight.” Anyways, before Zenjirou (at this point nothing more than “The Artifact” from the series’ AU shift) can get his proper introduction, PLOT HAPPENS!

Taiki looked up to the sky… “What!” …Only to see the buildings themselves stretching and spiraling together into the sky. All around them, electronics began to flare and sparkle, Cellphones began to go haywire, and even the air around them began to appear like static.

Static. That is the key arc word through this entire story. “Static.” Make a note of that, people. This scene of the world warping about is lifted, again, from the Manga, but it’s different as well.

For an instant, there was an army of monsters, rampaging through the streets. A mammoth like creature roared as it plowed through the street, not caring that it’s world had suddenly changed, right towards Taiki and Zenjirou.

AND THERE SHE IS. An Adventure reference. Mamothmon charging through the city. Where the heek did this guy come from? Did he fall from the Digital World? Then, Dorulumon jumps to the rescue, scolds Taiki and Zenjirou for their standing in a Mamothmon’s path- and while he’s distracted, BAM! Here comes MadLeomon. Of course, we don’t know it’s him yet. Also, for all of my past-self’s writing style, Taiki and Zenjirou don’t come off very much as “Main Characters.” Not yet, anyways. Taiki goes to Dourlumon’s rescue and the two hit it off fairly well. Some of the very little development these two get:

“I don’t plan on doing any such thing.” Taiki grinned. “Life is a precious thing. I’m not going to waste it.”

“Birds of a feather then?” There was a chuckle. “I guess I won’t be breaking that promise I made then after all…”

Right there. Taiki introduces his whole “I can’t turn my back!” persona, and Dorulumon echoes it, for reasons that will be covered with Cutemon later on. Due to my rush to get things pushed along at this point, the Xros Loader shows up just as suddenly! But here, it’s not Omegamon/Omnimon doing the talking, nor is it a wayward Wizardmon. This was written well before either of those revelations, and so I wrote it in mind with the Xros Loader being it’s own personal ‘mon.

“Use this Xros Loader, Kudo Taiki.” With that, the device turned a bright shade of orange, and floated down to the boy’s hand. “And Save the Melody of the Digital World.”

In a potential rewrite, this would either be made slightly clearer that it’s the Xros Loader, or maybe it would be Hephaestus delivering it to him through a subtle reveal of his powers. In any case, Taiki puts Dorulumon into the Loader, and Zenjirou blubbers like an idiot. Wow, Talk about leaning on the fourth wall:

Zenjirou could only stare in shock at the sudden friendship between the creature and his rival. “B…but…but… This… That… he… I…But…!” But nothing, Zenjirou! “But…!” Let me type for Karzahnii’s sake! “I… He… It… What?” You know, just for- “But he…!” That. I’ll do THIS.

Suddenly! A Portal opened up underneath Taiki and Zenjirou, dropping them down into some unknown world! Or rather…

He kept cutting me off from talking-twice! Oh, and look, a Bionicle reference! “Karzahnii’s Sake”? Wow. Haha, I forgot I even wrote that in. Also, the Portal Opening. Heh, I really set myself up for a self-fulfilling time loop later on, but I hadn’t really planned it that way. But for now, this is the last we’ll see of Earth.

Now we’re introduced to the *actual* Main Characters in the story, the FF.Net listing tells us that right under the story description. Akari and Shoutmon: and wow are they making some offhanded comments that don’t line up to what I wrote later. Hmf, More things for rewriting! Anyways, they talk about a coming “General” whose legendary properties were never really explained, but rather are implied to have come from elsewhere. They go talk to Jijimon, who is rather helpful compared to his canon self.

Also, some more unintentional foreshadowing: “We defeated the Bagura army with one attack.” Not quite true, but close enough. They did end the Bagura Empire fight with one finishing strike….Or will, anyways. 😉

Babamon nodded. “And you defeated the Bagura army in one blow? An impressive feat, if I do say so myself.”

“That may be the reason both of you used your Xros Loaders.” Jijimon theorized again. “A fusion that powerful may need two power sources in order to run.”

“If that’s the case…” Shoutmon grinned. “I Can’t wait for this new General to appear!”

“Akari, Your dreams have been accurate in the past, if not always the best of news.” Babamon smiled. “But your dream today, it may be a sign of hope for our shattered world!”

More reference to Akari’s dreams, and some waaaay off Wild Mass Guessing, though accurate to a degree. The more powerful the Xros, the more Loaders needed- to a degree. In the grand scale of things, Xros Four is pretty weak. …Especially after some of the crazy stuff this version of Xros Heart pulls off. Also, this whole introduction to Akari and Shoutmon so far has been- apparently- a flash back! We now cut to the ‘present’, where the Bagura Empire is in the middle of attacking Green Zone.

“ROWDY ROCKER!” Twin cries of triumph called out as a size-able portion of the Bagura “Gunmon” (as Shoutmon had dubbed them) was defeated within an instant.

Shoutmon turned towards his fighting partner, Akari. Ever since they had become the Generals of Xros Heart, both had been training for battle simultaneously. Any move Shoutmon learned, Akari learned. Any move Akari mastered, Shoutmon also mastered. “So!” He grinned. “How long before we DigiXros these loosers to the dark zone?”

She grinned back. “I’d give it another five minutes!”

Lopmon soared above a group of Mammothmon and opened her mouth wide. “Blazing… ICE!

We get our first view of  Xros Heart’s style of fighting. Loose, carefree, and dangerous. This is when they’re at their best. Akari and Shoutmon are both using the same attacks. I left it really ambiguous as to how she could do it at first, though I implied that it was because she was born in the Digital World. Lopmon, who I specifically Redesigned to be a “Xros Wars” version over “normal” Lopmon. …Also, I had a thing for Lopmons when I started this. Wanted one as my own partner, should Digimon be real. I put her in because I was disappointed that there weren’t any other Lopmon in Xros Wars. Also, at the time we didn’t know what the Troopmon were called, so I wrote “Gunmon.”

A gaggle of Pteramon then began to dive bomb at Shoutmon. “My Name Is Shoutmon! The Digimon among Digimon!” The Rowdiest Rocker cried out as he held up his mic’ stand. “Engrave That On your Hearts! SOUL CRUSHER!” A burst of fire soared out of the microphone and up into the air, sending the Pteramon crashing down to earth.

And so begins the running-gag line: “ENGRAVE IT ON YOUR HEARTS!” Arguably, I think I used this more often than the series proper did.

Akari just laughed. “We’re Xros Heart!” She pulled into a stance as if she were about to throw a baseball. “And Don’t Forget it!” Suddenly, a fire ball shaped like a musical note flashed into existence in her hand. “ROCK DAMASHI!”

Believe it or not, I practiced the throw just so I could get that down- and what do I do? I don’t even use the arm motions.

Meanwhile, the finial members of the Xros Heart army was the Starmons Brigade, consisting of the Lead Starmon and several different variations of Pickmon. “METEOR SQUALL!” With the single command, the Silver metallic Pickmon began to swarm Mamothmon, Pteramon, and “Gunmon” alike en-mass, two even going so far as to give one Gunmon dual ear drills.

And here are the Starmonz! W00T! Anyways, now I break into the fight with the annoying-problems of temporal storms. Circumstantially simultaneously, Akari and Lopmon Digi-Xros into Turuiemon Xros Two, and the storm arrives at this particular point of the story- dropping the Bagura Army into Earth while dragging other Digimon from other parts of the Digital World.

I left myself so MANY possibilities with these Time Storms in this opening use of them: Multiple points of time connecting at once, being able to jump from point a to point b– it’s all so open ended. And then there’s the omni-present static!! Taiki and Zenjirou fall from the sky at some point during this nonsense, and Ballistamon is dragged into it from somewhere random. Akari and Lopmon, as TuruiemonX2, just roll with it, recognizing Ballistamon as an ally from their dream. They then Xros Shoutmon and Ballistamon together, with only a question of:

“Want to take on the Bagura Empire?”

Also, another typo notice. There are two *Cue we are xros heart*s. :/ BLARHGHARARGHAGRHHHH…. Didn’t I fix that?? Oh, and while I’m in this area, one of my favorite Shoutmon lines from this chapter:

“Two words!” Shoutmon grinned. “Anger. Management.”

I’m sure I got that from somewhere else, but it’s just perfect. But moving on, They Xros Together, forming, Not SHOUTMON X2, but BALLISTAMON X2. And then a BUDDY BLASTER later, MadLeomon is dragged back to the Bagura Empire with a cry of:

“Wait! Tactimon-sama! I Can still Fight! I Can still Fi-!”

-ght. Fight. Sorry, dude, but you couldn’t win that battle even if you tried. This portal, by the way, ends up being unexplained in both Xros Wars Canon and this story. Chalk it up to “Early installment weirdness” I guess?

Shoutmon grinned and jumped up onto Ballistamon’s shoulder. “Hey, buddy, are you sticking around for a while?”

“I have no plans.” the cyborg replied simply.

“GREAT!” Shoutmon grinned.

There was a Joke about Ballistamon referring that he had no plans until a certain date I was going to put in, but decided against it. I can’t even remember what it was properly. Oh well. Moving on, Dorulumon chats with Xros Heart’s members while Taiki and Zenjirou are out of it, then they wake up, and Shoutmon delivers the bombshell to Taiki that he’s their General!

“This is the Digital World.” Akari finished. “The Green Zone to be precise.”

“Digital…World?” Taiki barely even realized he had asked the question,

This seems so amusing, knowing the canon Xros Wars, that Taiki is being hailed as the General they need to win the war when Shoutmon and Akari seem to be doing fine all on their own.

Meanwhile, not too far away, three small, green creature with a computer monitors for heads watched the battle intently. The first chimed in “Green!”, to which the second replied “It’s very Green!”

The third, however, turned to face the human girl behind them. “Ne, Nene-sama, you can’t underestimate these guys.” it asked in it’s silly voice, different from the others in that it was slightly deeper from it’s higher pitched cousins.

The girl ‘hmm’ed as she started to absentmindedly chew on a strand of her long, black hair. “True…” Xros Heart was a formidable team right from it’s creation several years ago, and it still was. “Even though they’re not the original founding team members, they still retain the same battle style.”

“But what about the new humans?” the Monitamon asked. “They’re not on any population list in any zone.”

“They must have come from the Human World.” Nene started to grin. “It looks like things may start to go in our favor very soon.” The boy with goggles especially interrested her, there was a fire in his eyes that made her feel… Something. “We’ll have to keep an eye on them.”

“That we’ll do.” The Monitamon nodded.

Here’s Nene’s Introduction, and also Team Twilight’s. Who knows why or how they observed this fight, but it’s important that they do. She makes note, as you’ll read, that Xros Heart was formed years earlier, and that this is important that Taiki and Zenjirou have appeared.

Elsewhere, somewhere up in the Sky, a Blue armored Birdramon watched the battle from above. “Kiriha.” The Digimon started in it’s deep voice. “What are you going to do?”

“I think we’ll observe them for now.” The human boy on the digimon’s back smirked. “Then, if we’re lucky, we’ll team up with them.”

“Sounds like a plan.”

Here’s Blue Flare- Kiriha’s intro. It’s small, quick, and it’s completely counter intuitive to the plot I set up in the very next episode! I was NOT thinking with this one, was I? Eh, In retrospect though, It can still work as Kiriha being cautious of joining up with two unknowns, since, as the conclusion of this arc shows, he’s already buddy-buddy with Xros Heart.

It is VERY odd that at this very important point in history- all of Xros Heart’s future team members are here, having observed this fight, even if they aren’t all playing along with each other at this moment. I got to wonder if it was written like this originally? But also, it adds a sense of odd timing, with later Denizen related revelations, that Typheus and Echidna show up to watch Hephaestus arrive! Perhaps fate works that way? But who knows.

Tactimon growled. “And MadLeomon adds a smear to my perfect war record.”

Deep in the shadows, a massive bulk known as Blastmon laughed. “Ah, Tac-chan, Looks like you’re in the same boat as the rest of us then.”

A feminine laugh joined the Beast’s. The owner of the voice was none other then Lilithmon. “First His army, then Mine, now Tactimon’s. It seems ‘Green’ Zone is cursed after all!” she laughed again.

Tactimon glared at his laughing commrads. “You laugh now, But once MadLeomon gives his report, we shall soon see what this ‘curse’ is.” He clenched his fist. “And then we shall conquer Green Zone with Perfection!”

On the roof, a lone digimon watched these three Generals of the Bagura Army with interrest. He said nothing, nor laughed at their failure to rule the Green Zone. This digimon just stared out of his one visible eye as he watched the proceedings. ‘And So It Begins.’

And here’s the Bagura Empire scene. And their characters are *completely* wrong for the plot point of Time Travel that I set up later on. They should KNOW what Green Zone represents in the grand scheme of things. Well…maybe Lilithmon and Blastmon do realize it, but Tactimon forgot? I don’t know, it just seems off to me reading this now.

“Looking up Data on our enemies…” A Chibi-Monitamon recites to the Chibi-Taiki and Chibi-Akari. “SHOUTMON! His attacks are Rock Damashi, Rowdy Rocker, and Soul Crusher, where he cries out with the cry of his soul to defeat his opponents! Let me try… ‘I’m Hungry! Get me a snack!'”

A Chibi-Shoutmon jumped up on stage, his jaw dropping to the floor in shock. “THAT’S the cry of your soul!?” The Chibi-Taiki just nodded from the audience.

Ah- the Monitamon segments. I think this was shamelessly lifted straight from the show proper. But I can’t remember.

“Next Time! Dorulumon! Return the Attack!

“Don’t miss it, Kyu!”

And there’s the last two lines of the chapter. Subtly reminding people that this is STILL an AU by changing the episode titles. And boy, do things REALLY change!


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