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Kiramager Rollcall Artwork

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New Explorer Restoration Project Begins (IC POST)

New Barriers have appeared in the Watchers Sanctuary Pub outside a partially opened barrier. 8-18-20-watcherspub3

Explorers, noticing this, began gathering in wait outside because we Explorers happen to love to watch barriers, and jump them as well.


After some time, however, two of the people behind this activity arrived, GoMe_Nev’yn and Patrick Dulebohn. Patrick gave a short QNA Session.


Log Is below the Read More.
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ARTWORK: Tiny Jouki


Artwork: Mei (LEGO Monkie Kid)

So, LEGO’s newest line is called Monkie Kid, and, I kid you not, it’s a Sequel Story to “The Journey To The West.” It’s a pretty unique concept and it’s got an interesting idea for a story that I’m looking forwards to seeing more of.

That said, I had to draw the cutest character of the new team, descendant of the White Dragon Horse, Mei.

The Background is sourced from the TV series, because there was NO WAY I was going to be able to draw all that detail in myself and have it match @_@;;

The Bike is, naturally, based off of the actual Set that Mei and her bike come in, but it’s been redrawn to more closely match the design it has in the Show rather than the toy itself.

Mei herself is clearly not a Lego Minifigure here. Used for the base pose as a reference was Figure Rise Standard Gundam Build Divers Re:Rise kit- May. Who, yes, I chose to use because Mei/May sound similarity. So what? XP

Both of her outfits are based on a couple of different sources, the actual LEGO Minifigure prints for her two appearances, as well as the more simplified design aesthetics used within the actual Monkie Kid cartoon. The end result for both outfits isn’t really either so much as it is a definite mix of both.

With all that out of the way, the rendered Images are beneath the Read More.

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Artwork: TTGL Eyecatch Parody

wargreydavepeta (1)

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KI! RA!! MEI~!!!

Great Big Web 4.0 Part C